Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 2

Saturday, May 13, 2006

BigFour answer questions from co-BigFour and some ex-vhs


From your co-Big Four>
Kathryn: Given the chance to quit nursing, would you? And if ever you would, what will be the path you'd pursue?
Yes, I would take up that scholarship offered to me by the International Academy Of Film And Television to me. Big regret ko tlaga yun na di ko pinursue kasi yun talaga ang hilig ko eh. Masunuring bata ako to my parents. :-(
Maristel: What would be the greatest dream that you want to achieve right now?
To be a succesful music producer. I want to conquer! hehehe
Paolo: Do you have plans of living in Manila?
Maybe. But still, I'd rather live here in Cebu. I'm much more comfortable here.

From ex-vhs (first three ex-vhs to ask)>
Heidee: Papatol ka ba sa bading?
A: Hindi. Sorry.
Ian: Boxers or briefs? or thongs?
Boxers gamit ko ngayon. I haven't tried wearing thongs tho'
Jen-Jen: Whats your style in courting a girl?? And how can you say that you like or already inlove with her?? do you ask for a signs??
A: I make my feelings obvious. I actually can't explain how, as long as natatamaan ako. Signs? YES


From your co-Big Four>
Adrian: Do you think I will become a successfulnurse if although i get good grades, I never reallyliked the course because it is so out of my interest?
Kathryn: it depends on how you define success. if one thinks that it's primarily about money and fame, then i'd say it's really possible for you to achieve that. but if one will think of it as having a healthy career path, "fulfilling", and if it is giving you a good and positive outlook in life, then i guess it's something that's not easily satisfied if in the first place you're heart is not 'that' into your present field. even those people who've chosen nursing to be their career path somethimes do feel "burned out", how much more those who wanted something else. but ofcourse, you should help yourself discover what's the reason why God has chosen you to pursue nursing. try to like what you're doing. because i think being HAPPY and INLOVE (with whatever it is that you're doing) is more important than just being SUCCESSFUL.
Maristel: What's the best thing you'll ever dofor a friend and why? Are you willing to do anythingfor your friend?
K: hmm... napaisip ako dun mats a... i really can't think of something now kaya i'll just tell you the best thing that I DID for a friend so far... sa tingin ko lang ha... funny story din s'ya.. my bestest friend had a crush before (college days) at super patay na patay s'ya dun. magkakilala sila pero nakipag-textmate s'ya at nagpanggap na ibang tao. they became close sa text tapos the guy finally asked her to meet him. pero sa sobrang takot ng friend ko na mabuking s'ya, she asked me kung pwede daw bang ako 'yung makipag-meet sa crush n'ya. e takot din ako kasi di talaga ako nakikipag-eyeball. pero since i know how desperate my bestfriend was, i said yes. grabe, super kaba ko nun kasi i had to remember important details sa mga palitan nila ng text messages. at sa mga usap nila sa phone! shet! yes, nag-uusap pa sila! o diba? pati boses ko kinailangan kong retokihin! 'yung bestfriend ko naman parang stalker na nakasunod sa amin nung guy, nagtatago kasi nga magkakilala naman talaga sila sa totoong buhay. baka maghinala pag nakita s'ya dun. haha! nairaos ko naman pero super kinabahan ako kasi baka mag-mention s'ya ng bagay na na-miss sabihin ng friend ko sa 'kin tapos matulala nalang ako! it was a funny experience talaga. at super thankful 'yung bessie ko kasi nakita n'ya 'yung crush n'ya. as in di maipaliwanag 'yung kilig n'ya. kaya happy na rin ako sa kalokohang 'yun! =)
Paolo: if Nursing is not existing what are you doing now?
K: what a good question. i think i'd be pursuing my dream of becoming a stage actress or a model or a newscaster or an international flight stewardess or a doctor instead. hehe. i really have lots of interests so even if florence nightingale didn't pioneer nursing, i've a good feeling i'd be happy with any of those fields that i have mentioned above. =)

