Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 2

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Nomination Update: Only 5 of 9 ballots in!

Jen-Jen's and Remcyl's replacements enter the VHs

Heidee, the first VH of PBBFG2 to be evicted returned to the vHouse to replace Jen-Jen.

Adrian, a new VH, replaced Remcyl. The 18-year-old Cebuano has to win at least one Immunity Challenge before he could win the game.

Heidee, Adrian, along with Ian, are Immuned in the 4th Nomination.

Paolo on Remcyl's exit

Remcyl... umalis na rin si remcyl... haaaay... i am very very sad of what is happening sa virtual house first si ate jenjen then si remcyl....anu ba to???...sino na sunod na mawawala si ate maristel??? c marge??? ung idol ko??? c ate janette???...haaay!!! i will surely miss Remcyl's posts sa site...ung mga creative works nya (na hindi na-aapreciate ng iba sino kaya?) cyempre ndi ko nmn cya mamimiss ng tuluyan kasi we still talk sa ym and hindi pa rin cya nagbago...he is still the remcyl i met for the first time AT dahil sa game na ito un....nagkarron kami ng issue ni remcyl na matagal na kami magkakilala dahil kay Mica (a pbbfg season1 housemate) pero we are very happy because walang na force evict saamin at ngaun nmn nag-quit cya....i am happy for him kasi he really told me na kapag nawala ako or si ate jenjen he would quit and he did...meron cya isang salita...and i admire him for that...kahit na we all know he is homosexual...he is a really really good friend...kahit pa masaktan na cya wag lang ang mga kaibigan nya...kahit na mapahamak cya wag lang ang mga friends nya...he really is a great person with a nice heart...mamimiss ko cya sa bahay but as i always to you later sa chat!!! ingatz lagi!!!! (^-^)

Ate Jen & Rems

Waa! Bakit? Biglaan! Akoy Tensi0nad0 sa iy0ng ginawa! hala! di na bu0 pajemarema... 3 nalang p0 kami. :(( Ate jen! hala naman! Wala namang ganyanan. :(( And sad! Rems naman! Nagulat ako seny0.. Nasa bark0 ak0 nabalitaan k0 nangyayari sainy0.. :(( Kugn pwede lang bawiin! Anyweiz andyan na yan.. La na tay0 magagawa.. TAke care lagi! text at tawag parin! para sakin VH pa rin kau!Awabshuu guyz! :) God Bless

Immunity Challenge Update

Five VHs have submitted their solution and answer to the Immunity Challenge. Answers of respective VHs, correct solution and answer to the problem shall be announced after the 4th Nomination.

Maristel's Last message to the ex-VHs

Jen... Jen... Jen... I never thought that it would endup this way... We talked for almost every night,naging busy lang ako, naging busy ka lang, planomo na pala mag quit... sumama talaga loob koyesterday (honestly) pero wala akong magagawa,it's your decision...anyway, i know naman na i can't do anything tostop you, although yesterday i did try kya langwalang acknowledgement from BBK (ok lang)...i may lost u here sa pbbfg pero i know right downdeep in my heart you're there... lahat tayo nasalabas naman talaga (literally speaking) - we're justplaying sa virtual house... sa virtual house na ito,marami ang nangyari, marami ang nabuo... thereare some bad memories pero mas more pa rin anggood...YOU are one of the good memories that will alwaysbe an ember in my heart and mind... we may neverknow each other physically, meet each other - but iknow there's this special tie that bonds us, thatconnects us... I know that you quitting the game isnot an end to our friendship - rather it's a morefresh start for us to begin our friendship!i know din na kahit wala ka na sa virtual house iknow you will always be there for us... kayo niRems... i know that - by heart...kayo na ni Rem ang magiging bantay namin savirtual house... hahaha! pero i hope, the same padin... walang magbabago... you will always be atrue friend at heart... love you and goodluvk ineverything!

Rems, I really don't know how to start...Magkatext lang tayo 2 days ago, favor mo nga isfor me to vote for Jen-Jen's story sa PBBFG...Tapos, i remember, u mentioed din about yourplans of quitting and you're still thinking about it...Then yesterday, out of the blue, yun na nga... Thething that I am scared of is right there in front ofme... nag quit ka na nga! friends din naman tayo diba? for me kasi you're one of closest... kayanaman sobrang na sober ako hearing that you senta message to bbk that you're quitting...first si Jen, tapos ikaw naman... malungkot kc ungtaong mahilig magpatawa sa kin, wala na...pero i know, this is a start of something wonderfulnaman... we're friends na and i know yun na yun! irespect your decision and palabra de honor angtawag jan, you don't want anyone fromPAJEMAREMA to quit dahil susunod ka - yun nanga! ikaw na nga!pero i hope, u won't change! chat pa din tayo, textpa din tayo... hahanapin ko pa din ang eyeglassesna kagaya ng kay UMA for you...i love you rems! i will miss you (much)!!!

Dylan's reaction on the exits of the 3 VHs

On Rowen
Well, if the game has affected his studies, i think that he made a logical decision decision.... pero Rowen... i disagree on one of ur motives in quitting... sbi mo "u lost hope c0z u'll l0ze naman"... dude... i treat u az a lil br0 s0 i juz wanna tell u sumfin... d0n't ever b pezimiztic b0ut stuff... never give up... kahit ba game lng 2... na wlang prize... what u d0 in little stuff like thiz reflects what you'll d0 in maj0r rezp0nsibilitiez.... well... i believe u'r a rezp0nzible kid... f0cuz 0n ur studiez... ayt?.... nice knowin ya br0

On Jen-jen
ate jen! waaaah.... ='( hayz... well, na-explain mo na naman po sken kng bakit ka nag-quit.... and i understand and respect ur decision nmn po... pero ate mamimisz po kta xempre!....kaw po tlga ung nging pnk-cl0ze k0 d2... unang una kz sizter in Christ po kta!! hehe..taz ateng ate nga dting m0 p0 eh!! hehe...tnx po tlga sa lahat ate... sa friendship...concern... sa pagc0mf0rt zken pg my pr0bz... tnx dn p0 na naniwala ka sken nung ngkar0n ng mizc0mmunicati0n... tnx p0 tlga 4 everythin... mamimisz ko ung mga posts mo sa blog ate.. waaah... bzta ate... lam ko naman na kahit magquit ka mgkkuzap pren tau... promize mo po keep in touch ah??.. kahit di na tau vhauzm8z dapat txt2 nd chat2 pren...hehe... db ate??... bzta ingatz po lgi!!...Godsmackk!!...

On Remcyl
what a noble cause...hehe piz rem! i admire that... the simple fact that you are true to your word... makez you a true man despite sexual preferences.... and for me, one's personality is the most important thing that you want in a friend... thanks for the chance of meeting you and being friendz... even if we're not tied to each other anymore cause we won't be vhauzm8z forever... i hope that we'll still keep in touch with each other... ayt? tc dude... Godsmackk!!...

Tnx bbk!

Maristel blogs: Nakakalungkot...

Tagalog na tagalog noh? wala lang... nakakalungkot talaga eh... :(

March 19, SUNDAY - nothing special... just spent the whole day @ home... pano ba naman, start ng period ko! tama daw bang sabihin un! eh wala na, jan nag start ang aking topak! as usual! ganun naman lagi eh... kaya nga meron pang pms di ba? *lol* but anyway, kahit naman ganyan - i worked the whole day at home! although nag rest ako dahil sobrang pagod ako sa event namin nung 18. pero, dahil masipag nga ako, i did all the chores at home... i wanna see my surroundings clean... para naman masarap gumalaw... 'di hassle or what... nagiging Obsessive-Compulsive na ata ako eh...

