Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 2

Saturday, April 15, 2006

5th Nomination Result

to KATHRYN - i think the penalty queen should leave... and keep her title with her. hehe. sorry ate kath.
to ADRIAN - keep on hanging dude. too early to go.

2 points to evict IAN: kasi feel ko he's stepping onothers just to win the game.
1 point to save MARISTEL: she's the closest to meamong the vhs and i guess she's playing the gameright.

I am giving my 2 - point "to evict" to IAN. It was such a pleasure to have him back at the house. I know he has a lot to prove. I know that he's mean at all times but I know that still deep inside him there's still a soft part in his heart. But with what's happening lately, I just couldn't take it anymore. He's back at the house, he's befriending anyone. Okay naman, but the thing is I hope with everything that happened before let's just use the idiom "bury the hatchet". Let's all set aside everything that has happened in the past and start from the beginning again with pure & love in heart. But what lies in his ego again is revenge. I know we should all give chances. Chance to prove that they're gonna change - but he has a new strategy now. I just hope he do it in good purpose and good way.

I am giving my 1 - point "to save" to ADRIAN. I know there's a lot more things he can give the house. Entertainment and things like that. I want him to prove his existence to everybody.

to evict: ADRIAN-dont know him that much
to save: PAOLO-love ko to... always

vote IAN - HINDI kasi sya NAGBAGO
save KATH - love ko sya!!!

**Heidee failed to submit her nominations before deadline


Today was just another one of those days--I feel like floating.

When I went to work last night (which is supposed to be my first day after a 2-day off), I wasn't really feeling I'm all set for a three-day (predictably, as always, tiring) work. Well, maybe because I wasn't able to get enough sleep.

At work, about an hour before the commencement of my shift, "Aga ni Kat a." was all my co-staff could say (as always, whenever they see me approching the station). I gathered my pens, pair of bandage scissors and my clipboard, put on my watch and cap, and changed my shoes. Then out I went from the conference room. Ready to receive endorsement by 9:20.

The last chart I was able to receive was, unfortunately, the most "toxic" one. The patient will be having an OR and all the orders were left to me by the outgoing nurse. I couldn't complain because I knew it was already late for him, especially when he said he'd still have to visit his child in the province. So, I got it. All of it.

Of the 4 duty nurses, I was the busiest one. Going to-and-fro, updating my charts every now and then. I even finished the endorsement sheets long after they had theirs done. Whew! I dunno, I often think I'm just making my work "toxic". Well, sometimes, yes, I have to admit. I'm serious when it comes to my work. That's why most of the time I'm the latest to finish. But I'm adjusting. And I feel I'm improving. A bit. =)

So, there, even with all those back-and-forth routines, I still had a pending for the OR patient. And the one I was endorsing it to was a senior whom they all feared, especially when they know they had pending, which I had. Sometimes, I just feel so utterly stupid. I mean, I had ample time and yet I don't get to finish everything. So, I had to request for all the pre-op meds (even if the AM shift clerk volunteered to do it; I felt responsible for it) and claim them personally from the Pharmacy. This is one thing I've always conditioned myself to do--to finish everything before going home, to make sure I dont lack anything, and to offer assistance to the receiving nurse. Maybe it's one way to lesssen the guilt. Besides, I just don't want them talking behind my back saying, "'Yang si Kat, andaming naiwang pending."

I got home at 9am. Cooked breakfast for my hubby even if I was really feeling sleepy. And tired. We had breakfast. And just before heading my way to bed, I went to check the net and Pao happened to be online. So, I was late for my morning session with my bed for about 1 hour and a half. Hihi! But it's ok, I always have fun chatting with Pao. =)

Good morning sa inyo, goodnight to me. =)

2nd Re-nomination Update: 5 out of 6 VHs have voted

Adrian blogs: PBB Teen Edition Housemate Lookalike!?

Current mood: touched
Good Friday: Kahit di kami kumain ng kahit ano except fish, egg at rice the whole day, masaya pa rin ung good Friday ko. Di rin kami nagkita ni Sunshine pero k pa rin. We went to my lolas place and stayed there the whole morning. All I did was eat, text and sleep. Di naman boring kasi kausap ko sis ko palagi and I had this serious talk with my dad there Kailangan ko tlga un. Tus we attended the procession of Jesus dead body then uwi after. Mga 7, camote and cheese for dinner. Then tawag ung cousin ko long distance from Cagayan de Oro thru Sun Cellular. Ask nya ako kung housemate ba ako sa PBB Teen Edition kasi kita na nya ung flashed trailer daw at kala nya ako ung isa. Tlaga? May kamukha akong bagong housemate? Well, I have to see it pa kung tlagang totoo na kamukha kami kasi di ko pa nakita ung trailer eh Then I texted Sunshine again This time, di na cya nagrereply. Could this mean iniiwasan na nya ako? What if alam na ng boyfriend nya or maybe she decided na na pipiliin nya boyfriend nya. My God, wag naman ganun, I hope naubusan lang ng load Even at least magkakasama pa rin kami kahit friendship na lang ulit basta nandun lng cya. Ewan ko na nga ba!!!! Buti pa 2log na lang ako

Maristel answers 87 Questions

1. Name ~ Maristel
2. Gender ~ Female
3. Primary school ~ see profile
4. Secondary School ~ see profile
5. Horoscope ~ zodiac sign? Gemini
6. Height ~ 5'4"

7. Colour ~ pink and baby blue... red and black...
8. Food ~ Japanese Food
9. Drinks ~ Water, Coke
10. Number ~ 13 & 18
11. Anime ~
12. Songs ~ (right now?) Craig David's Unbelievable
13. Movie ~ GLADIATOR
14. Subject ~ Science
15. Day of the week ~ Friday
16. Eating ~ nada
17. Hairstyle ~ kahit ano lang...
18. Looking ~ (labo naman nito)
19. Thinking ~ Summer Escapade!!!
20. Listening ~ So Sick (female version)

Do you believe in
21. Love ~ Of course
22. Faith ~ Of course
23. Yourself ~ Sometimes (hahaha) OF COURSE
24. Ghosts ~ Sometimes
25. Angels ~ Sa babies lang ata yan eh

In the last 24 hours
26. Worn jeans ~ Yeah!
27. Cleaned your room ~ Yes
28. Cried ~ Yes
29. Met someone new ~ Nope
30. Last person on the phone ~ Mom
31. Do you have a GF/BF ~ hahaha!!! read between the line
32. Do u admire anyone ~ Yes
33. Does someone admire you ~ I dunno
34. Do you plan on having kids ~ Yes
35. How old you wanna be when you get married ~ I dunno... Getting there
36. How old you wanna be when you have your child ~ I dunno
37. How many kids do you want ~ 2 or 3
38. Would you have kids before marriage ~ I dunno
39. Have you found your other half ~ I dunno... Kung dadating, he will...
40. What do you want most in a relationship ~ TIME, Honesty, Love & Trust
41. Pink or Black - Pink
42. Kiss or hug ~ Hugs and kisses
43. Summer or winter ~ Summer, wala naman winter dito eh
44. Sunny or rainy ~ either
45. chocolate or vanilla ~ Both
46. Hanging out or chill ~ CHILL
47. Music or TV ~ both
48. Hamburger or Pizza ~ both
49. Smiling or Laughing ~ Smiling
5O. Sleeping or eating ~ Both are essential
51. Mc Donald's or KFC ~ Mc Donald's
52. Silver or gold ~ Whitegold
53. Sunset or sunrise ~ Sunsets
54. On phone or in person ~ In person
55. Diamonds or Pearls ~ Diamonds
56. Ocean Pacific or Roxy ~ Roxy
57. Band member or model ~ BOTH
58. sneakers or boots ~ BOTH
59. clubbing or live music ~ BOTH
60. jennifer lopez or jennifer aniston ~ Jennifer Aniston :)
61. wat is the time now ~ 2:07 am
62. wat are u doin ~ what do u think?
63. who is the last person u saw ~ my niece
64. who is the last person u sms to ~ my Dad
65. who is the last person who sms u ~ my Dad
66. how many times is ur profile being viewed ~ 128
67. how many ex u have ~ 6
68. how is ur day in school today ~ graduate na ko eh...
69. are u late for sch today ~ hahaha!!!
70. who are u chatting with now? ~ Marge
71. how old are u ~ 26
72. last thing i drank ~ Water
73. last thing u ate ~ Ricola mints
74. wat do u feel like saying to the one u hate ~ epal ka!!!
75. i like ~ a lot!!!
76. i love ~ life!
77. have u ever broke someone's heart ~ Yes
78. this term hav u ever cried in school? ~ Sa work, yeah
79. had ur heart broken ~ DAMN!!! It's tearing me apart!!!
80. who is the person u now damn hate ~ ewan ko... pero sure, meron ngayon!
81. The last person who kissed u ~ wala nga eh
82. the last pests u killed ~ wala naman
83. how long u slept last night ~ 6 hrs
84. When was ur last outing ~ last year pa!!!
85. would you mind having a blind date ~ i dunno
86. care to meet someone new ~ sure
87. missing someone ~ nah!!!

