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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Maristel blogs: Nice Day

wow! wow! wow!

I've been so busy this past few days... Also got sad that I wasn't able to meet the rest of the gang here in Big Bad Kuya's Virtual House... Although, I really wanted to and I am looking forward to converse with them all, I simply can't - busy at work and organizing things for our event...

February 14, we had Valentines Dinner Party at San Pedro Laguna. A friend of my cousin was the one hosting the event but he hired our company for providing the Sound System for his events and for all the lighting and effects. I was beginning to have jitters - cause I know being "absent" in the house or maybe not having time for some conversation with the other VHs might be the one of the ground for my fellow VHs to vote me out for eviction. Ouch lang kasi, "di daw kami nagkakausap, kaya nothing personal daw..." and yung isa pa, never heard anything from me (daw), we don't have time to chat nor exchange messages (daw). Pero to my fellow VHs who voted me out, I definitely understand your reasons... I have mine too... But I still hope, kung sakali ako man ang maevict, I still hope that we can still get to know each other and sana makilala and makausap ko kayo, kahit late na... :) I guess I know who you are - I'm really looking forward knowing you... There's no harm on your votes naman, talagang hindi palang talaga tayo nagkakakilala kaya ganun...

As I was saying, I was nominated by my fellow VHs to get evicted this coming Sunday. I really don't care about the competition in here. But when I saw my name on the results of the 1st Nomination - my heart started pounding so fast that I got really nervous...

I woke up late today, coz last night I had an event at Oriental Gardens with Maegan Aguilar. We had an event with her too, tonight at Bay Garden @ Metroplitan Park near Le Pavillion. I didn't attend there anymore... Instead I just spent half of my days at the office. After having my lunch, I decided to get online. So I logged in at YM, and there I saw Jen-Jen and Paolo. Ang sarap lang ng feeling, kasi I get to chat with Paolo again. And shempre si Jen-Jen. We talked about the results of the nominations. We had fun!!! So much fun! Especially me, kasi at least kahit kaming 3 lang ang andun - i felt so blessed, spending my day with two of my favorite VH.

Anyway, I made plans with the guy who's recently wooing me for quite some time lately... I can say he made my day! Actually, late this afternoon, I started getting ready for our Acoustic Night, but then I received a call from Zidane. He told me that he's on his way to my place, and he's planning to take me out for dinner. So I was thinking, "do I really have to come over at my event and see what's happening in there?" So to cut the crap in my head, I just decided to skipped my event and go out with Zidane instead... He brought his car with him. But on his call, I told him, that we might as well take the cab or the bus na lang... I heard kasi na it's traffic. We can save fuel pa kung magco-commute na lang kami. Good thing, Zidane didn't argue with me on my idea. He agreed that we might as well take the bus na lang daw.

But you know, Maristel's kindda fickleminded... Zidane was planning to take me at Ortigas. We can have our dinner daw at any cozy restaurant there and celebrate post Valentines Day... As I was saying, fickleminded nga ako... I changed my mind... I told him, "mag tricycle na lang tayo, sa SM na lang tayo pumunta. Mas malapit pa... *lol*

Zidane's the type of person na super takot mag commute. First thing na naiisip nya is "hold up", so sabi ko nga "mas nakakatakot kaya mag bus... lalo na kapag pumapara na..." sabi nya, "what now? Ang gulo mo naman." FINAL!!! I uttered, "tricycle, the best! wala pang traffic." Althought it was just a short ride! It felt great, kasi my entire life kahit nung friends palang kami ni Zidane, never sya nag commute, ayaw nya mag commute.... Nasanay daw kasi sya ng may auto. I feel so complete lang... Kasi al my life, one of my plans was to finally convince him na mag commute with me. So we took the tricycle... Although it was a li'l bumpy - it was worthwhile! Coz I was spending a special time now with one of the most important person in my life, Zidane...

We ate dinner. We had potato salad, chicken and sinigang na tiyan ng bangus. We shopped. We shopped. we shopped. Until we decided that we're both tired from walking, strolling... I can say, I had a really nice day! I had a blast! When we're finally home, after a our last tricycle ride, Zidane, hand me something. Gift nya daw sa kin... Wag ko daw open, not until I haven't seen him leave... So I waited for him to get on his car again - I watched him drove away...

I went inside our house and headed directly at my bedroom... Shempre, dali dali ko in-open ung bigay nya, and guess what's inside the paper bag he gave me... Panties!!! as in panties... nakakatuwa di ba? *lol*

Hay naku talaga yun! Kasi naman, it's been months na, since I've been wanting to buy that... Lagi ko'ng gustong bilhin un, kaya lang, he keeps on insisting, wag daw! Pangit daw!!! Tapos kanina, yun pala yung matagal na nyang sinasabi na surprise nya sa akin... Ganda lang!

Anyway, Zidane just called - he's finally home na daw... Early daw sya matutulog, so I guess, I'll update you guys soon...

This is a day to remember... Spread love... Celebrate love...

Marge blogs: A Night With Orange and Lemons

One of the best indie pop band in the Philippines. Anglophilic approach with Filipino sensibilities highly indebted to the music of The Beatles, The Smiths and 80's guitar pop and indie pop bands in UK. Their independently released first album "Love in the Land of Rubber Shoes & Dirty Ice Cream" (Dec 2003, Terno Recordings) was considered one of the best releases during the year and garnered positive reviews in and out of the country. They recently released their second serving with "Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot" (May 2005, Universal Records) and instantly gained mass recognition and critical success.

It's really fun to hang out with Orange and Lemons speciall Mcoy and Clem whilw eating BBQ and Isaw near ABS-CBN compound. Mcoy and Clem of Orange and lemons used to be my Uncle's classmates during their HighSchool days in Mariano Ponce! They're BULAKENOS that's why. That's why I got to hang out with these two ONLers... It's my Uncle birthday.. He invited the two to have a drink of that what called LAMBANOG yeah! Luckily Mcoy and I left the the two together while enjoying their drink. We decided to have Starbucks since were near naman sa ELJ building... He's so KALOG grabe honestly tlga ang dami nyang jokes... kaya ung mga crew ng SB tawa ng tawa sa mga jokes nya. He has a good sense of Humor... Not like Clem super quiet and I think he's a TOTAL SNOB! haha peace tau! di matatapos ang araw ng di ko nakukuha autograph nya.. well I did.. Lucky mE! Too bad I didn't have a picture with him.. Akalain ko bang kasama ung dalawang ung kasama. but it's ok at least the night with them was O-So-Amazing! hehe until next time daw sabi ni Mcoy! Yeah! Pinoy Ako Pinoy Tayo! :)

Heidee blogs: Misjudged

Went to the gym to attend one of my favorite classes, body combat. It's like kickboxing less the gloves and punching bag. As expected, my crush was there too, in his usual place, next to me. He is so dreamy! He looks like Ken/Xi Men of the F4. They have the same long hair and eyes. The first time I had class with him, he kicked me on my thigh by accident. Ouch! It was worth it, though, because as he was profuse with apologies I had the opporunity to exchange words with him. But that was it. After that I have never had the guts to even attempt a semblance of a smile in his direction.

That's what I hate about myself. I don't have the guts to smile at strangers. That has always been my problem. No wonder people usually brand me as suplada the first time they meet me. Then when they get to know me better they get surprised because I am the exact opposite of their first impression. I am actually very sociable. Hard to believe, but true. Ask my friends, they'd swear I was right.

I didn't finish the entire hour because I was feeling faint already, so I went to Avon to pay my dues and get a new brochure. After that I bought some ponkans and promptly ate one while walking to the internet cafe. I'm a fruit fan. At the top of my list is lanzones, but those are seasonal. Next in line would be green mango, fuji apples, then ponkan oranges. I just love my antioxidants!

Finally I went into an internet cafe where I was invited into a YM conference by my virtual housemate Pao. BigBadKuya himself was in the conference too! It was so much fun chatting with them. Then I got saddened when I saw the blog because two of my VH's had nominated me for eviction. I'm really beginning to love my VH's and would hate to leave so early on.

And to the one who said "i am voting HEIDEE because of all the VHs - sya ung laging online pero lagi ding busy - we haven't got the chance to chat and share things, although i really wanted to share things with her... parang sobrang hard to reach out din sa kanya... parang sobrang taas ng qualities na hinahanap niya for a friend... anw, to Heidee, you're very dedicated to your job, keep it up... hope we can still be friends..." I would like to defend myself. It's not true that sobrang taas ng qualities na hinahanap ko for a friend. Ang dami ko kayang friends so does that mean na pinipili ko sila, hindi naman. If you'd take time to read my testimonials sa friendster halos lahat sila ang masasabi ako yung tipong flexible na kahit sino kayang makasama. I just happen to be busy with work kaya di ako masyado nakikipagchat. If you took that against me di kita mablame pero dun sa sinabi mo about sa hinahanap ko sa friends nahurt talaga ako sobra.

If ever I do get voted out, then I will accept it. Everything happens for a reason after all. I just wish some people didn't judge so harshly.

Results of the 1st Nomination

i am voting HEIDEE because of all the VHs - sya ung laging online pero lagi ding busy - we haven't got the chance to chat and share things, although i really wanted to share things with her... parang sobrang hard to reach out din sa kanya... parang sobrang taas ng qualities na hinahanap niya for a friend... anw, to Heidee, you're very dedicated to your job, keep it up... hope we can still be friends...

i am saving [*****] - he is very straightforward! he adds a lot of color and spice sa virtual house... he is so full of life - and shempre kc he is my friend!


i would like my codename to be iris. i would like to give my to evict votes to MARISTEL kasi sya ung d ko pa masaydo nakausap sa VH's, nothing personal.

i would like to give my to save vote to PAO. feeling ko lang kasi others would vote him out and i don't want him out. he's a nice person and i would like him to remain in the house.

