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Saturday, April 08, 2006

50 Facts about Maristel

*01. MARISTEL definitely loves the BEACH... ;)
*02. sobrang PASAWAY pero MABAIT... :)
*03. sobrang maaalalahanin...
*04. Moody pero CARING (bigtime!) :)
*05. have the PASSION for PINK (basta lahat ng pink, okei para sa akin...)
*06. "what you see is what you get" type of person...
*07. a HAPPY PERSON (mababaw pa nga at times)
*08. loves MADONNA (not because she's a music icon) but b'coz she's cool...
*09. a die hard fan of U2 (Bono's an inspiration)
*10. loves to COOK (not that I believe in the saying "a way to a man's heart is through his stomach") - namana ko siguro sa Lola ko & I'm glad I did... :)
*11. was a "relationship-wrecker" before...
*12. believed in "long distance relationship" (not until last year...) been there and done that, and ayaw ko na... ;)
*13. have pretty nice FEET (sabi ng marami) but I don't think so... :D
*14. a good advicer but once it is me who needs an advice, wala na, nagkaloko-loko na... :)
*15. knows how to play BILLIARDS, nananalo pa minsan sa pustahan, but I am not magaling... chamba lang... :)
*16. have a strong sense of humour... :) no dull moments kapag nakasama nio ako... I swear...
*17. have 600+ DVD collections... not to mention the complete season of FRIENDS and season 1 and season 2 of The O.C.
*18. loves wearing FLIP-FLOPS (idisplay daw ba ang toes?) :)
*19. totally adores BUTTERFLIES... :)
*20. i can cook the best tasting SPAGHETTI... hahaha! (ang yabang) but it's true...
*21. i gave everything when i love - as in I don't spare anything for myself... is that a Hopeless Romantic or stupidity? (guess somewhere in between)
*22. watched How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days for 59 times... (addiction, 'ayt?)
*23. GOD fearing...
*24. a real GOWGURL (maasahan nyo, kahit sa pinakajologs pa... wa, ako care)
*25. my all time favorite is Drew Barrymore (super idol ko sya)
*26. loves DOGS, actually I have 9 japanese spitz (the one's on the way pa...) 1 dachsund, 1 german sheperd, 1 askal (whose name is YAGEE, or bayag)
*27. certified SHOPPER, loves the mall, tiangge... basta shopping, you can depend on me...
*28. FASHIONISTA, check my testimonials sa friendster...
*29. CHOCOHOLIC it lifts my spirits high and keeps me on the go...
*30. magaling ako mag imbestiga... when it comes to love... malakas ako makiramdam eh...
*31. FRIENDLY, kahit yan pa ang pinakamahirap pakisamahan, I can adjust... FLEXIBLE eh...
*32. loves KELLY CLARKSON, she's an inspiration and she keeps me going...
*33. as I said MABAIT pero medyo BASTOS... but totally harmless... ;)
*34. a certified addict sa PBBFG site ( I really dunno why, I just been so hooked up...)
*35. a LOVER not a HATER...
*36. sa umpisa di sweet pero habang tumatagal, sobrang SWEET na...
*37. loves MANGOES (ripe ones) and LONGGAN
*38. loves to collect perfumes (DKNY, Kenzo pour femme, TOVA, Bvlgari au de blanc, Bvlgari pour homme, Lacoste for women, Lacoste Junior, Ralph Lauren Blue, Ralph (fruity scents), Gucci Rush 2, Perry Ellis 360 degrees, J.Lo Still, Nautica, Ralph
Glamorous, Clinique Happy, Clinique Happy Heart, Channel Crystalle, CK one, Burberry Baby's Touch, Pleasures for Women,Elizabeth Arden Green Tea)
*39. loves bags, purses, shoes...
*40. Bought a pair of Simone Boots at Cole Haan for 16K (nagsale dating 27K)
*41. I am NOT a BRAT - I just know how to pamper myself...
*42. FUNNY and FUN LOVING...
*44. can't live a day without MARLBORO LIGHTS menthol...
*45. played STRIP BILLIARDS :P
*46. I DON'T SEE MYSELF pretty or goodlooking... at times I have this infreriority complex... i dunno, but di ko maiwasan...
*47. was once been over wasted because of alcoholic drinks and ended up "praising the porcelain god"
*48. loves Big Chill's, Carrot-Orange
*49. won't last a day without drinking my Vitamin C (COKE)
*50. When in a relationship, I certainly GIVE MY ALL...
~*~ 50 Facts aren't enough for me... there are a lot more...

Heidee blogs: Diets and Doors

Looks like Neil is making a career out of being my Southbeat diet "coach," constantly reminding me on what (omelette for breakfast, nuts when you get hungry, veggies, lean meats) and what not (ketchup, drinks with sugar in them, all carbs and sugars) to eat for the first two weeks. His greeting this early morning on ym even went, "Day 2." With a serious master like that, who would dare disobey? So this afternoon when our department's newest hires gave the traditional treat in the form of pizza, I remembered him and resisted the urge to eat the entire thing. Instead I did as instructed and ate only the toppings. Trust me, this is NOT easy! I find myself constantly consulting with him on whether this particular food is okay to eat or not. And last night while I was in the gym I asked if it was normal to shake and feel faint. He texted four different messages with the same thought: "Oops I forgot to account that you go to the gym!" So he said we may restructure my diet in that case because southbeach is not designed for heavy exercise. Then he told me to eat non-fat yogurt before working out. I asked if I could eat oranges instead, because I have like 20 at home.

I got annoyed with our floor's door because once again it was broken and so we had to use the other door to get in. The problem with the other door is that it is too far away from my workstation and by entering that way I would have to walk all the way around the entire 19th floor just to get to my place. That door's been problematic lately. For security purposes, we need to use our IDs and flash it infront of a sensor that opens the door. We call it proxing. High tech stuff, huh. Before we could just tailgate, meaning we didn't have to prox our IDs if someone else was infront of us. But they have decided to increase security and implemented the anti-passback system on all doors. It means that if you use your ID to get in, you have to use it when you go out, otherwise you won't be able to get in again next time because the system detects that you are still inside. So that means we all have to use our IDs at all times. At first it was confusing. Yen would prox her ID then wonder, "Nasaan na nga ba ako? Sa loob o sa labas?"

And speaking of doors, Yen's classic funny moment would have to be the time when she told me, quite seriously, when I told her about how after I ditched a loser guy, a new one came along, "So tama talaga yung sinasabi nila na when God closes a door, He opens it again." Huwat? She's no Keanna, though. Once in a while she just slips like that, like when she asked me after watching the video "Kiss" where the guy gave his eyes to the girl, "Ikaw ba, pag nabulag ka may magbibigay sayo ng dugo?" But I do have my own moments, like our classic line nowadays, "Jokes are one half meant." With emphasis on the "one." Hehehe. Lines like these are what make life worth living. And you know what? It made me realize that it's okay to commit mistakes, because they make life colorful. Aside from making you learn, of course. =)

Maristel answers survey

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? //parang ang ganda ng hair ko... :)
2. How much cash do you have on you? //right now... 200 on my wallet and 2,5k sa
ampaw... ;)
3. What's a word that rhymes with "DOOR"? //core
4. Favorite planet? //mars
5. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your mobile phone? //taJhick
6. What is your favorite ringtone on your phone? //any...
7. What shirt are you wearing? //plain beige top
8. Do you "label" yourself? //no
9. Name the brand of shoes you're currently wearing? //slippers... havaianas
10. Bright or Dark Room? //middle...
11. What do you think about the person who took this survey before you? //catleen? parang mataray... hehehe! peace cat! ;)
12. O_O!
13. What were you doing at midnight lastnight? //fixing my blogsite
14. What did the last text message you received on your mobile phone say? //from Adrian, saying he's too drunk and gotta sleep
15. Where is your nearest 7-11? //sa kanto!
16. What's a word that you say a lot? //my God
17.Who told you he/she loved you last? //eh di c ano... hahaha!!!
18. Last furry thing you touched? //my pups, Cotton & Candy
19. How many drugs have you done in the last three days? //none
20. How many rolls of film do you need to get developed? //i don't use films anymore 21. Favorite age you have been so far? //i dunno
22. Your worst enemy? //none..
23. What is your current desktop picture? //wala... default eh
24. What was the last thing you said to someone? //"di ka titigil?!?"
26. Do you like someone? //hahaha!!!
27. The last song you listened to? //pink life

50 Facts about Janette

1.) chubby
2.) workaholic
3.) with fair complexion
4.) i hate math
5.) masungit (sabi nila, ahihihi!!!)
6.) friendly
7.) sensitive
8.) I love my creator so much
9.) counselor
10.) masayahin
11.) i love kids
12.) with sense of humor
13.) i have a very strong personality
14.) i have a tantalizing eyes (big pero di brown eyes, hehehehe!)
15.) i always woke up late
16.) i love to cook
17.) i know how to drive
18.) i like native foods (inihaw, kakanin, etc...)
20.) i don't eat animal fats (khit pa ung tyan ng isda, i hate it)
21.) takot ako sa ipis (napapatakbo ako sobra pagnakakakita ako)
22.) i have my first boyfriend at the age of 24 (late bloomer)
23.) wen i was a kid akala ko ang philippines ang kabuuan ng buong mundo (hehehehe! syempre dna ngaun)
24.) i came from 6 schools since elementary
25.) sa manila kmi nakatira dati
26.) i'm the only girl sa aming magkakapatid
27.) most of my friend are gay (hehehe! ung iba kc babaeng bakla)
28.) i've been working in our office for almost six years
29.) i have an asthma
30.) i love to travel
31.) nkpag travel na ako outside the country, sa thailand pa lang (sana masundan)
32.) to release my stress sa work, nagdidilig ako ng halaman pag uwi sa bhay
33.) dko pa nararanasan maglayas sa bhay
34.) mangga, atis at suha ang favorite fruits ko
35.) soccer player ako wen i was in highschool
36.) mahilig ako kumanta (pro wlang hilig ang music skin)
37.) iyakin ako
38.) i love reading books
39.) mahilig ako mag swimming (gamot daw kc yon sa asthma, exercise pra lumakas ang lungs)
40.) i'm an stage actress at the age of 20 upto 22(member kc ako sa PETA)
41.) active ako sa mga activity sa lugar nmin esp about youth
42.) i tot i'll never get marry kc puro my asawa mga suitors ko before
43.) during my college years na-stop aq sa pagaaral kc nagkaron ng family problem
44.) my favorite day is saturday & sunday
45.) madaldal akong tao, mahilig mag kwento pro you cud kip secrets with me
46.) 6 months before i got marry na hospitalized ako
47.) sakitin ako pero mataba pa rin
48.) i have a curly hair
49.) malakas ako uminom (i drink hard, brandy preferably) hehehe!!!
50.) i am a unique person, no one else is exactly like me - I AM ME!!! (hehehehehe!!)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Kathryn blogs:
Summer Escapade... Woohoo!