Adrian blogs: Holy Thursday

Current mood: content

I woke up at around 8:30 and went straight (pero naligo ako ha!) to the internet caf to update my blog. When I got there, it was closed so I went to 3 more internet cafs but still, all of them are closed. Naku! Penalty na naman 2! Limutan kong halos may open na establishments kapag holy Thursday at good Friday. So I went back home na lang I guess I have to write my blogs ahead sa computer ko then just transfer it on Saturday. So after writing a blog entry, mag lulunch na For lunch, we were invited by my tita to eat at their place. This tita of mine is an interior designer. So naturally, her house looks amazing. Grabe! Its a small cottage inspired abode. Nipa ung roof (actually pinatong lang ung nipa sa roof tlga to give that whole cottage feel.), may patio na ang ganda ng colors, parang rice terraces inspired ung yard nila na may old bathtub na ginamit nilang fishpond. Its really a creative home. For lunch, and sarap lalaga ng handa! Thai rice (ung may bagoong), baked tahong, bangus in gata, and shrimp sinigang. So busog tlga then I remembered na I have to meet Sunshine at 1:30 kasi nagpapasabay cya in refunding her ticket (Di kasi cya nakauwi sa province nya.). Text ko cya na mga 2 nalang kasi layu pa ng place eh asked my mom if I can go na but didnt allow me coz ang layu raw to the corner. To make the long story short, I went to her boarding house at around 4 na. Wow, pagkakita ko s kanya e parang galit na galit. So ginawa ko nalang ung ginawa nung guy sa Fita commercial: bakit ngayun lang ako? Di ko ba alam na naiinis ka na sa kahihintay sakin? I hate me! I hate me! At least nagwork at tumawa naman cya. So we went to the ticketing office near the pier to refund her ticket. After that, I treated her lunch nalang kasi kawawa naman di pa nakakain sa kahihintay nya sakin. Sabi ko nga sa kanya mas mabuti pa dinala ko nlng cya doon sa tita ko. And guess what she ordered: Thai rice! Eh at least para na rin cyang kumain dun sa tita ko. After eating, grocery kami for her dinner and for good Friday kasi for sure wala na tlgang open na store. Then on our way to her place, umulan. Wala naming jeepney so kailangan naming maglakad. After that, ininvite ko sana cya na mag bisita iglesia with my family ngunit nahihiya cya so ako nlng umuwi. Bisita Iglesia from 7 to 9 tapos McDo kaagad. After that, uwi kami Text lang kami ni Sunshine till tulog.

Adrian blogs: How come something so good can be so wrong?

Current mood: guilty

Thats how I feel about my situation right now with her (codename: sunshine). At last I have found out that the feeling is mutual between us, and because of that, weve been with each other for 3 days now. But then again, we can never escape the fact that she still has a boyfriend; whom she is still really in love with. It really sucks because the both of us really never expected to have feelings for each other, and now we are stuck in this situation: someone will get hurt. I cant help but blame myself for this I felt before that this situation would be possible but I never avoided it I made it happen! I will also feel guilty if she will leave the guy because he is really a good boyfriend to her. But I will not deny that Id rather be selfish and have her than be a martyr and leave her be. In the end, its her decision. And I have to respect whatever decision she makes.

Maristel on Marge

Really hate reading about my little sister quitting the game... Sobrang I don't know what to say. Talagang nabawasan na kami ng nabawasan, not through eviction... Through quitting the game. I know that Marge has her point in doing it. It's her decision and I definitely respect it. Sana lang mas naayos. I was wishing that Ian and should have iron things up. Kaya lang, di ko alam that there'll be some kind of revenge in this game.

I will surely miss you Marge. I know from the very start okay ang magiging outcome naming dalawa. I know din that despite our age gap I know mag jajive kami. We have a lot of things in common. It's not that, that made me close to her or made me loved her... It's her simple ways of showing she cares... I was so sad with her decision. I know prior to the post sa site... She also stated sa shoutbox na sana wag ako malungkot sa magiging decision niya. I already anticipated it... That she might quit. Kung ako lang, I want her back sa virtual house sana, kaya lang andun na yun! It's there and done... We can't turn back the hands of time...

Sobrang natouch lang ako, when Dylan aand I had our very early chat a months ago (I think)... We were talking about LOVE and our special someones... I was shocked when Dylan told me na OKAY naman pala ako, no doubt why MARGE loves me daw...

Marge, wish you the best. I know kahit wala kna sa Virtual House I know continuous pa rin naman ang friendship! I know you will still be with me and Pao all the way and so as we, THAT'LL NEVER CHANGE... I love you Marge and I will surely miss you!

Maristel blogs: Tearing me into pieces

I really dunno what's in my mind lately. But honestly, I really am confused on what's happening! I dunno, why I'm feeling like this. I've been crying for 3 nights straight... Am I too emotional? Or was it just my heart and mind who's feeling like that?

~~> April 12, Wednesday

Watched Passion of the Christ... Kindda dragging pero talaga namang naiiyak ako...

Where am I? Just at home! Doing my rounds (as usual)... In and out of the house. Drinking coke sakto or puffing a cigarette... The usual. I heard that Karen brought her baby at Dra. Roque's Clinin at Anonas... My niece, Nice is sick. On and off yung fever niya. The doctor prescribed her a medicine and anti-biotic. The doctor also asked them to change her milk... Enfapro instead of Promil Gold...

I've been expecting a lot lately... Expecting things from a lot of people. Our outing was scheduled today. We're supposed to leave today, but my Kuya Sander's been acting a little weird. He's suddenly becoming so fickle-minded... Biglang "aalis" biglang hindi na nama!!! It really is pissing me off! I just can't take it anymore. He made us expect too much - that in the end we end up st home and doing nothing! It's so irritating. He's leaving all the decisions to us. We don't have any contacts for vacation spots - it's him who has all the contacts! Sa totoo lang, parang ayaw naman niya talaga! He just have to admit it. I know that we're not the people he's expecting to be wiht him this week, kaya lang mas okay sana, kung di na niya kami pinaasa and pinaandaran na aalis. We packed our stuffs tapos wala naman pala!!! Di ba nakakaasar! For months dito lang kami sa house. Doing things and stuffs... Kahit rewards na lang sana! Reward for all our good deed - pero wala! He just kept on disappointing us and hurting our feelings!

~~> April 13, Thursday

I dunno for in some reason why I slept 10:30 am. I really am sleepy when I went upstairs, but I was at the room na... Wala na! I'm all awake!!! I placed my pillow right in front of my face! I wanna shout! I wanna say mean things, but I just can't! I want to release all my heartaches and pains kaya lang, I really can't!!! All I did was cry!!!

Till I decided to just go downstairs and just sleep there at the couch. Di din naman ako makatulog. Paikot ikot lang ako... So around 10:25 I went upstairs and locked myself inside the comfort room. Dun na lang ako nagyosi!

Some cop were calling our house pala... Interrogating my brother about the break in that happened last Monday at our place. He was investigating the case. The brother's victim (the one who barged in at our house) was filing a case against him. Mabait naman daw yun na tao, nawalan lang daw ng cellphone. So sabi nga nila, kaya pala nakapatay din sya ng dalawang tao...

So around 11 am My Mom, Tita Tei and Kuya Sander went at the Barangay Hall and filed a case. Mahirap na daw kasi...

I remember - my Mom was waking me up! Ayun nga, there was an emergency daw at home. My brother's baby was so sick! Talagang di na daw bumaba yung temperature. 40 na. Tas nagtatae pa... As in tubig. Nakaka10 dumi na sya when I went over at my Mom's place.... So I told them to bring it at Lourdes Hospital and ipa-stool exam nila... Mahirap na... For sure dehydrated na yung baby.

So after an hour they decided to rush the baby at the hospital. Confine na lang daw. Sabi naman sa Lourdes, okay lang naman daw yung procedure that they're doing kaya lang kung talagang nag woworry sila, i-confine daw... My brother was having second thoughts, kawawa naman daw yung baby kapag dinextrose. She's only 6mos. old. So ayun, nagpatawag kami ng manghihilot. If I am not wrong I remember Nice fell from the bed a week ago... Di na nila pinaalam sa brother ko... So sabi ko baka pilay lang. According to my Tita naman kasi, may nagtatae din sa pilay. So ayun nga, they found out may pilay nga si Nice. Kaya lang mga aroung 11:30 om pale na yung lips nung baby. So my brother decided to confine her na lang. The baby's at Fe Del Mundo Children's Medical Center. Dinextrose daw and she went through a lot of examination. Stool, Urine and CBC... Negative naman daw lahat. Dun sa unang lab, they found out that the baby has UTI. Kaya lang sa Fe Del Mundo nagtataka sila why at that age (that young) bakit daw meron ng UTI. So she have to undergo another urine test.

Haay, kawawa naman si Nice... Baby namin yun eh!!! :( My Tita Cathy called up. My Lola Lina dropped by at the house. She brought us Guinataang Kamote.

Tambay lang ako sa house ni Mommy... Waited for my brother. Tas ayun...

Get to chat with BBK...

Watched Gladiator! Gosh di ko na alam kung pang ilang bese na ito... Pang twenty na ata... All time favorite ko din kasi yun eh... ;)

~~> april 14, Friday

Was having an early forum with Bane... Just talking about stuffs lang naman! Talked about love... Stupid thing called love!!! Why everybody have to be so hooked up with love? Nakakagalit!!!

Received an early call from my Dad. Had my usual late lunch. Daing na Bangus and Atsara from Tita Lani. Tita Lani asked me to text Tito Daboy, coz her baby's sick too... Grabe naman 'tong Biyernesanto na to... Lahat na lang kids... Kawawa naman sila... Lahat na lang ng babies dito, nadedehydrate na...

Around 5:30 my Mom arrived from the Hospital. Galing nga daw dun yung family ni Tita Cathy and Tito Rommel. Ganun lang. We talked about Nice. Kawawa naman kasi eh... Had a serious talk with Tita Tei. Grabe as in we talked about a lot of stuffs!!!

Adrian texted me... Ayun in love daw sya pero malungkot. But whatever it is - Adrian, I know you'll get thru that.

Pao, super miss na kita! Sorry kung di ako nakakapag online. Dami kasi nangyayari lately dito sa amin! :)

Ian, whatever it is that's i n your mind lately... Hayaan mo na yun! Past is past and we should all live with the future. Konting araw na lang... Sana naman, the good Ian right now is yun na yung totoo, no more revenge or any thing... Ikaw din naman kasi ang tinatamaan. i do hope you understand what I'm talking about...

Kath, grabe! Di pala ikaw yung nasa Forum! Grabe... I am speechless! Wala na akong masabi with what's happening!

