Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 2

Saturday, May 06, 2006

PBBFG1 Big Winner and PBBFG2 ex-VH: Up Close and Personal

In this world of technology, it's now possible to meet people and gain friends without actually "meeting" them the usual way, which is seeing them in person. Hence, in a world where chatmates and textmates abound, it became necessary to coin a term to refer to the moment when these virtual friends would finally meet in the true sense of the word, that is, to see each other eye to eye. Thus, the term "eyeball" (short term: eb) was born.

Now I'm usually not inclined towards eyeballs. I have had plenty of textmates in the past and whenever they'd ask to meet in person I usually invent some reason for not going. Maybe it's because I've been brought up not to trust strangers. But when Neil, my most recent and constant textmate, said last Wednesday that he was in the metro for a few days and asked if we could hang out Thursday, for some reason I said yes without a second thought. Maybe because somehow, Neil no longer feels like a stranger.

We first met, virtually, through pinoy big brother fantasy game. He was the season 1 big winner, I was going to be the season 2 first evictee. He started the ball rolling when he messaged me good luck on friendster, and mentioned something to catch my attention -- Alavar's sauce, which is a specialty from my hometown. I replied with a lengthy message, and vice versa, several times. Then a week or so later, he texted me. That first night we exchanged around 30 messages, the most messages I had ever texted anyone lately. And we have been constant texters eversince.

The next stage in our friendship happened on Wednesday night as well, when he called me, and we heard each other's voices, for the first time. We both remarked that our voices were not what we had been imagining, then went on to chat for about an hour, agreeing where to meet the next day. We also discovered that our birthdays were opposites - his is July 9, and I, September 7. 7/9 and 9/7. Cool! He said this must be why we're like carrots and peas. He insisted on being the carrot.

The next day I wore walking shoes in lieu of my usual sandals, even though they are frowned upon in the office. All because Neil said he was gonna tour me through UP Diliman, where he was staying for a competition relating to Biology or Chemistry or both. Don't ask please! Kurso palang ni Neil dumudugo na ang ilong ko. He was acting as an adviser for a student, he having just graduated from his masterals in UP Los Baños last month. Anyway, we met in Powerbooks Greenbelt, where he was going to pick me up so we could go to UPD. I've been there only once or maybe twice before, so I'm not really familiar with the place. We rode the MRT to Quezon Avenue station, then rode a jeep to UPD. It was dark, so there really wasn't much to see, but Neil did his best by pointing out important buildings and stuff (like sunflowers) and explaining their names and history. Wow. I got myself a tour guide!

We had dinner in Chateau Verde, a cozy place with sort of a fine dining setup which is located within the school campus. We had some shrimp mango salad, chicken anne (which is like chicken cordon bleau) and pork ribs. Neil, who is a foodie and quite a cook himself, apparently likes to review food, so he had us both giving our opinion of the food. We agreed that though the food was delicious, it wasn't so extraordinary that we would go out of our way just to taste it again. Then he asked if I like desserts, and when I said yes, he proposed that we take a fried ice cream here, then transfer to another place inside the campus for another dessert. Ooookay. Let's try. So we shared one fried ice cream. Yes, a pretty unusual dessert. It's real ice cream coated in batter then fried. No, the ice cream is not melted, and the batter is crisp and warm as well. Neil liked the combined taste of the ice cream, batter and caramel.

We left the place, tummies bulging, and rode a jeep to the next one. UPD is so huge that my own school is probably just a tenth of it. The next stop was Chocolate Kiss Cafe. It had a very cozy atmosphere, complete with red and black theme. We sat at a table right next to the organ and violin duo. Unfortunately they were about to close, and the waiter told us there were a few desserts left. We settled for a slice of blueberry cheesecake. But it was so cute, because it had real blueberries! I've never had some before. I also had a glass of iced tea, which was also so cute because it was served with real calamansi and a tiny jug of syrup on the side. While sipping, I hummed along to the strains of "Phantom of the Opera," which just happens to be one of my favorites. Wow, I love this place! Too bad we could only stay for awhile.