March 20, MONDAY - shempre, same old, same old pa din ako... nothing new pa din! still busy with the office works... doing late nights paper works... dami na kasi kailangan submit-an ng quotations and kung anu pang mga churva... *lol*

Busy all day sa kitchen, general cleaning and everything... dinner i prepared Nilagang Bulallo... un ang request eh! kaya lang di na dito nakapag dinner sila Bryan and kuya Sander, pumunta sila sa Cainta...

My dad dropped by din kaya sya natikman ny yung niluto ko, he's with his friend Deuni...

March 21, TUESDAY - just at home... my brother and i talked about his wife's condition... wala lang... i just stayed at home lang... nothing much...

Anyway, since kumita kami sa last wedding namin... Kuya Sander gave us a budget and mag STEAK nga daw ako... so i prepared for a T-BONE STEAK ala pobre shempre...

March 22, WEDNESDAY - wala ng masarap na ulam kasi 2 straight nights yummy ang recipe ko...

But anyway, i have this SURPRISE CALL from California... Joshua Escueta... sarap sya kausap... may sense... I really am looking forward meeting this guy... if given a chance lang naman...

Jen-Jen called me din, wala lang chit-chats lang... as always...

March 23, THURSDAY - woke up 9am... prepared myself for a meeting with Mr. Elcid Reyes of Tianshi Phils., Inc. I went straight to the bathroom/comfort room... the day i had this worst lbm... i can't back out naman kasi, our client is expecting me... so i went straight to the showe and take a bath... after, i get dressed and prepared the things i have to bring for the meeting. kuya sander and i went to makati na din agad. kaya lang talagang masama na ang tiyan ko... first i really wanna pee lang... kaya nga dami namin stop over on our way to kingscourt 1. when we get there... ayun, i looked for Mr. Reyes... we discussed their upcoming event and also the other activities they'll be holding for this year. we had a wonderful talk naman and we're all looking forward doing business together for their convention...

After the meeting nag cr muna ako ulit, too bad when i pee ayun na meron ng konti, good thing i have this handy tissues with me... kaya i really felt uneasy all the way back to the parking... i asked kuya sander if there's a place where i can buy more tissues, wet ones, etc... right across the street sa pasong tamo, merong mercury drug, kaya ayun, mega bili agad ako... then i checked din kung san ako pwede gumamit uli ng cr, kasi talagang massakit na yung tyan ko... - buti na lang meron red ribbon, dun na lang ako nag stop over - hassle nga kasi ni hindi man lang kami nag order or bumili ng kahit ano...

Buti na lang di na ulit bumalik ung feeling na na-ccr ako... dumiretsi na kami ng Quiapo to buy medicines for my sister in law... right after we went straight sa sa Greenhills, pinarepair namin yung cellphone ni Bryan... I bought a nleather case for my cellphone din... funny kasi dual ung leather case that i bought - kaya itong kuya ko, mega canvass ng maliit na cell with camera para daw dun sa leather case ko... blessing din naman that i brought with me Bane's cellphone, pinaswap na din namin... pang SUN lang... pinaswap namin ung 7650 sa 6020... maganda naman... before going home nag dinner na lang muna kami sa Razon's we heard from our previous clients Clarence and Aya kasi that food there is great, so we tried nga... di naman ako mashado nakakain kasi masama ang tiyan ko... i'm afraid baka kung saan na naman ako abutan...

We went home na... i had this conversation with my brother Arjay and her wife Karen, kung anu-ano lang... we discussed the medications and how to drink it...

Okei naman na din sila... yun nga lang, my brother asked me if i can wake up early daw, so i can help him and his wife taking care of their baby... strong kasi ung gamot ng wife nya...

IAN's back in the game! hahaha! goodluck! and for now, do good!

March 24, FRIDAY - my cousin Cedrie's graduation... elementary lang naman... pero funny, kc pinagraduate sya ng kulang pa sya ng isang final exam. funny din kasi, he failed 5 subjects and we just asked his teachers to just give him the chance na makapasa, kahit bigyan na lang sya ng special projects... for me, mas okey na sana na magrepeat na lang sya, kasi, wala naman syang natutunan, kaya lang naisip ng mga pinsan ko, sayang daw yung tuition fee tapos uulit lang... at least next school year ipapasok na lang namin sya sa public school at least dun baka sakali mas maging okey sya... parang ang labo noh!

I was waiting din for them to give me a budget na panghanda kaya lang sa Sunday na lang daw...

I still have this bad LBM, as in very bad na! nakachat ko nga c ate janette and she adviced me to drink gatorade... i bought one bottle muna and i ate saging latundan din... kaya lang when i talked to bea, cousin ko who's taking up med. wag daw mashado sa gatorade kc meron daw sugar... dapat daw makapagpacheck-up ako kasi, bka may GI bleeding ako, or perforation or whatsoever... tinakot daw ba ako... my God! nawindang ako! (bigtime) ... baka daw gastrointestinal bleeding - secondary daw sa isa pang sakit or ulcer or baka daw napressure na ang butt ko... the thing is "nagtatae" lang naman ako... kaya nga lang mei bleeding na... kaya that's what concerns me the most...

I just felt so bad today... pano ba naman, I am not feeling well na nga tapos, i heard from Jen din that she already quit the game! my God i just lost a close friend sa game! then we had a chat same as with Pao. funny nga kasi i helped Pao din sa assignment nya sa English! hahaha!

Tapos, di pa dun nagtatapos ang bad day ko, nag pm sa kin si Rems - and guess what? nag quit din sya! now tell me, DOES THAT MADE ME ANY BETTER? hindi eh... kasi two of my closes friend nag quit na! i still have marge and pao, okei kaya lang nakakalungkot kasi parang may kulang na! kaya nga i decided to log out na lang... kasi mashado lang ako na hurt sa sudden decision nila...

Mydad visited us din. kaya lang he didn't stay long... ayun puro kwentong grilfriend na naman sya! and take note apat ang cellphone nya ngayon! mamakyaw daw ba ng cellphone? *lol*

I slept early din kaya lang, my cousin Bane woke me up around 3am ata, to drink medicines... tapos i received a text from Jen-Jen din... we texted for a while kaya lang di na din ako nakapagreply kasi i fell asleep na...

April 25, SATURDAY - three events kami ngayon - pero I'M NOT FEELING GOOD right now... still have migraine & LBM (hahaha) di bagay... i feel like i am so dehydrated na... i am having this talk with BBK with regards to the virtual house... wala lang... ka-chat ko din si Jen-Jen, sobrang nakakalungkot nga kasi two of my closest friends sa PBBFG2 nag quit na... Remcyl and Jen-Jen...

Anyway, we have this early set-up sa Malabon, Followspot rental lang naman kaya di matrabaho... the venue is at San Bartolome Parish, contact person is Angelo Farinas... early ito kaya hihintayin na ng crew namin hanggang sa matapos...

The other event is at Imperial Palace c/o John de Castro na naman... Debut ulit, kaya lang wala ng Sound Systems Rentals... Lights and effects na lang...

Yung isa pang event is San Sebastian Class Reunion naman, nag coordinate is my cousin Bryan and his friends Jay-R, Jay-P and Keith... :)

Nakakapanibago lang today kasi, nag quit na nga yung 2 closest friends ko... pero i know they're still here for me... i know walang magbabago... i love them both... sa game lang naman sila nawala... but they're in my life na forever...

Kathryn gets +5 penalty points

Grabe... la akong ma-say... anu nang nangyayari... jen, thanks for
texting me kanina... rems at jen... totoo ba 'to?! hindi ba isang malaking joke
ang lahat ng 'to?? hay!

This was what Kathryn posted in the Shout Box, after she found out about Jen-Remcyl's exit. It was an act that is against PBBFG House Rules.