Heidee, it's been a while since our last chat! Anyways, we still do text pa naman! Take care a lot! Ingat sa health... Wag masyado sa exercise at diet, mabibigla yung system mo, lalo ka magkakasakit... ;)

Anyway, just got back from the hospital. I brought Napkin for Karen, Iberet and Biogesic. Di na nya kasi kaya. Hirap daw. Halos wala silang tulog. Ayun... buti nagising si Nice, I got to play with her even for a while... Basta ako, continuos pa rin ang prayers ko na sana gumaling na sya. Sana wala naman lumabas na di maganda sa Urine Test niya...

Anyway, till here muna!!! Sobrang bumabagsak na mata ko! Super antok na'ko! Goodnight everyone! I miss you all!!!

Au Revoir! :)

Current Mood: Sleepy
Current Music: So Sick (female version)

Activity 16 - "Greatest Sacrifice?" -Ian

Lesson: "Sacrifice bears something."

Greatest Sacrifice? 365 days.... Long 365 days.... Sleepless 365 days... Lonesome 365 days... Pressure-filled 365 days.... Sometimes boring, sometimes fun 365 days.... ...for my younger sisters.... Cindy and Michelle ... two subjects of my sacrifice.

My first time to be away from my family... The longest time to be away with them.... The hardest things I've been to were expericed here.... Been to lots of racial discriminations.... Ups and downs....

To be able to make my two younger sisters finish college is my objective. Its not a game, its for I'm doing all the best I could for it.

* if ang tipid tipid ko.*

Friday, April 14, 2006

Paolo on ex-VH Marge

Nagulat ako... gulat n gulat... i never thought margewould quit... ung msg nya nung una... its not meantfor her to quit the game... she is saying that... thatsthe reason kung bakit cya mag-quiquit kungmngyari man... and cguro un n nga ang gusto nyamangyari... cguro hindi n nya kaya ung mgangyayari sa loob ng vahay... i wish na makabalikcya... sana!!! well marge kung hindi k manmakabalik,,, ano p b masasabi ko sau... love n lovekita as a Pajemaremanian... hehehhe and having uas my little sister sa loob ng bahay is really agreat pleasure... mamimiss ko ung mga posts moheheheh (as always) and always take care... i willalways be ur kuya paolo even if pinoy big brotherfantasy game is history... always remember that ilove you!!! (^-^)

Paolo answers survey

Thirteen random things Paolo likes:
8.suikoden 1-5
9.american idol
10.britney spears
11.going to church
12.SM north edsa

Twelve movies:
2.From Justin to Kelly
4.Austin Powers Goldmember
5.Spongebob the Movie
6.Mean Girls
7.Freaky Friday
9.The Pacifier
10.Chicken Little
11.American Pie Band Camp
12.Harry Potter 4

Eleven good bands/artists:
1.Britney Spears
2.Everyone on American idol
5.spongecola eyed peas
10.erik santos
11.christian bautista

Ten things about you:
1.5"10 and a half
2.17 years old
3.loves britney spears
4.doesnt eat shrimp
5.idolizes geoff eigenmann
6.look like geoff eigenmann a lot classical music because of american idol
8.american idol addict
9.has a lot of DVDs
10.loves the philippines

Nine good friends:
5.ate tr
6.ate cris
7.kuya odick
8.kuya JA
9.ate babee

Eight favorite food/drinks:
1.fried chicken juice
4.lamb chop
5.mocha kreme frapuccino
6.salad chicken
8.honey chicken

Seven people you have fun with:
7.ate matet

Six things that annoy you: brother
2.chain msgs
3.pag nasisisra cp ko
4.pag nagloloko computer
5.kpag walang makitang video ni Kellie Pickler
6.nakalimuta manuod ng american idol

Five things you touch everyday:

Four shows you watch:
1.American Idol
2.Thats So Raven
3.Drake & Josh
4. Spongebob

Three things you wear every day:
2.shorts or pants
3.shirt or jacket

Two celebrities you have a crush on:
1.Britney Spears
2.Kellie Pickler

One thing about yourself that you want everyone to know: here in the US (^-^)


Kathryn: BBK, to penalize me the past few, what 2 weeks(?!), is understandable. it's clearly my fault. pero the latest, i thought more than twice before having that message posted. i re-read the reason for my penalty before, and you stated there that "addressing an ex-VH" is against your laws. did i violate it? NO. i DIDN'T ADDRESS ate janette if that's how you took it. i just TOLD MATS that we (ate janette and i) texted. i can't see a line there in my post where i DIRECTLY 'TALKED' to ate janette. and neither did you explained it in your "Kathryn Gets Penalized" post. (wow, ian, bibilib na ako sa sinumang makaagaw sa trono ko bilang penalty queen!)

If i mistook it, fine. i'll have to admit it's my fault.

If you can prove me wrong, then there's no need for a 5th nomination because even if some of my co-VHs would try to save me, it's the penalty points you gave me that would render all their (especially ian's and pao's) efforts futile.

I'm sorry for sounding like it, but i'm really shocked and upset because, this time, i tried to be cautious. but, oh well, if that's your decision, then be it. just ENLIGHTEN me.

PS: just want to make it clear that i'm not after the title. as i always tell my co-VHs, i'll try not to
quit because i want my exit to be a natural one; meaning being voted out or being sent away by BBK himself. but, you see, it's just not clear this time. i can't just accept it as that without a valid (a concrete) reason.


BBK started prohibiting VHs from addressing ex-VHs on March 29. Through a VH, BBK prohibited the VHs from mentioning names of ex-VHs in the ShoutBox.

Ian is penalized and banned in PBBFG Board

Ian have made more than 3 offenses in PBBFG Board. He posted in the EX-VHs and VISITORs SECTION using the name "kathrym" and "marge".

"kathrym" (Apr 9, 2006, 1:57pm): hello po. until now wala parin akong supporters? [2nd offense]
"kathrym" (Apr 9, 2006, 1:58pm): go pao go pao [
3rd offense - penalty]
"marge" (Apr 12, 2006, 11:31am: wow naman ate mats .... maiiintindihan kaya ni kuya pao yan? talagang pure tagalog ei ano? [
4th offense - banned]
"marge" (Apr12, 2006, 11:38am): waaahhh... wlang may gs2 sakn. [
5th offense - banned]

If a VH violated PBBFG BOARD rules 3 times he/she gets +5 penalty points. Ian's IP and accounts are banned due to multiple violations.

Maristel, confused

I really don't know how to react on all the things that are happening lately!!!

I swear!!! Feels like - things are getting harder & harder everyday. I just do hope that still there are real people inside the house.

I miss you all guys!

Pao, you just don't know how much you made me happy - your help was really appreciated!

Adrian, it's been days since our last text, how are you?

Ian, I hope everything's fine na. I heard about the thing with Jomar (about the biggest threats in the house) ... I hope we could talk about it one of these days...

Heida, how are you feeling? I hope you're good now. You're missing a lot of lakwatsa and you're gym...

Kath, how are you na? Again, you're penalized! Hahaha! Anyway, nothin's new, same old same old Kathryn. I miss you na!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Read ex-VH Marge's farewell message at Ex-VHs Lounge.

Maristel blogs: UNBELIEVABLE

For the first time this year 2006. My family organized an outing!!! Finally!!! The moment I'm waiting for!!! I can't wait to hit the BEACH or the POOL... I don't care as long as there's SUN... Loud music, foods, COKE, marlboro greens... I'll be very happy!

~~> April 11, Tuesday:

5 am -- Just thinking of things to bring on our outing! The truth is we still haven't find a place where we'll spend our outing. We're still deciding whether Laguna or Batangas... Bryan gave me Mrs. Lina Gumpal's cellphone # - that's at Tali Beach at Batangas. I inquired sa Montemar Beach Club sa Bataan (too expensive!!!)

6 am -- Went upstairs, comfort room to be in particular. I brushed my teeth. I pee. Went inside the room. Do my night rituals (as usual)... Prayed and cleanse my face. I registered for a 2 days unlimited text at Smart. I forwarded a 'good morning" quotes to my friends.

7 am -- I received a text from my Tita Lani. "di ba friend ka, minsan usap naman tayo"... Was a little curious about her message so no matter how sleepy I am I still managed to text her back and asked what is it about. She told me kulang pa daw ako sa tulog and I might as well sleep first and we'll talk about it in the morning.

7:30 am -- Slept... sound asleep GoOmOrNyT to me...

11 am -- I woke up... Call of nature. But I checked my cellphone first. I received a message from my friend Desiree & Ma'am Chona. Also received a message from Pao, asking me to go online na nga and he has something to say daw... So i texted him back, sarap pa tulog ko, maybe in a while mag oonline ako.

11:30 -- I fixed my bed. Piled my pillows. Fold my comforter. Went downstairs with my puppies Cotton and Candy. Heat our food. And went online....

1 pm -- I logged in sa YM... Nanibago ako kasi Heidee's not online. Sent a message kay Pao. Jomar pm me. Ayun chat kami. After a while nag online na din si Marge. We talked a lot about things and stuffs. Nagkachat din kami ni Ian, who I lost in touch for days... Was just glad, we were able to chat. May fansite na pala si Marge and so as Ian. It was Jomar naman who made his site. Jomar made a fansite for Marge too... So sweet...

4 pm -- Still online. Chat pa din kami ni Pao. Tapos ayun nga...

5 pm -- We talked about our outing and who's gonna come...

6 pm -- Went over at Tita Lani's place. Saw her eyes na sobrang maga and I know that's from crying. She told me the reasons. I empathized her. I know how she feels. I just hope I could do something to cheer her up and lift her spirits up. I was having this exchange of text messages with Jomar. He's on his way to Bicol kasi. Well, wishing him a safe trip. Jomar, Enjoy & have fun!

Dramathon... Watched Gulong ng Palad, Sa Piling Mo, wasn't able to finish Panday, kasi nakatulog ako sa couch. They just woke me up kasi dinner na nga raw.

