Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 2

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ian and Rhea topped the PBBFG Penalty Poll

Ian and Rhea both received 104 votes at 12:59PM, the cut off of the PBBFG Penalty Poll. Receiving the highest votes, the two get an additional 5 to evict points in the 2nd Nomination.

Postscript: It was stated at the bottom of the poll question that the cut off of the poll is 9:00PM March 5. However, in the update BBK made twelve hours ago, it was stated that:

"Twelve hours to go and the poll, which VH with the highest vote gets an extra 5-to-evict-points courtesy of the visitors, perhaps, their co-VHs themselves as well) in the 2nd Nomination, will be concluded."

BBK admits that the deadline he wrote was indeed 9:00PM March 5. However in the update it was 11:59PM, it will be final. Also the poll has been concluded and closed.

Maristel blogs: From GoodNIGHT to a BAD Day

Wow!!! How am I going to begin???? Let me see??? Last night was such a blast!!! Finally the one VH that I haven't been aquainted to was online... She was the only VH that I've been longing to meet. It's been I think weeks... I know I have to catch up with her. A lot of things have been missing then - until last night... Kathryn!!! Paolo's idol... it was such a wonderful feeling - coz at last I've met all the 11 VHs in PBBFG2... I never had the feeling that "I may not find her easy to get along with..." instead, everything happened spontaneously... We talked a lot about things... We eved had a virtual coffee... *lol* Now I know, win or lose - worries aren't there anymore... The friendship that I've long waited for is finally here... Jen and I had nonstop chats (prang unlimited)... We talked a lot about things... Crazy things... Wild thoughts... *lol* but not so wild... We talked about her "special friend" and shempre "my special friend" - Everything was goin' on so smoothly... I felt so inspired for the past few days. And because of that inspiration, I even had sleppless nights... 2 sleepless nights to be exact... I felt so high that all I wanna do is to update my blog and share my happy thoughts with my co-VHs...anyway,,, BBK, gave me and Ian a special activity... The Game Ka Na Ba One Million question wherein BBK posted a cluster map on our site and on that map were 6 locations and I have to choose 3 for myself and the other 3 will be for Ian... So what I did late that night (March 03) was to ask a help from Jen... By the way, The 6 choices were Mongolia, Iceland, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand & Hawaii... I chose Iceland, South Africa & New Zealand... What I did was enter Yahoo Groups and go for Regionals... I searched for the countries that I chose... I joined 3 groups (I think) for each location that I have... I posted a message saying, "checkout this site" just that... I never really thought that I'm gonna gain the immunity. I know Ian was doing his thing too... I know coz he never missed a single activity here @ the virtual house...Until this morning... I woke up around 10 am - I fixed myself a mug of hot nesvita... I lit up a smoke. Checked on my pups... and finally the much awaited... The PC... Shempre, I have to see if there were any updates from BBK. So I decided to - you know go online... Signed in at YM... I saw Pao there but his status message was he's sleeping... So I didn't bother sending him a message or buzzing him... I just stayed there "STEADY lang..."Now... the turning point of all the happy things... A girl that my ex boyfriend has been courting months IM me... I asked her why... So we chatted for a while - until she asked me to buzz my ex boyfriend... At first I was hesitant to do so... Coz, for me I know,,, there's nothing more left to talk about... But the girl was really in favor - so I was constrained to drop a message to my ex... Our first conversation, was really fun... He even asked me who the guy on my avatar is... He even judged the guy who is recently courting me. So, i was just like... "ok, saloobin mo yan eh... I can't do anything about that". Things happened so fast... We had a confrontation... I received some bitter words from him... Words that really are hard to digest, if you are sensitive... I never anticipated that confrontation... I was fooled by him for months... He was a complete pervert... I was his girlfriend for months but there are three more girls that he has a relationship with (too) all at the same time. My God! I was totally blanked... I am speechless... I really am totally devastated...That didn't end there... I received a message from one of my fellow VH... I won't tell you what happened or what were the things uttered on the message - but it really strucked me! If you want a friend - I can be one... More than what you expect a friend can do... I will always be a friend in deed... Not just by words... But there was this one word that really hurt me... When I read that, I can feel the dark clouds over me... I wanted to cry and burst out... I don't know how to release my pain... the anger... the disappointment... that I felt... I would rather accept physical pain, than to hear hurtful words against me. Sometimes it last for a lifetime, especially when I treated that person a friend to me... But I know and I still believe that "Time will heal all these wounds"... Time will and I know there's no harm in giving second chances...
"The only way to have a friend is to be one." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Be careful of what you say, friendship can end in one minutebecause of a stupid word." -Unknown

song ko for myself...


Where is the moment when we need it the most You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost They tell me your blue sky's faded to grey They tell me your passion's gone away And I don't need no carryin' on You stand in the line just to hit a new low You're faking a smile with the coffee to go You tell me your life's been way off line You're falling to pieces everytime And I don't need no carryin' on Cause you have a bad day You're taking one down You sing a sad song just to turn it around You say you don't know You tell me don't lie You work at a smile and you go for a ride You had a bad day The camera don't lie You're coming back down and you really don't mind You had a bad day You had a bad day Well you need a blue sky holiday The point is they laugh at what you say And I don't need no carryin' on You have a bad day You're taking one down You sing a sad song just to turn it around You say you don't know You tell me don't lie You work at a smile and you go for a ride You had a bad day The camera don't lie You're coming back down and you really don't mind You had a bad day (Oh.. Holiday..) Sometimes the system goes on the brink And the whole thing turns out wrong You might not make it back and you know That you could be well oh that strong And I'm not wrong So where is the passion when you need it the most Oh you and I You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost Cause you have a bad day You're taking one down You sing a sad song just to turn it around You say you don't know You tell me don't lie You work at a smile and you go for a ride You had a bad day You've seen what you like And how does it feel for one more time You had a bad day You had a bad day Have a bad day Have a bad day
Wishing you all well... Love you all...

PBB Fantasy GAME KNB challenge update

Maristel has already invited guests from South Africa and New Zealand, two of her chosen territories, while Ian, nadda. If ClustrMap records a visit from Iceland , Maristel's third chosen location, on the next update, she retains the top block and she remains Immuned even if Ian, her challenger succeded to invite guests from Hawaii, Mongolia and Argentina.

Ian must have at least 1 location advantage with Maristel to snatch the Immunity.

Technical error; VHs to decide whether to publish the results of the 2nd Nomination with codenames or real names

This afternoon, the partial and official results of the 2nd Nomination had been accidentally published in the vHouse. Some VHs who were in the vHouse saw the results.

VHs are required to use codenames during nominations to give the voters privacy, protect their identity.

VHs will decide whether the results should be published with their real names or codenames.

Nomination update: All ballots in!

Remcyl's grandfather dies.
Please pray for his soul.