From ex-vhs (first three ex-vhs to ask)>
Heidee: what's ur worst experience as a nurse?
K: so far, ang worst experience ko sa buong karera ko ay 'yung masabihan ako ng isang walang kwentang bantay (na binabayaran pero walang ginagawa para masulit 'yung binabayad sa kanya) na hindi daw ako nag-suction at nag-oral care sa alaga nilang pari na super weak na. sumama talaga loob ko when i got in the unit tapos 'yun ang binungad sa akin ng head nurse ko. masakit lang kasi i spent most of my time dun sa patient's room kasi super kinareer ko talaga 'yung patient na 'yun dahil dami nga nilang demands. tipong isang oras ako mahigit sa room nung pari dahil daming kailangang gawin na kung tutuusin sila na nung isang bantay ang gagawa kasi that's what the patient is paying them for. pero instead e mega-utos sila sa akin. katulong?! at super sinungaling. angganda pa kunwari ng pakikipag-usap sa akin ha, 'yun pala may sasabihin behind my back. palit nalang kaya kami. sila mag-nurse sa 6 toxic na patients, ako mag-alaga sa pari?! talagang i wanted to talk to that bantay pero pinigilan nalang ako ng head nurse namin. 'yun. naiyak talaga ako nun kasi dun ako talagang napagod nung gabi na 'yun tapos "di pa sapat" sa mga walang-kwentang bantay n'ya! nakakagigil!
Ian: Did u once feel that youre one of theleast housemates ever played this season?
K: yes, i've felt that a lot of times already.
Jen-Jen: If you're not belong to the big4.. who youthink or who you want to be in the big4? and why?
K: ikaw o kaya si rem. kasi i know active kayo sa game and that you two are playing it RIGHT. wala kayong masamang tangka sa co-vhs n'yo. at totoo kayo makisama.


From your co-Big Four>
Adrian: What is the worst thing that a boyfriend ever did to you and what did you do about it?
I've been through a lot of relationship. I know and I believe that there really are no perfect relationship... I've been through a lot of heartches... Painful moments that I know will happen anytime soon during the time that I was on the relationship. But from all the relationships that I've been through - I consider that the worst thing a boyfriend ever did to me was my very last relationship, with Jan de Luna... This happened April of last year (2005)... It was a whirlwind romance... It all started via Sun Cellular when it was the peak of call and text unlimited for a very cheap price. He's a friend of friends... A common friend I may say. I once checked my Friendster and saw a message from him posted at the bulletin board. I've know him for a long time. We've been introduced to each other everytime we bumped into each other at their Village, but we just take it as a common introduction everytime... Last April, naging kami. April 12 to be specific. May 15 he left for U.S. we've been constant textmates and chatmates (still) I took the risk of continuing and fighting for our relationship though I know long distance relationship rarely survives... But as time fly - I heard a lot of things about him, having an affair with a younger woman... And worst, di lang ako and yung girl na yun ang karelasyon niya... 4 kami... But still after hearing from him the truth, still I hang on. What hurts the most was, I send him loads so we can still text each other. Before he left I gave him something to remember me by... I gave him a Reebok jersey that I bought at Toby's Sports Plaza... I'm not into material things (really) akin naman kasi, I don't ask something in return. Yung suklian lang, okay lang. I remember he once told me na ha has something for me. You know what it was... It was his picture, a 2x2 picture. Kahit I hear from her other girls na merons exhanging of rings and necklaces and stuffs like that, okay lang sa akin... Lahat tinaggap ko. Although he asked me for marriage, sabi ko, no problem with me. Kahit alam ko na he was just playing with me - stii I hang on for months... When I tried to complete the puzzle and the questions that boggling my mind... There's just one answer to what he did... He used me to get back with my cousin... He has false accusations kasi... I know it hurts a lot but all I have to do is accept it, although I've learned to love him na... It's just hard, kasi what my Dad was doing all his life with women, sa akin lahat bumabalik... And I know how it feels to be fooled not just once but many times... MASAKIT...
Kathryn: Having a seemingly successful career, is there anything else you want to achieve in your field (e.g. business)?
M: I can't say that I have a successful carrer na (right at this moment)... But if there's one thing that I want to achieve right now is to have MY OWN and stable business. Yung ako ang Proprietor. I am not dreaming of a big company and having my own building at Makati. But just a mid-class business that will make my family - especially my DAD proud of me... A business that will have my trademark and will be my pride. A business enough to sustain my FAMILY's needs. And a business where I can save money and to have a house of my own. I've always dreamt of having my own house. I know right now, it's impossible - but with me to achieve it, I have to strive hard and I should have the perseverance... I do believe that I 'll have this someday, maybe even without my Dad's help - but I do believe that God's with me... He do always listen to my prayers and I know in His perfect time, I will achieve it. I just have to KEEP THE FAITH...
Paolo: What do you think of me as a co-housemate?
M: Now, this question made me smile. Pao, you as a co-housemate is such a pleasure on my part. You are very special to me... I know you're one of my closest in this game (not because you're a PAJEMAREMAnian) ... But YOU, as a virtual housemate sure knows how to make your co-vHousemates special... You're very much willing to do anything for us... You're such a sweet person and I will never ever regret knowing him in this game... He's a kid and a brother to me. And I will forever treasure you. I will keep you inside my heart for once in my life a kid named Paolo Miguel walked in my life and made it worth living and fighting for. I love you Pao...

