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Saturday, April 22, 2006

In Manila Heidee learned...

In Manila I learned... eat fresh tomatoes and other spices and actually love them. love fresh raw veggies. eat eggplant. and to love them as grilled in ensalada. love to eat fish. love sinigang. and to love the radish in it. and that pechay is not part of your typical sinigang so if I want my favorite pechay in my favorite soup, I would have to cook it myself. cook real food aside from fried food and noodles. dislike masarsa foods. dislike pork and beef.
...what ponkans taste like and to love them. eat my favorite okra with bagoong.
...that they do also sell hilaw na mangga with bagoong in Manila. Silly me for fearing otherwise. eat tilapia (did those even exist in Zamboanga?). miss tempura (the long-shaped squidball-type sidewalk food), which is not being peddled here. miss the barbeque sauces in Zamboanga. People here dip barbeques in vinegar with spices. Weird!
...what freshly plucked strawberries taste like.
...that you can eat an entire jar of ube jam without the bread. buy my own groceries. fend for myself. dislike fastfoods, and to crave home-cooked meals. Why is it that I used to think fastfoods were so delicious?
...that gimiks are not all they're cracked up to be. Now I'd rather stay home on a Friday night. walk. A lot. And long distances.
...that Manila is not as dangerous as they made us believe.
...what underpasses look like. And to stop being amazed at the ones with escalators. love out of town trips even if they mean long bus rides (I used to hate bus rides). eat any fruit with a hint of sourness in them with salt (like dalandan, strawberries and fuji apples).
...that it is possible to spend what used to be my entire week's allowance on one meal and not even so much as cringe while doing it. love watching movies in the cinema and to watch each new film that comes out. spend so much effort each morning just to look pretty (I didn't even use baby powder on my face before). spend so much money on branded beauty products.
...that I don't need a guy in my life to be happy.
...that I can still find a good job even though I don't have the title.
...that you can be sexy even if you're 10 lbs above your normal weight range. it all depends on the way you carry yourself and your clothes. take elevators and operate them on my own. use proximity cards before gaining access into an office. be immune to tall elegant buildings which used to have me mesmerized. be immune to malls and sales which also used to have such a hold on me. miss Jollibee. when I first came here I swore not to eat in Jollibee because that was all there was in Zamboanga. Now I realize I like their food more than other fastfoods.
...not to be hung up on pizza. There was only Greenwich in Zamboanga so I was wowed with all the pizzerias here. After a while, though, pizza no longer appealed to me.
...that there is more to pasta that spaghetti. I still don't like cream-based pasta, but my favorite pasta now is oil-based spicy anchovies. live with emails everyday because they are part of my work. decipher bad English of contacts from non-English speaking countries. cross the street without fear and without having to hold on to somebody. spend for quality and not quantity; that it's best to buy an expensive pair of real Nike rubber shoes than fake ones in Divisoria because the real ones last longer.
...that everyone here loves patis while back in Zamboanga that was a rarity, because we preferred soy sauce. Still haven't learned to like patis, though. Yuck!
...that grilled seafood is the best! live with a bunch of people not related to me by blood and be very comfortable with them, even the guys. ...that maturity is not a boring state of mind after all. That life in the real world can be as much fun, or even more fun, than life in school. be proud of my independence and crave it. change some of my dreams, like kids in the future. Sometimes I think I don't want to have any anymore.
...that sometimes, dreams do come true. love myself.

Like A Withering Flower
- Kathryn

She must have felt this a thousand times before.
But this time, it's a lot more intense;
Like a virulent virus
Engulfing her system.
She's trying too hard to suppress the overwhelming feeling.
But the more she does, the stronger it becomes;
Threatening to destroy the very core of her being.
She's losing track of everything--
All her dreams, all her desires.

Her life was once the envy of all those around her.
She lived it to the fullest.
She danced, she sang.
She wrote poems about the beauty and madness of life.
She made friends, she laughed.
She managed to keep her life intact amidst all the dilemmas she's come to face with.
She went crazy, she did silly things.
And she WAS happy.

When she realizes that it's the very thing she longed for,
That life she thought she wanted all this time,
Is the exact definition of her perfect destruction,
She gradually withers.
Oblivious of the world outside of hers--
A world that breathes and emanates vibrance,
A world possessing life.