11 pm -- Took my long relaxing bath... Nagbabad talaga ako sa shower. because it was so freaking hot!!! Sarap ng feeling maligo!

12 midnight -- Nag online ako, and finally got the chance to chat with Adrian and Marge. Was so shocked sa site. I really am so speechless!!!

1 am -- Finished my activity - I might not finish it kung ipagpapabukas ko pa.

We might be leaving early this morning or late night... So Adrian, Ian, Heidee, Kath, Marge & Pao, I will miss you guys! Hope I'll enjoy!!! Stay safe and be safe. Love you all! Marge, you'll get through that. Pao, thanks a lot for your help sa activity. Really words aren't enough for your good deed. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your work (following my concept) - really from the bottom of my heart thanks! I love you guys! You will always be a part of me... You just all made me complete!

Au Revoir!!! :)

~ mwaHuggZ :-* >:D< ~ ~*~ currently listening to Craig David's UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Maristel's greatest sacfrices

~*~Greatest sacrifice I've done for somebody? There are a lot of sacrifices I did for somebody, honestly.I don't boast about it. It really - is T.R.U.E. ~*~

1st sacrifice... It was when Angelo was still my BF. I set aside everything. My whole world only revolved in him. I turned my back on my relatives. I was totally blinded. My cousins would talk to me about him - abouth things that they discovered about him, but I just leave them - I won't talk to them. I almost gave him everything. I felt so inspired when we were together. At first, I know that the "relatinship" thingy was just a plan. He's sick. He has scoliosis. And my aunt and I planned that right after his operation until he totally recuperated from his operation I will break up with him. But I didn't... Coz I learned to love him. We even haven't celebrated our first monthsary when a girl showed up! I was broken into pieces... I was shattered! A lot of things happened with them that never really happen between us. But still I fought for our relationship. Inspite and despite of everything. Until the time came that he's going through his surgery. First day, I asked my friends to come with me at St. Luke's Hospital because I'm gonna visit him. When we're at the Hospital na - I was so shocked with what I saw! It was his girl (who was a Nurse but not at that Hospital) who was taking care of him, who was checking up on him. I felt like my heart was gently torn into pieces. I really don't know what to do. The fact that I turned my back on my relatives was one thing I regret doing. I sacrificed everything for him. No communications with my relatives. No nothing. Kahit after his operation - it was me who took care of him. I bathe him. I monitored his meals. I would spend my days with him. Until, finally - I realized that everything was going wrong and I couldn't take it anymore.

2nd sacrifice... This is about love again! But this time I gave everything! I gave my all! I didn't even spare something for myself. I gave him everything, my self, my time... as in everything. This time what I felt was different. What I have in mind and heart was... I really that person. I don't care what people might say. I helped him with everything. This time I almost forgot about my family. Family, meaning my Mom, my brother... The important thing is every moment I am with him. I was so insensitive not to feel what was happening behind my back. I heard things against him seeing his ex girlfriends but I was too deaf not to hear it. All I thought was my feelings for him. That I love him, that I don't wanna lose him. I know we just became an "item" because I was his harbour evrytime he has problems with his ex gf. I was the only one behind him. I was the only person that understood him. Till we bacame "us". I devoted every single monet of my life with him. I never thought of myself anymore. What's important for me is his feelings. How I would make him happy. How I'll help him with the business he was just starting. Everything was my concept, my idea. I didn't ask anything in return. Basta I know "kami". Kumita man sya I know kasama ako dun. Kahit di na ako abutan - makita ko lang na kahit papaano kumikita sya, masayang masaya na ako. But despite those things I did for him - nalaman ko na lang, that he went over at his ex gf's house. He was drunk then. He asked for forgiveness sa ex gf nya. He wanted them to start as friends again. Sobrang sakit! I cried for almost a month. Nung una, i pretended I don't know anything. Kaya lang, sunud-sunod na ang outings niya with his friends - he was at Cebu for 3days. I didn't receive any calls from him. Not even "kamusta ka na?" WALA!!! Hanggang sa yung isa nyang friend told me that all the time he was there - all he did was call his ex gf. Okay lang lahat kahit masakit na sobra. Tinanggap ko pa din sya, kasi mahal ko sya... We lasted for a year pa. Pero talagang di ko na kinaya, so I called it quits... I have to do something for myself naman.

Last sacrifice... January 10, 2004
My dad's ex partner Beth gave birth at Fe Delos Santos Hospital @ Banawe. Ako lahat. Inasikaso ko admission and everything. 24 hours sya nag labor and I checked on her from time to time. As long as I know my Dad will be happy, gagawin ko kahit masakit na! That was the time I saw my Dad so happy! Althought it was tearing me apart, tuloy pa din ako. I didn't sleep for 36 hours. Naeexcite na din ako, kasi I can see in my Dad's eyes how excited he is. The day after after she gave birth... Mas lalong di ako makatulog. My dad left us together with my Kuya and his driver. They went to Apalit, Pampanga. I went sa Chapel ng Hospital. It was so dark. Wala akong ibang maisip kundi yung Mom ko - who I left for 2days na. I called her and told her everything. Every information. 'til I noticed that I was crying na. Sobrang sakit pala. Yung girl was my age din. Younger pa nga sa akin ng one year. My dad blamed me and scolded at me sa Hospital about the child's Birth Certificate. After all what i did, yun pa matatanggap ko! Hanggang sa nagpaalam kami - I told my Dad I have to go home and get some sleep. He requested my brother to cook Nilagang Bulalo for the girl. My brother wasn't able to did his duty to cook. So 6pm nagpatakbo ako sa maid ng mga kailangan. Sira yung pressure cooker ko, 9pm di pa lumalambot yung baka. 10pm I took a bath para pupunta na ko ng hospital to bring the food. Sobrang takot na takot yung kapatid ko kasi pagagalitan sya ni Daddy, dahil yun ang inutos sa kanya tas di pa on time. So on our way to the Hospital, sabi ko ako na ang aako kung bakit na late kami. Sabi ko di bale ng ako ang pagalitan. Naaawa na kasi ako sa kapatid ko, kahit yung mga good deeds niya binabalewala lang ng Daddy namin. Sa Hospital, dumating kami, naksimangot Daddy ko. Sabi niya "Alam niyo namang may bagong panganak, di niyo man lang naisip na kailangan ng mainit na sabaw!" So sabi ko ako ang may kasalanan. Pasensya na. Hinila ako palabas sa veranda ng Room. Dun lahat ng masasakit na salita tinanggap ko. Lahat ng mura. Sagot ko na lang "Kaya nga po niluto ko yan! Kasi alam ko kailangan ni Ate Beth dahil magpapabreast feed sya at malaki maitutulong nun para makapagproduce ng milk! Wag niyo na po akong sisihin! Wala naman po akong tulog for 2 days straight, lahat naman ng ikaliligaya nyo ginagawa ko. Ang hirap kasi ako ang laging masama. Gumawa ako ng mabuti, masama pa din" Hanggang sa nag walk-out sya! He stormed out of the room. Yung kapatid ko pinuntahan ako sa veranda, niyakap ako, sabi ko, "That's how much I love you. Di bale ng ako ang masisi and mapagalitan wag lang ikaw". Ganyan lagi ang papel ko sa buhay, taga salo ng kasalanan ng iba. Kahit di ako ang may kasalanan ako ang humihingi ng sorry.

Ian blogs: Pritong Isda for Special Dinner

Lesson: "Relax. Feel at ease. Eat."

SUNDAY, 5:30 PM.

Just in time.... paglabas na paglabas ko sa room ko, dumating si "Dean."

"Dean" (Teacher Kim Tae Ho), as what I call him invited me to their house for a special dinner. He was my dormitory's Dean last year, far more better than the new dean we got in the dorm now.

Almost everynight, he and his wife would come to my room and give me something to eat. Napaka thoughtful ng mag asawang to.

Di kalayuan ang bahay nila na nasa 15th floor ng 15-floor apartment building.

"Anyung Hasseyo.." , bati ko kay Mrs. Kim (Sarah)

Busyng busy si Sarah sa hinanda nya raw para sakin. Aalis nako in few days kaya daw dapat busugin nila ako ng favorite food ko.

Mga 30 minutes rin kaming nag-usap at nagreminisce ng past ni "Dean" sa sala na nakaupo sa sahig (Korean style), habang chimichibog ng Strawberry-Kiwi Salad with tomatoes, oranges, and "tok" (Korean Rice Cake).

Few minutes later, dumating ang isang Pizza Boy. Nag-order pala silan ng Oven-baked Potato Pizza. Sarap na sarap ako and tuloy parin usapan at halakhakan namin....

"Dinner's up!", sigaw ni Sarah sabay lapag ng special menu kuno sa mesa.

"I cooked "Prito" for you." aniya.

Sarah have stayed in the Philippines (Mindoro) for a year 10 years back so may knowledge sya sa mga Filipino Cuisines.

Chibugan kami until 8 PM. Ma-mimiss daw nila ako. Syempre ako mamimiss ko rin sila. Sila bale naging second family ko dito. Ako rin kaya nagbigay ng English name sa dalawa nilang anak --- Princess and Baby (in picture)

Isa palang to (dine out) sa mga ineexpect kong special meetings with other friends here.....bago pa man ako uwi ng Pinas.

***Naku ginutom tuloy ako, miss ko na talaga Filipino food. Pag-uwing pag-uwi ko, unang una kong kakainin, Jolly Spaghetti and leche flan. :)

Ian blogs: Please release me... let me go.....

in picture (L to R)

Stephen, Principal Lee, Menchie, "Walking Vice Pincipal", ME, "Frown-face Vice Principal", & Pastor Kim.


Lesson: "Take it.... or else....."

Stephen went to my office to inform me that we will go out together with the school administration for a special dinner.

East Kyeongsan, Shabu-shabu House. (5:30 PM)

Before we ate.... talk talk ako konte....

"Thank you blah blah blah..for everything..... I will miss ... blah blah blah... You made me a better person... ", laman ng 1-minute speech ko.