“Bedroom Slippers”
The one to be evicted ( 2 points ) - [*****], kasi di siya nag eexist kahit na nakaonline siya... my fellow virtual housemates tries to talk to *** pero parang wala siay dyan e... sorry talaga.. you don't exist d2... ang layo mo samin and ung gap grabe... di ka namin me reach...

The one to be saved ( 1 point ) - ROWEN, he's kind sobra tska bumabawi xa dun sa week na wala siya... unlike ng iba kahit nga nandyan prang di nag eexist.. buti pa si rowen... sorry rowen kung
binoto rin kita sa least deseving VH... but now na prove nya saamin na deserving siya to be here... and he needs to be saved! :) Go Go Go!

my codename is quddus and here are my votes... 2 points goes to ROWEN. Im sorry first of all. I have fallen in love with all the housemates and this is a very difficult decision. Truly, it is. I have randomly selected rowen from all the housemates i find least deserving. Believe me, it wasnt easy.

My one point goes to MARGE. I think that she would probably get a lot of evicting votes coz of her reactions on things. i think that she deserves a chance in playing this game longer.

i dont wanna do this thing but then its a must so no hurt feelings.. nothing personal here....k? 2 pts for : JANETTE > because shes missing out a lot in here and that shes too busy in her better rest muna..= )

1 pt for: [*****]> coz hes the youngest in here and that i think hes worthy for me to save.. because hes a smart one at a very young age.. keep it up little bro! By: Hearty = )

Codename: "PANSTASYA" -- simply bcus walang makakaisip na lalaki o babae ang naghahandle ng codename nato.

To save: JEN-JEN * i gave her a deal : she'' save my ass, ill save hers ( for now) To evict: Regarding the "person to evict".... im gonna vote for KATHRYN out of the game. --- huli lagi cya sa isip ko. advantage ang 5 points nay ...kaya mabawasan nga konte. hahaha. ;)

To evict: IAN - I don't think this is the kind of player who is really DESERVING to win this game. To save: RHEA - although I haven't really gotten acquianted with her, I think she can still stay to prove herself.

CODENAME: BANJO (hehe, the first name to cross my mind after I said 'codename')

“Blusang Itim”
my codename is: bLuSaNg iTiM. i wAnT tO eViCt "HEIDEE" KaSi oF aLL HoUsEmAtEs sYa LaNg yUnG HinDi kO MaSyAdO NaKaKaUsAp Ng MaTaGaL... aNd iF eVeR NaMaN KaUsAp kO sYa, WaLa KaMiNg ToPiC... MeAnInG We'Re NoT ThaT cLoSe

i wAnT tO SaVe [*****] KaSi He'S oNe oF mY cLoSe FriEnD hErE... BeiNg fRaNk iS qUiTe CooL DiN NaMaN... i ThiNk MaGiGiNg BoRiNg aNg BaHaY Ni KuYa PaG iAn iS nOt HeRe...

codename: Secretum. 2 points to vote out [*****]. It's hard to choose who to vote for, **** just seemed to be the least one i "jived" with

1 point to save [*****]. Think it would be fun to have him around.

Vote My COdeName is cRonaLo. My vote to evict is... [*****]... . nakikisunod lang... sorry... nothing personal but i need the concensus of the votes... kailangan lang na may majority... and tngin q un... kaw lang ang dapat ko iboto.

TO SAVE: DYLAN.. since he's really nice and cool. tnx sa lahat. ghe...

“Nintendo Gamecube”
BigBadKuya how is ur day?.. ako po hindi ok kc nomination night ay malapit n at ayoko n may matatanggal saamin.but i need to do e2... my codename first and foremost will be: Nintendo Gamecube.

my 1 "to-save" point goes to: [*****]---kasi siguro marami na magvovote out sakanya dhil hindi cya nkapag-participate sa first activities n10. But I think he has these valid reasons na kelangan nya unahin.and I think that's good. Goodluck sa mga school contests n sasalihan mo p!!!

my 2 "to-evict" points goes to: IAN---as I said ayoko ng may matatanggal sa grupo namin.pero i need to vote dba?So un makukuha naman ni Ian ung immunity so hindi makaka-affect sakanya ung points n ibibigay ko.Walang ibig sabihin to na masama.Ayaw ko lng talaga mag-vote out and
Ian seems to be strong and really attached to his fans kaya i know hindi nila titigilan ang suporta na ibinibigay nila kay Ian kaya I know na makukuha nya ung Immunity at hindi siya matatanggal.


i'm the one last to vote because my instinct somehow tells me not to vote for me to spare my co vhs who will be my choice to evict, but i know i've got to vote...

m giving 2 points for MARISTEL - because i never heard anything from her, we don't have time to chat nor exchange messages. I hate giving her 2 points coz i know its not fair for i don't know her dat much.

m saving [*****] kc gusto ko lng bumawi coz before i said that he's the vhs who will be first evicted, but i know he deserve to have a chance coz he's very busy with his studies.

Dylan, Marge and Paolo approve Testimonials

-Laurice- Thursday, February 16, 2006


I can't live without you.
I would breathe the air, and my heart would beat, but I would not feel the joy of life.
My dreams would be lost like a leaf carted away by a storm.
I would gaze at the stars without appreciating the way they light up the sky.
I would pass the roses in bloom without noticing their beauty.
I would no longer look forward to each sunset and each dawn.
I would be broken, never to be mended again.
Winter would own my heart; its icy breath would steal the warmth in my soul,
because I could not smile without your love.
I could not know laughter or happiness.
If you were lost to me,
I'd have no reason to try, no reason to be.
You are my prayer, my shelter from hopelessness and despair,
my sunshine, my light, my lazy days, my peaceful nights, and only you can keep the spark in my soul burning bright.


' ' ' nica aq Thursday, February 16, 2006
hihav a gud daY...mwaHhhhh^_^

pAoLo miGueL Wednesday, February 15, 2006

ei wassup! bro dylan hehe!!! e2 c dylan nkilala ko cya sa blog lng nmin check nyo..hanapin nyo ung address sa page nya hehe..i think he is a really cool guy...he is very friendly (tingnan nyo ung friends nya sa friendster malapit n mag 1000) hehe...tsaka sobra yan kung magmahal hehe..basta keep up ur good attitude and God will be always there for you! I know he always will..ingatzz bro!!! naisip ko lng n gawan kau ng testi!!! (^-^)

' ' ' 'carolyn Wednesday, February 15, 2006
*=*=*=* hEllO tHerE.. ^_^ *=*=*=*~,) tNx fOr AddiN mE.. ,+,.._-_-_-_ sTay cOnNecTed ayT??.. _-_-_-_lOvE yaH.. ^_^chie

JohN ErviN'-' Wednesday, February 15, 2006
I Will Always Be Your FriendYou are never alone, I am always near,When you have troubles or feeling blue,All you have to do is call me,I am always around for my friends.It does not matter where I am,And it does not matter when,When you need someone to talk to you,Then I will always be your friend.If you need someone to hold your hand,Or all you need is a great big hug,I will be the shoulder to cry on,I will always be your friend.So never think that you are a burden,When the world gets you down,You do not have to be alone,For, I will always be your friend.Hope you'll give me a testimonial...Take Care and God Bless...^_^

love, Wednesday, February 15, 2006:
wat do i have to say bout DYLAN?>he`s my new friend here and his kind enough to add me up!>DYLAN iz yasashii----kindiz ii otoko ----handsome as far as i can see dude!DYLAN iz tsuyoi ------definitely strong enough to fight for his rights!dats ol 4 now tol bsta kip up dat gud attitude of urs!

pAoLo miGueL Wednesday, February 15, 2006

wow! ganda ng profile ah..hehe...e2 c marge ngaun ko lng nalaman n adik cya kay hello kitty hehe...tpos i believe magaling yan magsayaw hehe..sample nmn...marge is really a good friend khit nung minsan nkalimutan nya ako isama sa blog nya pero nakabawi nnmn cya by making a blog update n ako lng ung nakalagay..hehe thanks marge!!!...she is the baby of our group sa blog namin..she is one of my new set of friends and never ako nag-sisi ng makilala ko kau..hehhe!!! ingatzz lagi!!! (^-^)

mArGe Thursday, February 16, 2006
kuya paolo... sa lahat ng VH pag narinig ko name nya britney spears agad ang pumapasok sa utak ko.. he's really kind.. minsan ko lng maabutan sa yM to eh... pero at least he's one of my kuya's in pBbfG... yung main objective ko sa game is to win friends... sure ka panalo ka kapag marami k na win na frends dun... hehe and kuya pao is one of the.. stay sweet and good as you are... heheh britney rocks! hee

Rowen blogs: +... js pr0m ...+

Still undecided on posting things that happened that night... but I would try to give you all a sneak peak... I just want a daily diary

February 13,2006 Monday

+... so we went to school for our invitation and to fetch some reviewers for ymca... and of course i miss the pT peepz and rshs n0h! to get my m0ney nrn...
+... pero paakyat q wlang tao sa rum at walang kwentang pumasok... i tracked leah's hauz when i went down...
+... sbi ni karen nung nasa jeep kami, "save her", d q alm... puzzled...