Dylan and Ian approve Testimonials

-rAiCeL- 03/20/2006
waaaaaaaaaa...hahaha..crush....langya ka.. miz n kita./....tma b nmn murahin??? lang poh...pramdam lng...hahahha...xe db....mlay m...huling paramdam n ng crush m....huhuhu....sad nnmn yngat knlng plge...bsta ung cnbe q sau huh????ahmmmm....thankyou...4 evrything...4 coming into mah lyf...haahah... drama n noh crush....hahah tama n nga.. bsta yngat nlng plge huh??c u in nxt lyf crush.. heheh...muah muah muah muah...:-)

-Laurice- 03/23/2006
akalain mong 4days na lang? ahahaha.. =) tagal na noh mahal koh.. imagine.. 9months.,. an galing n Lor.. He's always there to guie us.. i nya tayo kinalimutan.. though minsan.. parang ewan tayo.. lalo na akoh.. sorry sa pagiging KAMURITAN koh.. (loko-loko) ewan koh buh.. siguro.. dame lang nung iniisip saka ginagawa.. nakalimutan koh na.. "UI ANDYAN YUNG MAHAL KOH..." siguro sobra lang akoh naging kampante na andyan ka kase.. di moh naman akoh iiwan.. pero alam koh nagwoworry ka na ganun akoh... sorry talaga.. Dame na naten pinagdaan noh mahal koh? pero eto pa ren tayo.. kapit kapit lang.. ahaha.. corny!! ui mahal koh.. thanks sa lahat huH? la lang.. minsan may katopakan sa utak.. sana laging may topak noh? kase nagiging NORMAL akoh sayo.. ahaha.. ^^ kaya nga nigawa kita ng testi!! ayeehhh./.. love you so so much mahal koh..mwah mwah mwah!!!*yakap mahigpit*-=YOURLEEH]=-

Reyna 03/24/2006 full of allegories..........good bad, sinner ,saint,holy, bitchy,bitter, sweetbut deep inside this boy's heart is a gem that glows for family and friends.Deep and caring personbut hey!becareful of back stab wounds!hahaha!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Ian on Remcyl - Jen-Jen's exit

On Remcyl

Wow, is this for real? Pati si remcyl? nagquit lang si rowen, nakabalik ako, one dayafter ... Si jen naman nag out,,, one hour after that... si Remcyl naman. Could this be the end of pajemarema?

Im not challenging Pao and Marge.... its justthat..... WHY? oh well... its Remcyl's decision and i appreciate it. seriously.... nawalan ulit ng competitive players ang game....recent fallen warriors...REMCYL and JEN. Ok rowen na rin.

On Jen-Jen
Mga DAY 10 palang, napag-usapan na namin ni Jenjen ang pag quit nyang yan. Pero i kept on telling her to stay... to enjoy the game of course.

I have no idea sa mga nagyari the past few days.. ung awayang Rowen-Jenjen daw... Nakabangga ko si Jen before.... but she didnt back down.... Ok sana ang position nya sa game ngaun.... pero un ngang awayan daw nila ni Rowen na nagquit narin.. eh tila yatang nagpaputok na sa pag asa ni Jen na magpatuloy sa game. Jenjen came into this game to gain friends..... day 48 is enough.

Waht do i feel? mixed eh... happy since of course, oh come on kahit sino naman, nabawasan tau ng opponent... at sad ako of course.. kasi si jen tong unang nakaclose ko talga. I know shes happy naman with her decision, so happy narin ako for her. To Jen: the lesson u get from this game is... "people come and go..... "

Good luck everyone.

Another VH leaves the vHouse; Remcyl quits

I [am quitting] for one reason and nothing more. I told Jen and Pao before that if ever either of them gets evicted, i would quit. Nothing personal to the other housemates. They might say that i favor Jen and Pao. Yes, they are one of my closest in the game but that doesnt make the rest less important. I love them all and frankly, I am happy to be leaving the game with a whole new set of friends. This had been the most "social" if you could say, that i have been for the past few years. Jen, Pao, Mats, Marge, Kath, Janette, Dyl, Ian, Heidz, Rowen, and Rhea, I am thankful that none of you had ever discriminated me, being bisexual and all, and never used it against me or anything.

Meeting friends was always, and had never changed, my goal in being here. I have accomplished it and i think i am done.

Jen, dont feel bad, I leave with it being a choice. Nothing to be guilty of.

To ian, Congratulations on being back. I hope you play the game right this time. Never let it get the best of you. Remember, there's no price here. For fame, you already have it, we all do.

Remcyl Viloria for the last time, is "Over and OUT!"...


Remcyl's replacement (can either be an ex or a new VH) will be announced tomorrow.

Maristel on Jen-Jen's exit

BBK, sna po di nio muna pinost yung decision nijen...whatever it is nag hiheat up ngayon sa vHouse, iknow... alam ko naman po na we don't haveanything to prove but at least hear our sides(friends nya)...wag nyo po muna sya paquit-in thanks!

Jen-Jen quits

BBK... i want to quit! i'm not happy in this game anymore! and
besides i cant get online too much unlike before... im busy with so many things like arranging my documents goin to Germany!

My purpose here is to gain friends not enemies... first si ian... but we're ok now! next is rowen... then janette... ayaw ko ng hintayin na ang next is si ate mats, marge or remcyl... kasi nde ko na kakayanin yun!

i just want to say this... u cant trust anyone in this game... while ur in this game pa! ung akalang mong friends mo are not pala... but im happy narin kasi kahit pano i got a few friends here... and i want them to stay kaya bago pa masira friendship namin... ill quit na! love u ate mats, remcyl, and marge... thanks din paolo! to ian... goodluck!

Thanks bbk.. for having me here in this game!

Jen-Jen's replacement (can either be an ex or a new VH) will be announced tomorrow.

Kathryn on Rowen's exit

Honestly, BBK, I can't say I'm 'that' surprised with Rowen's decision to quit. I just felt he had the tendency na to leave the house not only because of his studies but moreso because of the 'tension' he felt inside the house. The thing with Jen-jen, although I am not fully aware kung pa'no nag-start or nagtapos, alam ko po 'yun kasi I get to chat with these two every once in a while.

Well, as I told Rowen sa shoutbox, you're never on the losing end once you choose your studies to be your priority. It's a good decision na rin po since we all know Rowen seems to be an achiever sa school; so, giving up PBBFG is one way to concentrate on his studies especially now that he's entering college. It's a lot tougher. Kaya I really wish him goodluck and God bless.

4th Nomination for eviction starts today

Each Virtual Housemate is given 3 - point votes: 2 - point "to evict" vote to evict a VH, and 1 - point "to save" vote to save a VH. The total of 2 - point "to evict" votes received by a VH shall be subtracted by the accumulated 1 - point "to save" votes he/she received. No VH can vote for him/herself. VHs cannot assign his/her 3 - point votes to one VH. The VH with the highest points shall be evicted.

TWIST. A VH must assign his/her +2 evicting points to a VH from his/her group and his/her +1 saving point to a VH from the other groups. Ian, Rowen's replacement can vote and is Immuned in this particular Nomination. Groupmates Janette and Kathryn are forced to assign their +2 evicting points to each other.

VHs must submit their ballots with explanations why they voted against and for those particular VHs. Codename is NOT required in this particular Nomination. Nomination runs from 12:01 AM Friday until 11:59 PM Saturday. VHs who failed to nominate before the deadline shall automatically receive +5 evicting points from BB Kuya.

Immunity Challenge ends on Saturday, 11:59PM. The answer of each VHs, correct solution and answer, and winner of the Immunity Challenge shall be announced after the Nomination. All votes cast against and for the Immuned VH shall be considered void.

Results of the nomination shall be announced Sunday night, the Eviction night.