Another VH from the south, next to leave the vHouse?

As of this moment, the poll is between the outspoken and the not-so-communicative Mindanaoans.

Ian, the 20-year-old Korea-based teacher from General Santos City, South Cotabato, has received 34% or 95 of the total 278 votes cast so far. Closest is Rhea, the 21-year-old college stud from Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental, with 23.4%.

Twelve hours to go and the poll, which VH with the highest vote gets an extra 5-to-evict-points (courtesy of the visitors, perhaps, their co-VHs themselves as well) in the 2nd Nomination, will be concluded.

In the first Nomination, Heidee, whose hometown is Zamboanga City, Zamboanga de Sur, received the highest vote among the VH. She was the 1 VH to leave vHouse.

Maristel chooses her 3 locations

Maristel chose Iceland, South Africa and New Zealand in effect assigning the remaining 3 locations: Hawaii, Argentina and Mongolia to Ian.

Below is PBBFG's ClustrMap. Maristel and Ian will try to attract visitors from their respective locations. None from the 6 locations has visited vHouse. Visitor/s from each location is equal to a point. Ian has to get a higher point in order to snatch Maristel' Immunity. In case of tie, Immunity stays with Maristel. ClustrMap is updated at 12:30AM (+8 GMT)

Jen-Jen and Dylan answer survey

1. Pikon? > Jen-Jen: depende... / Dylan: nah... i enjoy EQ testing nga...ahah
2. Maarte? > pag nasa trip mag-inarte / nope
3. Pihikan? > yea... sa food / ta0
4. Malambing? > nde ba obvious??? / sa mga piling ta0...heh
5. Madaldal? >
uu sobra! / nde nmn
6. Conservative? > ok lng... / yes very..kht d 0bvi0uz..haha
7. Lakwatsera/ro? > nope... / nah... ta0ng bahay/banda/simbahan lng ak0..heh
8. Makulit? > mejo.... / s0bra...tr0n0 k0 yan..haha
9. Blacksheep? > nde huh... / d nmn yta..heh
10. Cute? > ay sobra! (juk) / pa-cute lng..j0kez..hek2
11. Papansin? > nope... / di nmn
12. Bulgar magsalita? > sometimes.... / d sense n gmgmit ng bulgar n w0rds? n0 way
13. Pranka? > sometimes din... / minzan... pg klngan na... 0 pg sum0s0bra na..haha
14. Maharot? >
nde p0... / dpnde.. pg kzma lng mga bndm8z..haha
15. Boring? > i dont think s0... / d nmn yta..heh
16. Liar? > nde... / n0pe
17. Faithful? > sobra! / yeh!!!!! di ba hlta? haha
18. Palamura? > nde naman... / n0 way di nga k0 mrun0ng..haha
19. Smoker? > nope.... / n0 way
20. Lasenggo/a > nde..... / n0 way
21. Weird? > nde rin.... / OO!!..s0bra!! haha
23. Crush ng bayan? > ng campus lng... juk lng! ahahaha / d nmn... ;) haha
24. Friendly? > sobra..... / yeh
25. Walang taste? > may taste aq nuh... / saan?
26. Walang originality? > baka nde aq un.... / haha zakzakan nga ng 0riginality...hahah weird0 2 d max
27. Paranoid? > minsan lng... / sa mhal k0...lgi...haha
28. Antukin? > anu ung antok hahaha / i love dreamland...haha
29. Lakas trip? > sometimes.... / kdalazan..haha
30. Mababaw ang luha? > uu.... / nde
31. Love your neighbors? > oh yea.... / c0rz
32. Sumbungan ng friends? > uu rin.... / 32. Sumbungan ng friends? > eh
33. Tried vandalism? > yea sa skul nung high school / patay tau jan..haha
34. Late? > always.... / haha dati lgn...ngaun nde na!..yesz bg0ng buhay..haha
35. Dork? > nope / c0rz n0t
36. Explorer? > yepz... / eh
37. Always hapi? > Iuu naman... / c0rz...God's there
38. Lazy? > sometimes.... / nah ...nevr wanna wazte preci0us time
39. Loveless? > walang bf pero inluv aq... / c0rz n0t.haha
40. Matalino? > cguro naman... / xgur0
41. Selosa/so? > sobra pero nasa lugar / yeh..haha akalain m0 un?!
42. Possessive? > minsan / yeh..akalain m0 din un?! haha
43. Demanding? > nde naman... / ah..yan ang nde... akala lng..haha
44. Gastador? > nde... / sa iba..
45. Kuripot? > mejo... / pg dtng s zarili..haha
46. Sabik? > sabik sa??? / sabik sa???
47. Plastic? > Nope / nah
48. Sweet? > sobra p0... / yeh...s mga piling ta0 dn..heh
49. Astigin? >
minsan / nla eh
50. Maangas? > hindi / xgur0 dn...
51. Inlove? > uu / s0 in love
52. Kanino? > kay james.... / ky laurice adriano ...
53. Bakit sya? > eh kasi siya eh.... paki niyo ba!! / 53. eh gnun tlga ang buhay =P...haha... uhhh... iba kz xa...un n un...
54. Gutom ka ba? > kumakain na q now / d nmn
55. Last person na minahal mo aside from your bf/gf? > family / relatives? nyak d ata un ung hnhnap m0ng zg0t..haha.. wla eh...
56. First person na nagpatibok ng puso mo? > joshua / uhh lgi nmn tumitib0k ung puz0 k0 eh..haha...1st 0ne dat made my heart skip a beat nlng... c leeh n un..hehe
57. Close kayo? > uu... / yeh..mhal k0 un..heh
58. Sino mas mahal mo yung dati o ngayon? > xempre ung ngaun na / ung ngaun..xempre...4evr n 2..haha
59. Kaya mo ba patagalin ang relationship mo with him/her? > uu naman... sana nga xa na eh / i try my bezt... pr0 nza aming dlwa and ky Lord n un..heh
60. Last message mo sa iyong love/kung wala, gumawa na lng... > i miss u.. i love u... i hope u feel the same way too... / i miszh u s0 mchmy leeh... lam m nmn n ikw lng... db?... tke care 0f urzelf ah... ngaalala k0...i love u s0 mch...