Hay, sarap ng feeling ng makasama mo ang co-workers mo na malayo sa workplace n'yo. It really feels different in many aspects; surroundings is one. Iba 'yung nagkikita kayo sa ospital halos araw-araw at 'yung nagkakasama kayo sa isang lugar na walang bahid ng ka-toxic-an. 'Yun bang andun kayo para maki-relax at maki-unwind sa iba pang mga taong andun for that very same purpose. Tapos 'yung mood din. Very light. Tawanan at kantahan, at syempre may "moments" din ng ka-sentihan. At iba rin ang bonding ng outing talaga. It' s a very good avenue to get to know the people you spend most of your time with. You'd definitely see the deeper and lighter side of everybody. Although, syempre, may mga sundot pa rin ng pagiging nurses at NAs. Hehe. Nananlaytay na talaga sa dugo?!? *Why not? =)

I really had a good time. At kahit pa papasok ako tonight (to jumpstart my being a month-long night shift nurse), wala akong sama ng loob 'coz I've already had my dose of anti-stress session with my 4A family. =)

So there... Back to the real world na po tayo.

Heidee on the Immunity Challenge

Ang galing-galing naman ni adrian sa task! Sya pa 'tong bago pero sya pa tong nakuha ng tama ang lahat ng in-house vh's! hehe. Pansin ko lang akolang nakakuha ng tama sa former vh's. hehe! nakitako kasi ang sagot sa season 1 na blog under satask nyo na ipacontinue sa kanila ang sentencesna "i never" "i always" etc.. andun pala lahat eh!hehehe.

50 Facts about Heidee

I'm back in the PBB virtual house as a "wildcard" entry. BBK's next task is to come up with 50 facts about myself. When one of my friends read them while looking over my shoulder, I discovered that she didn't know these about me either, so maybe I should let my friends know this about me too. Here goes..

1. I love the color PURPLE so much.
2. Adik ako sa "Friends" series. Though I've seen all episodes of all 10 seasons I still watch them if they get shown on TV.
3. I've gone to only one school, Ateneo de Zamboanga, for the entire 16 years of my school life.
4. I used to be a geek. Yung tipong bookworm na honors student forever, na di marunong manamit at magkikay, at NBSB (no bf since birth) pa. Kulang na lang eyeglasses and I completed the package na.
5. I've got perfect vision (20-20).
6. I've never been thin my entire life. The closest I got was normal weight and that was the effect of post-breakup syndrome, when I didn't eat anything except an apple a day for several days kaya sobrang bumagsak ang weight ko.
7. I've had only one serious boyfriend and we lasted only 100 days (parang PBB!). When he broke my heart natrauma na ako so di na ako nagkarelationship ulet ever.
8. Adik ako sa chocolate. Pag di chocolate ang cake or ice cream di ko sya gusto. Faves ko: Red Ribbon's chocolate mousse and Iceberg's chocolate ice cream on sugar cone.
9. I love to write. I used to keep diaries but a bunch of stupid termites decided to chow down on them. =( Now I vent on my blogs on the web, where my memories are safe from insects of any kind. =)
10. Right now I don't have a single bestfriend. I found one in College but we kinda lost touch so now di na sya updated sa buhay ko. I do have plenty of close friends, though. Still, I want to have a bestfriend again.
11. I have this ideal that my future boyfriend would also be my bestfriend. Comfort is my number two criteria in guys. Syempre spark ang number one. Hihi.
12. I was only forced into taking up my college course, Accountancy. During my first year umiiyak pa ako kasi di ko talaga gets ang mga debits/credits. But now I realize mabuti na rin at ito naging kurso ko otherwise I wouldn't have gotten this good-paying job this easy. In the end, our parents still know what's best for us. =)
13. I have only one brother and we used to fight like cat and dog. Nagkasundo lang kami when he first had a girlfriend and he started asking me for advice about girls. Nyahaha. Super opposite kami nun. Kung ako geek na good girl image, sya parating may red marks sa card na parating getting into trouble, at naging frat boy pa! Pero tumino naman at nurse na sya ngayon.
14. I grew up in Zamboanga City, but I'm of bisayan decent, kasi both parents ko bisaya. Actually I learned to speak Chavacano, the Zamboanga dialect, only in College. Dati tagalog talaga gamit ko to speak to others.
15. I love to read. Favorite ko ang "The Little Prince" na sobrang lalim kahit na parang pambata sya. I also love the works of Nicholas Sparks (A Walk to Remember), Sidney Sheldon, Dan Brown, JK Rowling (Harry Potter adik din ako!), Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes) and other interesting books na irecommend ng friends ko.
16. I've had 5 jobs in 3 years.
17. Yung 1st job ko inaccept ko lang for the sake of having a job, as a telemarketer in Davao. One month lang ako don.
18. 2nd job ko contractual lang, accounting assistant in Western Mindanao Power Corporation. 2 months lang yun.
19. 3rd job ko is teller sa Metrobank. 3 months. Worst job ever. Ang hirap na nga, may risk pa na mashort ka ng P11,000 like what happened sa kabatch ko, ang liit pa sweldo, tapos ang pangit ng ugali ng officemates ko. Kaya umalis ako dun at nagbakasakali sa Makati.
20. Within my 1st week sa Makati, hired ako agad sa 4th job ko, sa KPMG auditing firm. Oks naman dun, and I met great friends. Kaso affected ako sa awayan at kampo-kampo ng managers so when a better opportunity presented itself, umalis ako after 9 months.
21. Now I'm in P&G na di ko inexpect kasi online lang ako nag-apply, tapos tinawagan na ako agad for exam then interview and hired ako agad after 2 weeks. Ang swerte ko lang talaga. 10 months na ako dito and wala pa naman akong balak umalis so far. =)
22. In college bibo kid ako. Andami kong orgs na sinalihan. SALT Community, Th!nk newsmagazine, Ateneo Intrepid Debating Society, Beacon Newspaper, JPIA (Junior Philippine Insitute of Accountants), Beacon Yearbook. I was so busy juggling my orgs and my studies kaya siguro ako pumayat dati. Hehehe.
23. I don't know how to swim kaya balak ko maglessons next week. I nearly drowned 3x na. The first one sa dagat, nung nadaganan ako ng gumugulong na coconut tree trunk, second time sa water falls kasi nagcross kami tapos ang lalim pala, third time sa dagat ulet, napadpad ako sa malalim tapos akala nung crush ko that time nagjojoke lang ako na nalulunod yun pala totoo na. Sinave naman nya ako, thank goodness. Each time swerte ko lang may sumagip sakin.
24. I love to eat fruits. Lalo na hilaw na mangga with bagoong. Lately I eat 4 ponkans a day. Takaw eh, no. I also love Fuji apples.
25. I love veggies. Favorite ko ang okra, though maraming ayaw non. Gusto ko rin ang pechay tsaka mga gulay sa chopsuey.
26. I always eat fish for lunch, kaya tinutukso ng friends ko na may kaliskis na daw ako. Minsan nagpupustahan pa sila kung alin sa available na fish ulam ang bibilhin ko. Mga gags. =)
27. Miss Independent ako. Kaya kong gawin ang most things mag-isa, like mag-cr (eh kasi some girls diba kelangan talaga may kasama) or pumunta sa mall or tiangge, or even kumain ng mag-isa. Pero actually kaya ako ganito kasi nahihiya ako magburden ng ibang tao. Kaya di na lang ako nag-aask na may sumama sakin. Ang ironic nito is that pag ibang tao na ang nag-ask sakin to accompany them, kahit na ayoko pa, kahit na I have other more important things to do, pumapayag ako kasi nahihiya akong hindian sila. Pero lately tinatry ko nang labanan. Ako kawawa eh.
28. I learned to eat fresh tomatoes in Manila. Dati I loved tomato sauce but hated real tomatoes. Tinatanggal ko pa nga sa burger kung meron.
29. Adik ako sa tomato ketchup. I hate banana ketchup though. And I can tell the difference just by looking at them.
30. Game ako sa adventure. I wanna go to places I've never been and do things I've never done. Mga nagawa ko pa lang --> mountaing climbing, horseback riding, rollerblading, boating to pagsanjan falls, banana boat ride, wall climbing. Next in line ko ang swimming at scuba diving. Sana matuloy!
31. I know when I've been hurt (emotionally) too intensely when I feel a painful throbbing below my ear. I don't know why this happens, but it does. Weird.
32. Sometimes I talk to myself. Out loud. And sometimes in plain view of other people. I hope they don't assume that I'm crazy.
33. I love to sing. Unfortunately my voice isn't that great. I want to take voice lessons someday.
34. My office barkada calls me "google" because I'm knowledgeable about the internet.
35. These same people say mahirap daw ako yakagin sa sine kasi parati na lang napanood ko na ang latest movie.
36. I've kissed only two guys in my entire life.
37. I love to take pictures. And ayoko ng typical pics na formal smile. I take pictures of the scenery or I arrange the people into unusual poses para di boring. Kaya love ko ang cp ko with its 1.3 megapixel cam. Pero gusto ko parin ng digicam.
38. I love to play badminton. Some people say I'm quite good at it.
39. Sa tanang buhay ko ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng tunay na rubber shoes. I bought them on sale sa Nike Greenbelt.
40. Favorite drink ko ang fresh dalandan juice. Lalo na yung gawa ni Reggie, housemate ko. When I first tasted it, I asked him to marry me. In jest, of course! =)
41. I live in an apartment with 7 housemates. All 7 were my classmates in college. We are split evenly, 4 boys and 4 girls. The girls are all my kabarkada since College too, kaya masaya. =)
42. I'm not so much into fried food, like most people. My favorite food is grilled -- fish, squid, chicken (bbq). Also kilawing tanguige. I used to make this for our class picnics and everbody loved it naman.
43. I love romantic comedies. My fave movies in this genre include Ever After, While You Were Sleeping, Love Actually, 50 First Dates, and Just Like Heaven.
44. I also like musicals, but I haven't seen a real live one. I love "Phantom of the Opera" and "Into the Woods."
45. My birthday is on September 7, 1982.
46. I'm scared of heights. If I look down from our 36th floor cafeteria I get scared even though there's a glass wall and I can't possibly fall down.
47. I love to cook. And as always, ayoko ng typical. Kaya parati pacham as in pachamba-chamba. I like experimenting with combining foods. So far 50-50 naman ang success rate. Hehehe. Pero in fairness nanalo kami ng 2nd place sa cookfest sa Ateneo fiesta 2002.
48. I'm a number four on the enneagram. Research nyo na lang kung di gets. Hehehe. Basta basically it means I'm a romantic and I hate ordinariness.
49. I love OPM acoustics. Fave singers ko ang MYMP, Freestyle, Nina. Trip ko rin ang ibang songs ng Hale, Cueshe, Rocksteddy, Side A, Parokya ni Edgar.
50. I hate smokers. Well not siguro sila mismo but the cigarette smoke. Last time we went to this bar sobrang daming smoke na pag-uwi ko amoy smoke na ako from head to foot. Yucky talaga.