+... mga 2 na aku umuwi... tuLog... neT muna tp0z preparation.. namili aku ng penshoppe hairstyling wax.
+... then nung gabi ayun, i juz picked a light yellow trubinized polo from the closet and gets the americana borrowed from the kapit bahay. voila! prom suit.
+... took a bath, not the usual length of it, mga twice nun. tp0z facial facial. may tigyawat! bLeh...
+... then kusk0s in aLL parts, minake up-an ko sarili q... inayus ko buhok q... tayo tayo na iba iba direksy0n... Ü tnx kuya ian for the advice :)

The Night

+... so dumating na ku sa venue with jacqueline (kapitbahay) kita q ang forever early fc, and their nice gowns. si kuya kenneth na may dalang hanger at camera ng kodak ng kodak si kuya...
+... si carLo na mukhang Lasing! c aLfie, c david at ang supportive parents niya... at sandamakmak na third year peepz...
+... kinausap aku ni mam re0lizo... normaL Lng. wLa, nakikibaLita bLehe..
+... 8 na nagstart and ayun escort escort... wg nio n aLmin kung cn0! aLm nio namn na! :P
+... tpz ang swerte q tlga... pero sobrang masaya n q dun... juz been waiting for the dance part...
+... tagal ng program, dumating na ang mga igorot kong kaibigan!
+... kaen kaen...
+... sayaw! my humps! julie!
+... ayun... sayaw... 12 lng! balak q lahat ng piTy eh! s0wy!
+... it ended mga 12 na so.... un uwi nah, with a big smile...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Dylan blogs: Zarap sa h0zpital?!...

haha... just got out of the hospital today... the whole day yesterday kc.. i "sort of" forgot to eat... haha(yeh, that's possible!)... all the problems just started piling up... and... the person who always made things better was mad at me ='(... so... xguro..nmanhid nlng ako... di nlng ako nkrmdam ng gu2m... and w/ all the stuff going on... di ko na napilit ung sarili ko kumain.. kya un... nung tumugtog kme sa banda.... bigla nlng sumakit ng sobra ung stomach ko.. ewan ko nagfaint daw ako sndli sbe ng bandm8s ko +_+...kya sbi ni si dalhin daw ako s hospital... so aun nmn... nagstay nlng din ako dun... after nun.. ok sermon na from everyone...haha..i was wrong nman tlga... hayz..nsobrahan lng xguro tlga xa mga ngyari..

funny... liked it there... heh... kahit wla kang kauzap... prng relaxed lng... kht mejo sobrang tigas nung matresz, and konti lng channels sa tv... (reklamador eh noh)...haha... relaxed lng... atleast for one day... wlang stresz, responsibilities, problems... prayer time lng ung buong day... heh... it was really refreshing... once in a while we need to take a break from the world tlga... kc pg hindi... naku mababaliw ka!!!...haha...

hayz...ano pa ba...iza p tlgng major problem...
mahal ko... i wish you'd trust me... ='(... lam mo naman na.. i'll never do anything like that to you... i'd never hurt u intentionally mahal ko...='(....hayz.. pleaze don't let other people tear us apart... i love u so much my leeh.. pleaze... trust me... ='(... just pray.. anjan c Lord oh... lam Nya... just... pray... i know that you're God's special gift to me... kaya nten 2 mahal ko...
hayz... zana mgkaauz n tau... hayz.. wag k n mgalit pleaze...

Janette blogs: A Smile to Keep

The past few days is very busy and confusing... lots of things to do and prepare for the PNP anniversary.

Today, i thought i won't be able to be in the office coz my friend txted me that she has a problem and wanted to see me, i go out with her, had a lunch together, actually nagmukha akong tourist guide, dinala ko sya sa iba't ibang church dito sa malolos (barasoain, cathedral....) just to comfort and somehow ease her pain. she unloaded everything in me, and i really feel the hurt.. i see how broken she was, how she lost her self... deep inside i'm praying that God would let her know the purpose of those trials she has on her way, may she has enough strength to face all those adversities... God works in many and different ways and sometimes it's even painful but we've got to simply trust Him completely that He is still in control of our lives... His love won't let us fall... yes, we may be hurt sometimes by the way God shapes us but still He works for our best...

Sigh..... at last i see my friend wearing a smile before we part our ways, and i keep that smile for i know God enlightens a weary soul thru an imperfect person like me...

BigBad Kuya reminds the VHs some house rules

While in the virtual house, virtual housemates must abide by the following Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game rules:

Plotting or scheming against a fellow Housemate is allowed. However, BBK may evict VH/s who he suspects is/are plotting or scheming against him.

"Living Room" = PBBForum, PBBFG Shoutbox and other PBB-related forums
VHs may read and post in the said interactive sites with known or UNKNOWN and/or DIFFERENT identity however they cannot discuss things related to the PBBFG (game aspect).

"Kitchen Area" = Violence
Any Housemate who becomes violent and/or malicious will be forcibly evicted from the vHouse immediately.

For complete House Rules, click here.

LAST WARNING is given to those who have violated the house rules. You know who you are.

Nomination Update:
All 12 ballots are in; Results of the nomination to be disclosed tomorrow

"Unseen Friend"
by Jen-Jen

Although you are a friend of mine
and letters we exchange,
I wouldn't know you on the street,
and doesn't that seem strange?

You hold a place within my life,
unusual and unique;
We share ideals and special dreams,
and still, we do not speak.

I picture what I think you are,
perhaps you picture me.
An intriguing game for both of us
for someone we can't see.

So for this friendship we possess,
we owe this mail a debt,
Perhaps the charm lies in the fact
that we have never met.

Ian, Jen-Jen and Kathryn approve Paolo's Testimonial

pAoLo miGueL Wednesday, February 15, 2006
kuya ian! hello kmusta po?...hehhe e2 c kuya ian one of my new batch of friends..he likes to tell jokes at lagi nakikipag-kulitan kay heidz at ate jenjen..heheh lahat nmn kinukulit nya..hehhe..dahil sa mga ngyari sa blog n10? (kuya ian alam mu n un) i found out that he is a true person....hehe khit negative ung sasabihin ngpapakatotoo cye hehe..he is a great n love cya ng mga students nya..i think he is really hardworking din...kaya isa n cya ngaun successful n teacher...he is also very funny hehe (read his yahoo blog..ung Snow Rap nya) hehe..aun ingatz n lng at gudluck sa ating lahat!!! (^-^)

pAoLo miGueL Wednesday, February 15, 2006
ate jenjen!!! hehe nainggit ako kay remcyl so aun ngbalak din ako gumawa.Ate Jenjen! nameet ko cya thru our blog hehe.sobrang bait ni2 sobrang understanding at sobrang palatawa.hehe i consider her my bestfriend sa blog hehe.The best thing about her she knows what is right and what is wrong hehe hindi cya ung tao na iiwan ka sa ere at lagi yan na didisconnect sa chat (walang kinalaman sa topic hehe) pero as i sadi love n love ko yan! for me she is the bestfriend u would like to have.kahit sa chat lng kami ngkakilala. i know na she is a good person at talaga nmang marami ngmamahal sknya! (^-^) ingats always!!! (^-^)

pAoLo miGueL Wednesday, February 15, 2006
c ate Kathryn Raflores ang aking idol! hehe kaya ko cya idol she is really a good wife to her husband...she is a great friend..and most especially nurse..hehe my dream is to be one...napaka-bait she is really a good friend..magaling mgbigay ng tips to be a successful nurse...i really really really admire her!!! thanks idol sa lahat lahat khit sa internet lng tau ngkakilala feeling ko kilala n kita ng matagl n panahon n.. heheh ingatz lagi ate kathryn!!! at khit nurse n ako u r still my idol!!! that's a promise hehe!!! (^-^)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Jen-Jen leads the Immunity Poll

It pays to be a chatter. Jen-Jen, the 22-year-old VH from Caloocan City who is often in interactive sites as one visitor confessed, now leads with 318 votes or 43% of the 739 votes counted so far. Her closest competitor is Paolo with 171 votes or 23.1%.

The Immunity Poll doesnt allow multiple voting. One cannot vote more than once using the same computer or a computer with the same IP address. Most Internet cafes, companies, schools has 1 IP address.

If a person voted using a computer in an Internet cafe his/her succeding votes will not be counted (even if he/she uses a different unit as long as it is not in the same shop).

Jen-Jen votes was only below 80 this morning and it is almost 300 now. Checking the UNIQUE hits counter, it is now 3300++, 300 hits higher than this morning's 3000+.

VHs have less than 3 days to convince their followers and friends to vote for them. VH with highest votes on Sunday, 9:00PM gets cannot be evicted on the 1st Eviction of PBBFG Season 2.

Heidee blogs: Close To You

true friends are hard to find
true love is harder to find
but if you fall in love with your best friend
are you willing to lose the friendship for the love?
or are you willing to lose the love for the friendship?

Those were the taglines from Star Cinema's newest movie, Close To You starring John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo and Sam Milby. Sam. The reason why Maya, Gay and I went to Glorietta last night to watch the movie on its first day of release. The reason why even though the storyline is actually kind of a cliche, we still wanted to go see it. For me, though, it wasn't just Sam but also because I thought John Lloyd was funny, and ok, ok, I admit, I got kilig watching the trailer. And also because I can relate a bit. Lord knows I have a weird habit of falling for my close friends.