Reward - Best Stories

VHs were given two days to decide which stories in Activities 1 and 2 was the best in terms of content and relevance:

Best Story for Activity 12 - Most influential woman in life next to your mum
*Kathryn's story - chosen by Janette, Maristel, BBK
Paolo's story - chosen by Marge
Janette's story - chosen by Rowen
Jen-Jen's story - chosen by Remcyl

Best Story for Activity 14 - What if your house get burnt?
*Maristel's story - chosen by Marge, BBK
*Janette's story - chosen by Rowen, BBK
Marge's story - chosen by Janette
Remcyl's story - chosen by Maristel
Jen-Jen's story - chosen by Remcyl

Kathryn's story for Activity 12 was chosen as the best by 2 VHs and BBK himself while the stories of Maristel, Janette, Marge, Remcyl and Jen-Jen for Activity 14 tied with 1 vote each. BBK had chosen Maristel and Janette's stories. Dylan, Jen-Jen, Paolo, Kathryn didn't choose.

Kathryn will receive -5 points saving points while Maristel and Janette will -2.5 saving points each on the 4th Nomination.


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ian returns to the vHouse

With all of my heart, i thank you kuya for giving me this second and last chance to be part of ur game again. Also, thanks to my NOW fellow housemates again for keeping me updated.. girl mats, jenjen, rems, bro dyl, te kath, paopao... i know galit pa rin si marge till now... but anyway... i dont wanna thank rowen for quitting.... but for his maawing heart na mabigyan ng chance ulit ung gusto makabalik. thanks again guys. good boy -- but not wholesome anymore... -IAN

Ian, the 2nd Evictee of PBBFG Season 2 will replace Rowen, the fresh grad from Olongapo City after he quit the game yesterday.

Ian is now part of The Underdogs group composed of Jannete, Kathryn and ex-VH Rowen

Marge to leave the vHouse

BBK, Tomorrow p0... I will be leaving for my early summer vacation sa BORACAY... Pero don't worry p0. Makakapag Participate prin ak0 tska makakavisit din p0 ak0 sa site daily. Nagpaalamlang p0 aq para at least kapag di ako nakapagreply sa anu mang messages ny0. Alam ny0 nap0 kung nasan ak0.. Kung pwede lang ktiangbigyan ng pasalubong eh... Kaya lang pan0 k0 ibibigay.. haha hehe Enjoy p0 your summer.Thanks p0! God Bless!

Rowen could have been the 4th evictee according to poll

Rowen, the first VH to quit this season, could have been the 4th evictee according to the Opinion Poll conducted for a week.

Out of the 327 votes cast, 133 or 40.7% of the total votes was for Rowen. Next was Jen-Jen with 108 votes or 33%. The rest of the VHs, except for Kathryn who did receive a single vote, shared with the remaining 26.3%.

The 4th Eviction is scheduled on Sunday. Nomination starts tomorrow.

Janette on Rowen's exit

Tama lang po ang ginawa ni rowen para po matapos na ung mga paghihinala sa kanya, at matigil na po ung mga inaakusa sa kanya. mas ok sana kung pinatunayan nya yon while still in d house kya lang useless na kc for sure sya ang ma eevict kc many are already against him dahil he is planning to evict jen nga daw as what they've said... anyway, gudluck to you rowen, atleast i've come to know you more before you left the virtual house... goodluck na lang din on d next chapter of your life which being a college student, goodluck on the field u'r going to choose.. Congratulations too!!

Janette blogs: a sad moment...

BBK m just so sad of whats happening in the house, i understand why rowen quits...

i just wanna share with you bout wat happened to me and jen a wyl ago... coz we talked about wat happened to her, rowen and dylan and conversation of rowen, kath and maristel... bigla kc syang nag log off kya i'm so upset na dna naayos pa ung pnag uusapan nmin.

Just to clear some things na wala po akong pnapanigan isa man sa kanila, i'm jst trying patch up things between her and rowen... sa bagay cno ba ako pra gawin ko yon, i'm not in the right position...

Cguro kc lam nman ng lahat na the only prize we cud gain in this game is FRIENDS (ewan ko lang sa iba na who rily aims for the TITLE) kya ko po gngawa yon at nsabi sa kanya ung mga bagay na yon kc nanghihinayang ako na magkasira sila dhil lng sa ganong bgay.. kya i'm trying na aayusin ung mga bagay sa pagitan nila kc bka d lang nla naintindihan ung side ng bwat isa..kya lang cguro feel ni jen dko sya naiintindihan, cguro inisip nya na nsa side ako ni rowen.. cguro lang dapat bigyan ntin ng chance ung bawat isa, kung may narinig man tyo na di maganda, we should directly talked to the person concerned pra di na humaba pa ung usapin at silang dalawa na mismo ung magkaintindihan kc ang nangyayarari we're confiding to someone ang dating tuloy prang sinisiraan ung isang tao and d man natin sinasabi directly na sya ang ievict prang ganun na rin ang point non, we're pushing them to vote someone out thru the negative things we keep on telling bout the other person, kung may ayaw tyo sa isa't isa dpat direct nating sabihin kc in that case tlagang nagpa-plastikan lang tyo...

Lam ko after i post this, some will have a bad impression.... and i know because of what had happened m going to meet my end in this game...but its alright! I'm more than willing to face it...and I'm happy though coz i still meet some good friends here in the virtual house, just quite sad because jen and i ended up that way... Godbless you guys! Thanks for all those time we shared together chatting and thanks for all the laughs.

Jen-Jen answers survey

1. Your heart's current status is: beating, broken, taken? beating....
2. Are you demanding? minsan....
3. Are you in love? yata....
4. Which one quality first catches your attention in the opposite sex: pag maputi hehehe... and ala pimples :)

5. Do u like to receive gifts? xempre....
6. What kind of person do you want 2 marry? hardworking, has long patience and sweet :)
7. How's your day? ok lng... bagong gcng ako!
8. How do you handle your romantic relationship with your partner? basta!
9. Where was your last kiss? hahaha! nde q na matandaan... sa baguio yata!
10. How do you cope after a breakup? labas wid friends... then pa-beauty again para can hook up boys hahaha!
11. Do you let go of a relationship easily? nope....
12. Would you date a man who has a kid born out of wedlock? depende....
13. Which kind of gifts do you prefer to receive: tangible or intangible gifts? tangible..
14. Who do u think is the most attractive animated character? hello kitty :)
15. Do you drink beer? b4... 1bottle palang bagsak na q hehehe
16. Rate your love for kids.1-10 (10 being the highest) 10! love kids kaya.....
17. Do you have time dating with someone? yea...
18. Is he/she really special to you? cno ba???
19. Any msg? gudluck! :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Rowen quits

Magquiquit na po ako juz because i think it wont work, and i want to have peace of mind to be ready for college. I have a lot of things going on and stuffs in school, that i can not do for this game so i have to quit and do my jobs naman, pressured na aq, dahil preparation na sa college, ill lose rin naman... so i lost hope.

I have to do this kasi may mga taong gusto pamakipagcompete and i wont be happy competing with such people na manipulated na. d na fair ang laban, also i do think we are now doing a lot of things for the sake of winning.

Rowen's replacement (can either be an ex or a new VH) will be announced tomorrow.

Best Stories

VHs will choose the best story in Activity 12 - Most influential woman in life next to mum (in Celebration of the National Women's Month) and 1 in Activity14 - What if your house get burnt? (a Fire Prevention Month activity). Criteria: content and relevance to the topic.

Choices for Activity 12:
a. Maristel's Tita Baby
b. Jen-Jen's Tita Baby
c. Kathryn's Inspiration (Ms. Jo)
d. Paolo and Britney Spears
e. Ayessa Rosario, Remcyl's friend
f. Dylan's Ate Lourdz
g. Janette's special friend (Ms. Janette)
h. Miriam Defensor Santiago in Rowen's life
i. Marge and Jasmine

Choices for Activity 14:
a. Maristel's What if our house get burnt?
b. Paolo's On Fire
c. Marge's Leaning from Losing [sic]
d. Dylan's Burn?!
e. Jen-Jen's What if 1 day our house get burnt??
f. Kathryn's Paano kung masunugan ako?
g. Rowen's "Iiyak ako"
h. Janette's Sunog!
i. Remcyl's Kung nasunugan kami...