Ian's Special Task resumes

As of APRIL 6, 4:39PM, there were visits detected from 39 countries- 10 new countries* plus the 29 countries of March 31 (see table). Ian needs a total of visitors from 50 countries to complete his Special Task.

Ian needs 11 new countries more before Monday 4:39PM. Completion of the ST will mean a cancellation of Kathryn's +5 penalty points plus a -5 reward points for Ian.

*Ten (10) new countries included France, Norway, Poland, Jordan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Guam, and New Zealand.

Immunity Challenge Result

No VH got the perfect answers. No VH is immuned for the 5th Eviction. Ian and Kathryn got the lowest scores. They get +5 penalty points.

VH # 1. Maristel - [has 600+ DVD collections] [loves Coke (soda)] [definitely loves the beach] [once played strip billiards] [Chocoholic]
VH # 2. Adrian - [uses Happy toothpaste (for kids)] [looks like a character in Harry Potter according to 6 people] [can sing “The Lord’s Prayer” in Chinese] [once dated one of his/her patients] [loves Italian, Chinese, and Japanese foods]
VH # 3. Paolo - [idolize Geoff Eigenmann] [the eldest child] [doesn't eat shrimp] [loves McDonald's] [dances very well]
VH # 4. Kathryn - [auditioned in "ang tv" but didn’t make it] [can last not eating for as long as 12 hours straight] [get to be a team leader almost all the time in school] [loves coffee] [has never had his/her own room]
VH # 5. Janette - [most of his/her friend are gay] [used to be a soccer player] [drinks hard] [one way to release his/her stress is watering the plants] [has attended 6 schools since elementary]
VH # 6. Neil G, PBBFG runner up - [craves for burger and fries] [covers the mirror and close the door of the restroom in his/her bedroom] [before I go to sleep] [rushed to an emergency hospotal after eating squid] [hates his/her skin tone] [wants to be taller]
VH # 7. Heidee - [loves OPM acoustics] [always eat fish for lunch] [addicted to tomato ketchup] [won 2nd place in a cookfest] [nearly drowned 3 times]
VH # 8. Marge - [has 50 pairs of shoes and bags] [can't sleep without drinking a glass of Milo] [2nd cousin of Tata Young] [loves anime’] [loves to dance and really good at it]
VH # 9. Ian - [composed a poem for late Rico Yan which was showed on national television] [speaks speak Spanish, Korean, Bahasa Malay, Bahasa Indonesia and some Hindi] [has never had a special someone] [loves pink and dark green] [has one dead toe nail]
VH # 10. Mica, PBBFG 1 VH - [loves drink iced tea and green tea] [Spice Girls fanatic] [has not finished reading the book "The Purpose Driven Life"] [an internet addict] [will never watch a Harry Potter movie because he/she's not really a big fan]

MARGE - 6/10 correct answers
V#1 Ate Mats, V#2 Adrian, V#3 Kuya Pao, V#4 Ate Janette, V#5 Dylan, V#6 Rowen, V#7 Ate Heidee, V#8 Marge, V#9 Kuya Ian, V#10 Ate Kath
ADRIAN - 8/10 correct answers
1.maristel, 2.adrian, 3.paolo, 4.kathryn, 5.janette, 6.dylan, 7.heidee, 8.marge, 9.ian, 10.jen jen
naku! ewan ko na nga ba!
HEIDEE - 5/10 correct answers
1. adrian, 2. kath, 3. maristel, 4. janette, 5. paolo,
6. neil g., 7. heidee, 8. marge, 9. ian, 10. mica
PAOLO - 5/10 correct answers
1-Ate Mats, 2-Ate Kathryn, 3-Paolo, 4-Ate Jenjen, 5-Adrian, 6-Rowen, 7-Heidee, 8-Marge, 9-Kuya Ian, 10-Remcyl
KATHRYN - 3/10 correct answers
grabe bbk ha! anggaling ng ginawa mo, i missed out on the "in-house and former vh" thing kaya nung
una puro current vhs lang mga nilagay ko. anyway, mahirap s'ya! galeng! =) o s'ya, eto na ang nakayanan ko. whether or not i get many correct answers, i nevertheless enjoyed answering it. =)
1 maristel, 2 adrian, 3 dylan, 4 KATHRYN, 5 ian, 6 marge, 7 janette, 8 heidee, 9 jen-jen, 10 paolo
MARISTEL - 7/10 correct answers
1. Maristel, 2. Adrian, 3. Paolo, 4. Kathryn, 5. Dylan, 6. Rowen, 7. Heidee, 8. Marge, 9. Ian, 10. Janette
~*~ di ko sure yung iba...
IAN - 3/10 correct answers
kuya nagloloko friendster ko! di ko maopen! eto send ko sau answer ng immunity challenge!
1. paolo , 2. kathryn, 3. dylan, 4. remcyl, 5. maristel, 6. rowen, 7. heidee, 8. marge, 9. ian, 10. adrian

***Janette quit before the deadline of Immunity Challenge

Ian's Special Task suspended

Due to technical problems of NeoCOUNTER, Ian's Special Task is suspended.

Nomination cancelled; 5th Eviction suspended

Maristel blogs: Something Wonderful...

~*~ tHe sTaRt oF sOmEtHiNg WoNdErFuL ~*~

Been kindda busy the past few days. I haven't been online for a longer hour unlike before. 'was just so not myself lately. But anyway I've been working on my diet - I gained a lot of weight and I really don't know how to start all over again. But as the saying goes... "Live life to the fullest..." I guess that's what I'm doing now. I'm living life to the fullest and I don't care what to eat and not to eat. March 21, I started my diet. I just lessen the foods I am taking especially the rice. As much as possible 5 spoons of rice lang. I just don't know if there were any changes, but I hope sometime soon, there will be.

December of 2005 I tried the South Beach Diet. Almost everyday, I researched on different recipes I can use. South Beach Diet unlike any other is great. Because in here you'll still be eating delicious and nutritious foods but there won't be any cravings... You'll be giving up your carbs for 2weeks. That would be for Phase I of the diet. I just can't imagine what I did just to keep myself in track of this SBD... I even hit the grocery and bought a 2L Canola Oil, 1L Pietro Corricelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fat Free Cheese slices... It was such a craze! But anyway, now I am more willing to do this diet again! Summer is on and I can't wait to wair my pair of Adidas two-piece *lol* (the nerves, Mats...)

Just a few updates about what happened before...

April 03, MONDAY ~> Nothin' really special. I was at Laguna Bel-Air the whole day. By 6pm we hit the road back to Manila. I don't know what I'm so excited about... But I really wanna go home. I was planning to go to Greenhills and do my groceries @ Unimart. 8pm we're still at Aurora Blvd. so we decided to just stopped by at SM Centerpoint. I tried Churros (I have to admit it... I didn't like it) I bought 3 boxes of Polland Hopia Mongo and a large Coke (it was scorching hot the whole day and I need to quench my thirst). Then...

So there I did my grocieries. I bought:
3 packs of Cuddles Cotton Squares
2 big bottles of Eskinol Dermaclear-C
3 packs of Spirit with Wings
2 dozen of Ariel with a scent of Downy sulit pack
2 dozen of Wings Fabric Softener
1 Big Colgate Whitening
1 (9 rolls) 3-ply Softee Bathroom Tissue
2 Cowhead Lite
Cosmopolitan month of April issue (with Bea Alonzo on the cover)
Yes Magazine (with Lucy Torres & Gretchen Barretto on the cover)
Star Studio Magazine (Toni Gonzaga on the cover)
2 kilos of Alpo (for puppies)
2 packs of Ground Black Pepper
1 pack of Whole Black Pepper
(necessities ko kasi yan sa Kitchen... and I can't live without those peppers)
and a lot more thing...