She saw it coming,
Yet she shrugged it off.
Not wanting to entertain the fact that she's dying inside.
Not wanting to face the blinding flash of the obvious...
Her life is altogether vanishing
Like a withering flower...

Friday, April 21, 2006

Maristel blogs: VACAY

~~> April 17 , Monday
Woke up around 11 am, kaya lang nag CR lang muna ako... I went back to my bedroom, climb up the bed and guess what?!? Natulog ako ulit!!! Hehehe!!! Naalimpungatan na lang ako when I checked my cell and see what time it is... OMG!!! 18:00!!! Hala!!! Lagot! Kaya ako naman, dali-dali talaga akong tumayo! Grabbed my purse and my cellphone! Deadma muna ako pagbaba ko! wala lang... Hahaha!

We asked Bane na pumunta sa palengke and check kung may mabibilhan pa ng liempo. After 20 minutes she came back, and WALA NA daw! Hala!!! Patay na! Kung kailan tuloy na tuloy na yung outing namin tsaka naman, wala mabilhan ng liempo! So ayun, inutusan na lang namin si Bryan and Bane na pumunta ng SM and dun na lang bumili ng liempo.

Nung nakabalik na sila... I did my thing na. Nilinis ko na yung chicken. Nagprepare na ako ng dalawang bungkos ng garlic. Basta lahat ako na! I swear! Mahirap! Nilinis ko yung mga liempo. Ang hirap talaga kapag walang assistant! Si Bane naman kasi naglinis pa ng kamay at paa!!! Tama daw bang kung kailan oras na ng trabaho tsaka magmamanicure and magpedicure!!! Haay naku talaga!!!

We're going to borrow my Dad's MB100... Para van na lang kami. Para di na kami magdadalawang sasakyan. Mahal ang krudo!

Late night while I was preparing the foods, my dad came! Ininvite din kasi sya ni Tita Lani. Since maghihiram kami ng van sa kanya nakakahiya naman kung di namin sya isasama di ba? Anyways, ayun kwentuhan sila sa bahay namin! Ako naman, talagang nagpakabusy na sa pagpeprepare! 2 1/2 kilos of pork liempo and 2 kls of chicken for adobo ang niluto ko. Ang sakit pa sa kamay ng bawang! Muntik na din ma-overcook! Naawa pa ako sa mga puppies ko kasi sobrang late na and di pa sila kumakain! So I rushed everything! Pinalabas ko na sa fridge yung 4kilos of liempo pa (para naman sa ihaw-ihaw)... Tinimplahan ko na din! Salt and vetsin na lang! Mahirap pa dun, mabuto! Kaya ang kamay ko - eto puro sugat...

~~> April 18, Tuesday
2:30 am -- when I finished preparing the foods. RJ and Kuya Sander come with my Dad. Kukunin kasi nila yung van. So ako, I took my time. Naligo na ako! Ayaw ko naman bumyahe ng di naligo! Ayaw kong manlagkit and wala din ako tulog! So I went upstairs and grabbed my bath things! Nung nasa CR na ako, I texted my fellow vHousemates muna... Phew! At long last! This is it! Tuloy na nga kami! Pagod pero I know pwede na din! Iilan lang naman kami kaya pagdating dun pwede na kami magtulong-tulong.

3:30 am -- ayun, nag pack up na talaga ako! I grabbed my swimming gears. I grabbed 4 tees, 1 skirt, 1 shorts, 5 undies, and some of the things I'll be needing. Since I have my period I bought one pack of napkins. Mahirap ng maubusan!

4:00 am -- we received a call from Kuya Sander, asking kung prepared na nga raw ba! So ako I woke up Bryan and told him to get ready, Kuya Sander's on his way na. So ako, bumaba na agad. Checked on the things we'll be bringing sa biyahe.

5:30 am -- kinamada na nila yung mga gamit sa sasakyan! Magdadalawang sasakyan pa sana kami, kaya lang 3 lang naman yung sasakay sa Safari so, sabi namin! Sama-sama na lang. Saktong 6:30 we left. Nakakalungkot pa nga kasi di man lang makakasama mom, my brother and his wife and his baby... So sabi ko sa kanya, pilitin niyang makasunod!

~*~ on the road... wala naman masyado traffic! ~*~
7:30 am -- Ayun na! Sa wakas nahanap din namin ang VILLA V... Hahaha!!! Nagbreakfast muna kami... Swim! And played Badminton with Paulo! Hahaha!!! Mega sound blast kami agad! Para naman masaya! I texted my co vHousemates na andun na nga kami!
Nakipagkita kami dun sa dati naming driver.