Friday, March 03, 2006

Maristel answers survey

1. Pikon? > dePende... miNsan 2. Maarte? > cOwGurL baby... ; ) 3. Pihikan? > na-aH 4. Malambing? > OkEi lang... 5. Madaldal? > HaHaHa!!! SuPer!!! 6. Conservative? > kOnTi *lol 7. Lakwatsera/ro? > daTi... ngaYon, di Na msHado... 8. Makulit? > BIGTIME!!!! 9. Blacksheep? > NOPE 10. Cute? > Oo!!! Ask paoLo... :) 11. Papansin? > HiNdi... 12. Bulgar magsalita? > miNsan... 13. Pranka? > dePends, pag kLangan na tLaga... 14. Maharot? > pag napagTripan ko, magHarot... sobRang maHarOt... 15. Boring? > depende sa mOod ko... ;) 16. Liar? > NOPE 17. Faithful? > YESH... 18. Palamura? > hehehe 19. Smoker? > yeps 20. Lasenggo/a > big NO 21. Weird? > hindi 23. Crush ng bayan? > hahaha!!! ewan Ko 24. Friendly? > OpKors... 25. Walang taste? > MeRon nOh 26. Walang originality? > ORIGINAL akeTch 27. Paranoid? > sOmeTimes 28. Antukin? > mEi iNsOmnia nga ako eh... 29. Lakas trip? > BigTime 30. Mababaw ang luha? > sOmeTimes 31. Love your neighbors? > oO naman... 32. Sumbungan ng friends? > takbuHan taLaga... 33. Tried vandalism? > uHrmmm... maLiiT lang... 34. Late? > hahaha! 35. Dork? > nOpe 36. Explorer? > yEsH 37. Always hapi? > I have to kc eH... 38. Lazy? > miNsan... 39. Loveless? > maLapit ng hindi maging LOVELESS 40. Matalino? > hehehe... I love myseLf eh... medjo... hehehe 41. Selosa/so? > medyo... 42. Possessive? > minsan 43. Demanding? > Hindi poH 44. Gastador? > kiNdda 45. Kuripot? > HiNdi 46. Sabik? > Saan? hahaha! 47. Plastic? > Nope 48. Sweet? > Hell yes... di Lang minsan haLaTa 49. Astigin? > One of the bois eh... kea ASTEEG 50. Maangas? > hindi 51. Inlove? > maLapit na 52. Kanino? > hahaha! sa kin muna un... hahaha! bka maudLot pa! *lol* 53. Bakit sya? > un nga din Tanong ko eH... 54. Gutom ka ba? > just ate 55. Last person na minahal mo aside from your bf/gf? > famiLy 56. First person na nagpatibok ng puso mo? > uHrmmm... better forget him na lang... 57. Close kayo? > not anymore 58. Sino mas mahal mo yung dati o ngayon? > hahaha! bka ung ngayon... 59. Kaya mo ba patagalin ang relationship mo with him/her? > hahaha!!! for him I WILL ako pa! 60. Last message mo sa iyong love/kung wala, gumawa na lng... > i super damn miss u... hahaha!

Dylan and Ian approve Testimonials

For Dylan
kHiKhAi-UnO... 03/02/2006
i should have realized this b4... when it wasn't too sorry prince...=c ~khikhai~jhezika~ "Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake)" I've been letting you down, down Boy I know I've been such a fool Giving in to temptation When I should've played it cool The situation got out of hand I hope you understand [Chorus] It can happen to.. Anyone of us, anyone you think of Anyone can fall Anyone can hurt someone they love Hearts will break 'Cause I made a stupid mistake It can happen to.. Anyone of us, say you will forgive me Anyone can fail Say you will believe me I can't take my heart will break 'Cause I made a stupid mistake A stupid mistake he was kind of exciting A little crazy I should've known he must have altered my senses 'Cause he offered to walk me home The situation got out of hand I hope you understand [Chorus] A stupid mistake he means nothing to me (nothing to me) I swear every word is true don't wanna lose you

-Laurice- 03/01/2006
mahal koh.. im so proud of you po talaga.. don't worry too much!! Im fine.. ^^ and thanks for everythin mahal koh.. 'cause you're always there for me.. thanks sa concern... And sa nakakatuwang moments.. ahaha.. kewlets koh nung mga nakaraang araw.. ahaha.. mahal koh kase eh!! miss you so much!! =) +yakap+ one more thing.. don't forget na besides me.. God will guide you, he'll never leave you.. And i will never ever leave you... *whispers* i love you so much!!! shhh.. Mahal koh.. alam moh.. saya.. 8months na!! whew!! Turning.. FOREVER!!hahaha.. imagine.. dame struggles.. dame trials.. Pero andyan paren si Lord for us.. kase di nya tayo iiwan.. you're everythin to me deeh.. Don't forget huh?? I love you so much!!! Thanks... My life is worthless without you... i love you!!! -your Leeh- LEEHniDYLANANGELOCORTEZ!!!! san ka pa?! ahaha.. ^^ mwaahhssss!!!

For Ian
Mitchie gay 03/02/2006
dude ang isa pa ka pic nga sa subway ta ni elroy eh anu be epost man be pls??? grabe ha kadugay u man i send sakun ang mga pics man where na u now?? the school wants me to extend but i cant go home u know after one year that i dont like how bout u??extend nalang u dude?? tom ko pa hambalon nga maextend ko for one condition let me go hoe first k

The 1 Million Peso Question

Will Maristel retain the top block and secure her Immunity for the 2nd ongoing-Nomination or will Ian snatch it from her? This is PBB Fantasy GAME KNB's 1 million peso question.

Maristel, as the owner of the top block, has the advatage to choose first among the six locations: Hawaii, Argentina, Iceland, South Africa, Mongolia or New Zealand. Ian, as the challenger-the player closest to the top block, has a chance to snatch maristel's block and her Immunity.
The two have to find ways so that PBBFG's ClustrMap records a hit/s (represented by a red dot/s "n") from the 3 locations Maristel has chosen and the 3 left for Ian by 11:59PM Saturday, the deadline for submission of nominations. In order to retain her Immunity, Maristel must have a higher number of locations with red dot/s than Ian. In case of a tie or none of them managed to obtain a hit, Maristel remains immuned.

Maristel wins PBB Fantasy GAME KNB!

But the one million peso question is, will she retain the top block?