When I was finally home I went straight at my Mom's place and gave her a box of Polland Hopia, it's her, Karen and Arjay's favorite! So the next thing I did was to check on my 5 puppies. I tried giving them dog food (Infant's milk is way too expensive and they can consume 1 400grams for 2days) I was just so glad coz they loved munching the dog food bites. Funny too coz now they puppies can growl and bark. The whole day what my puppies did was roam around the house and do nothing but eat and sleep.

I checked on my mails. Got emails from Gina Victoriano and some staff from Belo's Medical Group who's inquiring on how much they will cost if they're gonna hire us as Caterer for a private party at Vicky Belo's House for 30 pax. Haven't replied yet because I'm still thinking on what packages I 'll provide them. Checked on PBBFG proboads. My whole day at Laguna was such a blast coz what I did was post messaeges and replies... I was able to have a chat with Heidee (my co Vhousemate) whom I discovered that we have a lot in common with. We started talking about our Top 3 Beauty Products and Summer Getaways. It was such a priveledge for finally knowing her. I remember the first Nomination Night that we had at the Virtual House. Just days later we both found out that we voted each other out and also for the same reasons. Good thing though, that she were given a second chance to stay at the house and few words... I am glad to finally get acquainted with her.

April 04, TUESDAY ~> Nothing special. Just stayed at home and I received an early text from someone I really don't know. I just texted the number back and asked who he/she is. I received a reply saying "he was Wayne a friend and an officemate of Repsi who's working at Teleserv. We texted each other the whole day. At first it was a lot of fun but still I'm glad coz now I have a new textmate. Had Halu-Halo ( a not so special though) but at least it helps me with the ver humid weather.

Had this chat with Marge (as usual...) my ever little sister. We talked a lot of things and send each other emoteicons... We just laughed around... Also had chats with Heidee who now calls me "TEL" then there's BBK my constant chatmate. Also had chat with Jen-Jen... I super missed him so-so much! I felt like I was missing a lot of things about her. There, I found out that James Boot's back here at P.I. and they met (again)... I'm just so happy to hear about it.

Jen-Jen, I miss you! Hope we could still chat and talk over the phone! Goodluck sa dance lessons mo! Have fun playing badminton. Don't worry will meet up soon. My birthday's fast approaching... Lahat kayo pakakainin ko!
Remcyl, you don't know how overwhelmed I am whenever I receive a text message from you. I do hope one day magkausap tayo! I miss you and Jen so damn much! I super miss the kulitans we have kapag nagcoconference tayo!

I checked the PBBFG2 site and saw a new Immunity Challenge! So out of excitement... I hurriedly answered it and submitted my answer to BBK via Friendster.

April 05, WEDNESDAY ~> I woke up starved to death! There's no food on the fridge to eat. So I asked our helper to buy Knorr Crab and Corn and an egg. I fried two jumbo Hotdog and there I had my lunch. I was surprised though coz out of no where Papu just appeared and gave me one serve of Halu-Halo (again). Bought Titanic. What's this Tinanic by the way. It's this very large and hard bread. How to eat it? you're just gonna pinch little by little ang munch it. Believe me? It tastes definitely good and you'll be wanting for more!

My cousin Elaine called. We had crazy talks over the phone! She's back home. She stayed at Bicol with her Mom for 2years. Now, she's back and she'll be taking up her College here in Manila. Also received an urgent call from Mr. Edwin Cosme from Ocean Tower. He'll be needing our service for April 06, Thursday. Kiddie Birthday Party. We closed the deal for Php 4,500. He even asked me how much we charged him on his last event last March. He didn't negotiate - instead he told me same set-up. So when I checked on his previous quotation - 'was a bit shock coz we only charged him for 4k. I had this guilt feeling, but it's done and that's money. And it's badly needed. *lol*

I logged in at Yahoo Messenger and saw Dylan online. We had this chat. He's at Davao and they had this problem with their business. I also found out (just then) that he's a DLSU student! I felt so stupid. I remember he told me "si ate talaga, di nagbabasa ng blog!" I do read blogs but I wasn't able to read his introduction the first day at Virtual House. Really had fun with our chat! Hours after Marge was online naman! We both had crazy talks and I had this presumptions (since the start of this game) with her! And when she told me something about that "MH" thingy I wasn't shocked at all. What shocked me was... *toot toot* cellphone stuffs and other things. Virtual House is now getting more interesting everyday.

I have this comic chat with BBK when I received a text message from the newcomer Adrian, and I was just happy that, at last we had a little conversation. We talked about a lot of things. Adrian, you look hot kapag kalbo ka! Believe me, there's this unknown impact in me when I see kalbo guys! Not a lot of guys do look good kapag nagpakalbo kasi. You look cool on your skinhead! Regarding what I told you a text... That's true and I do stand for my word. I'll keep you posted and in touch with what's happening. I will update you in everything. You're not a heist - just so you're a newcomer in the game. It doesn't matter. yeah, we all know a lot of things about each other but you will always be special coz you were never too late naman when you entered the house! You were never aloof and I know you're flexible. Let's just do our thing and I know we will be friends. I just hope that we can have a chat some time so we can chillax! And since you love walking - maybe we can have a virtual walkathon!

Also had this short chat with Ian... We haven't chat for quite some time. We talked a lot of stuffs. He's really excited to come back home. I also heard that Ian and Dylan will be meeting at Davao, since Dylan's there too till Holy Week (I guess...) I just hope I can tag along with them. But I can't! I'm saving a lot of dime right now for Bora... Anyway, I was ready for my dinner when my cellphone rang! It was a direct call from Korea! So I know it's IAN!!! Hahaha! Finally I heard his voice! It was a lot of fun talking to him, unfortunately the line was cut. Hope to hear from you soon when you're here in Manila na...

It was a little late and I'm still online. Kath logged in too. We had silly chats regarding the Nomination. It was really hard kasi. Especially right now that we're all friends! We had a conference with BBK too, together with Marge and Kath - but Kath left too soon. Her hubby's sleepy na daw kasi.

April 06, THURSDAY ~> Received an early call from Pearl, Mr. Edwin Cosme's secretary. They were looking for the crew daw. It's too early, although I told Sir Edwin that we'll be setting up before lunch since their event will start at 3 in the afternoon! Nasira na ang tulog ko! I swear...

I received a text message from Paolo... And his text really bothered me. He texted me around 12:39 noon and I read the message around 2 in the afternoon! I super felt guilty coz I wasn't able to reply on his text. We haven't been chatting for almost a week now, and I really do miss this sweet American Idol fanatic guy. I felt so incomplete. So what I did was rushed downstairs and get online. I logged in at YM but I didn't find him there! I sent him several messages even SMS messages. I even texted him a two page message saying KELLIE PICKLER... but still no reply. I am really worried!!! Honestly never felt like this before. I felt like he really needed someone to talk to... He texted me but I wasn't there for him the time that he needs me.

~~> PAO, hope you do read this... From the bottom of my heart - I'm realy, really sorry... Hope I can do something to make it up to you. You and Marge are the only ones left for me. And I really don't like what's happening right now. Di na kasi tayo nagkakausap. I really miss your company. Your "VICTIM" thingy... Hope to catch up with you soon!!! I miss you much!

Had chats with Heidee (again) the whole day... Just talked about what happened right after she was evicted (the first eviction night)... I'm fond of those things. You know sharing thoughts and things. I don't want my co Vhousemates to feel outnumbered and behind from what had happened...

Anyway, si BBK panay ang pa-kwento. So what we talked about was my Business. I will soon post stuffs about it. Pictures too.

To Marge, I have something for you...
My pic with Mark Herras @ Nine Ball, Tomas Morato...

Janette quits

After staying in vHouse for sixty-two days, Janette, the 27-years-old non-uniformed PNP personnel from Bulacan, quit the game.

Janette writes: BBK i need to quit in this game coz i got a memo from the higher headquarters yesterday that i'm temporary relieved from this office coz i'll be attending some trainings and seminars for my career advancement, i will not be able to be online for a couple of months so hindi na po ako magkakaroon ng time for this game. i'll be leaving today for a spiritual nourishment seminar which is a part of the PNP program "OPLAN PAGPAPALA", m lucky coz m one of the participants (buong holyweek po ako nasaseminar). After the holy week, i've got a training/workshop in the civil service... To my fellow vhousemates, thank you so much for everything, i'm a winner because of you guys! BBK thank you so much for having me here in this game, it's really a pleasure!

Pao - thank you so much for all the times you were there for me specially when i am low and need someone to talk to, thanks for bearing with me.. ur really a great person pao! as soon as i finish all those seminars and trainings, pm kita agad, hehehe!! luckyme!!!

Ian - for the chats, for sharing thoughts, for the concern, for all the advices, thank you so much! Good luck! keep up ur good work! Ingat ka sa pag uwi mo dito pinas!

Maristel - thanks for being so nice, fo all the times ur there to here my predicaments, hehehehe! thank you talaga! Hope we cud still be friends after this. Goodluck sa business and sa lovelife mo! Keep the faith!

Marge - thank you for the chat, for simply being there to listen, for being you as a friend...thank you!

Kathryn - Text text pa din tyo ha? thank you for all your concern, for helping me in some things when i got sick. Best wishes! hehehe! lam ko mejo matagal pa, sna invite mo pa din ako sa wedding mo, take care!

Heidz - sayang we don't have the chance to get to know each other well, kc last time kaw ung unang na-evict, tapos ngaun nman i need to quit, d bale i know we cud still be friends. Goodluck!

Adrian - Sayang di man lang tayo nagkausap,hope we cud still have a chance to know each other, i know its not too late to get to know you kahit pa i'm leaving the house. Goodluck!

Again... to all of you, thank you so much, you made my stay here a memorable one. I'm going to miss you guys, u've got a place here in me.

Godbless you all!! Keep the good fight of faith!

Janette - signed out!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Marge blogs: What A Day?!