After dinner at Tokyo-Tokyo where we took advantage of some discount coupons that were handed out at our office, we headed up to G4 Cinemas and shouldn't have been surprised at the long line. Still, we were surprised. Good for us we were able to find some good seats inside the cinema. There were so many people that some of them ended up sitting on the stairs. In the end, I thought the movie was worth it. Funny, kilig, made me cry a bit, and of course, Sam was simply gorgeous. Gay and I kept pinching each other each time he was shown on screen. Hehe.

After the movie we did our usual after-movie event -- Timezone! We used our free yellow swipers that comes with every Ayala Cinema ticket to play a couple of games of car racing. Then we shot some hoops in the free throw game. Before leaving I exchanged some of my powertickets (earned from scoring at games) for some colorful hair elastic bands. Then we went on home.

But to answer the tagline questions...I would be willing to lose the friendship for the love. I mean, if you do fall in love with a friend, I think you should tell her, because who knows, she may feel the same. And if she didn't? Well, it would be awkward at first, sure, and you may find yourself staying away from her. But if your frienship is true, after a while the awkwardness will be gone and everything will be back to normal. Take Joey and Rachel on "Friends." Or take me and...nevermind. Heehee. But really. Life is all about risks. And love is worth all the risk.

"Do you want me to tell you something really subversive? Love is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical about it... It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk even more."

Janette and Heidee approve Paolo's testimonial

pAoLo miGueL Wednesday,
February 15, 2006

hello heidz hehe..isa rin 2 ayaw mgpatawag n ate...hehhe...c heidz very hardworking yan...gusto nya tpos muna ang trabaho nya bago mkipag-chat saamin...heheh..she really is a good friend..makikita mo sa mga pictures hehhe..she really is very connected sa friends nya...kay
un..heheheh..sana makachat uli tau ng matagalan..hehe dpat ung wala kang work hehehe.. okieh?? ingatzz lagi!!!!!!!!!!!!

pAoLo miGueL Wednesday, February 15, 2006
ate janette!!! hello hehhee...kmusta k n??? e2 c ate janette...responsible n PNP officer wow!! lovable wife!!! and really a good friend..there is never a dull moment khit busy cya at least may time p rin cya para mki-pag-usap saamin at hindi cya ng-OOP hehehe...a really good person...u
miss half of ur life kung hindi nyo cya makikilala!!! ingatzz lagi ate janette!!! (^-^)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

'Twas a Happy Hearts Day for Heidee and Remcyl; but not for Dylan

Well whaddya know, I actually got my Valentines wish last night. I got a rose! Hehehe. Babaw!

When I got home to an empty apartment last night, I broke out the Endless Love: Autumn in My Heart dvds that I borrowed from Keso. Then I proceeded to watch the first few episodes of the Koreanovela while eating dinner (pinakbet, if you must know). I had seen this before while it aired on GMA, but I wasn't able to start the series. Turns out this is such a sobfest, right from the beginning. Heavy drama! By the time Maya got home I was sniffling because they found out that Jenny was not really their daughter and had been switched at birth.

When Gay arrived I invited her to Starbucks with me and Maya. Jess, who was getting ready for work (night shift) said he'd come with us. So off we walked to Starbucks in Waltermart. On our way there we encountered a guy selling flowers. I pointed it out to Jess and he bought three roses. Then when we were seated in Starbucks, he gave each of us one rose in exchange for a kiss. On the cheek, of course! Still. I got a rose and a kiss on valentines day. Not bad. Hehehe.

Valentine bull**** may not be bad after all

Yesterday i forgot to blog about me and Alain's date. So i'd love to post it now! Okay, so we went to Nepo Mall after buying my shears to buy some food to be eaten before cutting his hair. So we bought 6 pancit cantons and 2 Oishi chips. Since we have 2 cases of Coke, hotdogs, and hotdog buns, it would do. So the next thing you know, we were boiling water already for the canton noodles, frying hotdog and preparing ice cubes for the Coke. Augh! Stupid Alain who's a first timer at cooking, almost burned the hotdog! I told him to look out for it but all he was doing was moving the hotdogs back and forth. Augh! Typical! But no biggie, it was still delicious! Before we began, he suddenly said Happy Valentine's Day. I dont know how to describe the reaction i had. Shocked, amazed with the thought, happy, everything. So i realized, that after being single for 18 years and also 18 years of not caring with that occasion, i finally have a date! Well, we both may be guys, but hey, Valentine's isnt always about people who are in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship right. So there, in our big table, laid two Oishi bags, one huge platter of Pancit Canton, hotdog buns and hotdogs, 2 liters of Coke, and two best friends celebrating their little pre-valentine snack. I guess valentine's isnt bullshit after all.

Sad sad Valentine's Day...='(

Well... the day started out ok... had a good night's sleep cause my Leeh greeted me happy Valentine's first... heh.. then off to a normal day at school(except for all the Vday stuff around campus)... gave my project(Vcard) to the one I was assigned to give it to... was so proud of that card!!...i spent 4 hourz makin dat!! heh.. well, it was worth it cause she gave me a real high grade(after bribing..j0kez!)...heh.. then after i went out with my sisters to buy an anniversary gift for our parents... hehe... cno ka-date k0? xempre!..hehe

after nun... xempre mzaya kz nkauzap k0 ung mahal k0...hehe....zaya2 k tlga pg kauzap k xa...taz tnwag ak0 ng m0m k0... my dumating kz...unexpected visit0r..+_+...wahh... aun...dun ngstart ung pr0blem...

hayzz...after nun ngalit pa ung mahal k0 sken :(..hayz... di k0 na kaya 2...hayz....mahal k0..... hayz... bkt k b ngalit...='(...hayzzzzz...

s0rry na p0 tlga..='(... hayz... bzta... jan nmn c Lord... pray nlng.... God bless peepz...

hayzz...sonnet nlng....

14 linez 0f iambic pentameter + rhyme scheme ababcdcdebebff + a sad day = this

O, never say that I was false of heart
Though absence seem'd my flame to qualify
As easy might I from myself depart
As from my soul, which in thy breast doth lie
That is my home of love: if I have ranged
Like him that travels I return again
Just to the time, not with the time exchanged
So that myself bring water for my stain
Never believe, though in my nature reign'd
All frailties that besiege all kinds of blood
That it could so preposterously be stain'd
To leave for nothing all thy sum of good
For nothing this wide universe I call
Save thou, my rose; in it thou art my all.

Rowen leaves for a school competition

Fresh from a national competition, Rowen, the 16 year-old Virtual Housemate from Pampanga left today for yet another competition. This time, Rowen with his teammates will be competing in a math quiz.

He wrote BB Kuya, "Basically, that is for the Math Quiz. i would be in a team. One for GI, one for Ecology Quiz. Then we'll compete with other teams in Luzon."

Rowen will be back on Saturday.

Good Luck to Rowen and to his team.

Jen-Jen blogs: My LaSt HeArTbReAk!!!

Haaiiii hindi naman xa ang first love q pero sa lahat ng mga naging bf q sa kanya tlga aq nasaktan ng sobra and till now i admit i still love him... "MaHaL KeW"

wanna know why???