Ayun na! Nag-umpisa na ang mga kalokohan! Swimming dito! Tulakan dito! Lunuran dito! Dapat walang pikunan! Nung nagkapaguran na kami! I dried myself na! Nung okei na ako! Punta na ako dun sa room ko! I changed my shorts ...

Natulog muna ako... Mga 1 hour lang siguro... Paano ba naman, I heard my cousins shouting "Andyan na sila!!!" So ako, tayo agad ako! and checked kung sino dumating. There, I saw my Dad's Pajero... He's with his friend Dyunie, Lando and 2 maids Jessa and Jobie. I also saw my cousin's Safari... Yung kapatid ko na pala ang nagdala! I saw Karen, Nice (the baby), My mom and our maid Meck. So kumpleto na! Wala ng kaming hinihintay! Swim na lang talaga ulit!
By 11pm inantok na talaga ako! Di ko na talaga kaya!!! Kaya I took a short shower - I clamped my hair and strike anywhere na lang ako! Natulog ako! Di ko alam, sumunod pala sila Papu, Bane and Bryan sa akin. Natulog din. Nilatag na lang nila yung sleepingbag na dala nila.
Dumating din pala yung Dad ni Kuya Sander with Thessa, Yonick, Criselle, Yonick and Ian. Sorry, pero talagang di na kinaya ng powers ko and di ko na sila naharap! Di nga din ako nakapagdinner... :( Lahat ng pinrepare ko - di ko natikman...

~~> April 19, Wednesday
Mga around 3:00 nagising na ako, kasi nagtalak na mommy ko sa room! So I stood up... Direcho na ako sa labas. Sabi ko sa Mom ko kung may makakain pa - sobrang sakit na talaga ng sikmura ko. Ayun nakapagtabi pala si Kuya Sander ng hipon. While I was having my meal, lumapit Dad ko and gave me a money. I asked him, what's it for... For the puppy? Di daw... So, ok... I told him thanks... I can't kiss him kasi dirty lips ko. Kumakain ako eh...

Wala na din pala kami maiinom, pano naubos ang yelo! So nagpaalam ako sa Dad ko na lalabas kami and bibili ng yelo. Dinala na namin ang van. Sumama na sa kin sina Bane, Paulo and Bryan drove us sa bayan. Bumili ako ng Vodka Cruiser, melon flavor. And isang lapad ng Tampurador - este Emperador, for the youngsters! I bough some cup noodles din for my Dad and Mom and para kay Bryan. Pano... Walang natira sa amin. Swerte namin ni Bane kasi naka tig dalawang hipon kami kahit papaano. Pati yung 4kilos na Liempo that I prepared, wlalang natira! Sinigang na Hipon wala din! Pati ung napakaraming mais na binili namin, wala! As in SIMOT!!!

Pagbalik namin sa Villa V, dun kami sa kabilang cottage, inom! And card games kami! Tulog na lahat and yung Dad ko naman nagpapababa ng tama sa dami ng nainom!

Mga around 5:00 am nagaalam Dad ko. Alis na daw muna sya. Punta sya ng Sta. Cruz Laguna with Dyunie and Lando. Iwan na nya yung mga maid nya para makatulong. Sad to say! Wala naman naitulong! Walang mga kyeme eh...

Around 6:00 am I talked to the the caretaker of the Villa magpapaextend kami till 12 noon. Okay daw. Hanggang sa nagising na lahat and asked me to talked to Ka Azon ulit kung pwede kahit till 10pm na lang daw kami para di mainit sa biyahe... Yun nga lang dagdag 2k daw. So till 7pm na lang kami nagpa extend.

I practiced some divings. Yung una ulo. That I can't do kasi. When my brother decided to swim, ayun, sabi niya dive daw ako ulit. Ayun, kung di talaga matiga ang ulo ko, huling dive ko na nga, nadisgrasya pa ako! Nauntog ako! Tumama ulo ko sa flooring ng pool. Sumobra naman ata! Eh di nagkabukol ako sa right side ng forehead ko! Have to admit it - MASAKIT TALAGA!!!
Pati lunch - late na ako kumain. Paano, nakaidlip ako. Around 2 pm ginising lang ako ni Bryan para makapag lunch na daw ako... Inihaw na tilapia! My favorite! Pero konti na lang nakain ko - kasi sobrang antok na ako! So after eating my lunch, tulog ako ulit. This time dun naman ako sa room nila Tita Lani. Dun kasi solo ko lang. Para walang maingay!

