Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 2

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Final Vote

2 pts to evict - ADRIAN. We have this special connection (i know)... but he's been too busy these days, not that baka wala syang time sa game... but i know despite his busy days - HE DID his best...
1 pt. to evict - KATHRYN. In this game, i was a little intimidated with her looks... with what she achieved in her life... being a nurse and finding the one person meant for her... but i know hectic sya, TOXIC ang work nia... i know it's not enough reason kc ilang days na lang naman... FRIENDS kami and having her as a friend is a priviledge for me, kea lang i have no choice na din po kc...
1 pts to save - PAOLO kc love ko cya.

2 pts. to evict - ADRIAN. he's the newest vh, therefore the one with the least experience of everything that happened in th vhay. nothingpersonal, dude. you're playing quite well in the game.
1 pt. to evict - MARISTEL. she's very safe and i also think that she deserves to be one of the top two vhs so one pt lang for ate mats. =)
2 pts. to save - PAOLO. he's very deserving to be on the top two slots. a fair player. walang tinapakang co-vhs.

2 pts. to evict - ADRIAN. hmmm...adrian personal reason... its obvious cya ung hindi ko macyado nakakausap pero i like him i think he is cool ;) and good luck saung Sunshine ;)
1 pt. to evict - KATHRYN. cyempre my 1 point definitely goes to ate kathryn...or my ate idol.. ayaw ko man gawin wala ako magagawa... hehe
2 pts to save - MARISTEL. I am saving ate maristel.... of course i want her to be the BIG WINNER... she really deserves to be the BIG WINNER...she always has updates... never fails to communicate with us... and kahit sobrang busy and kahit sobrang maraming problem... she still has her smiling face and a very pleasing personality...i love her..and GOODLUCK!!!! :)


2 pts. to evict - PAOLO. kasi di na kami ngacomunicate lately. Idol ko pa rin cya tho... Lots a common interests
1 pt. to evict - KATHRYN. coz di tlga kami close... although I'm so thankful for her advices na really helped me. Thanks so much ate...
2 pts. to save - MARISTEL. kasi she deserves it naman... from way before i was in this game pa. And she makes mefeel comfortable talaga with the game. I know some may think i dont deserve this but having her around makes me think twice.

* Points assigned by one Big Four didn't count


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