he's one of my closest friend... parang younger bro q na xa... tawag q sa kanya "BUNSO" and tawag niya naman sa akin ay "ATE".. pag may prob xa im olweiz here for him... well ganun naman tlga ako sa lahat ng friends q eh!! basta masasabi q lng super super super close tlga kami... lagi sya txt sakin.. lagi din sya call sakin...and nung makilala q sya may gf xa dat time... kaya walang malisya yung friendship namin and isa pa mas bata siya sakin he's 19 lng and im 22 na.. ateng ate tlga di ba??? ayun.. ung time na nag-break sila ng gf niya... sakin sya cry kasi nga niloko sya ng gf niya... 3rd party ba!! kala q matatagalan bago xa magka-gf ulit pero sus ilang days lng or week ba may gf nanaman... pero mukhang ok naman si "joan" (name ng naging gf niya) sabi niya mabait daw... maganda... pero nako 1tym magka-txt kami sabi niya nalng ayaw niya na kay joan kasi nga parang nde siya mahal kasi hindi man lang daw marunong magselos... (labo nuh??!!) sabagay... mas maganda din naman yung kahit paminsan-minsan nagseselos ung bf/gf mo para ma-feel mong luv ka di ba??? edi yun... magka-txt nga kami tapos sabi niya dami-dami niya daw prob...ako naman as ate ask q sya kung anu prob niya... sabi niya (1)mama niya (2) papa niya (3) kapatid niya (4) friends niya (5) ex niya (6) gf niya... wow ang dami nga diba??? sabi q tuloy sa reply q.... "buti walang (7) ate q" hahaha natawa aq sa sagot niya... sabi niya "actually meron". hala anu kaya prob niya sakin... ayun sabi niya... "masyado daw kasi akong mabait and sweet" ewwwww nde q alam kung kikiligin aq or what! tapos bigla niya nalng sinabi... "nde q alam ate kung manhid ka ba tlga or ayaw mo lng tlga pansinin" actually nde naman tlga ako manhid.. pero anu ba gagawin q?? alangan naman patulan ko ung mga sinasabi niya di ba??? ito pa ang isa sa mga sinabi niya na tlgang na-shock ako "why dont we try na maging tayo... baka walang problema" ahahaha ako naman si tanga parang nawala sa katinuan..nde q alam kung bat parang nagpapadala ako sa mga sinabi niyang yun... pero at the other side of my mind naiisip q na nde dapat... friendship is more important!! aynako ang gulo tlga... basta 1day nangyari nalng na i missed him pag hindi q sya nakakausap... namimiss q kakulitan niya... namimiss q ung pagiging sweet and yung caring niya sakin...namimiss q ung pagttxt namin hanggang 3am.... namimiss q na lahat lahat sa kanya... basta miss q na xa... mahal q na din pala xa... hainako anu ba nangyayari sakin dat tym!! ayun.. nde nga nagtagal naging kami rin... well ok naman lahat samin... everyday masaya... laging sweet sa isat-isa... pareho kasi kaming hindi nahihiyang sabihin kung ano feelings namin sa isat-isa eh... pag may lq naayus din agad.. kasi andun ung trust namin sa isat-isa... we promise kasi na wala kaming dapat paniwalaan na iba.. kundi kaming dalawa lang... which is i think right lalo na pag talagang mahal mo isang tao... hindi ka dapat mag doubt sa kanya di ba??? haiii kala q happy ending na kaming dalawa... 1day nalng nagtataka ako kasi hindi pa xa txt sakin... eh after lunch na!! so i try to call him up.. ayun nag-ring abah!! girl ang sumagot.. kala q tita niya... pero maingay... sabi sakin "hello sino 2??" sabi q naman "c jenny 2, cno karin? pwde ba kay ralph?" ayun binigay niya kay ralph "mahal kew d2 kami sa valenzuela nag-aapply kami" sabay baba!! ang galing di ba?? as his gf bat nde pinapaalam sakin na nag-aapply siya ng job and isa pa nde rin pinaalam sakin na kasama niya ung ex niyang un!! sobrang sakit tlga naramdaman q dat tym.. as in super down aq.. gus2 q maglasing kahit nde aq umiinom.. nde q alam kung ano gagawin q.. basta bigla nalang ako nag-dial sa cp q.. to call his friend "jhep" i told him what happen kasi nde q tlga alam kung cno kakausapin q... the next thing i call my friend "ellen" sabi ko meet kani sa sm manila... then after nun stay kami sa baywalk para akong tanga tlga that time.. lagi q sinasabi gus2 q na mamatay "sorry god" alam q mali un, pero un lang ung word na lumalabas sa bibig q dat tym... then i tried to calm down... inisip q nalng.. may pangako kami sa isat-isa na wag agad-agad maniniwala... wait for wach others explanation. kaya yun ako si tanga nag-wait ng 1 month... "sobrang tanga q tlga" then ayun after 1month nakausap q xa... he wants to meet me to explain everything... sabi q sa kanya "ayoko na, if u want to explain.. d2 ka mag-explain!" and sabi q sa kanya... "dont worry tanggap q na... na niloko mo ko... and im not mad at u... thats life eh!" pero deep inside masakit parin... pero ganun tlga kailangan kong magtapang-tapangan para hindi niya mahalatang nasasaktan parin aq..!! sabi q dont worry we can be friends pa naman... i mean i can be ur ate again... and u can be my bunso again...!! ayun... balik sa dati... txt nanaman sya sakin... call ulit... sweet nanaman sya... minsan ask niya ako if i still love him... aynako life tlga!! pero promise q.. nde nako magpapaloko ulit sa kanya.. NO WAY!! alam q... mahal niya parin aq.. and i admit i still love him pa pero wala ng pupuntahan yung pagmamahal na yun... nasaktan niya na ako... kaya yun dahil sa hindi q xa kayang kalimutan... lumayo aq.. umalis aq ng nde nagpapaalam sa kanya... kala q kaya q... kala q makakalimutan q xa sa gagawin kong un... nde din pala... kaya yun bumalik akong BIGO hahaha and now im here... nagmamahal parin sa kanya... nde q alam kung hanggang kelan ito... pero sana mawala na!!

Yesterday... Valentines day... nagulat aq habang ka-txt q si ate maritel... may biglang nag-txt sakin... sabi "nde mo ba ako babatiin ng happy valentines day?? sorry busy kasi sa school eh! happy valentines day" hahaha kala q friend niya.. pero napaisip aq.. kasi hindi naman nag-aaral friend niya eh... kaya ill ask him kung cno ung nag-txt and un nga si RALPH daw.... ohhh naalala niya q... natuwa aq... pero mawala din agad... kasi nga gus2 q na siya kalimutan... sana nga makalimutan q na xa... help me god..!!!

Bat nga ba nde q xa makalimutan??? well kasi of all people sa kanya ako nagtiwala... wer super close... parang magkapatid... and naniniwala ako na hindi niya ako magagawang saktan... pero of all people pala sya pala ang makakasakit sakin ng sobra sobra!! kaya now... sana mawala kana sa puso ko... kaya 1 more time.. pls help me god!!

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Rowen updates blog

February 1, 2006 Laoag Ü
+... pupunta kami LaoAg. hehe... ayun... wLa cLa chinkee
+... ewan q ba kung bakit ang hectic ng buhay... may speech choir nga pala ang pLatinum. wahehe... ghe Lng. pAkasaya! wLa nga masyadong teachers eh.
+... pLaytime nga lng s pLatinum! without any w0rries. gagraduate n kc kaya mLakas l0ob! hehe... :)
+... ayun muna!

February 3/4/5, 2006 Preparing for Laoag (*PBBFG2 DAY ONE)
+... so, aalis na kami sa monday papuntang bacarra, and of course ayan na naman si nanay... nagreready ng sobra sobra.
+... gr0cery dito... st0re jan... baka magutuman? haLa. patay gut0m bak0?
+... wahhehe... hmm.. rami k0 ngang daLa. geL and s0rts of pakik0y ... wLa Lng nga.. hehe. ..
+... s0 mej0 nagpaka-viP aku and wLa aq ginawa haha.. para mainis cLa... nagneT lng aku at inackaso k0 ung mga endeavors ko sa h0sting ng big br0ther game...

February 6, 2006 Going to Laoag
+... grabe! so ngcng aku mga 6:45 then ligo and bihis alas7 raw ang alis. so ayun alas8 umalis...
+... we went past Bataan, ahmm, Pampanga... nakita ulit nmin PRI, ok Capas, Tarlac then papunta sa Bulacan, ayun tuLoy tuLoy sa Pangasinan, tapos ayun ang haba ng La Union... Tapos ang gaganda ng view, nasiraan kami, bumili ng s0ftdrinks then sa Sison's kami kumain...
+... nananakit na pwet namin! ginutom pa kami ng 7 h0urz! aLas 9 n kmi nasa laoAg at maLay0 p rAw... we juz made fun by c0unting bridges and kn0wing some new iLocAn0 words.
+... ayun! san agustin daw kami magrerest... yea yea. at d aq nakatuLog... kwento d2 kwento duon! c third laki ng pr0blema. c t0od t0rned eh. hayy... buti p cLa...:(
+... sad to tell, d nla alm story q. :(

+... the iLoc0s week ... +
February 7, 2006 Sa Bacarra (Day 1)
+... so ngcng aku mga 8 am... nLig0... paprente prente munA! picture d2... picture d0on!
+... hAyy... ayuN nAgnEt aku! ambagal ng c0nnection, diaL up kc at viBe ang gaMit!
+... mApAnLiLo ang mgA triCycLe driveRs... ayUn mej0 masaya... ngpAgudPud... :) bwahaha..
+... ayun! superman! wahhhee... wLa Lng masaya! nkita q n rin at nkausap agad cna ana at chnx.
+... wLa Lng. g. AghAm na pLa.. hehe... wLng entry. bwahehe. bHaLa cLa. basta kami namiLi ng empanada... at nagpicture! at magkatabi kami nino kaya?
+... 16 BRIDGES... dba eulene?

February 8, 2006 Sa Bacarra (Day 2)
+... s0 d nrn uLet nKatuLog... reviewed meera and nic0le for defense... may maitim na baLak...
+... ayun! sumali aku sa pagdedefend! nakapasok naman sa final 8 ip's ng life science team and final two ng year level nmin!

+... feel q n n mananalo pero i dont expect naman ng ganun kalaki.
+... so ayun, ngstart na ang b0nding sessi0ns with gold uLet at xempre sa mga y0ungsters! hehe...
+... biLi biLi uLet! bLeh!

+... the iLoc0s week [part 2]... +
February 9, 2006
Sa Bacarra (Day 3)
+... awarding! d aq nkasamba! lakas ko raw matuLog sbi ni mAm! bLeh...
+... ayun nagkaguLo! 2nd sa natiOnaLs... nakita nga pLa nmin windmills!

+... stop over sana sa vigaN! dun nLng s cathedraL! ang ganda nung pLace. hehe
+... at Last h0me sweet h0me! bnariL ako ni jAn! bwct! cge. un Lng muna!

Ian, Remcyl and Dylan passed their Special Task

Ian, Remcyl and Dylan succesfully promoted Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game 2 blog. They will not receive 5 "to evict" points each from BB Kuya.

As of this time, the blog counter's average daily hits (unique) is 164.98 or 64.98 higher than the target set by BB Kuya.

PBBFG blog's average daily (unique) hits was only 72.61 when the threesome began on thier Special Task.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"I don't have a current love," Heidee

Activity 4 - Love is in the Air: First of all I had a hard time with this task because I didn't know if I had anything to say about the topics. I don't remember my first date and I don't have a childhood sweetheart or current love. Luckily I remembered that something did happen on my
senior prom night...
Jun-Jun is one of Heidee's housemates (in the apartment where she lives).