Q1: Name the over-all champion in the PBBFG Tournament 2005.
Answer: Kenneth (DYLAN)
Q2: What is the westernmost barangay in the Philippines?
Answer: Pag-Asa, Kalayaan Island, Palawan (nobody got the answer)
Q3: Who is the oldest person to play PBBFG?
Answer: Jay, 33 years old (IAN)
Q4: What is the only Philippine province with an English name?
Answer: Mountain Province (nobody got the answer)
Q5: What was the Immunity Challenge won by Neil G?
Answer: Dress up Yourself for Halloween Game (DYLAN)
Q6: Who was the runningmate of Miriam Defensor-Santiago in the 1998 Presidential Election?
Jen-Jen: Wala syang runningmate! (Wrong!)
Maristel: Reynaldo Pacheco (Wrong!)
Time is up! Answer: Francisco Tatad.
Q7: Who got hospitalized in PBBFG1?
Ian: Cyrill (Correct!)
Q8: Which European city hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics?
Maristel: Turin, Italy (Correct!)
Q9: What is the 3rd largest mall in Asia?
Maristel: SM Mall of Asia (Wrong!)
Ian: SM Mega Mall (Correct!)
Q10: What is Jophe's province?
Ian: Aklan (Way to go!)
Q11: In PBB Celebrity Edition, who was the first housemate to leave the house?
Maristel: Angela (Correct!)
Q12: Who replaced Esti when he quit PBBFG 1?
Maristel: Mica (Way to go!)
BBK: I'm sorry for the rest of the VHs. Na-block na kayo. Bye!
Q13: Who is she?
Ian: For the win! Anjenette Abayari (Wrong!)
Maristel: Anjenette Abayari (Wrong!)
Time is up. She is Robyn Michelle Watkins, Miss Oklahoma USA 2006. Her parents are Filipinos.
Q14: How many played in PBBFG 1?
Maristel: 17 (Correct!)
Q15: What does PAG-ASA stand for?
Maristel: Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (CORRECT!)
BBK: Maristel congratulations! Dylan, maraming salamat, maaaari ka nang bumaba.
(Dylan, steps down)
BBK: Maristel at Ian, akyat kayo. Maristel, dito ka sa kabila. Ian, dito ka sa kabila. (The two position themselves.)
BBK: Makikita sa kanang blog na ito ang Clustrmap. I-click at pag-aralan ito. At pagkatapos, Maristel, pumili ng tatlo sa mga sumusunod:
Hawaii, Argentina, Iceland, South Africa, Mongolia, New Zealand

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Maristel blogs: What a day?!?!?!

Just at home the whole day... I just have to bear in mind that I have to recuperate (soon) and I know that soon, is now...I slept around 8am today... Last night, I was online... Finally, I met Ate Janette! Then my fellow virtual housemates and me had a conference... Jen-Jen, Marge, Rowen and me... It's just a funny feeling, getting acquainted at last to the people I consider my FRIENDS... I spent almost my whole day surfin' the net and answering some of BBK's question at PBBFG2 Game Ka Na Ba... I was having fun, and it felt great on my part participating on the activities at the house... I even sent messages to BBK concerning our last activity, regarding "Rank the VHs based on your closeness to them(1 - closest, 10 - least)" BBK sent me that message, February 27 and the day I received it was exactly the same date I replied and answered the activity... Anyway, here's my copy of my ranking...:

5 - IAN
8 - RHEA

To give you at least a brief axplanation on my ranking... Well, here it goes...
I ranked Jen-Jen the 1st, coz we shared a lot of thoughts and things together, since PBBFG started... Although at first, I find it hard for me to finally get along with this girl. But as time goes by - I knew her, that she really is a great person inside. We both are talkative... We won't run of things to talk about... Patapos pa lang ang isang issue, meron na agad isa... We both laugh at silly things, simple things and the most crazy things people can do... She shared with me her emotions... Her growing love towards James...

2nd was Remcyl "Abraham Remcyl Viloria" - the only virtual housemate i thought was very snob! I was a little confused on her gender... I remember when BBK asked us to give our first impressions towards our housemate and what I ended up uttering was "he/she"... See? I really am confused... But when Rems opened up his true sexuality, wow!!! I super admire him. Bihira kc ung ganun... I never liked Rustom Padilla, but when he had this exposure - wow!!! Pero, wala syang panlaban kay Rem...

3rd... Paolo Miguel Mata... well... one of a kind... Kaya nga for me... He's the FRIENDLIEST virtual housemate ever sa bahay ni kuya dito sa net... Basta ako, yung initiation lang from him (when I received a message from him) was really a great priviledge for me to know this young stud... Bihira ung ganun... Yung nag iinitiate na iintroduce yung sarili nila sa isang tao... Some may find it awkward, pero for me - wagi!!! Doing the first move naman, doesn't necessarily mean na you want to win everybody's attention - that's not Paolo... He's but NATURAL... I like that attitude and bro! You rock!

4th, Marge... my ever dearest little sister in the house... Dapat sya talaga first sa rank ko... pero now that she's on the way to the middle ranks... simple lang... #1 sya sa teen edition dito sa virtual house... She's the little sister that I always dreamt of having my whole life... Siguro kung naging magkapatid lang talaga kami, super spoiled sya sa kin... I know Marge and I share a lot of beautiful thing inside and out... We're both KIKAYS and that made us pretty (*lol) hahaha!!! I'm happy coz it was never too late to know this girl...

5th Ian --- the undying SPICE in BBK's virtual house... Super he made my adrenaline rush!!! Pano ba naman he's the type of person na super full of mysteries... Pero kahit ganyan yan, super straight forward yan, kaya naman having him here - WiNnEr na!!! Basta be good lagi... Ian's being straight forward is a sure talk in the house... He may sometimes hurt people's feelings, kaya lang I know sometimes di na nya naiisip un... He just wanted to be honest... (hahaha!) correct naman di ba? Basta, watch your word... I'm still a Friend in deed and in need...

6th - Dylan, a really cool dude we've been constant textmates but I know a lot are in store for a more beautiful friendship for the both of us... I just hope that he feels the same way too...

7th Rowen... I remember I once told him that I've had a lot of frustrations on my younger years and that includes my studies on becoming a successful doctor sana... kaya lang because of my dad, walang nagyari... I just finished a 4year degree course... Kaya ako, I always wish Rowen luck... I always wish him to do good on his studies... For me, his a future role model for the youngsterz out there!!!

8th, Rhea, i felt like I have to know this girl... Although I know a little about her...

9th... ATE JANETTE... I should have known you before... You're worth the wait... At first I thought mahirap sha makasundo... I thought very strict sya... But those speculations at first we're wrong... Super kwela pala nya!!! Basta - now, I know we're friends na...

10th sad to say but it's Kath... I really wanted to know her, kaya lang di kami magkatagpo ever... This ranking doesn't mean naman that I am closing doors for me to get acquainted with her... Of course, I really wanna know her... I want to be her friend in the future... Isa din sha sa super idol ko dito...

Anyway,,, enough of my ranking and commentaries na nga...

Ito lang ang masasabi ko to the people na nag comment sa Virtual Kitchen... "Spread Love, Celebrate Love..." Enough na about sa kung anu anong speculations... we should all be friends... We're gathered here at BBK's virtual house not to build a fight - but to build trust and friendship...

Just a thought to ponder:
"To know someone here or there with whom you can feel there is understanding in spite of distances or thooughts expressed... That can make life a GARDEN..."