The night wasn't over yet, and we rode another jeep out of the campus, then later a bus to Cubao. We walked to Gateway Mall, which is the newest and most beautiful mall in Cubao (I think). I've been there perhaps only a couple of times before (my balwarte is just Manila and Makati). We walked into the atrium at my insistence. I heard that the atrium alone cost millions already. But it had such pretty palm trees in there and the view of the dome is amazing. I also gushed about the external landscape, like Greenbelt, only this one is outside. Then we went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. My first time, I confessed to him. I'm usually a Starbucks or Seattle's girl. We had slushes and stayed till midnight. From there we both rode taxis (we were both afraid of buses because of their reputation for hold ups) and parted ways. But not for good. We're still in touch, and someday, who knows, we may push through with the plan of backpacking through Luzon! Now that ought to be one heck of an adventure huh?

Adrian answers Random Questions

Current mood: crappy

1. Can you tap dance? - yes... not well tho'.
2. Do you own a pair of see-thru underwear? - no
3. What color is the sky today? - navy blue
4. Do you own a classic brown teddy bear? - yes
5. Is your favorite holiday christmas? - yes
6. Is there a candle by you? - no
7. If you had an iPOD mini, what color would you have? - red
8. What song are you listening to? - still - brian mcknight
9. Is it your favorite song? - nbo
10. How many myspaces have you had? - 1 for me, 1 for my band
11. Have you ever made a friendster survey? - No
12. Are you wearing any jewlery? - no
13. Where does your grandpa live? - 3 blocks from our place
14. Are you an angry drunk? - no, i just sleep
15. Do you prefer pen or pencil? - pen
16. Are you wearing deodorant? - yes 17. Ever been in an earthquake? - yes, nagearthquake kahapon, 8 secs. nasa SM ako
18. Is your birthday this month? - yes! next week!
19. Do guys suck? - Imma guy!!! HELL NO!
20. Are you afraid of the dentist? - no
21. Do you know exactly what car you want? - no
22. Have you ever bought something from ebay? - No
23. Ever seen "boy meets world"? - No
24. Own a locket? - No
25. Do you share a locker? - yes, 4 of us.
26. Ever dissected anything? - frog and cat
27. Ever had a referral? - Yes
28. Still play with legos? - no
29. Do you know when easter is? - yes
31. Last time you wrote a note? - kanina
32. Ever been on a cruise? - No
33. Ever gotten pregnant by someone on a cruise? - me!!! pregnant?
34. Dyed your hair? - nope
35. Like your handwriting? - NO!
36. Do you eat? - duh!
37. Are you wearing lotion? - no. rarely
38. Last time you talked on the phone? - kanina
39. Do you know Victoria's Secret? - where's that?
40. Are you nice? - VERY...
41. Ever been in love? - If i say no, would you believe me?
42. What were you last halloween? - Alfonso
43. Ever met a midget? - yes
44. Ever been to Cuba? - no
45. Ever cut yourself shaving? - yes
46. Ever owned an exotic pet? - yes, bayawak
47. Is it your birthday? - next week pa nga!
48. Is it someone else's birthday? - that's for sure
49. Had a good day? - kinda
50. How long did this take you? - huh? not long...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Heidee voluntarily exits for Kathryn; Kathryn completes BigFour

Heidee wrote BBK in the PBBFG Forum:

hi kuya,

no need na po magvote ung vhs. ako na po ang aalis. kasi po mas deserving naman po si kath na maging part ng big four kaysa sakin. kaya nga sya ang binigyan ko ng to-save point ko sa last voting eh. ;D and like i told neil na rin dati, i don't think ideserve to be in the big four. kaya give way na po ako kay kath. ;D maraming salamat, kuya, dahil binigyan nyo ako ng chance na maging bahagi ng vahay, not just once, but twice. i've learned a lot and i've gained some friends din. kaya super super salamat po sa inyo. hanga ako sa laki ng effort na binubuhos mo dito. ang hirap na nga maging vh, what more maging bbk? kaya i wanna congratulate u, kasi kayo po ang tunay na big winner. ;D

byers! ;D

From the ShoutBox:

kathryn: please don't quit. i'm long been ready to get evicted. there's no need for you to give way pa. please...
kathryn: *i've long been ready to get evicted
kathryn: pao, sorry di na ko nakabalik kanina. chat ulit tayo sa off ko. tomorrow sa marikina ako uwi so di ako makakapag-OL. thanks a lot again.
heidz: kath, it's ok naman e. no hard feelings. it's my turn to go. it was my turn to go a long time ago, and pasalamat na nga ako at bnigyan ako ng extension. but sumobra na ang extension. hanggang dito na lang ako.
heidz: u deserve it naman tlga, eh. sabi ko nga nong nagvote ako, na si adrian vinote ko kase among the four of you, sya ang least deserving masama sa big 4. and then i voted to save u and ironically enough, that vote DID save u.
heidz: it saved u tlga kase if i hadnt voted to save u ikaw na sana ang natanggal. i always believe that everything happens 4 a reason. why of all ppl would i choose to save the one person who would get tied against me for evictee? kc i was meant to save u.