[He] is our very own celebrity (sam ikaw ba yan?) and handyman rolled into one. Lalakeng-lalake ito. He is pretty handy around the house and can install doorknobs and repair broken things in a jiffy.
BB Kuya asks, "Who is that guy in ur primary pic?"

"Ahehe. misleading ba. Si jess po un, one of my bestfriends. :)" replies Heidee.

Marge blogs: mY 1sT hEaRtBrEaK

Wearing a blue T-Shirt (Bondi Beach)
At the domain with his family! Yellow Jacket people! :)

long story sobra pero ill cut the long story short.. pero sa 2 naging BF ko honestly siya talaga ung mahal ko and iniyakan ko for about 8 months.. It started to be ok... We met each other nung concert nmin.. hehe but igot to talk to him na nung bday nya.. 3 days after our concert.. June.13 ung bday nya... Sobrang comfortable ako kasama xa kc ung ugali iba eh. gentleman, soft nung voice, loves to play guitar, He's a christian too!, and Varsity pa ng WCC. We met plng pero he invited me inside their house bcoz again its his bday.. super close... tumabi b nmn sa upuan ko.. haha un pla pacute na.. e di tpos na bonding sessions with him... naku its raining! ihatid b nmn ako.. haha i felt something iba na to.. my heart is beating fast.. TAKE NOTE! KAMI PA NI GUIAN NITO! then days passed... ktxt ko siya lagi.. ttnungin k kung kumain k nba... hanganng 3 am p nga minsan kmi mgtxt.. usap sa phone.. THE DAY YOU SAID GOODNIGHT xa nag introduce skn ng song n yn... which reminds me of him... one time sinundo p nga nya ko sa school eh.. hehe as in iba na ung nararamdaman ko.. nakalimutan ko na may BF p pla ako... then june.20 n un.. monday.. supposed to be sunday.. He asked me "Would you be my Girlfriend?" sam with guian.. haha i said yes... prang wla lng nangyri.. 1 wekk ko plng xa kilala.. haha sabay p kmi pumasok nun... mon, tue, wed, haha super sweet.. pero pag dating ng june.26 sabado.. he's making excuses na kung san xa pupunta... kinabahan n ko.. i know there's something wrong. then kinabukasan.. After going to church diretso sa place nila... Not too far from our house... Fiesta kc.. Theyre hanging out pla sa house ng isang ka church mate nmin jamming.. naabutan ko p ngang kinakanta nila while he's playing the guitar eh THE DAY YOU SAID GOODNIGHT... nag kakahiyaan p kmi magpansinan e.. then macky.. the owner of the house wants to talk to me.. when we got out.. "Margaret gusto n daw makipag break sau ni Brethart!" ahhh i was terribly shocked! iyak ako ng iyak.. yung fiesta naging all souls day... sobrang iyak ko... ang labo ng nangyyri.. then may pahabol pa "may GF talaga siya d nya sinasabi sau!" i answered back "Bat d nyo sinabi skn habang maaga pa... ang labo nyo." defends him self "d nga namin alam na kau na sana kung pinaalam nyo e d maaga palang nalaman mo na" grabe sabay takbo sa loob ng bahay... nakita nya ko umiiyak pero d nya ko pinansin.. sabay labas ng bahay.. tanging best friend ko lng ang nandun pra i comfort ako pero d alam nung iba kung bt ako umiiyak... tinext ko siya and i want him to explain whats happening and tlgang wla nba pero isa lang sagot nya "wag ka maniwala sknila.. i know you know that its not the right time pra mag karoon ng relationship and i want to focus more with God" ok ok ok tanggap ko na.. Pero kinabukasan nalaman ko ang buong katotohanan.. He's lying again for the 2nd time... Pinaamin ko siya.. Sila pa daw nung GF nya.. its hurt grabe... i think karma din to skin... Maybe GOd is just testing me kung kakagat ako sa pain nya and i did.. nalimutan ko may isa pa pala ako dun na nagmamahal sakin ng totoo pero un pa ung niloko ko... Well kahit ngaun d ko maikakaila sa tinagal tagal na.. Mahal ko parin siya! Sorry kung sino man makabasa nito, KHYM( current GF nya), or bea (Sister nya) no offensement.. waaa... d ko n to kaya.. naiiyak nnmn ako... Music playing p nmn ngayon. "THE DAY YOU SAID GOODNIGHT"huhuhuh i love you prn my dear! :((

Heidee blogs: Girls Night Out

Last week we were supposed to have a girls night out that didn't push through because some people got loaded with work. Well last Friday, without any formal plans, it finally did. It was supposedly just a movie, but my office pals Kes and Drew and I thought it would be a good idea to go beyond that, so that's exactly what we did, even though there were only three of us. So we started the night by having dinner at National Sports Grill, Greenbelt. Kinda expensive, but they had huge servings and every bite was worth it! They had excellent chicken penne pasta and half&half pizza. We didn't even get to finish the pizza, though we ordered only a serving of pasta and pizza each. After dinner and chit-chat, we headed to cinema 5 and was just in time to start "Fun with Dick and Jane." That movie was a laugh trip. Would definitely recommend it! After the movie we rode a taxi to star mart where we used our star cards to get us some drinks and food. Then it was off to Keso's condo. We slept over at her place, but before actually sleeping we did a lot of things - watch "Friends" on DVD, drink Mudslide, eat chips and hotdogs, talk, and of course - take pictures! Don't you just love being young and happy?

Immunity poll, extended

Hours before the start of the first nomination of PBBFG Season 2, BB Kuya decided to move the deadline of the Immunity poll until 9:00PM on Sunday.

Nomination for eviction starts tomorrow

Each Virtual Housemate is given 3 - point votes: 2 - point "to evict" vote to evict a VH, and 1 - point "to save" vote to save a VH.

The total of 2 - point "to evict" votes received by a VH shall be subtracted by the accumulated 1 - point "to save" votes he/she received. No VH can vote for him/herself. VHs cannot assign his/her 3 - point votes to one VH. The VH with the highest points shall be evicted.

VHs must submit their ballots with explanations why they voted against and for those particular VHs. VHs must provide his/her codename. Nomination runs from 12:01 AM Wednesday until 12:01 AM Saturday. VHs who failed to nominate before the deadline shall automatically receive 5 - point "to evict" votes from BB Kuya.

Immunity Poll ends 9:00PM Sunday. The votes received by the VH who won the immunity shall be considered null and void.
Results of the nomination will be announced 9:01 PM Sunday, the Eviction night.

Kathryn is rewarded by BB Kuya

Kathryn's story was chosen by BB Kuya as the best in VHs' 4th Activity. As a reward, Kathryn gets 5 "to save" points. These points will be subtracted to the accumulated "to evict" points she might receive during the 1st Nomination for eviction.

BB Kuya asked the VHs to share stories related to love since it is the Love month.

Activity 4 - Love is in the Air

Kathryn's Love Story

December 19, 1999 was the day that I met him. It was on this day that every aspect of my life started to be intwined with his..

Morning, we all met at Jeanette's house for our first cotillion rehearsal (for her upcoming debut) except for one person. The to-the-max latecomer. Jesper got there at about 2 in the afternoon when everybody was already drained in practicing the steps. And this guy, he was so cool and relaxed.. and fresh! As in basa pa ang hair, halatang kakaligo lang. Samantalang kami nanlilimahid na sa dumi at pawis. Nakakainis diba? I have to admit, though, that when I laid eyes on him (baduy man), I had this giddy feeling inside of me... which I shrugged off. Kasi nga antipatiko ang dating ng lolo mo! Tapos, ayun, sa mommy lang s'ya ni Jeanette nakikipag-usap. Suplado! But, since I was the one who knows the steps, no choice ako but to have a one-on-one session with him. At sa pagsasayaw namin, something happened that caused me to be somewhat at ease with him. Pero I can still feel the tension. 'Yun bang hesitant ako to be dancing with a total stranger.

The long day ended. We said goodbye. Pag-uwi ko sa bahay, I had a chitchat with my mum and I mentioned Jesper to her. Wala lang naman. Nabanggit lang. Sabi ko lang may cute pero antipatiko akong nakilala. And it ended with that. Pero strangely, without any apparent reason, I wrote a short message to 'somebody' (unsure of who that somebody was) telling him that I was so thankful for having him in my life and that God must have willed our destinies to walk the same road blah blah...

Last practice day... I thought I was just dreaming. Mr. Latecomer was the second one to arrive. And it was surprising kasi he was unusually friendly. "Mabait naman pala," I told to myself. As the day progresses, mas lalo kaming naging at ease sa isa't isa. He even taught me (actually refreshed me) on how to drive. Imagine, ipagamit ba naman sa isang beginner ang auto nila! At sa malas, naibunggo ko pa sa gutter. Pero etong si Mr. Latecomer instantly became Mr. Nice Guy. Pinagamit pa rin sa akin. Hehe.

When we finished our practice, we (Jeanette, Jha, Ms. Peligaria, Jesper and I) went to a mall. Palamig lang. Tapos nung maghihiwalay na, ang mokong sumama sa amin ni Jha na pauwi na sana. Palibhasa taga-Marikina ang kanyang ex, alam ang way. So, we dropped Jha off near her house then we headed our way to my house. But I just told him na sa kanto nalang ng compound namin ako ibaba. Ewan ko. Parang di pa 'ko ready na may makikita 'yung neighbors namin, or even my family, na maghahatid sa akin. So, he did as he was told.