They woke me up mga 5:00 pm. Magprepare na daw kasi uuwin na. So I packed my things and sinakay ko na sa van. Naguni-muni muna ako...

Sakto 7pm biyahe na kami! We got home 9pm... Di pa ako agad natulog! Nilinis ko muna lahat ng cooler na dala namin! Inayos ko mga puppies ko... I took a long cold bath! Ang init kasi eh! Then Bane called me, kasi dinner nga daw... Ayun, had a quick dinner then, my cousin asked me to make an excuse letter for his friend who was with us, si Japheth...

After that, I brushed my teeth and cleansed my face... I slept na...

I'll be attaching some pics... Proof na talagang I really gained weight... hehehe!!!
1st pic... 'was just takin' a break...
2nd pic... that's Villa V. That's we're we spend our night.
3rd pic... Siyeata ko yan! Bago ako nagpahinga nung tanghali... Di kasi namin nadala yung digicam kaya cellphone cam na lang...
4th pic... Sa cottage while having an afternoon shots! With Kuya Sander, Bryan and Eric (dati naming driver)
Last pic, bago ako nagkabukol. With my cousin Bane...
Anyway, miss you all!!! Adrian, Heidee, Kath, Paolo...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ian is re-evicted

In a unanimous vote (3-0), Ian was re-evicted.

Day 29, Ian was first voted out in 2nd Nomination losing by a single point. In an unprecedented event, 3 VHs quit the game. Day 47, the GenSan boy got a second shot for PBBFG. Day 62 and 66, Janette and Marge quit respectively. Day 71, he tied with Kathryn in the 5th Nomination which led to a vote of the remaining VHs excluding Maristel who took one of the BigFour spots.

Adrian: bbk, vote for Ian to be evicted... ate kath should be
saved... Ian, I already explained my side to you. I believe that was enough reason for me to choose to evictyou. And although ate Kath voted to evict me last nomination, I still think that I still want to be closeto her pa...

Heidee: vote out ko si ian. i don't like the way he plays the game.
Paolo: bbk, i want ian to be evicted

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Adrian blogs: At last! I met 1 of my 2 showbiz crushes

Current mood: starstruck

Among the super many beauties of Pinoy showbiz today, dalawa lang ang inaadmire ko ng todo: Si Bianca Gonzales and Nikki Gil. Besides the fact that both of them are morena(It's really not my type... nagkataon lang), I find these girls very attractive because of their intelligence. They proved that beauty can be brains too. As for Bianca, crush ko na tlga cya since her MTV VJ days pa. For Nikki naman, I fell for her sweetness (plus her smile, her voice, her hair, ay lahat na lang. hehehe) noon pa.

Kahapon, pag lunch break ko, I went to Monster Radio with Cliff (He's a dj there.) Surprisingly, ang daming ilaw sa loob! when we went inside, Nandun pala si Nikki Gil for Radio Myx with Ryk Orion (Watch out for me there kasi nandun lang ako when they taped the intro... Nasa background ako.hehehe) After their taping, I finally shook hands with my crush, Nikki. Mas matangkad pa pala cya sakin pero she was wearing really tall heels anyways. Sayang at hindi ako nakapapicture anyways, ok na sakin un. It really made my day kahapon...

And ei, about me and Sunshine? nag-cool of na sla ng bf nya kaya she's much more open to me na... pero hindi pa tlga kami. But It's a good thing. Till' next time.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Heidee blogs: Summer in the Summer Capital

Summer found Chu, Maya and me in the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. This little trip of ours may seem so out of the blue (with a snap) but actually, when you look at the background, it's way way overdue. The Baguio trip was first brought up during our review days in 2003. We blockmates thought of taking the Baguio detour before heading home to Zamboanga. But it didn't see fruition when most of us were too depressed from flunking the board exam. Then when Fr. DJ was on a hiatus here in Manila in 2004, he brought up the idea again. But then it had bad timing. It was during that time when we first moved into our apartment and we were short on funds because we spent for rent downpayments and furniture. So we kept on postponing it until everyone except Chu and Maya and me had been to Baguio already. The three of us decided not to be left behind and go on our own last October, but once again fund problems caught up with us and made us stay in Manila. But finally, after a long wait, we were powering through. And we were determined to savor every minute of it.