From ex-vhs (first three ex-vhs to ask)>
Heidee: What do u miss most about having a boyfriend?
M: You got me here Heidz... I really am jaw dropped with your question! This question surprised me... What I miss most about having a boyfriend? Well, I guess it's the precious moments... I know there's a special time spent for our family, special time spent for friends... But there are certain things that not even your family and friends can provide but our boyfriend... In having a boyfriend, I have a family, I have a bestfriend, I have the glow and a different inspiration. I miss precious moments like sneaking out... Conversing over the phone till the sun comes up... Complimenting every little thing I do and definitely mean it... I miss the warm embraces and kisses that lasts forever... I miss the spark... I miss the petty quarrels, the fights, the argumentations, and most of all the "kiss and make-up" thing... It's very literal! After the fight, he'll hold me by the hand squeeze it - hug me as if I'm a stuffed toy, kissin' me on my forehead (sounds like I'm a Lola) and him looking at me straught in the eyes and utter the word "I'M SORRY" - and that way, I'm melting... I miss the kilig moments... The simple greetings (text greetings, phone greetings) on simple Monthsary and Anniversaries... The dating, the sneaking time (like him giving my hand a massage, givin' it a peck and simply take my hand under the table and hold it so tight that feels like he doesn't want to let go of me), the simple celebrations... I'm not talking about my last boyfriend... It's Zidane I'm talking about and I do miss everything about him...
Ian: When was your last bestfriend? Hehe
M: My last bestfriend? This question seems a little ambiguous... Well my last bestfriend? I have to think about this a couple of times... But to be honest with you and to everyone... I really don't believe in "bestfriends" - why? For some reasons that I myself can't understand my logic... Maybe because bestfriends always end up the best mortal enemies... But, I sure do have TRUE FRIENDS... Though people I consider my true friends are only few... Just to answer your question, though... My last best friend that ended up my mortal enemy was Judith. I guess, I have already frogotten her. We've been friends for a long time. I gave her my full TRUST and RESPECT as a friend but what she did in return was say negative thing behind my back. There were really a lot of guys who want to court her and when they learned and discovered from themselves her real color they end up befriending me. So instead of pursuing her, ako na lang ang gusto nila lagawan, but I did turn them down (honestly), coz I don't want to cause trouble and I don't want to ruin our friendship. But there's this one guy that I know who has been so good to her and gave her everything... If he could only give her the stars and the moon he would... He was so into her but he found out after a year that my friend only used her for material things... So he ended up telling me his problems and I became his shrink for months... By then, I didn't know that time healed all his wound and he was falling for me na pala... But I didn't give him a chance coz I know that down deep inside his heart it's still Judith that he really love... Although, I've loved him na din... Judith and I didn't fight over that guy... But what happened was, sinira niya ako sa guy... It was me who turned out to be the evil one... Till now, we doesn't talk... I never heard from her again and vice-versa... And now I know there's this silent war between us... I don't want to do something about it, coz I know somehow that all my life I've been good to her but she never was...
Jen-Jen: Hows ur relationship with your parents?? any problem with them?? what and why??
M: I have nothin' to hide... My life's an open book since the start of this game... My relationship with my family? Me and my Mom's in good term, we're best buds all my life though at times I know that there's a favoritism in our family. I do love my Mom, just a while ago I bought her his maintenance medication for her hypertension... My brother and I has always been more than brothers and sisters... We're barkada... We don't hide things from each other... When one of us has a problem and worries it's me he runs to and likewise... Right now my brother RJ is really facing a big problem with his daughter "Nice"... The other day, they went to Fe Del Mundo Hospital at Banawe and my niece's Pediatrician advised my brother and his wife Karen to take their daughter to a heart specialist and undergo 2D ECHO... Just yesterday, they brought Nice to the Hospital and underwent the 2D ECHO... The result was bad... Before pa kasi their Pedia noticed a murmur on the baby's heart... So yesterday, they found out that may dalawang butas ang puso niya. And the baby has to undergo a surgery before her 1st year burthday this September 15. The estimated amount for the operation is 375k... If they won't have their daughter get an operation, the doctor said that she might not reach grade school and lose life... Or if they'll have an operation, still there's no assurance but they know that baby will live a little longer... Nice has some features of Down Syndrome and most cases about it are either baradong puso or may butas. As for my Dad, just the other night I updated my blog and wrote something about my relationship with my Dad... Now, Jen you're making me cry... My Dad left us when I was only 5 years old... He's a womanizer at heart... Just recently there were words he said against me that really tore my heart into pieces... I felt like the world was against me... Sometimes, my Dad and I are okay, but you can count it by the fingers in your hands how many times that was... Mas lamang yung hindi kami magkasundo... I just don't know how to start now... I don't know why he's doing this to me? Why he's treating me this way? All my life I wished to give him the happiness he want... Kung saan siya masaya, I am more happier for him... Kung sino mamahalin niya, I will love and respect that person more... I just can't figure why at all times, di niya ako feel... Life is beautiful and most of the times difficult... This is what God gave me and I know in due time I'll surpass this. I know kahit sino kausapin ng Dad ko na intelihente or mapagmahal na magulang he will never have his mind enlightened up... I just have to accept this though it hurts big time...