Maristel answers a survey

1. what kind of first impression do you think people say when they first see you? mataray daw ako... suplada!!!
2. what's one thing you like to do alone? eto internet... pra di ako aalis sa harap ng pc hanggat gusto ko
3. what is your favorite line to say when you're drunk? shet!!! lasheng na ako!
4. how many drinks do u need before u get tipsy? super depends sa mood
6. what kind of books do you like to read? inspirational po
7. do you think you're cute? hahaha!!! of course... (jowk)
8. do you have a problem changing clothes in front of your friends? shy type aketch eh - hehehe!
9. what do you eat when you raid the fridge at night? wala naman akong mareraid sa fridge namin eh! hahaha!
10. describe your bed? di ko lam eh... basta it's too big for me...
11. spontaneous or planned? spontaneous
12. do you know how to play poker? nope
13. what do you carry with you at all times? my cellphone & my purse
14. what do you miss most about being a kid? get to play all the time...
15. are you happy with your given name? okei lang....
16. what color is your bedroom? baby pink and old rose... :)
17. have you ever been in a play? na-ah
18. do you like yourself and believe in yourself? sometimes..hehe..
19. do you consider yourself to be a nice person? opkors naman!
20. do you spend more time with your girlfriend/boyfriend or your friends? i spend most of my time with my loved ones...
21. what's one thing you wish you could do but can't? FLY hahaha!
22. what is your ideal wedding location? Garden or Beach wedding sana hehehe!

23. what's one instrument you wish you could play? drums & guitar
24. whats one language you want to learn? french
25. have you ever pierced your body parts? ears pa lang
26. do you have any tattoos? i wanted to..
27. what's one trait you hate in a person? super backstabbers..
28. do you consider yourself materialistic? okei lang... but who isn't?
29. what do you cook best? spaghetti!!!
30. favorite person/s to talk with on the phone? madami eh.... : )

NO NEED TO POST THIS (hnd po galit hehehe)

BBK, i just wanted to make a reaction about the post "Ian and Paolo's word war"

For me BBk, it was totally unnecessary.

First of all, I hope that Paolo was consulted about this before it was posted. I think both sides should've agreed on their conversation to be posted.

Second, I dont think that posting this would do any good to both parties, the game, or the other housemates.

Third, In my humble opinion and i may stand corrected for this, I think that housemates' conversations are purely private and should be kept confidential (in this case, shouldnt have been posted) until housemates involved in the conversation are informed. Personally, if for example me and Paolo were having a word war, and
Ian was played by me, I would want Paolo's approval of our conversation to be posted.

BBK, i dont speak for anybody here but for myself. I speak as a friend who pity Paolo for being unfairly uninformed about this matter (if he isnt informed). I didnt make this to be against Ian. I just want posts to be controlled. In effect of controlling posts, i think that "wars" if i may term it, would be less hurtful, and wouldnt turn into a bigger deal.

That would be all. :-)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Marge blogs: Relationship Between Sex

I know I'm too young for this topic but I'm just concern about those teenagers who's doing these right now. They dont' know what's the difference between relationship and sex. I have my podcast on this topic pero ayoko i post.. kahiya! :) So here it goes...

For others, having a one night stand means they have a relationship already. They're definitely wrong! Relationship means having a commitment to each other. Christian do believe that having sex before marriage is a big no no! God is displeased with that. I have a friend who's always having a one night stand with different boys. After doing that, Early in the morning, same questions asked, "Tayo na ba?" she answered. "Why? Nanligaw ka ba? Besides it's just a one night stand. And it doesn't mean that we're officially on or something.". This is what im talking about. Those guys are thinking that after what happened between them means that they're on. But they're not. "What's the big deal with sex?" she asked me. "Hello! with that early age. No wonder you got pregnant for four times now. Di kaba kinakabahan malaman ng parents mo yan?" Diba ano ba mapapala for having sex tapos ang bata mo pa? You really don't know kung kelan ka kakapitan ng sakit. Maybe STD, Aids, and what so ever! Pwede na nga silang tawaging WHORE! Relationship is having commitment with each other... When you're at the right age that's the time your relationship will be called relationship. Yun na yung time na hindi na tayo nag lalaro at nag fli fling... haha I hope whoever reads this.. Get something on it.. Ayan ha Curious! di na boring post namin haha! :)

Maritel's Good Deed

Wow!!! as promise I should have revealed* myself last Monday pa... But I got very sick for a week na... I've been online naman kaya lang. I am not in good condition to stay that long in front of the pc, kc I feel so dizzy everytime...

Part of my good deed was to update 2 of my closes friends at VHouse and that is REM and JEN... But my time is up and I just broke my promise to BBK coz instead of revealing myself last Monday, I just did my thing, a moment right now...

It's so hard finding the right words pala when you have to say goodbye to a friend lalo na kung anonymous ka... just a thing I learned... dpat no matter how busy you are, u should still find time for your friends... And one important things is... not because you felt so close to a friend, he or she will feel the same towards u din... It's not like that all the time... Basta ako, I got sick but still I let them feel they are important and very special to me... I just hope that they understand me... For what I am feeling right now and for what my conditions are right now...

I'm still very ill, but I felt a little good at heart coz finally, I ran into ATE JANETTE at ym just a while ago... I've been wanting to meet her for the past
3weeks, kaya lang parang may conflict ang online sked namin... I am just happy coz, I find her kwela!!! So kwela that I know magkakasundo kami...

You know what eases my load din, it's MARGE, kc kahit di kami mashado nagkakausap, I know in her hart we really are close and I know she is the little sister I'm looking for in my life that I didn't have... Love you li'l sis!

Second, I met ROWEN na... I like him kc I know he has a bright future ahead... Very industrious, very respectful and a model student... I've been frustrated half of my life, I always wanted and dreamt of becoming a doctor in my life, but my dad, never pempered me with things I might be needing, He supported me financially while I was studying, but when I wanted to continue for Med... - he started getting mad... And it made me scared to death and decided to take a rest for a sem - hanggang sa di ko na nga na-pursue...I know I should be blogging things that happened in my life lately - but for a whole week I've been terribly sick... I visited our family physician so that I'll have a prescription... I went 2 times sa drug store to buy my medicines...

My life's been dull for a week, and now lang ako ulit mag start na magkwento sa inyo... but VHs, have to vote for the 2nd nomination muna...