However, we were once again delayed when all three of us slept through our 3am alarms on Friday, April 14. We decided to extend our original one-nighter plan to two nights. So we reached the Victory Liner bus station just in time to board the bus minutes before it pulled away at 9:30am. The bus was half full, and we sank into slumber quite comfortably. Six hours later we were hopping off the bus and being greeted by some guys from the Department of Tourism. They had a catalogue of hotel and inn rooms with the prices. Lucky for us, because we had made no reservations whatsoever despite knowing that is is peak season. The guy said he could bring us around to these places in his car till we found a place we liked. Turns out most pension houses were either booked or had not-so-pretty rooms. So we settled on a hotel room in Hotel Supreme, which cost only P400 higher than the most decent inn room we found. Chu once again used his bargaining powers to get us a lower price. It was for two people but they fit in an extra bed.

After checking our bags into the room, we headed for Burnham park, the tourist hotspot which I didn't get to visit the first time I went to Baguio. Yes, I was already able to visit Baguio before, but then it was with friends who had all been there already and so we weren't able to do much sight-seeing. We always joke that we went there to drink, not to sight-see. Anyway I was not about to miss out on the park this time around, so it was my suggestion to go there. The park was beautiful, and we stayed until night. We took pictures, ate green mangoes and isaw and grilled corn, bought silver jewelry and knitted hats. We were about to go boating in the man-made lake when it began to rain. So we took shelter in Ganza restaurant and ate dinner there as well.And since we were in Baguio, we just had to have their specialty for our drinks -- fresh strawberry shakes! They were uber yum! After dinner we went back to touring the park, then headed back to our hotel for an early bedtime so that we could wake up early the following day to catch the fog.

burnham park
yummy isaw
strawberry shakes! uber yum!
with our new hats

As usual we slept through our alarms. We took ice-cold showers (for some reason the hot water refused to work) that gave me brain freeze, changed, and were on our way to Minesview, also another tourist attraction. We spent the entire morning there taking pictures, eating breakfast (the beef broccoli was yummy!), buying souvenirs, and slurping up fresh strawberry shakes from a sidewalk vendor.

ang igorot at ang igorota

At noontime we headed to Camp John Hay. But we had a brief stopover in the presidential house called "the mansion." Wouldn't miss out on a photo op! In Camp John Hay we wanted to go horseback riding. Minutes later all three of us were each seated atop a horse, being led into the mountain trail by horse guides. Though the horses were calmly clip-clopping at a leisurely pace, it was still pretty scary at first. I was afraid I would slip off or that the horse would stumble and we would tumble headlong down the side of the steep mountain. But in time it became very relaxing and so much fun. I chatted with my guide and learned that his name was Charles and that he owned the ten-year old horse I was riding, Dusty. We trotted through the forest of pines for an hour, stopping at certain points to take pictures. That was the best part of the entire trip.

at the presidential house, "the mansion"
into the woods
horsing around underneath the pines of camp john hay
camp john hay manor

After horsing around, we realized how hungry we were. So we walked a bit towards the row of restaurants and shops we had passed earlier, where I had seen Carlo's Pizza. My textmate Neil, a travel freak himself, had recommended the place. We passed Camp John Hay Manor on the way over there. We ordered some pizza, chicken and pasta. They were delicious. Our tummies stretched to their limit, we took a walk through the shops and bought shorts for our planned hot spring session that night.

italian lunch

Our next stop was the Kabayan shops downtown, known for selling ukay-ukay, or second-hand clothes. Maya is actually an ukay-ukay freak, and we walked into several stalls and browsed through hundreds of clothes. After she had bought some slacks and bags, we headed for SM, which Chu really wanted to see because it was known for being a unique SM, since it was open air. Indeed it was. We had some coffee at their Starbucks, then brief stop at supermarket to buy whipped cream (for the strawberries we bought earlier) and toiletries. Then it was back to the hotel for a quick change before heading for the springs. We contracted a taxi driver to bring us there but it was so far away and it turned out that the bridge to that area was closed. The driver then suggested another hot spring resort which was in Benguet. But when we got there, that was closed. A full night's travel that yielded no good. Oh well. Back at the hotel, Maya and I were dead to the world once we hit our beds.