Send your choices before 6PM Thursday.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Marge answers Ex-Survey

1. PAANO KUNG BIGLA KAYONG NAGKITA NG EX MO? Dedma! la kunwari nakita.. :))
2. SINO SA MGA EX MO ANG GUSTO MONG BALIKAN? Kung mer0n man.. REvenge na! dba mai? :) joke
3. BAKIT? Revenge!
5. BAKIT KAYO NAG-BREAK? 2- timer ung isa tp0s ung isa... ak0 may nakipaghimwalay.. tama ba yun?
6. SA PALAGAY MO MINAHAL KA NG EX MO?* next question pls
7. ANONG GUSTO MONG SABIHIN SA EX MO NA NAGPAPARAMDAM PA RIN SA IYO? Well g0odluck sa pagtatanan ny0... :)
8. BAKIT YUN ANG SINABI MO? Totoo naman e! Sira na buhay m0
9. PAANO KUNG AYAW KA NIYA TANTANAN? nyee...... imp0sibLe un
10.OK LANG BA NA MAGING MAGKAIBIGAN KAYO NG EX MO? Di nga marun0ng magpatawad xa pa may kasalanan ha!
12. MASASABI MO BA SA SARILI MO NA NAGING MABUTI KANG GF/BFSA EX MO? Talaga! sh0nga nya! binitawan p nya k0.. pinili nya ung isa.. :) peace!
13. NAG BAGO KA NA BA? oo naman p0
14. ILAN NA BA ANG NAPAIYAK MONG LALAKI/BABAE? 1... :) sorry p0.. di na mauulit
16. INIYAKAN MO RIN BA SILA? may damdamin din naman ak0.. na guilty ak0 sa ginawa k0..
17. MUSTA K NAMAN NGAYON? Ok lang! masaya!
18. KUNG MAGING EX MO DEN ANG PRESENT MO? ANO GAWIN MO? Wala... gan0n tlga... there's a perfect timing for evrythin

Maristel blogs: EVER AFTER...

WOW!!! what now? just glad that everything's over... the 2 weddings and the debut... saturday was really a tough day for me...

saturday, march 18... was at home till 4am... they didn't bring me at the set up anymore... the peeps were at the ite around 9am... they assembled the stage, the sound and lights system... u-turn band was early for their set up and sound check too...

the personnels at our event at pasig were Bong (stage), Eric (stage), Rowell (church), Bhoy (reception), Junior (reception), Rio (reception) and another guy (who i don't know his name) for the band equipments naman...

the set up was really "madugo"... talaga namang parang nag sun bathe ung mga tao... lahat sila umitim!!! buti na lang di na nila ako sinama...

i wasn't able to check on the church ceremony... i was asked to go at ortigas kasi and buy our personnel's meals... they didn't provide snacks for my crew kasi... they didn't have lunch or meriendas... so i was constrained to go at Emerald (mc donald's) - i bought them chicken and a lot of extra rice...

i arrived a little late at the recepttion... almost all the visitors left already when i got at the site... the band u-turn was playing though (at least naabutan ko sila)... i just had little dinner... nag yosi lang sandali sa labas.. ganun naman ako pag natetense eh... i remember one of the members of u-turn apporoached our technical crew... nagkaron ata ng konting reklamo, kasi malakas daw masyado ung monitor speaker nya... but it all went fine...

running for how many hours yung aming bubble stream... kwela talaga... they also had confetti blasters... after nakatawid yung couple sa assembled bridge sa pool, nagpaputok sila ng isa and another one after the groom kissed the bride for their toast...

super maganda yung set-up... i didn't thought na magiging ganun kaganda yung magiging outcome, but it was really elegant... a garden wedding (just what i always dreamed of)

around 8:30 nad pack up na ng gamit yung personnel ko who ran the church ceremony... then sinakay na namin sa sasakyan... we ran back sa recption site and subo lang ng konting dinner... after that Doinx, got into the bj's booth... nag start na kasi yung ballroom dancing... sya na yung nag mix sa ballroom... grabe talagang hataw ang mga oldies... they even brought their own dance instructors! sobrang kwela talaga... i remember... marge texted me regarding the activities naman... and then jen-jen texted me too... konting chikahan lang kami... she's sick nga daw and nakapagpa check-up na din... hay naku! i super miss the OLD JEN-JEN yung super hyper and ayaw tumigil sa kakaYM... iba na sha ngayon...

anyway, around 11pm naman, Clarence, the groom spotted me at my table... he approached me like, "ui... ikaw pala! jan ka na pala!" i just replied with "ui ka din!" sa super tense ko i forgot to congratulate him on his wedding... he asked for my kuya... and then that's it we had a little chit chats...

i remember, nagbiro pa si kuya na idismantle na nga raw yung stage... may nakarinig ata... aba ang mga old women, nagsampahan sa stage at kahit my humps na ang tugtog, hataw pa din!!!

after nun, naspot-an na naman ako ni clarence... hahaha!!! "there you are" na naman... hahaha! he asked me who he's gonna talk regarding their payment for the system...

after nung makiha na namin yung payment, pinasadahan na namin ang pag baba ng gamit sa warehouse... ung mga equipments muna sa Church ang pack up namin! take note... from Pasig to Galas naman kami... then we left Rowell na sa warehouse para sya na magkamada ng mga gamit sa bodega... we dropped by sa house naman... nagpa kusot kami ng face towel... para magising ang aming mga utak! then we drove back sa Pasig sa reception naman... we gathered more equipments na pwede magkasya sa sasakyan namin... nauna na si Eric sa ibang gamit... then we went back sa warehouse...

naka apat din kami na balikan from pasig to galas... from galas to pasig... ang dami...

by 6:30 naman nagpunta ako ng Pasay to accompany my personnel naman sa Shrine of Jesus kasi meron kami Smoke Machine Rental dun... i asked my crew na nga lang to take the cab pag uwi na sya... hirap kasi eh... ang daming gasolina na ang nagagamit namin...

7am na rin ako nakauwi from that balik-balikan trip ng aming set up!!!

hahaha!!! i feel so exhausted...

TODAY, what I'm doing naman is doing this formal quotation / proposal... as usual...

early in the morning Mr. Elcid Reyes gave me a call... and he's askin me why i didn't include the sgate artworks design for backdrop... wow! so i told him we really have to meet up for that, so we can have a glimpse of their design then i can discuss it to the artist... mahirap kasi ung puro estimate lang... he also asked me for video monitoring with editing and stuffs like that pa... some pictures from our big events... so what i sent him was our event for Innerwheel (female counterpart ng Rotary Club) and our Nestle Kick-Off events...

i also sent a quotation for kat guevarra... debut na naman... hahaha!!! and i also talked to daisy ching for her wedding naman on June 10. and another acoustic night for amee... sangkatutak pa... also mr. domeng mendoza, i emailed him quotations too... convention naman yun for 2 days sa colegio de san agustin, binan, laguna... 9th national prex convention... i just hope sa dami ng nakausap ko the past few days and today, may ma-close naman ako...

also talked to mrs. collado from philippine science high school (our loyal client) they're gonna hire us for graduation this march 30 & 31 naman... and another band concert this april naman...

anyway, i just had this semi long chat with ate janette... funny lang, kasi i used to have chats with pao, especially like this hour kaya lang, i was a bit shocked kasi, who i saw online was ate janette... i read her message for me sa shoutbox, well, ochie, kitams nagkausap din tyo!

kaths, it was really a soft thing in my ear... maganda ako... it was really a compliment! parehas lang tyo...

same as with jen-jen, wala na ginawa kundi purihim ako, nagmana lang naman ako sa kanya...

marge, i miss you na - especially si pao pao, buti pa sya sa Vegas na!

rems, really appreciate your gudnyt text last nyt.... i really miss you...

till then... keep u posted pa...

x's: sorry, i wasn't able to took a pic sa last event ko... anyway, i'll just post a pic from our gig with kitchie nadal at bluwave...