*Maristel created a Friendster account using the name "Bianca"

Ian-Paolo's word war

Ian presents a YM chat transcript of his conversation with Paolo.

paololovebritney Mata: u think u r are hurt
paololovebritney Mata: i know the things that u r doing
paololovebritney Mata: and i am more hurt than you are
ian: ????
ian: what?!
ian: u know me , i know you. thats all i know
ian: what the heck are u talkin about
paololovebritney Mata: wag ka na magkaila
paololovebritney Mata: leave me alone
ian: are u accusing me? ano pinagsasabi mo
paololovebritney Mata: i am not accusing u
paololovebritney Mata: i know u did that
ian: uhhhuh?
ian: WHAT
paololovebritney Mata: talking behind my back
paololovebritney Mata: kuya ian i dont need this
ian: wat the heck....
paololovebritney Mata: tama na ang pagtatago
ian: ano naman ipagsasabi ko about sayo..
ian: lol
ian: are u nuts pao?
paololovebritney Mata: bat mo pa kelangan malaman eh ikaw ang ngsabi nun
ian: yeah right ... you are accusing me kiddo
paololovebritney Mata: for the 2nd time i am not accusing you
paololovebritney Mata: i know what u did
ian: why not talk?
paololovebritney Mata: and u know what u did
paololovebritney Mata: why me?
ian: heck!
paololovebritney Mata: why dont you talk?
ian: i dont know what u'r talking about
paololovebritney Mata: ha
ian: i talk about anyone... kahit cno pinag uusapan.
paololovebritney Mata: playing safe are you?
ian: palibhasa sau paranoid ka
paololovebritney Mata: i know what u r doin so pls
ian: am i?
paololovebritney Mata: no more apologies
paololovebritney Mata: napatawad na kita
ian: i dont need apologies
paololovebritney Mata: fine
ian: di ko kelangan pagpapatawad mo... kasi wala akong ginawa
paololovebritney Mata: kuya ian pls
paololovebritney Mata: wag na tau magplastikan
paololovebritney Mata: ikaw ang ngturo saakin kung paano maging 22o
ian: hahaha
paololovebritney Mata: and seeing the things u have done
paololovebritney Mata: tama na
ian: kinakalaban mo ang nagturo sayo ano? pwes ganon, tinuruan kitang magpakatotoo in a nice way...
ian: hindi ang pag accuse ng wala sa lugar
paololovebritney Mata: i said I AM NOT ACCUSING
paololovebritney Mata: i know the truth
ian: now i know the truth either
ian: you are insane
paololovebritney Mata: bahala ka na
paololovebritney Mata: i dont this anymore
ian: you are good in playing this game kiddo...luring everyone that youre nice huh.... ...this time lumalabas na... nag-aaccuse ka
ian: COWARD!
paololovebritney Mata: pagod na ako sa kaplastikan
paololovebritney Mata: ndi ako duwag
ian: accuse ka ng accuse... harapin mo ko
ian: plastik? sino?
paololovebritney Mata: ikaw
ian: ikaw yun
paololovebritney Mata: talking behind my back
paololovebritney Mata: HA?
ian: aba nagtuturo pa
paololovebritney Mata: ako pa ha
ian: i pity you
paololovebritney Mata: no i pity you!
ian: talking behind your back?!!?!?!
ian: where the heck did you get that info?!
paololovebritney Mata: kunwari pa
ian: wow
paololovebritney Mata: ang dami ng VHs natin ang nagsabi
ian: name names then
ian: tsk tsk tsk
paololovebritney Mata: bakit
paololovebritney Mata: ayoko
paololovebritney Mata: i promise them not to tell anyone
ian: talga oo
paololovebritney Mata: and i am good at keeping promises
paololovebritney Mata: talaga
ian: wawa
ian: wawa ko
ian: wawa ko talga
ian: ako pala tong pinag uusapan behind ma back
paololovebritney Mata: kasi gumagawa ka ng dahilan para ganyanin ka
paololovebritney Mata: ngaun you pity yourself because of ur own stupid mistake
ian: paololovebritney Mata: sayang kuya ian
ian: tsk tsk tsk
ian: sayang what
paololovebritney Mata: i wanted to be more close to you
paololovebritney Mata: pero nung nalaman ko ung mga bagay n un
ian: now that i know na bida ka sa pagbintang.. no thanks
paololovebritney Mata: masakit na msakit
ian: oh dear...
ian: i dont need your apology
ian: and i wont say sorry
ian: kasi wala namang dahilan para magsorry
paololovebritney Mata: im not saying sorry
ian: actually, you have to
paololovebritney Mata: no i dont
paololovebritney Mata: hindi ako ngbibintang hanggat hindi ko alam
paololovebritney Mata: nung una ung pinaka unang tao na nagsabi saakin
paololovebritney Mata: pinalagpas ko na eh
paololovebritney Mata: i dont know
ian: tsk tsk tsk
paololovebritney Mata: ung iba nagsalita rin
ian: i dont know what to say
ian: the person na kala ko close ko eh tinitira ako.
ian: get over it pao
paololovebritney Mata: ha?
paololovebritney Mata: un ang iniisip mo
paololovebritney Mata: hindi mo lang alam kung gaano kita sinoprtahan
paololovebritney Mata: i dont expect u to believe
paololovebritney Mata: pero 22o
ian: i dont know what youre talking about ..seriously
paololovebritney Mata: and i dont name names
paololovebritney Mata: i promise them not to
ian: maybe few hours from now... few days from now... maseset na ang minds ng other housemates na ako ang inonominate ano?
ian: talaga oo...
ian: you guys are really playing the game
paololovebritney Mata: kuya ian
paololovebritney Mata: ikaw ang paranoid
paololovebritney Mata: wag ka nagiisip ng ganyan
paololovebritney Mata: hindi ko gawain na porke nagkaaway tau
ian: u made me like one just awhile ago pao
paololovebritney Mata: eh ganun n agad ang mangyayari
ian: i know you will nominate me for eviction
ian: i expect that...
ian: maemosyon ka eh
paololovebritney Mata: ano gusto mo gawin ko?
ian: you know better than me
ian: alam mo lahat eh...
ian: di ko nga alam na im talkin behind ur back pala?
ian: oh my.
ian: buti ka pa alam mo
paololovebritney Mata: wow
paololovebritney Mata: cge
paololovebritney Mata: sabihin mo lang yan
paololovebritney Mata: basta ako kuya ian
paololovebritney Mata: wala na
paololovebritney Mata: ayoko na ng plastikan
ian: hahaha
ian: sino bang plastik from the start aber?
ian: youre afraid to name names kasi nga nagtatgo ka rin
paololovebritney Mata: no im not
paololovebritney Mata: ayoko lang cla mapahamak
ian: grabe... may kampo kana pala ah
ian: talgang SILA pala
ian: andami
ian: dedo ako neto... (scared)
paololovebritney Mata: ndi ko sila kampo kuya ian
ian: instead of fixing iTunes... better fix your gameplay.... .... youre busted.
ian: bye
paololovebritney Mata: lets see

"Tingnan natin.... tingnan natin...." Ian

Akala ko...

Feeling ko mabait ako sa kanya.. Feeling ko Kuya-figure ako sa kanya... Feeling ko friends ang turingan namin... Feeling ko may chemistry kami kasi lagi kami nagchachat... Feeling ko kasi tapos na yung iringan namin before... Akala ko close kami.... Akala ko lang pala yun.... na close kami ni Pao Pao.... Maling akala pala. Feeling ko kasi. :( -IAN

Janette Blogs: For YaHu MeSiNJeR

Khapon lng ako nakapag ol ulit at naabutan ko c marge, pao and jen.. then pao told me to visit the VK, nagulat ako dun sa comment, sana nagpakatotoo din ung nag comment, di na sana sya gumamit pa ng code name, tulad ni Ian, when he brought out his feelings....

