Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 2

Monday, May 08, 2006

Adrian completes Special Task

To be eligible for the title PBBFG2 Big Winner, finalist Adrian who came in the vhouse as a replacement, has to win atleast 1 immunity challenge. *However, the last Immunity Challenge, "Guess which Teen Housemate/s will get the Highest Nomination Points", was cancelled due to Aldred's voluntary exit.

BBK gave Adrian a Special Task: to show a picture of him and his "sunshine" and give the story behind that picture.

Kuya, a pic iv'e chosen of me and my sunshine is the primary photo of this account. The one with the caption "me and my lola" and here's the story:

me and my sunshine were at Robinsons when I took that pic... It was when she was shopping for jeans and I was playing with her phone (yes, I actually go with her whenever she shops. Guys don't usually do that di ba? It's really boring though. hehehe)... That's my favorite pic of the both of us because that's the only pic of us where I looked good. hehehe unfortunately, that's her least favorite pic of ours coz she said she didn't look good coz it was candid and she said she looked like a lola... Hence the caption "me and my lola".

...and bbk, ***** pala ung name ng girlfriend ko... just dont post it. atin2x lng to. but puede mo rin i tell sa other vhs basta wag mo lang i post coz she dosen't know about this PBBFG thing and I'm just gonna tell her after the game. I don't want her seeing her name all over the blog. Hope u understand... THanx... Hey, missed u a little whyl there...were u BZ?

*sayang noh, if aldred din't quit, I would have won the immunity last week. Anyways, bbk, birthday ko ngayong Thursday. Regalo naman jan! hehehe:-)


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