Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 2

Monday, May 15, 2006

Kathryn's Final Words

BBK, I'd just like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to know such beautiful people thru your interactive game. 'Twas my first time and I definitely enjoyed it.

Honestly, there've been times when I felt "burdened" having to update with the site almost everday. Add that to the neverending "panunuligsa" ni Ian sa "inactivity" ko. Whew! Ian, I've gotta say, you're one heck of a player! God bless this dude. I wonder where he gets all the negative energy to keep up being the villain in the VHouse... Hmm...

Anyway, basta, I really had a great time and I owe it a lot to you, Big Bro. And ofcourse to my fellow VHs. Thanks for the friendship, PAO, MATS, ATE JANETTE, REMCYL, and JEN-JEN... Thanks also for being soo nice to me, HEIDZ, DYLAN, MARGE, and ADRIAN. I'll never forget these guys. I'll keep you pips posted about my wedding. I'm having my fingers crossed na matuloy this December. Dami kasing kailangang asikasuhin e.

I'd also wanna apologize for the times I wasn't able to actively participate sa VHouse activities. No valid reason. That's why I thought many of my co-VHs deserve to stay longer in the VHouse than I did.

And sorry din BBK for being the season's "penalty queen". Payce! =) Nakunsumi ka ba nang husto? Hehe...

Goodluck sa Season 3 VHs. And more power to you, BBK! Basta remember what I always tell you: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.


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