3 courses ang Shabu shabu Set.

1st.... you mix the veges and beef with kujijjang (hot paste), then cook it. it. 2nd... you may now cook the noodles.... then eat.... 3rd... cook mo ang rice (with spring onions and egg) then eat it...

They gave us (Ate Menchie and I) a gift kuno.

"Naku, pera sana to, para safe nako sa Domestic flight from Manila-Gensan." , wish ng isip ko.

I opened the gift...... "Pure Silver Chopsticks and Spoon?"

Principal Lee: "That's very expensive. Korean kings and queens before use silver chopsticks and spoon everytime they eat. They would know if the food's been poisoned cus the metal will change color."

"Exaj na naman ang principal o, expensive daw eh $50 lang kaya to, may price tag pa eh. Haha." , ani ego ko.

This Thursday uwi na akong Pinas.....

Before we left the restaurant..... Principal called me...

Principal Lee: "Your visa expires on April 20, so you need to stay here until next week. Your replacement hasn't arrived yet so you still have to teach. You cannot leave yet because we did not purchase a new ticket yet."

"WHAT?????????????????" ,sigaw ng puso ko.

Ready na ako to the max na makauwi na.... I packed up all my things already... 2 weeks ago pa. Postponed ang pag-uwi ko for 3 times na!

"Some Koreans nga naman... aamuhin ka muna bago ka kakagatin."

Oh dear..... reset my countdown... back to 10 days.....

"Time... please run fast...."

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Kathryn is penalized

Kathryn: mats i'm glad you're ok na. binalita ko nga kay ate janette yung nangyari e.. lam mo, inabangan ko nga sa news yun e. kaso wala naman. tsk! kala ko pa naman babatiin mo kami! haha! joke lang po. =<

Kathryn gets +5 penalty points.

Re-nomination cancelled; 3rd vote for 5th eviction starts tonight until Saturday eve

Due to Marge's departure the re-nomination is cancelled and all votes are considered void. A new nomination for 5th eviction is set which starts today. Deadline for nomination is on Saturday evening.

Marge quits

After staying sixty-seven days inside the Virtual House, former PaJeMaReMa member Marge, the 14-year-old highschool stud from Caloocan City has decided to leave.

Marge: This is getting into my nerves!

This is the mean part of me... here it goes

1st of all Ian. Show me the trascript of the issue "maaksidente/mabalian ng kamay".

Grabe now I know your dying to get your revenge on me. Now go on! Do it! actually last night dapat mag ququit na ko. YOURE THE REASON WHY IM QUITTING! this game.

Ate Mats told me not to react on this. I AM one of your biggest threats? right? and you're teling her to vote me out this coming eviciton. I have also the transcript of our conversation. anyway BBK warned us already. hahaa.. akala m0 makakakuha ka na revenge on me.. haha Damn it! yung revenge naman na sana matatangal ako sa loob ng bahay. At anong sinasabi mo na "To Maristel, Kathryn, Paolo, Heidee... sana wag nyo questionin yung pagiging mabait ko sa inyo." samantalang Me and JOMAR had a conversation this afternoon. I told him abouy the BIGGST THREAT for you. It's me and KUYA PAO! pero sabi nya. ang biggest threat for you ay si ATE MATS AND KUYA PAO! i have a trascript parin. Ka plastikan. grabe! i hate to say this pero only IDIOT's makes revenge.

Oh! baka mamaya pag harap mo kay Ate Kathryn sabihin mo ang biggest threat mo ay si ate heidz, kuya pao, or ate mats..

SABIHIN NYO NA ANG GUSTO NYO SABIHIN SAKIN. ISIPIN NYO NA NAPAKASAMA KO. Sorry DYLAN kokontrahin kita sa sinabi mo kay IAN sa farewell letter mo. You're a BIG FOOL kung maniniwala ka sa lies nyan! akala m0 naman IAN everbody likes you..

Now all of you! vote for me! go.... total naman sobrang mean ko for ian diba? and i didn't sent you hate mails... why would i do that.. its just a waste of time.. and if i will just waste it.. not on you! youre such a big waste of time di mo lang alam yung mga close mo meron dyan nag cucurse din sayo... akala mo lang ako.. ang loser mo tlga.. akala mo EVERYBODY LOVES YOU!

Di ako marunong magtanim ng sama ng loob. isipin mo naman. bumalik ka sit binati pa kita.. i brought you back on my IM list AGAIN! isang araw lang saakin yung galit sayo..

At bakit ko pepersonalin... dito lang tayo nagkita! HELLO! nuknukan naman ang galit mo saakin! if u want me out of the house because im a threat for you then comfront me... tell me to leave the house... sorbang respeto na ang ipinapakita ko sau simula nang bumalik ka dito.. and yet... ahhh ang bulls**t talaga ng life!!! F***! kung ako galit parin sayo ikaw na ang ibinoto ko this eviction...

YOU DESERVE that +5 on the eviciton... sana naman kung gagawa ka ng revenge e yung hindi malalaman ni BBK pra hindi ka magkaroon ng penalty!

BYE! >:)

My Greatest Sacrifice In Life

What is my greatest sacrifice in life?? that's easy...being here in the United States made me sad...really it does break my heart to be leaving my beloved Counrty...I sacrificed a lot of things... 1st, i made my life miserable kc mahihiwalay ako sa mga friends ko...but nung ngtatagal na...cyempre u tend to forget ung mga bagay n hindi mo n nakikita araw araw... pero i know deep in my heart na nndun p rin ung mga friends ko at gusto ko p rin cla makasama... kahit 1 araw lng i will be very very happy...pero naisip ko..kahit malayo ako s mga friends ko.. some of them still txt me and some of them still msg sa friendster... i know i am loved and i know that my friends in the Philippines will be my friends forever..ngaun..they graduated na...thats my 2nd sacrifice na hindi ako makakagraduate ksma ang friends ko... pero i know its for my own good sake nmn so bahala na... then there is prom... dance contest... convocation...cheering... Student Government meetings...all of that one blink of an eye...I am now here in the United States of America and I feel very very lucky...and sad as always...but now i always thonk positive...makakabalik din ako...nakakabalik din ako...cguro..may plan si Jesus kung kelan...and i understand kung bkit hindi p ngaun...pero in time..i know the time will come na magkikita din kami lahat ulit...i never thought i would cry typing this post... (BBK kc) :((....pero its ok to cry...thats what i always do kpag malungkot...and kpag puro kapakshetan ang ngyayari sa buhay ko...i know that someday...sometime mawawala din to mama ko akala nya ayaw n ayaw ko dito at ayaw ko cya makasama pero hindi...i try to bring a smile to my face everyday para lng sbhin nya n ok friends sa school...lagi sabi tahimik ako...pero thats me...i cant change it...hindi ko mababago kung ayaw or gusto ko dto sa America...8 months na ako dito and still hindi p ako nakaka-adjust...pero thats allryt i know someday makaka-adjust din ako...tsaka nga pla...hindi lng nmn friends ko ung lagi ko namimiss...pati ung mga taong lagi ko ksma sa bahay tita bing, charles and most especially my Madeng (Madeng short version of Mama Sideng)...i really really miss her...cguro isa rin to sa sacrifice ko sa buhay na wala cya saakin...she is like my 2nd mother...simula maliit ako inalagaan n nya ako...and dahil lng sa States na 2 eh magkakahiwalay kmi...i never though na iiyak tlga ako dahil sa post n 2...i think BBK did this especially for me...tamang tama tlga ako and nung nbasa ko i wanted to do it...pero plano ko to do it alone and by myself...dahil e2 na nga umiiyak n ako and i dont want anyone to see me crying dahil magkakaroon nnmn ng maraming tanong saakin....anyways...thats it!!! the things i sacrificed just to be here in America and be successful...BBK this post really did made me cry..ang galing mo...konti lng ang taong nkpag-paiyak saakin and be proud u are one of them...hehehe... :(( :)) :(( :))

Current Mood: sad
Current Music: How Do I Live- Paris Bennett

Marge's Biggest Sacrifice ever, so far

Hmmm I didn't eat fora week. Water, Water, Water lang! It's for ourprayer fasting. We will be having a concert kayabawal kumain talaga that time. Sobrang fromMonday to Sunday no FOOD! pag dating ngMonday grabe rehersals.. at least pwede na food.Tue-Thurs ayan... Todo rehersals talaga.. Fridaywaaa! Concert na namin... Araneta Coliseum.though it was hard at least it's for a good cause.Yung money na nakuha namin for the total sales ofthe ticket. Napaaayos namin yung church. Webought 4 centralized airconditioners, 10electricfans, etc.. hahaa Kala ko yung sacrificesobrang hirap pero pag nagawa mo na pala andalam mong its for a good cause its feels so goodnaman e.. Lalo na kung makakatulong ka pala sasacrifice mo. :D

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Activity 15 - 50 Facts about Adrian