(From PBBFG Forum) Heidee: kath, it's ok naman e. no hard feelings. it's my turn to go. it was my turn to go a long time ago, and pasalamat na nga ako at bnigyan ako ng extension. but sumobra na ang extension. hanggang dito na lang ako. u deserve it naman tlga, eh. sabi ko nga nong nagvote ako, na si adrian vinote ko kase among the four of you, sya ang least deserving masama sa big 4. and then i voted to save u and ironically enough, that vote DID save u. if i hadnt voted to save u ikaw na sana ang natanggal. i always believe that everything happens 4 a reason. why of all ppl would i choose to save the one person who would get tied against me for evictee by my doing so? kc i was meant to save u. realizing this, i decided na ituloy-tuloy na to. kaya i'm volunteering to go out. NO HARD FEELINGS ok. congrats to the big four! ;D

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Face-off: Heidee and Kathryn

Heidee, the Makati-based payment analyst from Zamboanga City and Kathryn, the registered nurse from Marikina City, both 23 years old, will battle for the final BigFour slot.

All first 3 finalists namely Maristel, Adrian and Paolo will choose between the returnee and the penalty queen. Whoever gets the higher vote to stay in the game takes the fourth BigFour slot.

Good luck!

What?!? - Kathryn

BBK, nagkakamali po yata kayo. nag-nominate po ako nung friday. the night before kami umalis papuntang ilocos. i made it a point to nominate kasi nga alam kong may penalty. sure ba kayong wala kayong na-receive?! si heidee ang to-evict ko tapos si adrian ang to-save ko. PICTBRIDGE pa nga 'yung codename ko e. shacks! anu ba yan?! =(

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Maristel blogs: gOt myself a new swim wear...

Wow! For the first time! The blog that I just made was deleted!!! Now, how am I going to start over again... I've been sick for the past few days... Had this major hyperacidity that I really can't take and my doctor advised me to take Prevacid 30mg for 7days... Been through a lot lately....

We've been busy for the past few weeks too. We had 3 big events last Saturday... A convention @ Westin Philippine Plaza who PGMA was the guest speaker. We had a wedding @ Peninsula Hotel... We had a 50th Wedding Anniversary at Oriental Gardens...

Been sick... Recuperate, but still been a SHRINK to a lot of people. There was cousin Bryan who was having problems with his minor wife. His petition papers from the U.S. already arrived and he's scheduled for a medical anytime. He's having problems on how he's gonna convince his wife and his wife's mother to sign as the petitioner for the anullment of their marriage... Also been a shrink to Nadine Bosch, my cousin Archie's girlfriend. They've been having problems lately. I am really willing to give them a helping hand. I don't want their relationship go a stray... Also been a shrink to my cousin Bea who was still in pain with his ex boyfriend AJ... See, eventhough I'm sick, still, I get to help other people... I hope at least by little means I helped them with their probs...

Well I can't wait for our one day vacation at Nasugbu, Batangas. It's all expense by Theresa Linzo. A lesbian friend of my cousin Bane. It's a post celbration of her debut. It's her treat for us. My cousin Bane keeps on teasing Theresa to me.. I dunno why... Pati tuloy yung gilfriend niya, jealous na daw... Anyway, al old friend of mine who happens to be married for two years now, is asking me if he can court me... Wow!!! I don't know what to say! If he isn't married and doesn't have a family, why not? He's sweet and thoughtful... But that's a big problem! See, now I'm telling you... I'm a relationship wrecker!

To Adrian, I remember you once texted me, that you might be the next evictee... Well you're definitely wrong! You made it to the BIG FOUR! I'm happy for you. Anyway, I miss our little chit-chats sa texts... How're you and your SunsHine?

To Paolo, what happened to you... For the past two days, I'm getting online but you're not there... I always buzzed you, pero wala... I know you're so sad with Kellie Pickler being eliminated in American Idol... Wag ka mag alala! You made it naman sa BIG FOUR!!! Anyway, I miss you Pao...

To Kath, I'm so sorry... Alam ko ang dami ko ng atraso sa'yo... Don't worry, when I come back from Batangas, I'll give you the info's

To Heidee, it's been real fun sharing little beauty stuffs with you! Hope to hear from you soon!