Immunity Challenge

Solve this, first VH to get the correct answer wins Immunity:

Total number of post/entries in PBBFG1 AND PBBFG2 blogs (excluding this and the succeding posts/entries) DIVIDED BY the total number of Immunity challenges (in both seasons, including this Immunity Challenge) TIMES the number of VHs who quit the game MINUS the age of the youngest VH who played PBBFG.

Each VH has only ONE try to answer. Once you have given an answer, you CANNOT change it. To answer: send the solution and your answer to BBK via Friendster before 11:59PM Saturday.

Jen-Jen blogs: Past 3 Days

Pic q 2years ago.... same parin daw sabi ng iba! hehehe!

Hmmm mejo matagal narin aq nde nakakapag-blog... so heres some info kung anu ginawa q in past 3days!

Sunday at 9am punta sa church then natapos ng 12noon... mejo tumagal kasi dami nag testimony pero ok lng... hehehe... then lunch and at 2pm may mga dumating na visitor... mga friends na mom ko, so ayun for sure lalaki electric bill namin nito kasi ang tagal nakabukas ng aircon sa sala eh! hekhek... pero for me.. ang hina ng aircon and init parin! well... gan2 tlga house namin eh... kala mo nasa siga ka sa super init! hahaha!! well... cge ill admit, im drinkin coffee din kasi kaya ganun... nakakahawa kasi si dad hahaha!! then habang sila nagkukwentuhan aq naman nagchachat hahaha!! im chattin with my friend sa New York.. hahaha gulat ako biglang nag-pm goin to ask lng pala kung anong magandang pic daw pede niya ilagay sa website ng clan nila... so ayun ginawa pa akong tiga pili... at ito pic niya....

Ito si Dennis a friend of mine... 25yrs old single pa yan! hahaha... baka type niyo... pede pa xa hahaha!! cute naman pic d b??? ok naman cguro ung napili q hehehe!!

ayun... sandali lng kami usap ni babyden... tawag q sa kanya babyden.. kasi ako naman si babyjen hahaha!!

Monday... nako, super pagod ako!! woke up at 9am then umalis ako at 12nn... punta q sa baywalk hehehe!! mejo naligaw pa nga ako... nde naman naligaw, lumampas lng ako sa place na pupuntahan ko hahaha!! i went to weee i forgot the name of the bldg hahaha!! ayun... pero im arranging mg papers to ******* secret!!! hahahaha!!! saka q nalng rereveal baka maudlot eh!! pero happy ako ng lumabas ako ng office na un tlga pwamiz!! well... cno ba naman hindi manlalata nung araw na un... super layo kaya, almost 3hrs byahe ko papunta palang dun... eh unh pauwi pa! ay grabe tlga!! so pagdating ko ng house nde ko na nagawang mag-online hahaha sa super pagod... tapos dinner pa namin vegies... wow anu bang day ito... alam naman nilang nde ako kumakain ng vegies hekhek!

Tuesday... b4 bumangon sa bed, nagtxt muna ako sa mga smart users hehehe!! hope na-rcv niyo! then nag-online ako naabutan ko si paolo... hehehe super miss q na tlga si pao pao.. pero sorry pao kasi pwamiz q dis wk tlga back to normal na ulit.. pero nde q parin na22pad busy aq dis wk haiii... pero atleast nakausap kita! then after lunch punta q sa mall para magpa-picture... tagal q narin nde nagpapa-pic sa studio... super mahal na pala ha!! hahahaha!! then habang wait ng pic q kasi 1hr daw punta muna q sa fastfood para mag-ice cream hahaha!! i love ice cream eh... wehehehe!! then after q makuha pic xempre uwi na kasi mejo gabi na eh... then punta agad ng church kasi may bible study... then after that uwi na...

Wednesday... bukas un!! hope makapag-online ako kahit sandali lng... haiiiii aalis nanaman ako syempre!! punta q sa san juan sa korean school ko... weee sana makita ko ulit si Mr.Shin hahaha korean teacher ko na super kulit! cute parin sya kaso tumaba hahaha!! then punta sa house ng cousin ko sa mandaluyong (sa labas ha!) kasi may ipapagawa ako sa kanya... well... hope makapag-online tlga ako!! i miss the OLD me!! ung laging online and nakakausap ung mga fwends ko here sa net... pero syempre hindi rin pwedeng laging ganun...

Msg ko sa mga co-VH's ko...

Dylan... musta na bunso??? hope to talk to you again!
Ate Janette... im ok na po... sana ikaw din :)
Ate Kath... sana mag-abot tau tom, pero ill try to call u hehehe!
Marge... shobe hows ur exam?? dont worry pray ako for you to pass... pero im sure naman papasa ka eh! kaw pa....
Ate Mats... sobrang miss u na! busy ako den busy karin hehehe anu ba yan! pero txt txt huh....
Paolo... sana makauwi ka dis june kasi alam mo na hehehe....... basta alam mo na un d b?
Remcyl... Mr.Beautiful! Ayus buti nagtxt karin kagabi... kaso for u to say gudnyt lng! hahaha umaga q na nga na-rcv eh... miss u na sobra!!
Rowen... gudluck sa pagpasok mo sa college!

Activity 14 - What if Your House get Burnt? (a Fire Prevention Month activity)

"Kung Nasunugan Kami..."

Well, it would definitely be something i wouldnt pray for to happen (duh! who would right?) Its so scary. Just thinking of all the perfumes, body lotions, moisturizers, facial cleansers, hair products and ....oops hehe just kidding. Im not that shallow to be worried of my material things. They're all temporary. My family's the most important thing to me and I would only want the best for them.

The next day if our house does (hope not) get burned, we would definitely be looking for a temporary place to stay. Im thinking maybe in the lines of family relatives coz renting is way too expensive. Just to think of electric bills, water bills, telephone bills, and of course, my number one downer, credit card bills (harhar joke). My relatives on the mother side and I are very very close. So i think they would allow us to stay even for a few days.

One incident that i can somehow relate (if i may) was when a burglar quietly entered our house (duh! he wouldnt be noisy even if he wanted to). So anyway, that experience was totally traumatizing (what the hell is that word?! hehehe me and my
friends just love to invent words out of nowhere so people who are so into their grammar and terms, get out!) for my sister that we moved to another house.

The reason why i squeezed that story in was because we never had fire and that was the closest thing i guess.




Dko pa naman po na-experience masunugan at wag naman po sna ma-experience kc mas ok pa ung manakawan ka kesa masunugan ka coz it's hard to start again..investing house, furnitures... pero wen i was a kid i remember na nagkaron ng sunog dun sa lugar nmin sa malabon due to faulty wiring, nilipat kmi ng nanay ko sa bahay ng tita ko, for us to be safe, den sila ang nag evacuate ng mga gamit namin, but thank God kc di nman nadamay ung bahay namin.

Here in our office we had a regular fire drill lalo na pag malapit na ung annual general inspection, we had an evacuation priority, may mga tags ung gamit dito sa office, those with red tags are the first one needed to evacuatefirst, those with blue tags are the 2nd priority and those with yellow tags are the least priority.

Pag dumating ung ganong pagkakataon d maiiwasan ung ma-rattle so dapat wag mawawala ung presence of mind, pag mejo grabe na ung apoy wag na bumalik pa sa building or sa bhay na nasusunog just to save something, coz we're just risking our life let's just trust the fire fighting team.