1. I part time job: choreographer. I teach hip-hop dances.
2. I used to have 2 piercings... one on my upper left ear and one on my belly. Unfortunately, my dad saw the belly ring and thought it was too much. So I had to remove it until it closed. This happened when I was in 2nd year... I'm planning to have one again soon. I don't know, I am just fascinated by needles on my body... I like its pain. Weird me...
3. Used to model for blue camp and converse
4. Was in an all-boys high school so I played maria clara on our noli me tangere play.
5. Had my first kiss when I was grade 6
6. karatedo gold medallist when I was in grade 4
7. In my kindergarten yearbook, it stated that my ambition in life is to become a waiter.
8. worked in McDonald's when I was in grade 5 and was awarded “best kiddie crew” out of 30 kids. worked in Jollibee when I was in 3rd year h.s. as a summer job for charity. Half of my pay goes to a deserving scholar. That was a project of my school then. Dream come true huh?
9. when I was grade 6, I joined a big time play here in cebu called “Adarna’s Song”, a musical adaptation of Ibong Adarna. I played 4 minor roles but what’s so special about it was that I was “the voice” of Adarna since I really had a high-pitched voice that time (pre-puberty stage)
10. my phone unit is nokia 1110.
11. can’t sleep soundly without a mosquito net (or anything that feels like it.)
12. first song I sang on stage was “Let there be peace on earth” during recognition day of my school that time when I was 4 years old.
13. can sing “The Lord’s Prayer” in Chinese
14. can play the piano
15. I learned how to play the harmonica all by myself.
16. have at LEAST 300 cds
17. bad ball player. I totally suck.
18. 5’6” in height
19. 135 lbs.
20. Shoe size: 8 ½
21. don’t really text much… just when I need to
22. have a birth mark on my right hand which is lighter than my skin tone.
23. I am an active member of Alay sa Diyos Youth Community. I am one of the officers. I’m also in the youth choir. We sing at the anticipated mass every Saturday in Sacred Heart Church.
24. my band performed at the 19th ad congress held here in cebu back2back with Bamboo.
25. my favorite subject is Filipino
26. I have migraine attacks when I eat something minty. Even toothpaste… so I use happy toothpaste… ung pangbata.
27. 6 people told me I look like viktor krum from harry potter noong time na I was bald.
28. I’m single right now… haven’t started dating again… not yet… maybe this weekend
29. the name of my bandmates are max, cliff, and yamie
30. the title of my favorite song that I wrote is “Happy You Are Here”
31. The scar on my left arm is actually due to an operation. I was operated December 03' because there was a cyst in there that was needed to be taken out. I was awake the whole time they sliced me up... I saw everything, and it wasn't pretty (That was an understatement!).
32. I once dated one of my patients.
33. I’m slightly afraid crossing streets coz nasagasaan na ako b4.
34. my dad looks like willie revillame
35. My sister makes me wear pink. Bagay raw sakin.
36. Imma partyboy. I love the nightlife
37. Our house is beside a church. My wake up call is the kampana.
38. my favorite color is red
39. My band has a commercial here in cebu for a wireless internet company.
40. I’m a pasaway nurse… I always get extensions coz of my tardiness
41. I used to be an altar boy
42. my favorite book is “a separate peace” by Robert Knowles
43. I don’t have summer vacation. I’m taking up summer classes. Mondays to Saturdays. Huhuhu
44. my sister’s email add is … add nyo raw cya. hehehe
45. I go to the beach twice a month.
46. my barkada says that I look like a virgin
47. I think my grandfathers a bitch
48. I love Italian, Chinese, and Japanese foods
49. what you’ll find in my wallet: Family picture, ID, license, timezone powercard, condom, and sometimes, money.
50. my favorite number is 7

YES, I lied, cus I'm a player -Ian

First of all.... I wanna let you know na wala akong ginagawang masama, I'm just playing the game the way it should be played. Hope you guys respect me for that.

*Players MAY plot against their contenders* --- Yan ang nakasaad sa PBBFG Guidebook.

Kuya, its so unfair na ilantad mo ang ginawa ko against Marge. Yes Marge, I admit, I LIED.

To Marge: Sinadya kong mag-plot against you (yan nga, ung binulgar ni Kuya), cus still I'm hurt sa ginawa mo rin sakin before. (u know what i mean)

Hindi kita inaaway Marge, binabalik ko lang ang maaaring sakit na maidulot nito sayo yung sakit na binigay mo sakin before.

You cursed.... you said bad words against me. You even said sana madisgrasya ako at mabalian ng kamay. (may transcript ako ng conversation na yan). It's actually over Marge, kinalimutan ko na yun. Pero you know, malalim naging effect nun sakin.... I received alot of bad comments from visitors, believe me, I even received hate mails.

You all know I'm really playing the game. I strategize, you strategize. Napapalpak strategies ko dahil sa mga pagbubulgar lang rin na actually wala rin sa lugar.

Honestly, wala akong kakwestyun question sa relationship natin ngayon Marge... I know na tapos na taung magreconcile... ... its just hard for me to forget. (cus sometimes, I cant help it.. I cant help but hold grudges.)

To Maristel, Kathryn, Paolo, Heidee... sana wag nyo questionin yung pagiging mabait ko sa inyo.
Nabahiran na ng mantsa ni Marge ung tiwala ko sa kanya B4. Kayo kayo ang totoong malapit sakin.

Yes I lied, but if you know who I really am.. alam nyo kung kelan ako nagsisinungaling at hindi.

To Marge, I am expecting another reaction from you... but I hope maiintindihan mo ako sa ginawa kong yan. +5 penalty points "sana" for you is not enough for the damage you gave me bfore.

To make it short, quits lang.

Maclarify ko lang, im not the one who cloned myself and Adrian before. Dun ko lang nakuha ang idea.

Thank you and hope to talk to all of you again.

another clarification.... bat ung cloning issue samin ni adrian beforenabalewala lang? INVESTIGATE!

Heidee blogs: Gala sa Gale

Poor man's Boracay. That's what Puerto Galera is called, said my friend. So since Boracay is three whole months away, Chu and I thought we'd get a sneak peek by hitching along with Gay and her cousins in their Puerto Galera outing. Early Saturday morning, the three of us rode a bus to Alabang, where we were meeting Gay's cousins. Turns out there was just one cousin, whom she introduced to us as Rick. The rest of her cousins weren't going. Instead Rick had invited his officemates. Gay was thankful she had us with her, then, otherwise she would have been the one who would be O.P. (out of place). And to think we were worried that we'd be intruding on a family reunion! Haha! From Alabang we rode a bus to Batangas pier, where we rode a ferry to the Puerto Galera white beach.

ferry boat

h, puerto galera

We reached the beach past noontime, so it was scorching hot by then. The sight amazed me. White sand, blue seas and skies, green mountains, boats, people clad in bikinis and shorts, stalls selling souvenirs and beach gear. Summer paradise. I was so excited to hit the beach, but then first things first, we must attend to our parched throats and growling stomachs. Rick's officemates fetched us at the shore and led us to where they were staying. We had grilled fish and pork for lunch. Later on they told us the bad news --> we won't fit into the house where they were staying. So we walked around and looked for a place to stay. Luckily we found an available room in White Beach resort. It was airconditioned with two queen-size beds, cable TV, and a hot shower.

white beach resort bedroom

After changing into our beach wear and slathering on sunblock, we three hit the sand and had a pictorial with Chu's digicam. It took us the rest of the afternoon to walk across half the island, so it was late already when we decided we were ready to go snorkeling. So after buying some grilled hotdogs, we boarded the boat that brought us across the sea to the snorkeling point. When we jumped into the water, we were disappointed because the corals were so deep down and there was few fish. There was better snorkeling in Batangas, and the best would still be in Bohol. Oh well. At least we can practice swimming in the deep water with our life jackets strapped on.

rightmost part of the island
look at the view!
snorkeling boat

We headed back to shore and lay down on the sand. Then I decided to have a massage on the sand when one of the many massagers approached to ask if I wanted one. Massages are always blissful, but there's something about having it on the sand. Wow. After that Gay hit the water with her cousin while Chu and I went through all the stalls and looked for the perfect souvenir shirt. The stalls were scattered all over the entire length of the island so it took us half the night to go through them all.

stalls/tiangges which made us wish there was an atm nearby

When we realized we hadn't eaten dinner yet, we headed back to our room and changed into dry clothes before heading back out for dinner at one of the bars. Gay joined us as we tried the island specialty -- chicken and pork kebabs, grilled talong with bagoong, and shakes. Rick came over just in time to join us in downing shots of Mindoro's Sling -- the specialty drink of Mindoro. It's like Ginpom only not as strong, and gin is not in it. Chu and I both agreed that it wasn't stong, but Gay wore a look of disgust on her face each time she downed a shot, following each one with a chaser of water. In the end we finished the entire pitcher, and decided to hit the sand after paying the bill. There were plenty of people dancing on the beach, so we joined them for a bit before heading back to our room to use the CR, telling Rick we'd join him and his pals afterwards. But when we got to our room we were so tired and the sling was beginning to have its effect that we were all dead to the world the moment we hit the bed.

kebabs for dinner
let's toast to that! specialty: mindoro's sling
dancing in the moonlight

The next morning I woke up to Chu's voice saying we didn't come to Gale to sleep. Now here's a switch! Chu waking up early! Gay and I changed back into our beach wear and were out the door with Chu. But before that we realized we were pretty low on cash. Turns out there were no ATMs here. So we pooled all our cash together and started budgeting. We figured we could still afford the banana boat, so off we went. The minimum number of people to pay for in one banana boat ride was four, but there were only three of us, so Chu the tawad king managed to convince the guy to let us go for P100 less. After signing waivers, we strapped on our colorful life vests and waded into the water once again. We clambered aboard the banana boat (which is more of a banana-shaped salbabida), held on to the ropes infront of our seats, and were pulled along behind the speedboat into the middle of the sea. My heart was thumping wildly but it was fun! Actually I was the one who recommended this, having tried it before in Subic. Halfway through, our banana boat flipped. We let go of the ropes as instructed, and I felt myself bumping against Gay. At least it was just Gay I bumped into. Chu ended up bumping against a jellyfish. But it was not a poisonous one, so we clambered aboard the speedboat and from there went back on the banana. We flipped over a second time before we were headed for shore.

a very colorful banana boat

When we got back to the room Rick was already awake, so he went with us to buy our ferry tickets for Batangas pier. Then the four of us walked towards the left of the island, as instructed by my friend Richard who had been there before. On the way there we passed an ice crumble vendor and bought some. We also took some pictures infront of Mindorinne, the most expensive resort there, for sure. Finally we reached the rocks jutting out of the water, at the leftmost part of the island. We walked across them and ended up at another resort, where the sand was grainier and there were fewer people. We decided to take a dip there, since it looked so serene. After shedding our paraphernalia on the shore, we waded into the water. I practiced my swimming strokes and thrust out into the ocean until Rick warned me not to go too far because it easily got deep there. At that I stopped and stood up, but to my consternation, I could not longer feel the sea floor! It did get deep fast around here! I would have been able to make it back to the shallow part on my own but I panicked, so Rick had to pull me.