"Accept it na 5 or 6 lang ang active masyado sa game na to. Nag oobserve ako, akala mo'y sinong mabait... akala mo'y sinong banal, akala mo'y sinong bida.Lumabas ka sa lungga mo Ate Janet, alam ko na busy ka sa trabaho mo... kung wala kang panahon sa laro, mas lalong wala kaming panahon sa paghabol ng schedule mo.... lalo ka na Ate Kathryn."

hehehehe! D nman po ako nagtatago... and i never pleaded to anyone to meet me on my free time, wala po akong pinahahabol sa sked ko, actually ako ang humahabol sa sked nila for me to be updated, pra mas makilala sila and make friends with them.. dko alam kung san nya nkuha ung gnong idea, banal? mabait? bida? e mukhang ako nga ang pinaka "shonga" sa kanila dahil sila pa nagtuturo kung ano dpat ko gwin..

like what i've sed to our other co-virtual housemates "ANG PUNONG MABUNGA BINABATO" at sabi ni Pao "ANG PUNONG WALANG BUNGA ANG NAMBABATO" (hehehehe)
Sana makasama ka namin sa conf minsan pra ma-enjoy mo ung company ng bawat isa, pra mas makilala mo ung mga tao na sinasabi mong 'di nagpapakatotoo. You're missing a lot if you still don't have the chance to talk to them even for once....

Goodluck to you dude (kung sino ka man),i encourage you to get to know our other co-virtual housemates, you'll learn a lot from them, they are amazing persons, superb and really talented, and they will really give you a GOOD LAUGH and help you unleash all your resentment.

Godbless u!

Activity 7 - Who is your closest VH?

1. ate jen2, 2. marge, 3. ian
4. remcyl, 5. paolo, 6. ate janette, 7. rowen
8. ate kath, 9. ate maristel, 10. ate rhea

1. Remcyl, 2. Dylan, 3. Maristel
4. Jenjen, 5. Paolo, 6. Rowen, 7. Marge
8. Kath, 9. Janet, 10. Rhea

jen - 1, pao - 2, remz - 3
dylan - 4, ian - 5, marge - 6, rowen - 7
kathryn - 8, maristel - 9, rhea - 10

1. Remcyl, 2. Paolo, 3. Maristel
4. Ian, 5. Dylan, 6. Janette, 7. Kathryn
8. Marge, 9. Rowen, 10. Rhea

1-Paolo, 2-Jen-jen, 3-Remcyl
4-Dylan, 5-Marge, 6-Rowen, 7-Ian
8-Janette, 9-Maristel, 10-Rhea

1 - JEN-JEN, 2 - REMCYL, 3 - PAOLO
4 - MARGE, 5 - IAN, 6 - DYLAN, 7 - ROWEN

Maristel - 1, Jen-Jen - 2, Paolo - 3
Remcyl - 4, Dylan - 5, Ian- 6, Janette - 7
Kathryn - 8, Rowen - 9, Rhea - 10

1-Ate JenJen, 2-Remcyl, 3-Ate Kathryn
4-Bro Dylan, 5-Marge, 6-Ate Janette, 7-Ate Maristel
8-Rowen, 9-Ate Rhea, 10-Ian

1.Jen, 2.Paolo, 3.Dylan
4.Kathryn, 5.Janette, 6.Ian, 7.Maristel
8.Marge, 9.Rowen, 10.Rhea

1. Kuya Pao, 2. Kuya Ian, 3. Ate Jenjen
4. Kuya Dylan, 5. Marge, 6. Kuya Remcyl, 7. Ate Kathryn
8. Ate Maristel, 9. Ate Janette, 10. Ate Rhea

Jen-Jen blogs: I mIzZ hIm...

James... James... James... Grabeh I mizz him s0 much na tlga... Thursday... the day we met... Sunday... He left na, pabalik sa california.... and now its tuesday... while chatting with rem and paolo... sa conference... i always told them na "I mIzZ hIm!!!" and while chatting with them... im searching for songs... then it0 may nakita aq na song... and i dedicate this to James...

EVERYTHING YOU DO by: Christian Bautista
I love the way you smile / When I look your eyes / I love the way you laugh
When i try to be funny / And how a tear rolls down your face
When I say no one could ever take your place.
CHORUS: Baby when you sleep / I watch you breathing
Baby when you dream / I dream with you
Cause everywhere you are is where / I wanna be
It's true everything you do / Makes me know how much I love you.

The way you touch my lips / Right after every kiss / And softly whisper
That I'm your everything / The way you pray / Our love wont die
Every night just before you / Close your eyes.
And i believe some things are meant to be
Cause I believe in love and yours was meant for me
and this one pa....

Come and lay here beside me / I'll tell you how I feel
There's a secret inside me / I'm ready to reveal
To have you close, embrace your heart with my love over and over
These are things that I promise my promise to you
CHORUS: For all of my life you are the one,
I will love you faithfully forever all of my life you are the one
I'll give to you my greatest love for all of my life.
ooohhh.. o yeah...
Let me lay down beside you / There's something you should know / I pray that you decide to open your heart and let me show enchanted worlds of fairy tales a wonderland of love these are things that I promise my promise to you
All of my life with all of my heart these are things that I promise

to james... see you soon.... and i wish you know that i have feelings for you... and hope u feel the same way to... nax!!! hahaha take care always...

Dylan and Marge answer survey

1)Are you currently in a relationship or single?
Dylan: i'm single.. but committed to someone
Marge: commited

2) Are you happy with where you are?
Dylan: yeah
Marge: yes, of course

3) When you meet the right person, do you fall fast?
Dylan: no... how'r u supposed to know if she's d right person..
Marge: better know him 1st

4) Have you ever cheated on someone?
Dylan: nah... course not... pero dme ngssbe na playb0y dw.. di nmn eh.. kala lng nla un...nd dati un...haha
Marge: once Gomen Nasai :)

5) Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is acceptable? Dylan: certainly not
Marge: definitely no!

6) Would you ever take someone back, if they cheated on you?
Dylan: yeah... cause i really love her...
Marge: Yeah! i LOVED him eh... sna wg maulit..

7) Have you talked about marriage with another person?
Dylan: lotsa times..haha
Marge: hahah alot...

8) Do you want children?
Dylan: yeah
Marge: :(( confused... im too early to decide

9) If yes how many?
Dylan: 2?
Marge: 1

10) Would you consider adopting?
Dylan: nah.. maybe... just consider...
Marge: No!