Well as usual! I really don't like this day... Hmmm a little maybe.

11am time to wake up! My cellphone beeps and guess what Ate Mats sent me a really cool quotes.. :D and i really love it! :D hayz! next msg naku.. My suitors. Damn I really hate them! they are freaking pissing me off! Yuck ang senorita k0 talaga inakyatan pa k0 ng f0od sa kwart0. Breakfast in bed.. haha di na ata kasi lunch narin yun..

Around 2pm ata un nag OL ak0 sa YM.. hehe Ate Mats naabutan k0 tska si Ate Heidz. While eating my favorite chocolate in the world. Waa! nag close bigla YM k0. Naku! Virus na yan! Nasisira ang araw k0.. :D anyweiz talagang nakaasra yun. I have my new account na so sobrang busy ak0 sa pag eedit ng profile k0. hayz kaya ayan. I told my couz once na nakatulog ak0 take a snapshot of me. Make sure naman na maganda yan ha! hahah Ahhh! i remember last nght c Debbie confers din xa sa PBB.. nag PM skn. gumagawa na raw siya ng Fansclub para saakin. Waaa! na windang buhay k0. I hate it actually. Tiyak di ak0 makakatanggap ng g0od comments. Lalo na kung makakarating sa school yan. tsk tsk tsk... Everybody's talking back againts me pag nasa school ako. Yan na nga ang mahirap kapag PIONEER kana sa school. hayz. Sawa na ko sa buhay k0ng ganyan. Well going back to my story sobrang sakit na ng mata k0 kaka YM. Nag log out ak0 nagpaalam sakanilang 2. Humiga ak0 sa kama around 4:30pm na ata.. Then nagising ng 6pm

I have a sched na kailangan akong gumising ng 6pm para panoorin ang favorite TV show k0 na FUSHIGI YUUGI ( Curious Play ) hayz. Grabe nasa kalahati na ak0 ng chapter.. I will die if may one episode ako na mamamimiss... Pwede kayang mainlove ka sa isang anime.. Well ako o0.. oMg si TAMAHOME as in sobrang nakakainlove talaga.. He's dedicating his life just to save the maiden that he love. Grabe sino ba namang di maiinlove sa ganon? sana may lalaki pang nabubuhay na ganyan n0?

I really love the episode of MMK today. hahaha Actually i remember it's a replay. Right? While eating Vcut and drinking RC cola wooo! it makes my day! :D yuck! nalimutan k0 bawal pala ak0 sa softdrink because im on a 15 day diet.. :(( anyweiz... haha love the Simple Life Inturn with Paris nd Nicole! they're on this cerematorium in a cemetery.. haha! hahah hayz... natap0s din... Fear Factor naman ang pinano0d.. But im wondering bakit CHRISTMAS EDITION? duh christmas is s0 far pa naman.. dba?? hahah kamusta naman yan? Miss k0 na si Average Joe! ate mats knows who he is... hahahha BTW... gotta g0... better sleep na kc 2am na :D

Ian blogs: Postponed!

Lesson: "Too much excitement = too much disappointment."

Yehey! 3 more days to go, maaapakan ko na uli ang Perlas ng Silanganan!

"Ring ring..."
"This is (I don't know who) from Philippine Airlines, is this Ian Chan? .... .... I'm sorry to tell you that your round-trip ticket has expired already October of last year."
"What a...."!

The one who purchased my ticket didn't inform me na good for 6 months lang yung round-trip ticket na pinurchase nya. 1 year ako dito sa Korea so talagang mag-eexpire yun.

I called my contacts in the Philippines and asked them to reissue another ticket for me.

"Ian, flights for this week are fully-booked. You may go home next week."

Naudlot ang excitement ko. I packed up my things already. Said my goodbyes to the students. Had my farewell speech sa classes ko. And attended farewell parties already.

Another week in this country? Please... time... run fast!

I can't wait to see my family....

Heidee blogs: Learnings

Last night I played badminton with some of my departmentmates. We went there after work, and it was fun, as badminton is wont to be. Robert, one of the guys who is a really good player, spiced it up when he made us laugh by trying to hit the shuttlecock with his racket upside down, then later by grabbing the handle with both hands and holding the racket out straight infront of his face. Rhea, who was on his side, complained that she didn't want to be his teammate next time because he was a bad player. Melai and I just laughed and yelled out loud each time we scored. After a hot shower, it was time to go home. I would've hit the gym after, but it was kind of late, so I just plunked down infront of the TV at home. But since PBB is over, there's nothing to look forward to anymore.

I was about to jump into bed when I came across an old photo of me. Seeing it made me feel somewhat depressed, because it was a photo of me in my College days. I was wearing a denim dress and striking a funny pose in our yearbook room. But what caught my eye most was that I was way thinner in this pic. Sigh! How I wish I could go back to my College weight! But during the past months I have grown bigger and bigger. Just then Neil TG texted asking me what's up. So I told him about "Bunny" texting again and me ignoring it as usual, and about my complaints about my weight.
His advice? Southbeach diet. Apparently it worked for him. So I said I'll try it again. And I'm proud to say I have succesfully scrapped carbs off my diet today. What's weird is, I'm not hungry at all, even though it's late in the afternoon and I haven't eaten rice. Oh, I so hope I lose weight. Even though plenty of people have said I don't look good thin. Here I am at my thinnest. You be the judge.

Neil is actually a Godsend to me. Many times I've searched for textmates to while away my boredom when I'm not busy. But even though I have found some textmates in the past, in the end I would find something wrong with them and eventually lose interest in texting. But Neil is different. First of all our relationship is purely platonic, unlike previous texters who have some sort of romantic notions. And he isn't makulit; he doesn't go crazy when I don't text back immediately and assume that I'm mad at him and neither does he demand an answer to every text he sends. But he responds to my texts, no matter how much time had lapsed already. I can talk to him about my day and it's actually refreshing to talk to someone who doesn't know me too well, because his advice on certain topics are not biased. Eversince he became my textmate, I have stopped yearning to find a relationship. I suppose one of the reasons why I missed having a boyfriend is having someone to report my day to. Of course there are other things, but I can make do without them. This is why now I am a true believer that if you search for something, you won't find it. But if you're not looking anymore, it will find its way to you. That's why I'm grateful to PBBFG because it paved the way for me to meet Neil. That's why when I got evicted immediately, I said I didn't care, because I had already gotten from it exactly what I wanted to. I gained a friend, and to me, that is more than enough.

And yet here I am again being given a second chance. And in my second entry I found another friend. Though I have talked to everyone already unlike the first time around, my favorite VH would have to be Maristel. She and I have found so much in common. And just this afternoon we realized that in the first eviction, we had each voted out the other! Of course, no hard feelings there. We just laughed when we realized that. We hadn't talked to each other before, so there. Also, thanks to another VH, Marge, I discovered a site where I can upload MP3s and can embed them. I sure am learning a lot from my VHs. I hope there's more where that came from!

Ian blogs: Yes, I'm 20.

Lesson: "Its nice to lie sometimes."

April 2005 (First day to teach)

"Teacher, how old are you?", tanong ng 19-year-old high school students ko.
"What do you think?"
"25, 26, 27!"
"Juice ko, ganon ba ako katanda tingnan?"
"Im ... secret years old".

YES! Ang pangit ko.... before (angal?), ngayon slight nalang. I got this "scrub" (totally pinoy style) haircut, "Wowie" hairstyle, designed with hard gel, no make-up, maitim, and bungisngis. Basta!


APRIL 2006 (Last days ko sa class)
"Teacher, how old are you?", same students asked me.
"What do you think?", I replied.
"20? 19? ..... 18?"

Flattered si teacher (hehehe).

I'm 20, I was 19 when you first saw me.", revelation ko.
"What", yeah students were gulat.
"Teacher, maybe because you look like Korean now, you followed Korean fashion, Korean hairstyle, that's why you look far more younger than before." ,sabi ng isa sa mga students ko.

Kaya pala ugaling Korean narin ako?
"You were earth before, now heaven, if we talk about your hairstyle." sabi ng hairstylist kong high school student.
"...and you also wear make-up now.", dugtong pa ng isa.

When you are in Korea, expect that people will ask for your age. If that happens, simply means they are very much willing to get to know you more.

Yes, I'm 20. I'm not that old. And I got the confidence na sabihin yan.


To Ate Kath...

I tried and still trying my best na macompleto ung special task na bigay sakin ni kuya. Para sating dalawa rin kasi yun eh. Pero since yesterday, naulanan ako ng appointments. Maamang di ako masyado makapagOL na . until Monday pa siguro, but I'll be fine naman kasi i'll make it sure na machecheck ko ang bahay once in a while.

Paais na kasi ako so dami ko pa imemeet na people --- parents ng students, friends, co-teachers, "speacial people"..... hehehe....

So ayun po kuya... at least naman, nakalikom ako ng mga 10 new countries na makapasok sa bahay natin. Mahirap ung task, pero hindi ibig sabihin nun na i gave up.

Te kath, sensya na po talaga, nabalitaan ko na rewarded ka ng 5 points for fooling us last week so bawi narin.

Alive and kicking...

Ian has to invite visitors from 13 new countries.

Immunity Challenge Update: 7 VHs have submitted their answers

Nomination Update: 4 out of the 8 VHs has voted

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

~ wHaT cOuLd tHeRe Be? ~

What could there be in love that there couldn't be in a thousand sunsets?
What could there be in truth that could not be in lies?
What could there be in spring that could not be in winter?
What could there be in you that could not be in another?
If I asked you these questions would there be an answer?
I've asked myself a thousand times before,
What could there be in your reply that I can find in no other?
Is this some kind of spell?
Is there some kind of exhilaration more profound than this?
The kind pent-up desires feel like the sweltering summer heat.
This pleasure-pain is really new to me
But I'd like to feel it again and again and again.
The surreptitious gazes of those around me
Only add up to the naked longing I have for you.
What could there be in this
That I'd go through it all over again?
It's just the mere thought of missing someone and asking what might have been...
They say there's no such thing as forever - but I say this place is forever, and memories once been built here will always be an ember that will glow in my heart & mind forever...