To Kath and Heidee... Whoever leaves or stay at the house... I'm happy for you... Kung sino man yung aalis sa vHouse ni Big Bad Kuya... I'll be treasuring a lot of memories forever... Whoever leaves, I never regret given the chance to know you... Whoever stay, I hope we will all stay stronger! Whatever happens, after this season, we will be friends forever!

Anyway, for two consecutive days, I busied myself shopping... Till I saw this beautiful fuschia crocheted two-piece and I can't wait to wear it! As if!!! The guts naman!!!

Anyway I'll keep you posted soon... Miss you all guys!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Heidee blogs: Pain at the Possibility

One of the topics that cropped up when Gay and Maya and I were hanging out in Starmart yesterday dawn was Ronald’s possibility of being seconded to New York for 6 months. If approved, he would be working there for Ernst & Young and would be far away from us for half a year. Gay moaned that she would definitely miss him badly when that happens. We agreed, and then it was as though a dam had broken open.

I said that when Maya told me of her plan to work in Cebu before, that whenever Chu complained about Manila and said he wanted to go back to Zamboanga and when Ronald asked my opinion regarding which US job offer he should accept, I felt a stab in my heart each time. It pained me to think that they would leave. We all admitted that we each thought about the future day when we housemates would have to go our separate ways, and such thoughts evoke a pang of sadness. Aww. When thinking about it makes us this sad, how much more when it actually happens? The picture brings tears to my eyes.

I have grown to love these guys so much. They are my family here in Makati. We have gone closer than we were since we first moved in over a year ago. The clincher moment was when I saw Zenie rub her bare belly infront of Nald, complaining about her bilbils. I told them, “A year ago you would never have been able to do that infront of Nald.” She agreed.

But it’s the fact of life that nothing lasts forever. Goodbyes have to be said and we just have to deal with that. Rather than dread that day’s arrival, I will enjoy and cherish my remaining time with my housemates. For if the person goes, the memories don’t. And it’s the memories that will keep them with me forever, no matter where they are.

Heidee blogs: Mall Rat

Last Friday night I was back at the mall after what must have been a month. My office friend Yen had invited me to watch a movie with her. I passed by the gym first where Maya and I worked our angst off at the treadmills and stair climbers. Then I invited her to the movie with Yen and me. We walked all the way to Greenbelt, bought tickets, and played a bit at Timezone before we met up with Yen and watched the movie “The Wild.” It’s your typical hilarious cartoon with talking animals in it. The digital effects were much more advanced, though. Like 3d. At the opening scene I wanted to hug Ryan the lion cub because he looked so soft and furry, almost real.

The next day I was back at the mall again, with an agenda in mind. Of course, like the typical girl that I am, I got sidetracked and ended up buying 7 pocketbooks on sale in Goodwill Bookstore, at P20.00 each. Since my mom gave away my mini library, I have to start all over again. I was also able to buy my agenda –- Burt’s Bees lip balm from Beauty Bar and Phillips earphones from Abenson. Nivea is making my lips chap that’s why I switched. Burt’s is definitely better.

At night, Gay, Zenie, Zenie’s mom and Zenie’s sister and I went to Dampa. We had buttered shrimps, baked tahong, sinigang na bangus, ensaladang mangga and calamares. Zenie’s mom is pretty cool. We ended up telling her about the interesting tidbits in the house… which housemates used to have crushes on present housemates, which girlfriends of our housemates we like and don’t. In the end she said in her wise motherly way, “I think may magkakatuluyan sa inyo.” Interesting. I wonder who would be the Monica and Chandler of our bunch? You can rule me out as the Monica, because when I told Zen’s mom that I had been single for over four years, she hit the panic button. “You had better find a boyfriend soon or else you’ll get used to the single life and never want to settle down.” Too late, mum! I’m already in that mode! Honestly, I don’t ever wanna hook up with anyone. He’ll just wreck the completed orderliness of my life.

Later that night we were in the sala cursing the damn humidity. Reggie suggested going to Starbucks, but since it was close to 2am already we doubted that it would be open, so we said why not Starmart? Reggie said it was too far away. In the end, like the drawing he always is, he ended up not going with us. Maya, Gay and I left the house with our mp3 players, walkmans and pocketbooks in hand. Once in Starmart we ordered mocha frappes and plunked down on the table near the aircon, reading and listening to our sounds while sipping. Cool bliss. An hour later we started talking, as typical girls are wont to do. We went home past 4am.