coffee at starbucks sm
open air sm

We planned our last day there carefully, because we had to check out by noon. We ordered breakfast in bed and ate those with our fresh strawberries in whipped cream. Then we went to Philippine Military Academy (PMA), where we had fun pretending to fight and salute and ride the tanks. Then we went back to Burnham park so we could go boating on the lake. We were also so hooked up on strawberry shakes that we had to have one last round before leaving Baguio. Unfortunately the isaw man was nowhere to be found, so we had to settle on just the shakes. Then we headed back to the hotel and checked out just in time. Lugging our bulging bags, we headed to the bus station and had a brief stopover at Good Sheperds where they exclusively sell ube jam that's so delicious and so fresh, they are sold still warm with the cap still unscrewed. We had lunch at a carinderia near the bus station before boarding the bus. As usual we arrived just minutes before it pulled away from the station. We got the back seats and slept all the way to Pasay City, Metro Manila. I was heavily drugged on Bonamine, Mefenamic Acid, Neozep and Ambroxol and was able to sleep quite comfortably.

goofing off in pma
such vivid flowers!
up, up and away!
"happy couple" pose
snappy pma cadets
chu and his weapon
boating at burnham lake
ganza's fireplace

Baguio is indeed a good escapade for the summer, because it's so cool there even at high noontime. No wonder it's the summer capital of the Philippines. It's a bit more expensive there in the summer, though, since everyone has the same idea and it's peak season. Still, it's worth it.

Victory Liner bus ride (roundtrip) -- P800
Hotel room (for two, max three) -- P2350/night, but you can negotiate upto P1900
Isaw -- P5/stick
Grilled corn on the cob/green mangoes -- P10
Strawberry shake -- P40
Knitted hat -- P35
Boat -- P60/boat plus 25 for a rower man
Horseback riding - P300/hour
Carlo's Pizza -- P600 meal good for three persons
Good Sheperd's Ube Jam -- P180/jar

Monday, April 17, 2006

Heidee's Greatest Sacrifice

BBK, I don't know if this is too late. I only hadaccess to internet now.

My greatest sacrifice would be taking up mycollege course, Accountancy. And I did it for myparents. Eversince I was in high school, evenbefore I could think about College, my parents hadalready planned out my future for me, without myconsent. So when I was in 4th year college, mydad in particular did not even give me a chance toentertain the thought of taking any other course. Iremember one night I was ironing my clothes (thememory remains vividly in my head to this day) andsaying that I was thinking of taking up ComputerScience or Computer Engineering when hesaid, "You will take up Accountancy in Ateneo!" inhis commanding voice. And that was the end ofthat. No more room for arguments. During my firstyear in College I was so miserable because I didnot understand debits and credits at all. I stayedup till midnight doing my assignments and trying tobalance my worksheet. By the time I crumpled upmy 10th worksheet, I was crying. I hated it somuch. Somehow I was able to get the hang of itthough and I actually graduated cum laude. It wasnecessary in order to maintain my scholarship.Looking back, I realize that I had sacrificed myselfin order to be the daughter a parent would be proudof - a straight A student who reaped honors andawards but who sacrificed her enjoyment of life inthe process. Though when I think about it, I knowmy parents did it for me, because after all, parentsknow what is best for their children. But I'm throughbeing a geek. Now is the time to let loose.

Face-off: the nurse and the teacher

Adrian, Heidee and Paolo will decide who between Kath and Ian should leave the Virtual House.

Maristel, who is now one of the Big Four, and Kathryn and Ian will not vote this time.

Activity 17 - Photo Collage

When BBK told me about this next activity, I was a li'l worried on how I'm going to accomplish it. I don't know hos to use Adobe Photoshop. I don't have programs where I can edit and design pictures here in my pc. Although I have a lot of things in mind on how to do it - still I dunno where to start and how to start.

I was thinking of how to make a collage that will reflect on my personality. So with a little help from my friend Paolo, I told him everything that I want my collage to be. I told him about my concepts, the theme and the colors that he will use.

I love butterfly. I love the beach and I love summer. So I told him to use a butterfly as a pattern for my collage. I want him to emphasize on the color Pink, Red, Baby Blue and Black. I just couldn't imagine about the outcome. Since that was just an imagination for me. I was so super shocked when I saw the finished product. I totally fell in love with the work - the art! It so adorable.