in mindorinne oriental resort
enjoying ice crumble on a hot summer day
on the rocks (leftmost part of the island)

After a few minutes of wallowing in the water we decided to head back because the sun was high in the sky already. After a long trek back to our room we all showered and changed. We counted out our cash and figured we could afford lunch if all four of us shared one fish. So poor us, making do with a single tilapia. Luckily we realized our loose change could afford us some grilled eggplant and a hotdog each.

low on cash, sharing a single tilapia

After eating we checked out and headed for the port. There was a moment when we thought we wouldn't be able to fit into the ferry and wouldn't be able to go home, but thankfully we were able to. By then we had absolutely no money left and we hoped against hope that there was ATM in Batangas pier. There was. But since it was Bancnet only Chu was able to withdraw. At that moment I suddenly felt what I hadn't felt in a long time. The feeling that I couldn't buy anything unless it was approved by someone else. As we bought water and chichirya both Gay and I wanted so many other different things but somehow it didn't cross our mind that we could actually borrow money from Chu, so we didn't buy them. Gay and I started calling Chu our daddy. We ate dinner at a carinderia so that we wouldn't experience what happened in our Pagsanjan trip when we got so hungry in the bus ride home we wanted to eat our clothes. Then we were shocked when we got billed because the food was very expensive, twice what you'e expect from a cheap-looking carinderia with ordinary food like that one. Anyhow we paid up and boarded a bus to Buendia. As usual we slept all the way home. A good thing we woke up just before reaching our place, though. And a good thing I was able to note where we were supposed to go down because it was not our normal way and therefore unfamiliar.

At the end of the day we had some fries and desserts at McDo before trudging home. Until now we haven't accounted for how much we owe each other due to the pooling of funds thing that happened, but more or less here's the budget for Puerto Galera:

Bus to Batangas Pier from Makati (roundtrip) --> 300 each
Ferry from Batangas Pier to Puerto Galera (roundtrip) --> 340 each
Room (can fit probably upto 6 persons) --> 4,500
Snorkeling boat with gear --> 600
Banana boat --> 150 per person, minimum of 4 persons
Mindoro's Sling (by pitcher) --> 300
Kebab (with rice & coleslaw) --> 100 each
Massage on the sand --> 200
Souvenir T-shirt --> 100 each

And of course, don't forget to account for your food and other extra costs you may incur. Still, I do believe it's cheaper than Bora. Poor Man's Boracay indeed.

Ian violates House Rules

Ian addressed Remcyl, an ex-VH, in the ShoutBox last April 4, 2:23PM using the username "mArGe".

He said, "REms, loNg tiMe n0 hEAR. (smiley) miSs k n kaU!!! mwuAhHhhhhhh...... (smiley)".

Although in-house VHs (and visitors) are free in choosing username when using the ShoutBox, it is a NO-NO for the in-house VHs to reply to visitors' messages and/or to address non-VHs in the ShoutBox.

Ian's IP:
Marge's IP:

BBK gave Ian +5 penalty points.

Re-Nomination Update: 5 out of 7 VHs has voted

Deadline: April 15, 11:59PM Saturday

Paolo blogs: Aanga-anga tlga ako :(

hhhhmmm... ano ba ngyari saakin...first nagka-penalty ako dahil sa pagbati ng mga Ex-VHs...then nagkaroon ako ng warning dahil i posted in the "Ex-VHs and Visitors Forum"....nabawi ko n sana ung +5 to-evict points ko...dahil I won the Reward Poll..pero ayan nnmn...there is another +5 to-evict for me...dahil...hindi ako nkpag-post sa blog...dpat kc 2 posts per week...akala ko ok n ung 2 ko n post na "Vacation to Las Vegas"...tska ung first Chapter ng "Jologs Online Book" ko...un pala...hindi ksma ung sa Las Vegas n blog kc sbi ni BBK required daw pla un saakin...haaay!!! buhay...hehehhe...oo nga nmn marami k n problem...isasali ko p b ang PBBFG2 n game sa problem ko?...of course not...hindi nmn problem para saakin itong game n fact nag-eenjoy ako...and win or lose...ay mali...wala plang lose dito cuz i already got my prize...the new set of friends i had...the Ex-VHs...and the ones still inside the Virtual House...even the housemates from Season1 nakakausap ko n din and i know that they are my friends na...I consider them as the new set of friends I if I will stay sa Virtual House and not be evicted...i'll post more blogs so hindi na ako mgkaroon ng penalty...i'll follow all the rules...and bought a new computer...para nmn makapag post n ko...ung isa ko kc na computer aun sira...hindi mkapag-send ng mail or msg sa friendster....lagi "Send Error Repot" there I bought a new one so if I will be given a chance to stay and not get evicted in the 5th n ko lagi ng blog ko...heheheh...check out my picture hehe mukha tlga akong aanga-anga... :) See you around guys!!! (^-^)

Current Mood: crappy

50 Facts about Marge

1. I am me
2. loves hanging out with friends
3. loves to talk (I'm born to talk)
4. loves to sleep
5. loves to stay awake
6. loves listening to music
7. hates poseurs
8. hates slimy stuff
9. hates being made to do something she's doesn't like
10. will not talk to you if she doesn't really like
11. will try to make you feel better
12. will make you do something you'd be proud of
13. will be a very good friend
14. will not make you do a thing you don't like
15. will not discourage you
16. will not ignore you even though you're good friends
17. will encourage you to do what you want
18. hates cockroach
19. loves to eat sweets
20. will not make you like her if you don't like her
21. will abide some rules of the school
22. wants to be a world class fashion designer
23. wants to publish a book
24. wants to see her best friends again
25. wants to spend the rest of her life with her mom
26. is a very sentimental person
27. loves to sing
28. hates math
29. really loves to dance and im really good at it
30. have a 50 pairs of shoes and bags
31. 2nd cousin of Tata Young
32. loves asian cuisine
32. loves anime
33. watched mean girls for 20 times
34. born on july.7,1991 around 2:18 am
35. really love going to Boracay
36. loves to collect accessories
37. loves R&B/HIPHOP
38. former memeber of Bayanihan Dance Group
39. Former ANG TV kid (extra)
40. Die Hard Fan of Hello Kitty
41. wants to be a superstar
42. Can't sleep without drinking a glass of MILO
43. Kissed Sam Milby on the Cheeks (haha!)
44. This is my 2nd life! :)
45. Loyal SPCnian for life
46. My Dream School DLSU/Atene0
47. Ex-M.U of Champ Lui-Pio (Hale)
48. loves to be cuddled and kissed (haha!)
49. Played the song THE DAY YOU SAID GOODNIGHT for a thousand times :D
50. Loves Jesus Very Much! :)

Maristel blogs: TRAUMATIC DAY!!!

~~> April 10, Monday:

5 am -- Issued checks for MWSI, Bayantel, PLDT, Meralco and Credit Card bills. Still up keeping track on the records of the ins and outs of money. Did the book keeping. Wrote the expenses and miscellaneous stuffs on our planner. Checked and updated the Credit Card bills.

~*~ currently listening Bonnie Bailey's Ever After...

6 am -- I asked Papu to get me a Sprite 500 @ 'ta Jhick's place. I'm so sleepy and still there are a lot of stuffs I have to finish. Kuya Sander opened our vacation for this Holy Week... We might be leaving Tuesday (tomorrow) or Wednesday... We might be staying at Laguna first. Sa house ng Uncle Jigz ko sa Bel-Air... If we'll be receiving a text from my Tito Elly that they'll be on their way to Batangas, biyahe na din kami to Batangas.

7 am -- Went upstairs to the Comfort Room and brushed my teeth. Then after, sa Bedroom na and did my night rituals... Prayed first then did my beauty regimens... Eskinol, Petroleum Jelly on my lips as lip balm, Powder, Cologne and then Lotion... Chikahan muna kami ni Bane tapos umakyat na din sila Kuya Sander and Bryan... Usapang sunmates kami. Jokes, Quotes and stuffs... Tapos ayun, napag-usapan namin si Bong Aycocho from Forerunner Technologies. Pinagtripan namin sa Sun. Nakakaloko talaga! Sobrang tawa kami ng tawa! We laughed so hard that my eyes were teary eyed na from too much laugh...

7:30 -- Ayun na. Tinamaan na ako ng antok... Asleep...

10:45 -- Call of nature. But I checked my cellphone muna kung meron nag text. Kahit isa wala!!! So I stood up. I saw some dog shit behind the door, I ignored it for a while (Cotton & Candy sleep with us kasi sa Bedroom) and unlocked and opened the door. So dun muna ako sa porcelain god. Di ko nga namalayan, nakatulog ako ulit... For 5mins. Then I hear the phone rang. So I washed and went out to answer the phone sana. I heard Bryan and Papu downstairs from school (distribution of report cards kasi). So I guess either of them answered the phone na. I was thinking na I want to go downstairs and magsaing na. Get ready for Lunch. I still have 4 tilapia kasi sa freezer, kaya lang sudden change of mind. So I went back to the room instead and picked up the dog shit.

11 am -- I heard this footsteps sa rooftop! Parang tumatakbo... So ako, "SHIT!!! ANO YUN" (sounds panicking na ako)... So Kuya Sander stood up and checked and peeped sa blinds. Wala naman syang nakita. So he climbed up ung bed namin ni Bane and silip sya dun sa maliit na butas sa may frame ng aircon. He saw this guy who was running nga and climbed up naman sa roof ng bedroom ng Mom ko... So panic na talaga kami. I heard people shouting. I heard my brother's voice and the neighbors din...

I checked on my Mom and was all pale. Sobrang hypertensive sya. She doesn't know what to do and all she did was demonstrate what happened. My cousin Papu saw what happened to.