December 30, debut day--the revelation day--, my friends and I got there minutes before the program started. And Jesper was the first to greet me as I entered the gate. "Late ka ah," he said. Aba, at ako naman 'tong si Ms. Explain, "I'll tell you why later," was all I could say. Taranta na kasi since I will also be hosting the programme with my good buddy and former classmate, Claude. The whole night, he was with Jeanette dahil s'ya ang escort. Pero whenever we bump into each other anywhere in the house, he was so concerned and always asked me kung ok lang ba ako or kumain na ba ako. Di kasi ako kumakain madalas sa parties, especially if it's mine. Decreased ang appetite ko.

When the party was finally over, we (the cotillion participants) all got together to talk the night away. Jesper and I were on the opposite sides. And out of the blue, he just asked me in front of the others if I ate already. Shocked as the others, I managed to compose myself and casually answered, "Hindi pa." And immediately he volunteered, "Halika, samahan na kitang kumuha ng food." So I ate. After everybody was settled, we played the all-time favorite party game, spin the bottle. When the bottle pointed at him, he was asked as to whom in the group was he attracted. 'Twas my name he spoke of. Awkward ng feeling kasi magkatabi na kami that time. And the uncomfortable feeling grew even more when my friend's older sister, who's a psyche student in Miriam College that time, told the group that she can feel 'something' about Jesper and me. Bagay daw kami. Ofcourse, mawawala ba ang kantiyawan? Pero I tried to break the tension off by dancing with Claude; I was asked kasi to dance with the one I am attracted to sa group. And Claude seemed to have sensed that I needed some back-up.

It was almost 2 a.m. when he left. My friends and I had to spend the night there at Jeanette's kasi delikado umuwi ng alanganing oras. (Maybe I expected but) I never thought we'd see each other again. We lived in different worlds. I never knew his and he never knew mine.

January 1, 2000, minutes before 1 a.m., I was talking to somebody on the phone when an incoming call cut our conversation. Inexplicably, I was thinking of it to be Jesper. Or maybe 'twas more of expecting it to be him. And my instincts didn't fail me. It's him. Syempre mega bu-bye naman ako kay caller number 1! Jesper and I chatted for more that 2 hours din siguro. He even talked to my mum. And he asked me if he can join me in the next day's mass. I said yes. He went to our house. Not knowing exactly where I live, he got lost. Kaya he was late. Pero nakaabot naman kami sa aming 'first mass together'.

It all started there. I guess love just flourished. We felt like we're soulmates.

Di ko na s'ya boyfriend ngayon. Asawa ko na! =) After 1 year and 9 months of pagiging mag-bf-gf, we tied the knot. Now, It's been more than 6 years since we've crossed paths and we're still together. Some thought, kahit ako, na we won't end up together. But we still are. It's not a perfect relationship (is there such anyway?), we also have our occasional fights, but we manage to see this love through. We choose to. One quote says, "Love is not a game of chance. It's a choice." Well, I guess it is indeed. We're inlove because we choose to be.

Oh, you might be wondering along the course of this blog where'd he get my number. I didn't give it to him. He just consulted the yellow pages. Which I also did (But I didn't call him. No no. It's just one of my weird ways when I have a crush. *blushes*)

So, there goes my love story. Madami na akong in-omit na details kasi napapagod na 'kong mag-type! Haha. I could go on for hours reminiscing the story of our life together pero, typing it? I wouldn't. Baka magkaron na 'ko ng carpal tunnel syndrome, di pa rin ako tapos sa mga detalye. There's just too much to write about.

Up to now, I still have that 'kilig' feeling every once in a while kahit na more than 4 years na kaming kasal.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Marge answers 100 Yeses or Nos Survey

Here's an excerpt:

You can only say yes or no. You are not allowed to explain anything.

1. Taken a picture with someone else? yes
7. Been dumped? yes
8. Stole money from a friend? no
9. Gotten in a car with people you just met? yes
11. Sneak out of your house? yes
12. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? yes
16. Left your house without telling your parents? yes
17. Had a crush on your neighbor? yes
18. Skipped school to do something more fun? no
20. Seen someone die? yes
22. Kissed a picture? yes
28. Cheated while playing a game? yes
30. Fallen asleep at work/school? yes
38. Hated the way you look? no
39. Witnessed a crime? yes
40. Pole danced? no
41. Been lost? yes
44. Cried yourself to sleep? yes
47. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't...? yes
53. Had a dream that you married someone? yes
54. Glued your hand to something? yes
57. Been a cheerleader? yes
62. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? yes
63. Ever been told u were hot from a complete stranger? yes
64. Broken a bone? yes
68. Cheated on a test? yes
69. Forgotten someone's name? yes
70. Slept naked? no
74. Played a prank on someone? yes
75. Gone to a late night movie? yes
77. Failed a class? no
78. Choked on something ur not supposed to eat? yes
80. Loved someone so much you'd do anything to get them back? yes
82. Thrown strange objects? yes
83. Felt like killing someone? yes
84. Felt like running away? yes
89. Made a parent cry? yes
90. Cried over someone? yes
92. Dated someone more than once? yes
95. Own an instrument? yes
96. Been in a band? yes
98. Broken a CD? yes
100. Had feeling for one of your best/good friends? no

Kathryn approves testimonials

Rue's testimonial Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ate kat is a true friend of was juz dis lately that we became closer to each other..i met her at TMC last jan 3, 2006 @ 8am in the NSO training office..our seats are a few steps apart..i nver thot dat tym dat i can talk to her kc mukha xang suplada...hehe, buti na lang i became her grupmate at dun po kmi naging close.. nmiss ko tlga xa nung xposure... now, she is one of my dearest frend whom i treasured so much..she's a kind-hearted, dedicated and compassinate nurse.. pag-naadmit ako, gus2 ko s 4a pra xa magcare sken kc totoxican ko xa.. magaling po xang nurse..ate kat, thank u tlga ha, i thot kc ilang ka sa boyz kc lam m na.. kya im thankful we became close po even di mo ko so blessed to hav u as my frend..tsaka ung other frends mo rin, nkaclose ko dhil syo..bsta khit toxic k, p-page m lng aq, kht ngcocode kmi, baba aq pra tulungan ka..promise!i hope our frendship would be one that would stay forever...i truly appreciated & missed u so much..thanks a lot!

Ronalyn amor's testimonial Saturday, February 11, 2006

what you say.. blabber mouth???\baka BLADDER MOUTH..hehehesi ate kat... super mahal ko to.. at first super tahimik nyan sa training akala mo mangangagat pero hindi pala.. SUPER BAIT NYAN.. kaya nga kasama yan sa MAMJO's ANGELS eh..ewan nga lang kung bakit si chen at si meali kasamanyo..hhehehinid kidding aside she's a peson who had everything to offer.. beauty and brains come to life talga.. medyo mapayat nga lang.. nakakatusok.. pero super love ko yan..ang umaway jan.. PAPATAYIN KO.. love ko yan so i dont want to lose you lahat ng friends sa med city.. sabi ko nga sa kanya..pag my problem ako sa kanya ko pupunta lalo na kung tungkol sa duty kasi super galing ate kat yung "GLOVES ba " "glowvs ba yun" hehehe.. walal na namna ako sa hulog..kasi hindi ako nakapasok.. awol ako..super love you po.. very much.. moer than you'll ever know po... muahhhhhhhhhh GODBLESS>>be safe.. love you..

Heidee on VHs and a former VH

Nawala ako for the weekend tapos pagbalik ko andami nang nangyari. hehe.

On Marge

First of all gusto ko magreact sa sinabi ni marge. i'm so sorry marge na nahurt ka kasi i thought you were voted as the least deserving housemate. pero the question naman kasi was who i thought everyone voted as the least deserving housemate. eh diba after ng "first impressions" task you reacted na marami ang nag-iisip na di ka deserving kaya ko naisip na perhaps nga yun ang inisip ng karamihan not necessarily naman na yun nga ang sentiments ko. but you're right, you should prove us wrong. go girl! :)

On Ian

At nagkaissue kami bigla ni ian. ahehe. well i think naman when ian said gusto nya ako he means gusto as in like as a person. you know, the way you say "gusto ko yang damit na yan." diba ian? hehehe. hey i'm flattered that you think i'm mature and all, tignan na lang natin if yun parin iisipin mo once you get to know me better. hehehe. i'm so sorry talaga if di kita nakakausap it doesn't mean ayaw kitang makausap kaso lang i'm working kasi kaya d masyado pwede mag-ym. here's an idea, why don't you do what neil (season 1 winner) and i do? nag-eemail kami. that way we can talk to each other when may time kami, unlike sa ym na di nagkakatugma ang mga oras natin. sana ganito na lang gawin ng ibang housemates na di nag-aabutan sa ym.

On Neil (G/TG ?), the former VH

And kuya, d naman po bawal makipagfriends kay neil ano? it's funny coz sa lahat, kay neil ako closest, and he's not even my housemate, kasi dating housemate sya. i hope maging kaclose ko rin ang ibang virtual housemates ko.

"Dead Stars"

First of all I had a hard time with this task because I didn't know if I had anything to say about the topics. I don't remember my first date and I don't have a childhood sweetheart or current love. Luckily I remembered that something did happen on my senior prom night, so here goes...