To prevent fire, we need to check our gas tank pati ung electrical wiring.. lalo na if we're going to leave our house for a couple of days... it's better if we're going to have a fire extinguisher in our house. -JANETTE

Monday, March 20, 2006

Kathryn blogs: Life Nga Naman...

I love Nursing, my job. Pero ewan ko ba. Siguro ganun lang talaga, dumarating sa point na napapagod ka and you feel like you're beginning to hate the very job that you've dreamed of having. Minsan, darating ka sa unit, geared up for the next 8 hours or so, tapos ang sasalubong sa'yo mga toxic na endorsements. At tipong di mo pa nakikita 'yung patients mo, hala, ayan na, dagsa na new orders ng doctors. O kaya naman, magre-receive ka palang, may new admission na. At since first admission ka, ikaw ang mag-a-admit. E pa'no pa kung galing ER?! E di sandamakmak kailangan mong i-carry out! Kaya tuloy minsan mag-o-open ka palang ng charts, ayun na 'yung mga kasama mo, naghahanap na ng BP app at magra-rounds na. Grabe! Nakaka-rattle pa naman 'yung ganun, feeling mo sobrang napag-iwanan ka na.

Tapos minsan naman, hindi nga toxic ang mga pasyente, 'yung relatives naman! Ay s'ya! Kung makatawag sa'yo para bang laging may emerhensya! Tipong halos minu-minuto pupuntahan ka sa station. Kahit na na-address mo na 'yung concerns nila, andyan pa rin at ganadong mangulit! E mukhang nakalimutan yata nilang wala sila sa ICU kung san-san 1:1 ang ratio ng nurse at patient. Sila 'yung mga relatives--"demanding relatives" as what we call them-- na oblivious sa fact na may iba ka pang pasyente who equally need your attention. Kulang nalang ipa-explain sa'yo pathophysiology ng disease condition ng pasyente nila!

Hay! Tuwing ganito nga nararamdaman ko, I remember what my friend, Kit (who graduated 'cum laude' sa batch namin at nag-number one sa training batch nila sa San Lucas), always tells me before, "ayoko na talaga!". Minsan napapaisip tuloy ako, gusto ko nga ba talaga ang Nursing??

Pero, syempre, I counter negative vibes naman kasi alam ko ito ang ginusto ko para sa sarili ko and I'm gonna have to live with it for the rest of my life. Tsaka, hello? I know these things are nothing naman compared with those na super tagala na sa Nursing field. Anu ba?! Bagito palang ako kumbaga. Kaya kung mag-e-entertain ako ng negative thoughts na ganyan and I'm gonna let it invade my system, patay na! Asan na ang career ko?!

Besides, super nare-relieve naman ako pag may mga patients or relatives na sobra ang pasasalamat sa'yo sa serbisyong ibinibigay mo sa kanila. Hindi talaga matatawaran 'yung sarap ng feeling pag abut-abot ang pasasalamat nila sa'yo. Super nakakataba ng puso! Kung nakaka-cause lang 'yun ng atherosclerosis o hypercholesterolemia, matagal na siguro akong nagkaroon! Wahehe...

With that, I rest all my doubts about my feeling towards my job. This is what I do. And for one to be able to appreciate the beauty and purpose of his/her job, he/she needs to understand every bit of it. That's exactly what my goal is. *winks

"Iiyak ako" -Rowen

IF OUR HOUSE GET BURNT.... hmm... iiyak ako, ito na lang ang konting yamanna meron kami, our memories from birth till todayandito lahat. Yung memories ko nung childhood,ang aming bond, happiuness, nandito na... Angraming paghihirap and joyous moments angnandito sa bahay na toh. Kaya malulungkot talagaako... Isa pa, sa bahay na ito ako lumaki, kayasobrang halaga nito sa akin. I would be aiming tobuilding it again pag naburnt toh... kc gusto kong irelive ang something na we have once in our life.

Paano kung masunugan ako?! - Kathryn

Pag may sunog? Naku, naaalala ko nung bata ako, may isang bahay na nasunog sa di kalayuan sa aming lugar at talaga namang tarantang langgam ako na nagsisigaw sa papa ko na hakutin na namin ang mga gamit namin at umalis. Hehe. Syempre OA 'yun dahil mga ilang bloke din ang layo nung bahay na nag-aapoy. Ewan ko ba, takut na takot ako na masunugan ng bahay. Sino bang hindi? E para kang nawalan ng buhay at kinabukasan pag natupok ng apoy lahat ng gamit mo. Kasama nang masusunog ang mga pangarap at pag-asa mo. Sa palagay ko hindi mo na kailangang maranasan ang masunugan para lang mapagtanto na napakapait ang mawalan ng matutuluyan at magagamit sa araw-araw, 'yung mga bagay na naging parte na ng buhay mo, mula sa paliligo sa banyo hanggang sa pagtulog sa kama. Life can never be the same again, 'ika nga.

Siguro pag naranasan ko ang trahedyang ito sa aking buhay, ang unang-una kong mga ililigtas ay, syempre, 'yung mga mahal ko sa buhay. Tapos mahahalagang dokumento at gamit (kagaya ng pera, alahas, cellphone, etc.). Hindi dahil sa materyosa ako, naisip ko lang na mas "realistic" ka sa goal mong magligtas ng mga gamit pag 'yun 'yung inuna mo. 'Yun kasi yung mga bagay na mahalaga na, madali pang isalba. E, hello, kahit na sabihin mo pang mataas ang adrenaline mo at pwede kang makabuhat ng ref in times like this, 'yung ref iisa lang 'yan kumpara sa mga bagay na nabanggit ko. At aanuhin mo 'yang kung wala ka ngang socket na mapagsasaksakan dahil, nakalimutan mo na ba, natupukan ka nga ng bahay diba? Atleast, 'yung mga mahahalagang dokumento at gamit mapapakinabangan mo pa kahit wala ka nang bahay (na sana pansamantala lang naman!).

Pagsisimulang muli... isa sa pinakamahirap na parte ng pakikibaka ng isang tao o pamilyang nasunugan. Paano ka nga naman magsisimula kung halos wala kang mga bagay o gamit, let alone bahay, to start with?? Ako, lagi kong sinasabi sa sarili ko, mahahanap lahat ng bagay. E diba sa wala din naman tayo nag-umpisang lahat? Tsaka, para sa akin kasi, lahat ng bagay posible. Basta andun 'yung paniniwala mo at pagsisikap para makamit mo 'yung mga layunin mo. Isa pa, simple lang naman akong tao, hindi ko hinahangad masyado 'yung magagarang gamit. Basta ang importante may magamit sa pang-araw-araw na pamumuhay. Tsaka ang paraan ko kasi para hindi ako madaling mawalan ng pag-asa o madaling panghinaan ng loob, pag may ginagawa ako, inuunti-unti kong bunuin at hindi ako si "madami pa 'kong gagawin o kailangang tapusin". Bawat ma-accomplish ko, every step of the way, I consider an achievement. That's why I easily attain that so-called positive vibes. Ganun. Kaya, pag nasunugan ako, alam ko, kakayanin kong bumangon muli. =)

What if 1day our house get burnt???

JEN-JEN: Wow! what will i do nga ba??? Im staying here in Caloocan for 2yrs palng... pero kahit 2yrs palang i love this house so much na!! Dito lng ako nagkaroon ng friends... and I really dont know what to do if this house get burnt!! *knock on wood* My life will change a lot tlga pag nangyari yun... ofcourse first, ill cry, cry, cry and cry! ikaw kaya masunugan ng house?! Then im pretty sure that we're goin to stay at Commonwealth at my grandparents house... kasi matagal niya na kami na gus2 dun mag-stay... we have our own house there but yet ofcourse ayaw ng dad ko....