2nd re-nomination Update: 3 out of 6 VHs has voted

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

5th Nomination for eviction starts tomorrow

Each Virtual Housemate is given 3 - point votes: 2 - point "to evict" vote to evict a VH, and 1 - point "to save" vote to save a VH. The total of 2 - point "to evict" votes and penalty points received by a VH shall be subtracted by the accumulated 1 - point "to save" votes and reward points he/she received. No VH can vote for him/herself. VHs cannot assign his/her 3 - point votes to one VH. The VH with the highest points shall be evicted.

VHs must submit their ballots with explanations why they voted against and for those particular VHs. A unique codename is required. Nomination runs from 12:01 AM Wednesday until 11:59 PM Saturday. VHs who failed to nominate before the deadline shall automatically receive +5 evicting points from BB Kuya.

Immunity Challenge ends on Saturday, 11:59PM. Winner of the Immunity Challenge shall be announced after the Nomination. All votes cast against and for the Immuned VH shall be considered void.

Results of the nomination shall be announced Sunday night, the Eviction night.

Ian blogs: Lasing (ulit?) Part 2/2

Lesson: "Walang mang uuto, pag alang magpapauto."

"Ian!", sigaw ni Jay galing sa kotse nya. Bago na naman kotse ng loko, last week lang eh iba yung gamit nya.
Me: "I told you not to smoke if we're together."

Happy-go-lucky to the max ang korean friend kong to. Isa to sa pinakaclose ko sa lahat ng foreign friends ko. Give and take kami lagi. Libre nya ako kahit san, ako naman personal tutor nya sa English.

Saturday night, 10 PM. --- Niyaya ko syang kumain bago pa man nya pinaandar ang kotse.
Jay: "No Ian, I'm full. I wanna drink!"
Loko tong isang to, lalasingin na naman ako nito!
Jay: "Okay, I will drink, you will eat. Okay?"

Kabisado nya syempre ang city, so pumunta kami sa Texas Youth Bar.

Sabi ko nga before, I gained confidence here in Korea kasi malaki mata ko, so impress na impress mga Koreano sakin. Papgpasok namin sa bar, tinginan lahat sakin, then smile. Ninanam ko nalang ang moment, feeler kasi, so todo "hello" "hi" ako sa mga fans. Haha.

Pwesto kami ni Jay sa may bandang sulok. I ordered Chicken Barbeque and Orange Juice. "Soju" naman order ni Jay (popular Korean hard liquor).

Maglalasing na naman tong isang to.

Sarap na sarap ako sa kain ko. I know na yun na ang last meeting namin kasi uwi na akong Pinas very soon!

Jay: "Ian, one shot."
Me: "What a..!?!?"
Jay: "For our friendship...."

Dami naman kaOAhan nito, talagang may seal pa yung friendship namin dinaan pa sa one-shot!

Nakita ko sa movie na "Coyote Ugly" ang dapat gawin sa sitwasyong yan. Nag "one-shot" ako kunyari, then kunyari inom ako ng tubig. Yun pala, nilagay ko lang yung liquor sa bibig ko then nilipat ko sa kabilang glass of water. Naparami ang one-shot namin, ganon pa rin ginawa ko. Lasing na sya... ako buhay pa. Hahaha!

Jay: "Chinggu (Korean for "friend"), let's go dance!"

Naku pano to, I know how to dance, pero sa Tinikling lang ako magaling eh, haha. Ewan, haven't tried it yet eh.

Lasing na si Jay so bihla nya kong hinablot at lumabas kami, called a taxi and dumiretsong... "Arabian Nights."

Kinabahan ako nung una sa maaaring mangyari sakin... first time eh.

Pagpasok sa bar... ang laki ng bar sobra.. mas malaki pa sa combination ng dalawang gym. Professional ang mga staffs, pati mga customers ok naman. Then may malaking stage sa harapan, at malawak na dance floor.

Order si Jay ng ... 10 bottles of beer.

Naku, loko tong isang to. Kala nya maiisahan nya ako ulit!

Nung time na comfortable nako.... niyaya ko syang pumunta sa dance floor. Dagsaan ang mga tao dun, so sayaw sayaw ako konte, grabe, nanibago ako. Sumasayaw ako dati, mag-isa, sa kwarto ko. Pero naeenjoy ko talga sobra.

Inom...sayaw...inom..sayaw.... Si Jay... lalong naging lasing... Ako? Ok na ok! Hahaha!

Paubos na ang beer, order ulit si Jay ng isang bottle of whisky. Inamoy ko yun... naku ang baho parang amoy ipis na ewan. Ganong technique parin ginawa ko.... magdamag kami dun. May mga tinable ng babae samin.. pero tawa kami ng tawa ni Jay, sabi namin... "ugly." Deadma lang namin yung girls so kusa rin silang umaalis.

5AM. Si Jay bagsak na. Ako buhay na buhay! First time kong makasama ang isang lasing na lasing so todo kapit sya sakin pagbaba sa stairs. Ang bigat, pero enjoy naman ako sa kapit nya. Hehehe. We took a taxi pabalik sa kung san nya pinark kotse nya, it was 6 AM.

We decided na dun na matulog sa kotse nya, ako sa backseat... when..... Kreoooookkkkkkk,................... (nature calls).Di nako nagpaalam pa sa kanya, bigla akong sumakay ng taxi papuntang Banwoldang diretso sa CR.

I will miss my Korean bestfriend alot. Last meeting na namin yun eh...malamang.

Heidee blogs: Gym Addict

Tonight has been the most fun I've ever had in yoga class. Perhaps because it's the most people-interaction I've experienced so far. Our instructor Winnie made us do the tripod pose -- the pose preparatory to doing the headstand. Wow. It was no easy task, I tell you, and as I positioned on my mat with my head down, struggling to lift my legs off the undersides of my arms, one of the more experienced students, a guy whose name I don't know but whose face I am very familiar with, offered to help me out. He taught me where to put my hands (they have to be farther away from my head) and guided me on how to walk my feet towards my arms, rest my knees against the undersides of my arms then lift both legs up. I did it...just barely. I'm still a bit scared. Maybe next time. He and two other guys were successfully able to do headstands, though.

Then Winnie also taught us to do a "half handstand" as she called it. She asked us to face the mirrors, then turn around and lift off on our toes in an inverted V. Then we walked our feet across the mirrors till our legs were perpendicular to the ground before straightening one leg at a time towards the ceiling. I was able to do it, but the girl beside me, who said it was her first time to attend yoga, said her feet kept slipping off the mirror. I said she'd get better at it, because I myself could hardly do anything the first time I tried yoga. And while I was still no expert now, I can tell that I've improved somewhat.

Last week I was in the gym six days out of seven. I also loved the pilates class I attended last Thursday which I think was effective because my abs really hurt the next day -- an indication that they worked. Also fun was the body combat class on Saturday which I attended with Maya, even though my Xi Men-lookalike crush did not show up. Oh well. At least I saw him tonight, though it was just a fleeting glimpse as we crossed each other on the stairs.

I so hope I can still find the motivation to keep on going to the gym. Though it's too late to lose enough weight for our Puerto Galera outing this weekend, Boracay is three whole months away. As my gym slogan goes, Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going!

Immunity Challenge

Identify which (in-house or former) VHs are being described by the clues. First VH to send in the PERFECT answer wins immunity. VH/s with lowest score get/s penalty points. Deadline is on Saturday, 11:59PM. Result will be announced after the Nomination.

VH # 1. [has 600+ DVD collections] [loves Coke (soda)] [definitely loves the beach] [once played strip billiards] [Chocoholic]

VH # 2. [uses Happy toothpaste (for kids)] [looks like a character in Harry Potter according to 6 people] [can sing “The Lord’s Prayer” in Chinese] [once dated one of his/her patients] [loves Italian, Chinese, and Japanese foods]

VH # 3. [idolize Geoff Eigenmann] [the eldest child] [doesn't eat shrimp] [loves McDonald's] [dances very well]

VH # 4. [auditioned in "ang tv" but didn’t make it] [can last not eating for as long as 12 hours straight] [get to be a team leader almost all the time in school] [loves coffee] [has never had his/her own room]

VH # 5. [most of his/her friend are gay] [used to be a soccer player] [drinks hard] [one way to release his/her stress is watering the plants] [has attended 6 schools since elementary]

VH # 6. [craves for burger and fries] [covers the mirror and close the door of the restroom in his/her bedroom] [before I go to sleep] [rushed to an emergency hospotal after eating squid] [hates his/her skin tone] [wants to be taller]

VH # 7. [loves OPM acoustics] [always eat fish for lunch] [addicted to tomato ketchup] [won 2nd place in a cookfest] [nearly drowned 3 times]

VH # 8. [has 50 pairs of shoes and bags] [can't sleep without drinking a glass of Milo] [2nd cousin of Tata Young] [loves anime’] [loves to dance and really good at it]

VH # 9. [composed a poem for late Rico Yan which was showed on national television] [speaks speak Spanish, Korean, Bahasa Malay, Bahasa Indonesia and some Hindi] [has never had a special someone] [loves pink and dark green] [has one dead toe nail]

VH # 10. [loves drink iced tea and green tea] [Spice Girls fanatic] [has not finished reading the book "The Purpose Driven Life"] [an internet addict] [will never watch a Harry Potter movie because he/she's not really a big fan]

2 Days, 3 Nights Vacation to Las Vegas

Dapat last, last week ko pa 2 ginawa. But due to computer problems, busy schedule, and a very drained mind hindi ko least ngaun magagawa ko na/ginagawa ko na.So here it is my trip.... first trip to Las Vegas.