P.S. Jen some of the reasons the what's and why's na sa huling blog ko... I can't help but cry now... I know that I have God - He's my listener, my confidante and all I have to do is HANG ON...


From your co-Big Four>
Adrian: Ok this is stupid but, are you still a virgin? If you are, why? if not, what's the kinkiest thing you ever did? hehehe (Come on,Kiss and Tell! Boys talk! hehehe)
Paolo: I am a virgin...kc i believe God's view that you should make love dun sa mahal mo and mahal ka din...unfortunately hindi pa ako nakikita ni Britney ;)
Kathryn : What's your greatest fear when it comes to your family?
P: ung magkahiwalay ung parents ko..which is now clearly going to happen...kung mangyari..i'll try to accept..kung hindi ok lng din...
Maristel: If ever you'll be the next PBBFG Big Winner, what will you do & please state your message for all you fellow & ex-VHs. ano gagawin ko?
P: of course i'll be loyal pa din sa PBBFG...gsto ko maging close sa season 3 VHs ehehe...and cyempre i'll stay the same paolo as before :) ung msg sa 100th day na ;)

From ex-vhs (first three ex-vhs to ask)>
Heidee: What's ur greatest fear and why?
P: same as ate idol's questions..ayoko ng broken family...that's one of my greatest fear...and kung kalokohan...takot ako sa kahit anong insect...lalo ipis HAHAHAHA!!!...ndi bagay sakin pero that's that wala ako magagawa...nandididri ako kc kung san san cla lakad ng lakad tpos bigla dadapo sau o lalapit...
Ian: Youre gay, arent you? Cus youre acting like one.
P: bakit ba lagi mo pinagpipilitan? type mo ba ako? cge na nga saung sau na ako papa ian... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Jen-Jen: who's your closest among the VHousemates?? it can be an ex-VH or not... why her/him??
P: my closest hmmm...lahat ng co-vhs ko sobrang bait at sobrang ma-alaga saakin..except for one..hehe...i like all of my co-vhs...i am glad to meet them all...pero ang pinaka close ko si ate jenjen, ate mats, and ate idol....ate jenjen...cyempre cya ung bestfriend ko sa loob ng vHouse...she taught me how to be strong and she really is a good friend...minsan palpak daw ako but...i do i make some mistakes but kpag nagtama ako ok nmn ang kinalalabasan hehe...ate mats...hmmm...she is like the best VH here sa PBBFG2...very very active and never forgets to txt or msg sa YM...or offline msg to be specific...a great friend you can lean ate kathryn...cyempre si ate idol...ang ate ko sa loob ng vHouse...the best to..kahit online lng naparamdam nya saakin ang magkaroon ng ate sa internet hehe...she is really a good person...(^-^)


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