Theres a moment na muntik na kami masunugan... when we're still in Sta.Anna Manila! I think im 6 or 7years old that time... my mom and dad left and we dont know kung san sila pumunta!! It happens at... i think 11pm in the evening... The school which is at the back of our house get burnt and that time super lakas ng hangin... and we dont know what to do especially my lolo and lola... their all packing up our things kasi we thought na madadamay yung house namin! then my lola... dinala kami sa house ng ninong ko (at the other house lng) and what i remember is... hindi tlga nadamay house namin... and thanks god! then nung umaga na... dumating na mom and dad ko na walang kaalam-alam na muntik na pala kaming masunugan tsk tsk stk mom and dad tlga oh! inuna pa date... hahaha!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

burn?! -Dylan

If our house got burnt? depende... which house?... heh... well... i've spent the whole 18 years of my life in that house... i grew up there...xempre mdmeng bawat wall... bawat dent sa semento(hehe)... may memories...that i treasure... pero kahit naman mawala un... masusunog nga nman... but those memories won't ever leave my mind... i don't care much about physical possessions... like our house... xguro if our house would burn down... the next day ayos na ayos na uli... we'll just move to another house and just continue life... anyways... the house isn't that important... that i can live without... what matters to me is that our family's safe and sound... who cares about the dang house... what's important is that we have a home...

Remcyl blogs: Summer is near, Bright colors for new layout!

I am really excited for summer! I love people wearing white couture, florals, and of course, the unbeatable aviator sunglasses prowling the beaches. Couldn't get any hotter than that. Oooh I forgot about the shirtless dudes and the bikini-wearing dudettes. So anyway, you know what that means (but probably not)! It means that I would be changing the site layout and graphics again to a summer motif. I love the new graphics and it's probably the most colorful one I've made not only with my website but I think in the history of me making photoshop art. Also, I've taken some things out and replaced them with better stuffs. One of the things I've taken out were the wallpapers. Well, not totally remove everything, but just take out the old ones. I've figured and decided that my wallpapers would also be seasonal, you know. So when a new wallpaper batch comes in, I have to take out the previous ones. The greatest thing that I would be putting in would definitely be the podcast show. I'm working on my music intro right now so I'm not yet ready to launch the whole site. But I'm getting into it. So I have to do it right now. Bye you guys!

Marge, "Leaning from Losing" [sic]

"Muntik na kaming masunugan" 2 Years ago... April 2004. around 6:00pm... Nanonood ako ng TV sa aking kuwarto. Animax yung channel I remember.. Mayamaya.. nagkakagulo tao sa labas... SUNOGGGG! waaa... na windang pan0nood ko ng TV... Kinabahan ako... Bigla akyat mom ko.. Sabay kuha ng maleta.. impake gamit... ung ilaw kumukurap kurap na. Impake narin ako.. La ako iba kinuha kungdi Pera at mga alahas. Sa likod bahay lng pala ang sunog.. halos 3 bahay lang ang pagitan at ang isa nasusunog na. Tumagal ng 4 na oras bago napatay ang sunog.. Pero laking tuwa namin. 2 bahay lang ang nasunog, walang namatay, at di kami nasunugan... Yung mga taong nasunugan ng bahay. Tinulungan namin. Pinakain, pinatulog sa bahay. Naawa kami. La silang nakuha kahit isang gamit. Kaya nagiingat na kami sa kahit anu mang bagay na maaring dahilan at pagumpisahan ng sunog. Thank God! :)

On Fire

Ano kaya ggwin ko kpag nasunugan kami???...first i will be very very sad...wala ako or kami na maililigtas na gamit... second mahihirapan kami humanap ng bahay na malapit sa school ko dito sa school ng mga kapatid ko at malalayo pa kami sa mga kamag-anak namin...tsaka siguro kung masunugan kami i'll be more very careful na lang or i'll always pray for the safety of our family... remember prayer is the best protection u can get...i'm sure God will not abandon us... i think kung magka-sunog man there is a purpose for that..a good i think that's about it! i can't stay any longer dito ako sa hotel nag-iinternet at wala akong pictures ko dito so BBK pls pili k n lng ng pic ko sa friendster para ilagay with this hehe.. ok po? (^-^) -Paolo

What if one day your house get burnt?


*lol* what if one day our house get burnt? (knock on wood talaga) I really dunno what to do... I live my whole life in this house. For 26 years and 10 months... This house has really been a big part of me growing up... I've seen a lot of things in this house... Went through a lot of experiences... Been through all ups and downs... Witnessed my mom and dad's fights and separation... I've seen the wonder of me and my brother growing up... And I saw all the pain that we've been through... Pain may be a li'l deep though, but without it, we won't learn...

Di ko kakayanin siguro ang masunugan ng bahay... My God!!! This house is my home! This house is my life... Mababaliw ako pag nangyari yun!!! Just like my Lola's famous line, "di bale ng manakawan, wag lang masunugan..." That's very, very true... I've had friends na nasunugan and talagang mahirap... Like for us, I know, mga parents ko madami naipundar just to proviede us shelter tapos mauuwi din lang sa lahat... That would be very sad...

I remember March '95... There's this one incident that our house was almost getting burnt because of the old house just a few meters from our place... That old house was filled with old newspapers & receipts... The house was made of old woods that's been a home of termites for almost a decade... The only person who lives there is an old man named Mang Pinong... They have no electricity... Candle is the only thing that brings light in his house... He fell asleep, and left the candle lit until it burneed all the papers inside his house... His house is just a few meters from our house and frankly, ang hirap!!! My mom, got so nervpus that she took our wireless phone and attempted to call a fireman but she ended up holding the phone and staring blankly at the numbers... My tita Cathy who used to live with us, out of panic took her one month baby at the street... She ran her way out without a slippers... My packed stuffs that aren't useful if ever...

What I mean is, no matter how hard you will try to save things that you've spent your life with just to have that thing - talagang wala... Nasunog na eh....

Like for instance now, I refixed my bedroom... I have it repainted... from rags talaga yung bedroom ko... I used to share room with my mom, but when I was earning my own money na... I have it fixed... Tapos masusunog lang... Mahirap... I have a lot of important and expensive things there... I know material things lang yun - but the money I spent in buying those things, pinagpaguran ko... It's the fruit of my labor...

Kaya ako... A word of advise,,, better yet, be a lot more careful... Be aware... And dapat, laging may nakaready na malaking bag kahit under the bed lang... Para whatever happens, madali magbalot *lol* hahaha!!! Just kidding...

Anyway, dapat lang talaga, mas maging secure tayo sa lahat ng bagay,,, dapat din mas maging maingat para maiwasan ang mga hindi magagandang bagay... If we're not using for instance - the electric fan, we turn off the power strip or bunutin na lang natin from the socket... Kung may aircon, dapat, lagi natin patayin yung safety box which separates the aircon from the other eclectric...

Better safe than sorry! ;) (winks)

wanna take a glimpse on my new refixed bedroom... chaka eh... pero cge, share ko... the 1st picture was with my cuzn Bane (ung tibo), Nica (my half sister) and Doinks (Big Brother) ung isa namang pic, that's our counter, that's were we eat dinner... Pero pinuno namin ng fruits... New Year 2k6 yun eh!

Activity 13 - How Boyish or Girlish Are You?

Marge, Maristel and Kathryn
30% Boyish and 70% Girlish
Even if you're not a girl, you're very feminine. You're in touch with your feelings, and your heart rules you. A bit of a emotional roller coaster, one moment you're up and the next you're down. But no matter what, you try to be as cute and perky as possible.

Paolo and Janette
40% Boyish and 60% Girlish
Jen-Jen and Remcyl
50% Boyish and 50% Girlish
70% Boyish and 30% Girlish

You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch. Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them. You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.

Take the How Boyish or Girlish Are You? survey.