We arrive in Las Vegas at around 2am and still that place is still so much alive.... Marami pang ilaw..maraming tao, maraming kotse and all, not actually all, but majority of the stores are still open.. parang hindi madaling araw, parang wala silang pagod. First binisita nmin ung pinsan ko na dun kuya tan-tan, he is the oldest teenagers from us Suarez' and he is now very successful. He has a very nice job, he rents his own 2 rooms and he can buy all the things he short he is independent, that's what I want to be.Then after that, since buhay pa ang Las Vegas, we decided na pumasyal muna, We went to hotels like: Wynn Hotel, Venetian Hotel, Mirage, etc. puro casino at puro tao na nagsusugal, mausok,amoy cigarette sa loob ng hotel (hehehe puro ba negative), But all of the hotels were good, maganda tingnan,and the lights are really , really worth your while. Even if i'm exhausted due to the trip papunta dun ,the view made me feel tranquil. We stayed sa Crcus Circus one of the beautiful hotels and dun ako nakakita ng internet but kelangan meron ka credit card to use it.

The next day we went to an open mall at dahil open yun walang bubong at ang lamig lamig. I wore a long sleeve, a jacket , and a silly-looking scarf to keep me warm.Wala ako nabili kundi isang M&M's peanut that cost me $1.00 nagugutom kasi ako. After the malling sa open mall na sobrang lamig cyempre pasyal uli kami.Ngaun mas ok ang pinasyalan namin and I really enjoyed it.Dba bumili ako ng M&M's knina dun sa mall? Ngaun nmn we went to the factory na gumagawa ng M&M's YEHEY!!! paborito ko yun at dun napakaraming M&M's at talagang hindi ka magugutom hehehehe... So yun busog ako dahil sa M&M's (^-^) then cyempre 2log ulit kami getting ready to go home the next day... oo nga pala pasencya sa camera sa cellphone ko lng yan nung ayos pa :( ngaun sira:(

Last day na namin and ayw ko pang umuwi. gusto kong bumalik the week after that kasi may concert si Ruben Studdard at Kimberly Caldwell pero un hindi ako nakanuod sa Aladdin Hotel un :( Ngaung last day na namin sa mall lng kami pumunta ang tawag "The Fashion Show Mall" obvious nmn sa pangalan meron ngang Fashion show sa loob ng mall at puro models pa ang nndun. Pwede k lng pumasok dun pag mukha kang model and guess what? pinapasok nila ako... hehehe (^-^).... kumain din kami sa eat-all0you-can na Chinese food then yun 7pm handa na kami to go home... On our way home may nakita akong restaurant "Sonic" where Kellie Pickler is working not exactly in that place but the same "Sonic" she used to work befor American Idol...wla lng... then un nakarating n kmi sa bahay 11:30pm then i was ready & excited to go to school the next day (^-^)

Paolo gets penalty points!

Paolo received +5 penalty points for addressing former VHs namely Dylan, Jen-Jen, Remcyl, Rhea and Rowen.

In the ShoutBox:
Paolo Miguel: adrian loko ka ah... nakisali ba sa April Fools heheh (^-^)
Paolo Miguel: bro dylan... miss n kita hehehhe online k nmn (^-^)
Paolo Miguel: heidz... lagi mo ko dedma ­ pansinin mo nmn ako ­
­Paolo Miguel: kuya ian! miss n din kita... ano ngyari sa pag uwi mo sa pilipinas? (^-^)
Paolo Miguel: ate janette hehhe..musta n ung sweldo mo ­
Paolo Miguel: monthly report pla ate janette ­
Paolo Miguel: ate jenjen... miss n miss n kita w8 kita magonline halabshu!!! (^-^)
Paolo Miguel: idol!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAA kaiyak ung ginawa mo ah... hehehe... wala man lang ako nasabi nung ginawa mo ung april fool thing n un..sira laptop ko ingatzzz miss u!!! ­
Paolo Miguel: marge...astig ung Bora Adventure mo... patingin nmn nung pic n nka-two piece ka... hehehe... joke!! (^-^)
Paolo Miguel: atemats!!! online k nmn... miss n kita!!! salamat sa mga txts mu halabshu!!!
Paolo Miguel: remcyl!!!! ABA hindi na nagoonline!!! miss n kita..wala ng nag bubulaga saakin...­
Paolo Miguel: ate rhea musta n ang pag-aaral mo... miss n kita... bakasyon nyo n b!!!?? gudluck sau!!!
Paolo Miguel: rowen... bakasyon mo nb? sorry ndi kita napansin nung gumagawa ako ng homework... nxt time help me ok??? thanks!!! ingatz­ (^-^)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Finally, Adrian blogs:
1st day of summer school

Current mood: tired

Hay, school again. At last may magagawa na ako ulit Ive been such a log the past two weeks. But then it wasnt really a smooth day for me. 1st, I still had my hangover from yesterdays inuman from 1 in the afternoon to 12 midnight because it was my friends grad party. Although I woke up at 7:16, I managed to be punctual in my 8:00 class (a gud way to start the semester.). But then I had problems with my study load kasi na coconflict ang dalawang subjects ko. So balik na naman ako sa linya sa registrars office, tapos sa nursing department, tapos nag hintay pa ako sa dean para may pasignan, tapos, punta pa sa computer lab para pa validate at maraming marami pang procedures dahil lang sa katangahan ng nag load ng subjects ko. Hindi na nga ako nakaattend ng iba kong classes dahil sa nangyari. So in the end, hindi pa rin natapos at kailangan ko pang tapusin bukas upang makapasok na ako sa klase ko. On the brighter side of my day, dun nanaman kami ng bestfriand kong c Cliff naglunch sa Kananan ni Kuya J. Its our favorite kainan. Tapos ganda ng feeling kainina kasi I had a memorable story to tell from yesterday Then after classes, uwi agad coz I thought na manonood kami ng Ice Age 2 today with my family pero sa thursday na lang daw. Anyways, nakita ko na naman yun pag Saturday (hindi ko lang sinabi sa kanila.) Well, thats today!

Flashback: Weekend

Yesterday, my friend invited me to his graduation party. I had lunch at their place and after that, Inuman na. By 3:00 nagkaclose na kami ng bandmates nya whom I just met and ininvite nla ako sa jamming session nla. By 3:30, nasa jamming studio na kami nagiinuman pa rin plus much better pa kasi humabol saamin dun ang mga chiks na inimbita rin ng friend ko doon. Although hindi ko tirada yung mga kanta nila, nagbabackup vocals na lang ako sa mga kantang familiar sakin tulad ng Narda, at Letters to You. Then while they were playing and I was drinking, this one girl was flirting with me, so nangyari nang kailangan mangyari. After that, balik na naman ako sa bahay ng friend ko at tinapos naming ang inuman doon. Actually, hindi naman ako ganun ka grabe uminom, pag may special occasions lang talaga. I went home twelve. At least nakagimik pa ako before nagstart ang classes.

Marge' sUmMeR bEaCh CaPiTaL... EsCaPaDe!

03.24.06 (Friday) Sobrang exicted na sumakay ng barko para pumunta Boracay! Negros Navigation lang ang may trip papunta Caticlan. 2nd time ko na palang sumakay ng barko akalain mo. Una sa Cebu. 3pm palang andun na kami sa Pier. Supposed to be 5:30 ung departure pero na delay ng sobra yung alis kaya 9pm na. Nakakainis pero ok lng! Dami k0 naman na meet na cool people. As in. Yung pic dyan kinabukasan ng umaga sa Caticlan. Ate Mats 1st time ever kong nakausap nung asa taci na kami. Nambola pa yun! :) Ate Jen Katxt k0. That time nag quit cla ni rems nun. :) uhmm anu pba.. ahhh Yung speedboat dyan itatawid kami sa Jety Port. :) Kagigising ko lang nyan kaya medyo bangag pa k0 that time. Kitams naman may hawak pang suklay. :) Sobrang sarap nung fo0d tp0s ganda pa ng room. Too bad walang cable kya DVD lng ang meron. :) ok narin un at least masaya.

03.25.06 (Saturday) Andyan ako sa Mini Boat! Patawid na po ng Boracay! Dami sumalubong saaming mga Porter.. English-en b naman ak0. Kala Korean kami. Eh di kinausap k0 rin ng english. Kalsada palang may white sand na! Grabe This is getting really exciting! Excited na k0 tumawid ng bora. Bumili si tito ng ticket. Check out na! Tap0s yey! sakay sa moni boat! Grabe lakas ng alon. feel ko i'm riding Disney land's roller coaster. "Waaaa!" sabay kapit sa gilid. Kinakabahan. After 20 mins. God Grabe! Station 3 palang mapapa "WOW!" ka! heheh... hala.. inunahan k0 na sila bumaba. Walang sabi sabi hinila ko si tito papunta ng Beach Resort na tutuluyan namin. haha! pag dating dun sabay palit ng beach attire. Hala! Naglakad ba naman kami simula Station 3-1.. Halos 3 KM din ang haba nun.. Anyweiz 'nj0y nmn kc nag karo0n ak0 ng photo shoot... hhahaha... Swimming grabe! Kaka insecure nga eh. Dami sexy dun e ako indi.. Anyway may nakita rin naman ako na di gaano kaganda katawan. Sige Two-Piece Suit ang labanan ngaun.. haha! (Di ko na lalagay yung pic.. Nakakahiya p0 eh) Mga katabi kong nag swiswim koreano tska foreigners... hehe! tap0s nung gabi.. Night Market trip namin! Bili ng kung an0 an0! pasalubong and stuff.. (kararating lang eh n0?) tp0s night life na! yey! Yun naman ang ipinunta k0 dun eh. Sayawan ang everything. Red Coconut Bar! May na meet ako ng Fil-Am si Justine. As in naging dance partner k0 dun. Bigla tugtog ng Satisfaction. Sige hataw na ng mga Techno/Trance moves... :D 1am na ata ak0 nakabalik sa resort nun.. haha! Gimikera talaga! hehe!