11) If somebody liked you right now, what would you think?
Dylan: haha
Marge: Whatever! :)

12) Do you enjoy a chase?
Dylan: yeah... haha
Marge: Yes.. alot!

13) Be honest, do you play the "game" when you are dating
Dylan: before... haha...
Marge: what game???

14) Do you believe love at first sight exists?
Dylan: nah
Marge: maybe..

15) Are you romantic?
Dylan: i have no idea... haha ask them
Marge: Ask my ******

16) Do you believe that you can change someone?
Dylan: of course.. with God's help..heh
Marge: There's nothing impossible with GOD!

17) If you could get married anywhere, money not an object where would it be?
Dylan: my own planet?!.... s0rry... un una k0 naizip..haha
Marge: Boracay!

19) Do you easily give in when you are fighting?
Dylan: yeah... haha. i alwayz give in.. haha
Marge: Give in! yeah! :)

20) Do you have feelings for someone right now, whether they know or not?
Dylan: yeah... extremely strong feelings... hehe.. she knows.. right?.. eheh love you
Marge: torn between two sides...

2nd Nomination for eviction starts today

Each Virtual Housemate is given 3 - point votes: 2 - point "to evict" vote to evict a VH, and 1 - point "to save" vote to save a VH.

The total of 2 - point "to evict" votes received by a VH shall be subtracted by the accumulated 1 - point "to save" votes he/she received. No VH can vote for him/herself. VHs cannot assign his/her 3 - point votes to one VH. The VH with the highest points shall be evicted.

VHs must submit their ballots with explanations why they voted against and for those particular VHs. VHs must provide his/her codename. Nomination runs from 12:01 AM Wednesday until 12:01 AM Saturday. VHs who failed to nominate before the deadline shall automatically receive 5 - point "to evict" votes from BB Kuya.

PBB Fantasy GAME KNB? ends 11:59PM Saturday. The votes received by the VH who won the immunity shall be considered null and void.

Results of the nomination will be announced 9:01 PM Sunday, the Eviction night.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

2 VH enter Virtual Kitchen

"Kelangan magpakatotoo tayo!"
"Just go ahead and "chill" in the freezer." [Enter vKitchen]

PBBFG 1 Flashback:
Mica, Trish, Neil TG and Sheila's Eye-bol

PBBFG1-DAY 24: On Friday, October 28, 2005, four virtual housemates met for the first time. Mica (18-years-old college stud from Dagupan City), Trish (28-year-old entrepreneur from Caloocan City), Neil TG (27-year-old UP graduates stud from Calamba City) and Sheila (32-year-old highschool teacher from Bacolod City) together attended a halloween party at Flowin' Bar and Resto in Quezon City.

Monday, February 27, 2006

1 VH goes to Virtual Kitchen

Magpakatotoo kayo pwede?! [Enter vKitchen]

Podcast show soon, aftermath, bad statistics!

Okay so now I'm back to blogging the old fashion way. I've figured that a lot of "Uhms..., And ughh..., Anyways..." is only making me sound more Paris Hilton (-wink!-). But you can't blame me, most podcasts are on-the-spot-not-read-for-it-not-to-sound-practiced. And that's just what I did. If someone was to blame, it was those who wrote incorrect information right?! So, enough about podcasting. But before I forget, podcasts will come soon in my show. I haven't decided a title for it yet but I'm pretty sure it's gonna be so much better than my lousy first podcast. It would have sounds and interesting topics about life, sex, sports?, fashion, music, movies, and of course, the most interesting topic of all, MOI! For all those excited to see my new do, its here and it's kicking ass! I've decided since I always change my style every month ever since I entered college, to change my color. Also, another reason was that my sister informed me of someone trying to copy my style. For real! No kidding! So to kick his immitating butt, I changed it from fabulous to fantabulous. Here's to my first ever fan, Kisses! As I always say, immitation is the biggest compliment anyone can ever give me.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dylan and Kathryn approve Testimonials

For Dylan
kHiKhAi-UnO-FUL Saturday, February 25, 2006
prince...just 4 old times' sake ^_^hay..dyl..u knew pla..nsbi lng ni jha skin../sobi'm sorry dyl.. hay..lam mo miz k n nla mama..lgi k nga hnhnp skin../heh dpt dw kw nlng..miz k n ung dti dyl.. miz n kta..miz k n tau..hehe..d nga tayo ngaaway dti..kht klan..wla ytng instance na ngaway tayo..nkktuwa nga ^_^...ur so understanding kc..heh..i remembr pa pg inaaway mo ung mga nangungulit skin na guys..angas mo nga tignan...kktakut! naalala m dti? hnamon k p ni nico ng 1on1 s bsktball? taku q nlng kc mvp c nico and kala q d k mrunong kc ayw n ayw m ngllro nun..pero nung nglaro kyo nnlo k pa 10-0! shock! /gg neweiz.. touch aq dun..kc ur always there... sa probs, homework, kht sa pghnap ng hotel reservations ^_^hay..kslnan q nmn.. lam q ngmove on ka na...^_^gs2 q lng mlman m na... wla...^_^ wg nlng...sbhn p ng iba nggugulo aq..bsta prince i'm always hir 4 u..i miz u olweiz prince q ^_^~khikhai~jhezika~

tiSHa Friday, February 24, 2006
nakilala ko si kuya dylan nung march 23, 2005... naaalala ko pa noh? siempre! nasa blog ko yun eh! ahaha...mag-iisang taon na ang aming pagkakaibiganbsta ang alam ko... priority niya raw ang school, banda, church, at pamilya! kahit di kapanipaniwala, paniwalaan niyo na lang! ahaha!si kuya dylan ay masarap kausap... kalog kaya di boring!

For Kathryn
'Maristel uno' Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Kath?My 1st impression was that very STRONG ang personality nya...I haven't met her for almost weeks na... But I already PM her at YM, she also did din...I am just looking forward to meet this wonderful (I headr & I belive) lady na co VH ko... I just can't wait to...You stay great... Spread love & celebrate love...I've missed a lot about u Kath! Especially ur lovelife...Stay safe... Be safe...~mwaHugZ~Maristel

VHs to play PBB Fantasy Game KNB?

VHs will play PBB Fantasy Game KNB? this week. The mechanics of the game is similar to Pilipinas, Game KNB?.

BBK will post at least 2 questions in the blog (any time) everyday. First VH to answer (via Friendster) the question correctly gets to choose a block. First VH to reach the top of the pyramid wins the immunity and cannot be nominated in the 2nd Nomination (12:01AM Wednesday - 11:59pm Saturday).

The duration of the game is from 12:01AM Sunday - 11:59PM Saturday). In case, no VH has reached the top block by 11:59PM Saturday, the VH/s who reached the highest block/s get/s 5 "to save" points from BBK.