Our HS Prom

During my senior year in high school I became close friends with my fellow CAT officers. Our prom night was set to fall on the eve of Valentines and the day before that, one of my guy friends gave each of his close girl friends a rose for valentines. It was the first rose I had ever received in my entire life, so it was pretty special, even though during that time I had absolutely no clue about what I was to realize the next day. On prom night that same guy friend was crowned prom king. And though lots of girls who had crushes on him lined up to dance with him, he somehow found time to dance with me. At midnight the party was over, and he brought me home in his jeep because I had no other "sundo." At home I clambered into bed and lay there staring at the ceiling for the longest time, unable to fall asleep, as though I was waiting for something. Just then the phone rang and I knew that that was it. I got up to answer it and it turned out to be the prom king. He greeted me happy valentines day and we talked for a few minutes before saying goodnight. When I got back into bed I realized something: I was in love with him.

I wish I could have a different ending, a romantic comedy ending, to this story, but we never became a couple. After graduation his family migrated to Manila. Despite the distance, he kept in touch thru rare emails (he is not internet-savvy), long distance phone calls (this was when cellphones were not yet "in") and once, even a handmade card for my 18th birthday wherein he made me my eighteenth rose out of sampaguita blossoms that he stuck to the card. We kept the friendship and for a long time I thought I was still in love with my first love. Then after four years, the summer after I graduated from College, he came back to our hometown for a vacation. He had grown even more handsome and all my college friends were drooling over him but to my disappointment, I realized that I no longer felt attracted to him at all. Just then I felt what the character Julio felt in the short story "Dead Stars" - "So all these years--since when?-- he had been seeing the light of dead stars, long extinguished, yet seemingly still in their appointed places in the heavens."

And yet we remain friends, especially now that we have been brought by fate to the same place once again. Once in a while we still get together when he is not up in the air (he is a flight steward). I am always proud to show him off to my friends, of course, but the poor guy is still a kid at heart and has remained single until now. No, he's not gay, trust me. I would know. And one more thing -- he doesn't know that I ever fell in love with him and I have no intention of ever telling him. I love him as a friend, and I love it this way.

Remcyl during his HS JS prom

For my task, im having a difficult time thinking of a love story.

I never had a relationship with a hetero or even a homo. But if it is a must, i would just have to go with the HS JS prom. But wait a minute! It didnt say it has to be a boyfriend-girlfriend(boyfriend) story right? So i can share something here.

Okay, its about the two most important women of my life (after my mom). It was a great 3rd year prom! Me, Daisy and Ayessa we're all getting ready. They were my dates by the way. I accompanied them to the salon to get their hair and make-up done. I for one since i know how to do my own hair and make-up, i did it myself. So we were all looking glamorous as ever. Well, just them actually. It was such a fashion faux pas for me coz i was wearing a black barong! I dont look good in black! Unless its Versace-designed, i guess i could give a little exception.

So anyway, (i think this task is becoming more about me and my couture rather than love) the night was spent with several faux pas couture, floating caked faces, sitting undanced girls, and lots and lots of dancing. It was the night of MMFF a.k.a. the baduy version of the Oscar...very baduy version. When the night was over, me and my two beautiful dates were dead tired so i took them home individually. They told me on the way home how much they've enjoyed my company and how thankful they are of having me as a friend (naww, shucks! blush...).

I gave them both a kiss on the cheek and hugged them. The End--- the end of the worst love story ever! Could that be any more boring? But if it was a friendship story, i could've colored it more... Ciao! (just hope no one kills me for writing this crap)

"I'm a SFC (Single For Centuries)" Ian

"Don't look for love, it will run after you....promise."

Love is in the air cus its February. Not for me. Love comes in the right time, the right way, and the right place. I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to it, it's just that I'm tired of imperfections in love.

There are a couple of categories in love.....

-- Puppy Love --

Too old for this, but hey, believe it or not, I experienced this too.

Rosemarie, everytime na nakikita kita, parang kumukulo ang dugo ko. Inlove yata ako sayo... sana ikaw rin sakin. Di ko makakalimutan ang Rosemarieng to, eto yata ang first Love ko kuno. Grade 5 ako nung una ko syang naging classmate. Ang jologs ko kasi nung bata pa ako, eto naman sya isa sa mga sikat sa school. Feel ko naman gusto nya rin ako kasi nagkokopyahan kami sa test, nililibre ko sya paminsan ng tig 2 pisong orange juice, 50 centavos na ice water at paminsan 5 pisong burger sa canteen. Feel ko gusto nya rin ako kasi iniimbitahan nya ako pati ibang classmates namin para pumunta sa bahay nila at magbenta ng mga paninda nilang grapes.
Feel ko gusto nya rin ako kasi minsang sinabi nya saking... "Ian, crush ko ang ilong mo sabay halakhak." Hay, si Rosemarie nga naman, ok na kahit may kaagaw ko si Paul na isa sa mga sikat sa class namin basta feel ko ulit na crush nya rin ako. Grabe feeling ko pala!

-- Stupid Love --

Crystal, it's been a year since I last met Crystal. (in picture) Singkit mata nya, big and round naman sakin, gusto namin pareho isa't isa.... Koreana si Crystal, matanda ng isang taon sakin... mala-kristal ang balingkinitan nyang katawan, ang makinis nyang kutis, mahalimuyak nyang amoy at nakahihibang nyang smile....
Di na bago na araw araw kaming nagkikita...
Di na bago na araw araw kaming nag-uusap...
Di na bago na araw-araw kaming nagtatawanan...
Di na bago na araw araw ko rin syang pinapagalitan...
Di na rin bago na araw araw rin syang nadidismaya sakin...
Di na bago na sabay kaming kumakain...
Di na rin bago na araw araw kaming magkasama...
Di na bago yun , kasi teacher nya ako, at estudyante ko sya...
Akala ko'y di nagbago ang pagtingin namin sa isa't isa...
Nagbago lang ng dumating ang isang bagong mukha sa landas naming dalawa...
Di nya pala gusto ang bagong rasa, lengwahe at itsura...
Kasi dun sya sa Koreano -- luma at nakasanayan nyang lasa....
Lahat ng akala ko'y nagbago....
Naman to oh.. ba't ba pag love lagi akong ga-go.

-- UNconditional Love --

Marissa. Hahay Marissa. Nung una kong nasilayan ang maganda mong mukha at mataba taba mong katawan, nasabi ko sa sarili ko na mabait ka (lol). Nung una kong napag alaman na taga Maynila ka... nasabi ko sa sarili ko na mahal na pala kita. Few days after ng start ng 2nd year High School days natin nang nagustuhan kita lalo. Todo rason ako kay Mama at Papa para dagdagan ang baon ko para malibre lang kita ng tag 10 pisong pizza sa canteen. Alam ko kasing may pagkasosyal ka kaya nagpapakasosyal rin ako. Di ko akalaing magiging close ko na rin ang mga sosyal mong friends. Di ko makakalimutan na araw araw ay parang ako na ang tagabigay ng pagkain sa yo pag recess time. Di ko makakalimutan na kahit ice water ay sakin kana nakadepende. Ok lang sakin, feeling ko kasi M.U. tayo, lalo na nung marinig ko ang chismis sa kabilang klase na gusto mo raw ako. Gusto? Saan kaya? Kasi galante ako noh? (Kiss nga jan.)
Di ko makakalimutan na pati mga sosyal mong friends ay sinasama mo sa tuwing sasabihin kong sabay tayong umuwi. Di ko makakalimutang pati friends mo ay nagpapabayad sa akin ng pamasahe. Ok lang sa akin kahit nung birthday mo ay binilhan kita ng pagkalaki laking Hello Kitty stuffed toy worth 300 at di mo pinansin. Ok lang sakin na mas tinanggap mo pa ang plastic ring worth 4.50 pesos na bigay sayo ng crush mo raw. Ok lang sakin kahit yung 2 kong karibal ay close friends ko. Ok lang sakin na ako ang nagbayad ng Entrance fee ng LAHAT ng friends mo pati karibal ko nung ininvite mo kami sa swimming resort nung birthday mo. Ok lang rin sakin na ibigay sayo ang dalawa kong favorite pet gold fish ko for your birthday. Ok lang sakin na di nyo ako tinirhan ng pagkain nung birthday mo. Ok lang rin sakin na di bayaran ng kuya mo ang utang niya sakin na 50 pesos. Kaya ok lang sa akin ang lahat. Ok lang na bumalik ka'ng Manila.
Kasi na-realize ko na OK lang pala na wala ka, kasi mas OK pala. Dahil pag wala ka sa paningin ko, OK sana ang studies ko at di ako bumagsak sa Physical Education dahil sayo. Ok ka talaga Marissa. I love you.

Eversince, I never met the love of my life kuno.
Eversince, di na ako naeexcite sa mga Valentine's Day na yan.
Eversince di na ako doble gastos sa pagkain.
Eversince di na rin ako doble gastos sa pamasahe.
Eversince, di na rin ako iyak iyak with matching looking at your pictures every night.
Eversince, natutunan ko na maghintay na lamang.
Will I be single for centuries?
Of course not. I'm just too busy with my job. I have no time for a relationship now....
Mas mabuti na tong ganito, focus ako sa family ko.
My heart belongs to my family.

I love my them more than anybody else... more than ROSEMARIE... of course more than MARISSA.

LOVE LOVE LOVE? Wag na muna....

Feeling ko kasi ... ok lang.