Ayan! Napaka VAIN talaga sa pic! Around 5-6 pm na p0 ata yan eh.. La na masyado araw. Infareness di pa ko ready nyan :) hahah! Kala m0 ung outfit ko pupunta kung saan eh n0? Naka Razor Back tp0s Sarong Skirt with those Sunglasses Flip Flops and Shoulder Bag! :D

03.26.06 (Sunday) 7am nang gigising na si Tito... Jogging daw kami.. Ayoko nga! :) tap0s attend dw kmi ng Sunday Service sa Faith.. O dba ang bait. :)) Nag padala nalang ak0 ng English Breakfast sa Room. Hmmm.. Sarap. Toasted Bread, Mango Juice, Ham, Egg, French Fries (ang labo eh no?), tska ung favorite k0... A slice of BLACK FOREST yeah! :) Dun nag start yung day k0.. Sobrang sarap ng breakfast. Ayun pagtap0s.. Attend ng sunday service.. hayz... 2 hours din.. kaya hala ginutom nanaman ak0. After nun Lunch naman sa Mongolian Resto.. haha! Eat all you can mongolian bowl. hmm.. Lamon na to indi kain! :) Shopping ulit! :) Mga bandang hapon. Naghanap ak0 ng something cold na pagkain. Wala namang halo halo! grr... hehe nagtan0ng kami san ba may Fruitshake Place dito.. Sabi dun sa Jonah's sakay ng Trike... Grabe! Station 1 pa... pag dating dun Ihaw Ihaw Trip muna! hehe... tp0s pasok na sa jonah's grabe kakagulat! daming klase ng shake.. 50 kinds... simula sa mango avocado, choco banana peanut, orange peach mango, mango milk, milk and honey... grabe konti payan! 60-80p lang nmn kya sobrang reasonable tp0s sarap pa marami pa! npka laking bas0 b nmn ang gamitin eh.. :) hala! umabot na kami ng 6pm yet d p kami nakakapagswim.. Kaya nag punta kami ng dulo... Dami hotel.. Si tito nag swimming kahit gabi na.. Ak0 ayun.. mp3 ang inatupag habang nag s-star gazing! Grabe! Ang sarap ng Air tp0s ung sand malamig. hehe! la yun tp0s balik nanaman kami sa dapat balikan.. haha sobrang love na love ko ung araw na yun... :))

03.27.06 (Monday) Morning na Morning! Nag mall ang loka! pero akalain m0 may mall pla sa BORA! D*Mall ang name! as in grabe super class! Daig pa Eastwood! :) Hayz! Bili lang ng Roxy na surfing shorts tp0s dun sa nothing but water.. Two piece.. :)) hayz! tp0s lib0t... grabe sakit na ng paa k0! natatawa pa k0.. sa isang store dun.. may nakita ak0ng sobrang kamukha ni Rust0m Padilla na Foreigner... Aba! dapat magpapapic ak0... haha pra kunwari si Rus nsa Bora! :)) nu pa ba ginawa k0 nun.. limot k0 na sobra! ahh... nag pa Thai Massage kami ni Tito sa Thai Spa Center... Grabe! 40$ lahat lahat! huhuhu sayang pera.. hehe :) hayz... inaantok na k0 sa pag tytype dito.. 12:57am na! lagot naman ak0 pag d ak0 natap0s.. may penalty nanaman ak0.. :) Anyway sumakay din ak0 sa Ferris Wheel dun sa may mall... heheh Open Air naman kasi eh! sarap.. para ak0ng bata.. tawa ng tawa ung Tito k0 habang nakasakay ak0.. Though it was fun.. Bringing back my childh0od days.. :)) ang senti eh n0.. :D Ang labo ng Pic sorry kasi di nya nilagyan ng Flash! :)

03.28.06 (Tuesday) Hay! This is the last day of my BORA days! Tomorrow i'll be going to Kalibo, Aklan to be ready for my flight this coming thursday. Though it was sad pero all things always comes to an end.. :( How Sad! WAAA! Hanggang 3mb nalang pala pwde k0ng lagay na pics d2... kakainis! :(( Well masaya naman as in! inaantok na k0 waa. :((

03.29.06 (Wednesday)
* Pajero to Kalibo Aklan
* Check-In at Queen's Inn
* Ate Chicken Inasal for Dinner
* Watched PBB 24/7 NON STOP!

03.30.06 (Thursday)
* 10:35 Flight (Cebu Pacific)
* Kalibo Aklan Airport
* Arrival Time 11:20
* It's raining when we got here
* Big Hugs and Smoochies from the House People
* Gave Pasalubong to Everybody

For More Pics of me! haha sorry 3mb lang ang capacity ng ***** na XANGA na ito go to my friendster or multiply..

hehe! I had Fun! This is me Signing Off! :)

Girl talk!

Heidee and Maristel discovered connections during their afternoon chit-chat in the "female bedroom" of PBBFG Board talking girl stuffs.

"Anong top 3 beauty products nyo and why?" Heidee asked.

Maristel: Wow! top3 bauty products? yung papaya soap ko... the best yun! tapos, eskinol dermaclear-c... kpag aalis nman, ung bodyshop lip & cheek tint... pwede pba hirit ng isa pa?

Heidee: Sasagutin ko sarili kong question- St. ives apricot scrub - effective sya sa pampakinis ng face! as in tinatanggal nya ang dead skin cells sa surface, even erases pimple scars. ever since i used it, daming nagcomment sa ginanda ng skin ko. kaya until now gamit ko pa din. and sa dami ng taong nagtatanong sakin bakit ang kinis ng skin ko, ito lang sinasagot ko. - Bodyshop lip & cheek stain- ginagamit ko as blush on. maganda sya kasi kahit na morning ko iapply rosy cheeks parin ako until gabi. at mukhang natural ang pagkarosy ng cheeks unlike if powder blush on ang ginamit. may kamahalan nga lang, though. pero minsan pag may sale naman buy one take one sya. abangan na lang yun. - Max factor lipfinity lipstick - it doesn't smudge off! kahit kumain at magtoothbrush ako, di parin nawawala unless tanggalin ko using makeup remover. ideal sya para sa mga tamad magretouch like me. sa umaga ko lang sya iapply tapos all day na akong nakalipstick!

Maristel: At aba! heidz! pareho tayo! i also use st.ives apricot scrub... after washing my face with my papaya soap... super love ko din yung body shop na lip & cheek tint ko ung #1... and hinding hindi mawawala sa bag ko yung max factor na lipfinity...come to think of it, pareho pala tayo ng ginagamit...

Qualities of an ideal man became the next topic of the two.

Maristel: IDEAL GUY? ewan ko... basta yung mamahalin ako... ung mei sense of humor... ung mei sense of responsibility... ung nagbibigay ng importansya and time... pro, right now, whatever comes along... basta yung mkaramdam ako ng spark... yung mei magic... yun na yun!

Heidee: Like u said, responsible. and dapat super comfy ako with him, so major turn off sakin ang guy na sobrang mabilis. pero of course, bale wala naman lahat ng yan pag wala ang spark.

Maristel: Wow naman! we have a lotta things in common talaga... bka naging over pihikan k na lang... pro, why not try it db? who knows? am sure, madami ang nagkakagusto syo kea lang cguro based on ur last relationship na trauma ka nga din plus prang pihikan ka na ngayon... u know nman tyong mga girls - fragile... lahat na kc ng mga guys ngayon - players! ako ilang beses na din naloko - ako pa naman yung tipo na, ayaw ko ng may kahati - gusto ko kung ako lang, ako lang, walang iba... natrauma din ako sa last na karelationship ko kaya naman nakakagalit... 4 kmai na sabay sabay niyang gf! grRrRrR!!! and minsan naisip ko, i should give him a dose of his own medicine...

Heidee: well hindi naman siguro lahat. in fairness to my ex d nya kami sinabay. pero sabi nya nung nakipagbreak sya, "i'm not yet ready for a relationship." tapos one week later marami nang nakakita sa kanya na nakapulupot sa ibang girl. shucks! and to think bespren pa naman turing ko sa kanya tapos ganon! nway i'm over him na. it took a long time, though.for now mas allergic ako sa guys na isa lang ang habol sa babae. as in kadiri tlga mga ganong guys!

Maristel: Some guys talaga...kung magpalit ng gf as if they're just changing their underwears! thick face ever... dpat lang... u shud be over him talaga... madami pa jan, greater than him... God always has this good purpose for us kung bkit mei mga ganung situations sa life natin...ako minsan, prang afraid nko for a new relationship... my dad kc is a womanizer... tlgang nagbibilang... not through pa sa current karelationship nia, meron na agd kpalit... am afraid na gwin din skn ng mga guys gnagawa niya sa mga hu knows db?

More of Heidee and Maristel's girl talk in the female bedroom.

Heidee blogs: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Before heading for the gym I stopped by at home because stupid Dory me (read: forgetful) had forgotten to bring jogging pants. Right after I got home, my housemate Reggie arrived with his girlfriend Diane. They turned on the TV and while I was rinsing my hands in the kitchen I heard the GMA news guy talking about Romi Garduce, one of the guys who is bent on being one of the first Filipinos to climb Mt. Everest. Upon hearing his name I ran to the sala, exclaiming to Diane, "That's my officemate!" And indeed he is. He's actually the boss of Arni, one of my kaberks in the office. He's on leave for three months, and since he and Arni are the only ones on their team, she got stuck with all the work. Poor Arni. But at least she gets to be the wind beneath the wings of someone who is bound to make the nation proud.

I myself am damn scared of heights and would probably never get at the foothills of, much less get to the peak of Mt. Everest, but I do understand the thrill that comes with scaling a mountain, because this scaredy cat dared to face her fears and climbed a mountain a year ago. Though it was a much much smaller mountain compared to Mt. Everest, the elation that came from climbing it was nonetheless great. Aww, I miss Mt. Makulot already. I wish I could climb it again.

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