Well, actually its my 1st time to do sumthin likethat and I'm happy about the result... Pinili ko naisa lang un color nya for simplicity. Blue ang piniliko coz I was feeling blue the time I made that. Thecollage served as my background. Mga old picsang nilagay ko representing my past (backgroundnga, figuratively speaking. hehehe) showing thedifferent sides of me... The big picture means thatkahit my i am different things to different people(And on different days...Alfonso-the alter ego),You're still seeing the one and only me.

My collage is abouht me...hahahha...medyomagulo lng ung pictures kc macyado madami peroi managed to make it look presentable...una sbi pni bbk dpat meron daw mabubuo na parang imagethat will show our personality...cguro ganyan ngaang personality ko magulo...hehehe...but meron 2araw na na guguide saakin and that i thinkrepresents my parents...HAHAHAHHa wow! neverthought i would say that but i just did...bsta...thisis so far the best activity for me... (^-^)

Well, actually, when bbk said that the next activity was photo collage, my immediate reaction was "shocks! pa'no ko gagawin 'yun?" even if i'm into artsy stuffs, i never really saw myself being very good at it. good thing he said we can solicit help from others. and so when i mentioned it to pao, he immediately volunteered to make one for me. i was hesitant at first thinking it might be a hassle for him. but later i realized i didn't have enough time to do it myself. so i fed him the concept:

I sooo love TWEETY BIRD so i emphasized it to him and ofcourse, i sent DIFFERENT PICS SHOWING VARIOUS ASPECTS OF MY PERSONALITY.And i was suprised when atlast i got to see the supposed to be draft, it had PASTEL COLORS (mostly purple and yellow) in it, which, i really like (thanks to pao.. a great deal!). i barely had time to modify it but i'm really glad with the outcome. thanks to mats, i made it before the deadline. hehe.

Ian and Heidee got penalty points for not submitting their photo collage.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ian and Kathryn tie for Eviction; Maristel takes the first Big Four slot

Receiving the +21 net points a piece, Kathryn, the 23- year-old registered nurse from Marikina City and Ian, the 20-year-old Korea-based teacher from General Santos City, tied for eviction.

Receiving the lowest net point at -15, Maristel, 26-year-old business woman from Manila took the first of the four slots for PBBFG 2 Big Four.

List of penalty (+5 pts.) and rewards (-5 pts.) from most recent:
Maristel - reward (most updates)
Kathryn - penalty (2 blogs per week)
Ian – penalty (no photo collage)
Heidee – penalty (no photo collage)
Heidee – penalty (no nomination)*

Ian – penalty (violation)
Kathryn – penalty (violation)
Ian – penalty (violation)

Ian – reward (most updates)
Kathryn – penalty (2 blogs per week)
Adrian – penalty (2 blogs per week)
Paolo – penalty (2 blogs per week)

Paolo – reward (reward poll)
Maristel – reward (reward challenge)
Ian – penalty (lowest scorer)
Kathryn – penalty (lowest scorer)
Paolo – penalty (violation)

Adrian – reward (ST)
Kathryn – reward (ST)

Kathryn – penalty (violation)
Maristel – reward (updates)

Adrian +5 - -5 =
+10 - 0 =
+20 - -5 =
+25 - -5 = +20
Maristel 0 - -15 = -15
Paolo +10 - -5 = +5

Summary of 5th Nomination:
"FINGERS" Kathryn - Adrian
"SWAN PRINCESS" Ian - Maristel
"PUSSY CAT" Ian - Adrian
"PASS-AWAY" Adrian - Paolo
"EARTH, WIND & FIRE" Ian - Kathryn
HEIDEE failed to nominate*

Adrian +2 - -2 = 0
Heidee +5 - 0 = +5
Ian +6 - 0 = +6
Kathryn +2 - -1 = +1
Maristel 0 - -1 = -1
Paolo 0 - -1 = -1

NET POINTS (Penalty/Reward + To Evict/To Save)

Adrian 0 + 0 = 0
Heidee +10 + 0 =
Ian +15 + +6 =
Kathryn +20 + +1 = +21
Maristel -15 - 0 =
Paolo +5 - -1 = +4

Adrian, Heidee and Paolo is given a week to decide who between Ian and Kathyn should be evicted.

