Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 2

Friday, February 03, 2006

Yugatech features PBBFG

PBBFG House Rules

While in the Virtual House, Virtual Housemates must abide by the following Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game rules:

"Bedroom" = Respective Journals
It is the venue where VHs can voice out their personal feelings and observations about their fellow Housemates. This is also the venue where they can share to fellow VHs their lives.

"Confession Room" = Friendster, Yahoo Mailbox etc.
VHs communicate with BigBad Kuya and vice versa only thru Friendster, Yahoo Mail etc. They can inform BBK of a voluntary exit, joint calls and emergencies thru these. VHs can be summoned to contact a fellow VHs who does not check his/her mailbox/es. VHs who fail to reply when requested by BBK could be evicted. All nominations should be made thru these.

In summary, a VH may send BBK a message for the following reasons: nomination, voluntary exit, to share personal feelings & thoughts related or not related to the game, emergencies, and if BBK wants to talk to a Housemate.

"Living Room" =, PBBFG shoutbox, and other PBB-related forums
VHs may read and post in the said interactive places with known or unknown identity however they cannot discuss things related to the PBBFG.

"Garden" = Activities
VHs are required to participate in activities given by BBK. Activities can be a game, survey, quiz, sharing etc. VHs may also create or initiate their own activity.

"Backyard" = Challenges
Prior to a nomination, BBK may give a challenge whose winner will receive an immunity in the next nomination.

"Dining Area" = Reward
BBK may give 5 "to save" points to a VH who performed well in an activity.

"Rest Room" = Special Tasks
A VH is given a special tasks when he/s- failed to participate in an activity. If he/s- fails to complete his/-er Special Task, BBK will give him/-er 5 point in the next nomination.

"Kitchen Area" = Violence
Any Housemate who becomes violent and/or malicious will be forcibly evicted from the vHouse immediately.

"Storage Room" = Accident & Illness
In case of an accident, the VH may leave the vHouse. VHs must report BBK any news concerning fellow VHs health problem.

"Guest Room" = Invited Guests
BBK may invite guest/s to participate in activities.

Leaving the Virtual House
VHs leave the vHouse in one of three ways:

  • They are evicted
  • They decide to quit/voluntarily leave the vHouse of their own free will. Once a VH quits, there is absolutely no returning to the Virtual House.
  • BBK disqualifies them and asks them to leave

New Housemates
A new VH may be called in to replace any person who quits/leaves voluntarily or who has been disqualified by BBK. This replacement can be a new VH or a former VH who had previously been evicted. If and when this happens, the following rules apply:

  • VHs cannot ask the new VH any opinion or questions about the issue/s before latter enters the vHouse, and the new VH cannot report any news related to PBBFG.
  • VH must help the new VH adjust to life in the vHouse.
  • If the new VH should have won at least one immunity in order to win the game.
  • The new VH will be exempt from the next nomination round.
  • VH/s who quit/s leave/s voluntarily after Day 50 will not be replaced.