Our place kasi is a compound. 5 houses lahat. Our maid Meck who was currently doing the laundry when she saw a guy who has one "dos por dos" in his hand who crossed the dividing wall from Mang Pinong to our terrace. Sinita pa niya. Sabi niya "Hoy! ano yan?". She was appaled lang kasi yung ibang kapitbahay sinundan na yung lalaki na umakyat sa amin. She was afraid pero tinuloy pa rin niya yung paglalaba niya. My Mom naman who was supposedly to gather water from the tupuro sa dirty kitchen (coz palabas na sya ng pinto) saw this guy who jumped from the roof! Mayron pa kaming isang gate dun sa likod connecting to Annie Mae & Mang Nonong's house. Dun bumagsak yung lalaki. So my Mom closed the door and hide behind our blinded windows. Nakita ng Mom ko na from the gate na pinagbagsakan nung lalaki tumakbo papunta sa dirty Kitchen namin. He dropped the piece of wood he has and that hit the trash can. So natumba yung basurahan. We have this sink there and in front of the sink were the hanging hooks for the laddles, turners, thongs, strainers and butcher's knife that we have. Just last March 17 I cleaned that place up. It was neat & imamaculate. I washed all the kitchen accessories that was hanging there. Nagulat na lang ang Mommy ko when she saw that the man was grabbing the butcher's knife. There were three buthcer's knife there. He was grabbing two. He can't easily get it coz the hooks were tight. So instead he pulled out the largest one and natanggal yung hook na pinakakabitan nung itak. When my Mom saw that he was holding two "itak" na... She ryshed through the door ang locked it. Fortunately di na siya nahirapan (pasaway din kasi yung glass door na yun). The man saw her and ran towards our door. He pulled the locked door twice. He was even staring at my Mom daw (with fiery eyes). So what my Mom did was run through the stairs - kaya lang instinct nga naman bumabagal na daw sya maglakad. The man opened one of our kitchen's window and looked at her angrily with his right hand on the air and scared my Mom. Nung nakaakyat na yung Mom ko, nagulat sa kanya si Arjay (my brother) & Karen (his wife). They went straight ahead sa Terrace and checked kung nasan na yung lalaki. Yung Mom ko naman out of curiousity opened my empty room. Pag silip nya sa bintana, nakita nya yung lalaki who was running away papunta sa may Barbershop namin. He can't go out sa Barbershop dahil nakabarrel bold ang pinto. Meron stairs dun papunta sa stockroom sa compound umakyat sya dun and saw the wall that connects to Mang Nonong's house, dun sya dumaan. Tumalon sya dun and dun na din sya sa gate nila Mang Nonong lumabas. Our neighbors chased him. he crossed the railroad (home along the riles kasi kami). Nakita daw niya yung "panciteria" and initak yung lalaki na nagseserve. Naharangan sya ng isang bumibili initak nya din. Sa may Paltoc naman there were some people who were forming for a rally - there cops there. Nadiscover namin na nung umakyat sya sa bubong namin may humahabol na pala sa kanya. When the cop tried to stopped him, initak nya sa may upperlip. Right there and then the cop shot him. We heard 8 gunshots.

Just this afternoon according to our neighbors from the market told us that 2 was killed by the brigand. The cop was injured and the man was killed.

Even my cousin who was only 13 years old - saw everything behind a closed accordion. We all know naman that I doesn't stay at my Mom's place. Dito talaga ako sa mga pinsan ko who was just three steps away from the house. Buti na lang din and Papu didn't open the accordion coz if that happens kami ang papasukin. Pababa na din ako that time - and on that instance baka kami ang nagkasalubong nung lalaki.

The man was reportedly a cellphone snatcher but according to what he said from the people outside... His cellphone was stolen and he was provoked to chase the man who snatched his cellphone. Nag amok lang daw. We don't care about that anymore.

Di lang ngayon nagyari 'to. Siguro twice na 'to. Mabait lang talaga si God dahil di niya hinahayaan na may masaktan or mawala sa amin.

I am just so thankful that from that incident walang nawala sa bahay namin (just the itak). I just have to say thankyou God that nobody from my Family was hurt by that man...

Always lock the gate. A lot of bad people are now surrounding. We can't prevent them (we doesn't have the power to do so). Kaya everytime lalabas ng bahay always lock the door and once you get back, i-lock ulit. We all don't know what will happen next...

Monday, April 10, 2006

Ian blogs: Fashion is Risky

"Comments keep your feet on the ground, compliments lift you up."


Teacher Stephen: "Ian, you will deliver your farewell speech tomorrow in the church." After hearing that, isang problema agad pumasok sa kokote ko. "What should I wear?" I only have 30 dollars in my pocket.

"You will stand infront of your students and all the teachers tomorrow Ian, you know what to do now.", reminds my ego.

I went to 'Total Fashion', a fashion store in Kyeongsan City to get something to wear nga for tomorrow.

3 hours akong nag-shop until nagclose ang store, di na ako nakapag-dinner. I know I'm not a wise shopper, cus everytime I shop... kuha lang talaga ako ng kuha.. then on the later part, nagreregret ako sa pinili ko.

Ayos, discounted pala lahat ng items na kinuha ko. So all in all, I got around 60% off.

Nakabalik ako sa room ko around 11:30 PM. I was pagod but talagang confused ako sa binili ko so nag dress rehearsal ako until 1 AM.


As usual, almost late na naman ako. Susunduin na sana ako ng isa sa mga Korean students sa room ko ng lumabas nako sa room.

Ian! You look different!" ,sabi ng studyante. Umandar bigla pagka-paranoid ko. Balik ako ulit sa kwarto .... inexamine itsura ko. tingin ko ok lang naman. though my gut feelings say na ok nga lang.

Takbo ako sa auditorium, magsisimula na ang program. Diretso ako sa backstage.

Teacher Stephen: "Teacher Ian, you look so different today."

"Ano na naman tong isang to.", sabi ko.

... ... ...

My time to talk...

... ... ...

Pag akyat na pag akyat ko sa stage, wow, ang spotlight, tutok na tutok sakin. Ang lights, camera, nasa sakin lahat. Kitang kita ko itsura ko sa malaking screen sa bandang likuran ng auditorium.

Palakpakan at hiyawan ang sumalubong sakin galing sa mga students ko. Speech speech ako kunyari for about 15 minutes na hindi talaga komportable.

Pagkatapos ng program.... Nagsilapitan mga high school studetns sakin.... Halo halong komento narinig ko... "Teacher, you look different... ... you are unique.... are very green... look terrific..... ..... you are different!

Yeah right, you have to take high risk to have good fashion style.

As for me, I'm just being true to myself. I like to explore new things. What I wear simply defines the wholeness of me.

Adrian blogs: Wish I may, wish I might…

Current mood: confused

It has been two years since my last serious girlfriend. After that, I became the usual college stud who prefers short term flings than a serious relationship. But then after more than a year of doing that (19 months to be exact.), I think Im finally ready to be in a relationship again (A serious one this time. Im tired of playing around.) So Ill just go straight to the point. I am so into this girl right now. Actually, I already noticed her since we were 1st year but we never got introduced or anything. We just pass each other by in the hallways or something. That was until now when we became classmates in all subjects. Since tatlo lang kaming magkatulad ng schedules, kaming tatlo ang parating nagkakasama since last week Ako lang ung lalaki. Ung isa, nagging classmate ko na for 3 semesters now. And the other one, is Her. When I finally got to meet her, na-confirm ko nga un mga 1st impressions ko that she was sweet, humble, mapag-aruga, funny, smart, and well disciplined. We got really close because weve been hanging out whole week last week. We ate lunch together, watched Dvds at my place, went to Colon (Its like Divisoria here in Cebu) to go shopping for cheap blouses and shirts, and I even helped here in moving from her former dorm to the new boarding house where she is living now. So in short, we really got close in a span of a week. Having noticed her since before, it is already predictable that I fell for this girl. And why not Shes a fairly attractive girl plus the personality to match. And I also feel na comfortable cya with me. But, heres the catch: She has a boyfriend. I knew it all along but then I was never cautioned about it. But then, I did not expect myself to have that certain feeling for her. And another thing, her boyfriend is studying in Manila so they really arent seeing each other that often. Feel ko rin na naoobvious na sa kanya na Im interested in her and feel ko rin na she is welcoming it. So basically, Im in the same situation that happen between Zanjoe and Bianca. The difference is that walang cameras na nag su-surveillance naming which makes it a little more easier. So puedeng-puede na maging kami without her original boyfriend knowing about it. But like any ethical guy out there, I respect the fact that she has a boyfriend and I dont want to make a move if they are still on just for the sake of respect. But what really got me thinking right now is how to control these feelings for her. What I really hate about it is that Im starting to get jealous with her boyfriend and to any guy who even just talks to her. Alam ko naman na I never had the right to get jealous because there was never a relationship between us anyways! Its her boyfriends right to get jealous! (And Ive never felt this much jealousy before not even to my ex-girlfriends!) Whats making me more bothered is that she always compares her boyfriend to me. Shell mention that we have the same height and she wishes if only her boyfriend was as may-laman as me (her boyfriend is so thin.)

Tonight, shes going home back to her province for the holy week and I know that shell be with her boyfriend there. Just thinking about it makes me boil with jealousy and want to do something really stupid!

Why does it have to be someone whos attached? Meron naman akong kilalang girls na single na umaamin na maypagtingin rin sakin. Why didnt I fell for them? Im so bothered right now. I guess I have to live with it. Come what may!

Heres the best song that describes my feelings, Its called Wish and its by our fellow Cebuano artist, Soulstring (

Oh It hurts me when your with another,
but I have no right coz Im not your lover
Wish I may, wish I might,
Get your love, get things right,
Baby youre the one thing that I might never have,
And God knows where, God knows why
Maybe now, till I die,
But theres only one thing I am sure for now,
There was never us somehow