Maristel blogs: A mistake

I was up till 10:30... CRYING... For some reasons that any man can't explain. I've been doing a lot of thinkings lately. I've been asking the Lord for guidance and signs for me to stop. Stop doing things for the people who are close to my heart. I've been crying myself to sleep for 4 nights straight. I dunno if it's normal, but just what I learned in Psychology - CATHARSIS - releasing pent up emotions. Everynight, after all my night rituals, I would lay down on my bed. I felt so uneasy. I would end up seeng myself turning myself from side to side - thinking of what I might have done to hurt other people's heart. But I just can't think of any thing that I've done to cause them pain. I was once hurt when I asked my Kuya about my money. I told him that i've been doing a lot of hard works lately and I guess I deserve to get my money in whole. Not just by partial means. I've been working for his company for 4 years and I haven't asked for anything in return. I just wanted to help and see his company growing. I've been taking good care of our clients so that they wouldn't seek for another company that can also provide them of what we can provide them for the past few years. What hurts me was when he told me "Bakit, may ginawa ka ba?" It's just so painful! Coz all this time, that I've been a part of his company, I did my best and I did my part. It's just not so easy putting all your pains inside your heart and not letting it out. Everynight ang lagi ko na lang kausap is our Mighty Father. Coz I know that he's always there and listening to our mourns, cries and heartaches! What we wanted was just a simple outing. An outing that will make everyone happy and make us unwind. But what's been happening lately was "urong-sulong" I dunno what his reasons were - I know there is...

Kasi kami na kasama niya dito sa compound ang lagi niyang karamay and still he's longing for others company. My Aunt and I are willing to do all the works... The cooking, the preparing and everything. Di naman na siguro mabait yun. Coz we offer him everything so that our outing will materialize. I just pity my little cousins who were expeccting from him. Okay na nga lang kahit di na ako sumama - ang happiness ko lang is to see my cousins happy and at least this summer, nag enjoy naman sila...

There was also a certain reason wherein I can't state it here that really broke my heart... He would keep on telling me that some of my relatives really wanted to spend this vacation with me, especially sa outing nga... To those person that he mentioned to me... Katext ko silang lahat. Everyday, I've been sending them quotes - but how come not a single text have I receive from anyone of them saying that they miss me and they're all looking forward seeing me this summer? Lahat sila naka-line... Ako prepaid lang - but still I managed to text them... Am not talking about smart to smart things... Some of them use globe too... Kahit naka unlimited ako I still do remember them... Not just once in while but everyday of my life. It's just breaking my heart!!!

just an explanation:
~*~ Another one... I just saw the site (PBBFG2)... Nalulungkot ako with the outcome of the nomination... I don't want Kath out of the house... Naging close na sya sa akin and I know that there are a lot of things I still want to know about her. Kaya lang parang pinagdadamot naman ata ng tadhana! I know that there's this particular virtual housemate who just voted her out... I hope he or she did a lot of thinking before he or she voted. Kath is a good person. Being a penalty queen is not the basis in this game. Threats are not the basis in this game. I just don't know why some people are so narrow, shallow that they forgot to do some rational thinking. I do believe in free will - it's his or her decision to vote Kath out - but has he or she thought of what he or she might be missing... I myself made a mistake during this 2nd re-nomination. Not that I'm blaming myself but when I voted I was so excited coz I know that we'll be leaving any hour that night and I have to accomplish everything in the virtual house. I submitted my Photo Collage Activity. I wrote and updated my blog... I voted... I left a message for the virtual housemate who recently quit the game.... Everything's been a rollercoaster ride lately... I don't want the same thing that happened when Dylan was voted out. It wasn't intentional. It was an honest mistake.

This time, I know some things are clear and some things aren't... I just hope that for the next few weeks to come, maging clean game na ito. I hate "siraan" I hate "revenge"

I'm a person who happens to believe that for whatever happens we should all be ready to accept the fact... Whether it might be the good or tha harsh way. I've met a lot of people here. I've won a lot of friends and for that I will be forever thankful and grateful that even for just a hundred days... I've met some people who's real and unreal. Life is a stage. We're the actors who plays in it. There will always be villains and people na "naaapi" - but I hope this will end well. Let's not pretend! Let's all be open!

It's not a matter of who's playing it right or the wrong way - but let's all remember that everything will end with just a single flick of a finger. We don't know what will happen next... Kung sino man ang magiging next evictee - I'm wishing you well... Kung sino man ang matitira... Let's all be friends... There's no money involved in this game! Not even a trip to U.S. sana naman let's all pust the past aside... Forget about it! Start anew...

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