The next day, Maya and I hit the SM Megamall with a plan: find an air cooler. We can’t take the heat! But since there was a mallwide sale we got sidetracked once again and ended up buying magazines, knives and a blouse. We left for Robinsons Galleria in the afternoon, where we would also look for an air cooler as well as watch “Basic Instinct 2.” This is the only mall left showing it. There was no air cooler there, but they said they might have one in their main branch in Makati. We got the address, then rested our weary feet in Pancake House, where we also tried their strawberry shakes. It was nothing compared to Baguio’s. Sigh.

At 5pm we went inside the cinema to watch the movie. "Basic Instinct 2" is a sequel which came after fourteen years. The original was so controversial before that we who had not seen it got curious about it and settled for watching the part 2. It was a violent and seductive movie that left us confused in the end. But I guess that was the beauty of it. That and Sharon Stone’s seduction. That woman is so sexy, even at her age. Wow! How I wish I could exude that sultriness. But then again, maybe not. I couldn’t even take the stupid guy who was whistling and yelling “sexy!” when Maya and I were walking towards the bus stop, both of us wearing sleeveless blouses to battle the summer heat. And yet we’re chubby, as Chu is always to quick to remind us. Just wait when we’ve lost our excess fat. We’ll see how you’ll react then. Hehehe.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Adrian blogs: Mid-Term, Proposal Defense, Gig Wahh!!! BZ!

Wow, my sched was full tlga the whole week!!! I had my mid term exam, Nag defense pa kami sa term paper ko, at may gig pa kami pag friday...

Midterm: Ewan If pasado ba ako nun, I really don't care... Basta pinagaralan ko tlga un...

Term Paper: for the whole week, doon ako na2log sa bahay ng groupmate ko sa Thesis which is about the level of awareness and degree of nvolvement on smoking sa Nursing students sa school ko. Tig-3 hours lang 2log namin coz of research...

Gig: naku! may gig pa kami pag friday. Y101 event. at least 4 songs lang perform namin at hindi whole set. Di na nga kami nakapag reherse ng maayos kasi bz kami lahat. At least ok naman ung performance kasi sanay na kami sa 4 songs na un.(Dance intro, free<--alkaline orig, so sick, run it, gyrate/game called flirting/we gonna do this all night<-- alkaline origs) My sunshine was busy rin... pero nasa Danao City kami ngayon nagbabakasyon. Overnyt kami di2 tapos beach nanaman kami bukas.:-) yey!

Heidee and Kathryn ties; Adrian and Paolo take the 2 Big Four slots

Heidee +4 + 0 = +4
Kathryn +5 + -1 = +4
Adrian +4 + -1 = +3

Paolo 0 + -2 =-2

to evict: ADRIAN. i think mas deserving na masamasa big four ung iba kaysa kanya. i have nothingagainst him. to save: KATHRYN. gusto ko lang sya isave.

2pts. to evict: ADRIAN, kasi he's missing a lotalthough he's trying he's trying his best. 1 pt. to save: PAOLO, di na-save si kellie pickler,kaya ikaw save ko.

i want to vote out HEIDEE still she seldom talks tome and she is the VH who is not that close to mebut i love her as my ate kahit na hindi cyangpapatawag na ate.i want to save ADRIAN because i think he deservesto be in the Big Four. Good Luck!

2 points to evict - HEIDEE, because di kamimasyadong close, and because 3 nlng mapipilian koand among the 3, cya ung ok lang.:-( sorry. 1 point to save - PAOLO, well i like him even tho'tagal na kami di naguusap.> Codename: Traffic Light

*KATHRYN failed to nominate. She gets +5 penalty points.

To Adrian's Sunshine

Current mood: loved

"Happy You Are Here"
(by: alkaline)

I used to think that love and everything was just a game never knowing what it means to feel true love emotions or experience the pain

And every girl was just another game I need to play but I needed something better so I left them all away

Then I found someone who changed it all, You came along and made me fall

So happy you are here with me, sharing the moment intimately, showing me what love really means and what it is

Took my dark and lonely days into the light, so happy you are here...

I used to think that love is just the pleasure you would get, then you taught me that love is sharing what you are and you surely won't regret

Damn! I never felt this special! Since this is what I never did come to understand

Then I found someone who changed it all, You came along and made me fall

So happy you are here with me, sharing the moment intimately, showing me what love really means and what it is

Took my dark and lonely days into the light, so happy you are here...