Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 2

Saturday, March 11, 2006

VHs confess

KATHRYN: well, actually, bbk, i wanted to vote po sana sapoll with a "yes" pero i left it for the visitorsto decide regarding pao and rem's case. pero,still, i stand to my belief na inosente talaga'tong dalawang 'to. i can't see any reason whythey'd hide it, para lang di matanggal sa game? idon' think so. at kung sakali mang totoo, being akeen observer as you are, you should've known itway back pa. so, to pao and rem, 'yaan n'yo, soon enough, lalabas din ang totoo. *winks

as of rhea, actually, dunno how to comment on it.kasi ayoko namang maghugas-kamay dahil, i admit,nagiging inactive din naman ako every now andthen. pero, i think, being a VH, with respect tothe game (at sa inyo na rin, bbk), sananag-u-update s'ya kahit once in a blue moon.atleast we know what to expect. i always tellmyself na may iba't ibang priorities and mga tao.and maybe in her case, this game isn't on her toplist. pero the fact na she joined, she should,atleast, show some degree of commitment here. 'yunlang po. rhea, sorry, walang personalan. opinion lang.

JEN-JEN: this is for my co-VH's who's still in the house.... u knoe who u are!!

first... i want to thank my friend (co-VH) for telling me those things... about the guy/girl who' against me! second... im sorry dylan! kasi hindi ako naniwala agad sayo.... hope we still be friends.... well im sure with that!

third... to that person (co-VH's who's against me!) well... e2 lng masasabi ko sau... kung makikipag-usap ka sa ibang housemate and you'll tell them anything about me... i mean against me.... make sure na hindi ko siya close ok??? well... first of all hindi tayo close... so u dont know me well... and dont say na im a threat, well its your opinion... maybe nga im a threat sayo... but if u want the title tell me dear! iyong-iyo na!! all i want here is to gain friends... which i already have na... and hindi ka kasali dun! wag mo na kong siraan sa iba... kasi u knoe why??? hindi ako ang nasisira... ITS YOU!!! u pretend na ur so nice... and pa-tweetums pa... (oopsss this is not marge) and one thing more.... wag mo na gamitin ang ibang co-VH and sabihin na they're also against me... kasi u knoe what??? madaling lumabas ang katotohanan! muntik mo pa kami sirain ni dylan... well tnx coz god is so nice to me... and hindi niya pinahintulutan un mangyari... im here to gain friends, and you're not one of those friends na i will keep... i'll tell u this WE'RE NOT FRIENDS!! (u knoe who u are.... )

Ian... the msg is not for u :) its not you... :)

BBK... sorry nakakagigil lng kasi tlga xa... i just want to let him/her know na im mad at him/her! alam niya na kung cno xa!! u dont knoe me kid kasi hindi tau CLOSE! and dont ever msg me again.. and askin stupid questions!! kasi ayoko makipag-usap sa isang tulad mo... PLASTIK!!

MARISTEL: BBK, i have this confession to make... I was reallytired from work and different stuffs... I saw thisOpinion poll, I just read in there Paolo andRemcyl's name... Out of my stupidity, I voted onceor twice answering "NO" and finally yesterdaywhen I was on this "mind set" - I read it again inmy mind...

"Were Paolo and Remcyl complete strangers priorto the game?" So yesterday, I answered the poll with a "yes"same as today... I believe, that everyone has theirown right to express themselves in any way theycan. When I read about Mica's thingie, it was veryclear, that MICA was a common friend of Paoloand Remcyl's. I read it for over 5 times. I also readRemcyl's commentary and Paolo's message at theshoutbox. I do believe them! It's much betterexpressing the truth than telling a lie. Coz in myopinion if a person is telling a lie, it's their ownconscience not ours. Let's just live it there, cozwhatever it is behind their acquaintance, I know indue time it will be revealed.

Regarding, Rhea's being inactive, I may say - that Imyself is a busy woman. But I still know how tohandle things my way. Things may be a little wayout of league compared to before, I still make it apoint that I will never ever put anything behind. If aperson is showing a little interest because of busyschedule, might as well call it quits - becausepeople are expecting something from you. It's harddin naman, that everyday, we're all looking forwardmeeting this person, only to find out - she's ininvisible mode. It happened to me twice. I alwaysthought Rhea's offline - tapos she's there pala.Sometimes tuloy, I came to thinking that she maybe just avoiding us... I just wish her luck on herstuffs. I know and I feel that she's a wonderfulwoman but please, don't keep us hanging...

In addition, same case with Rowen, BBK, I knowhe has a lot to do. But I can't help seeing Dylanand Marge's situations... They still both come toschool. They all have deadlines of projects. Therewere times - I know Rowen's offline. Tapos, "tagomode" pala sha. I just hope he's not avoiding us.That's so being anti-social...

Dylan blogs: p0zt nnmn...

w0w!! f0r d first time nkpgp0zt ak0 ng c0nsecutive days!! ahaha... bakit kaya? hndi naman dahil sa hndi busy.. sa 22o lng sobrang busy ngaun!! lapit na nga finalz... and ang daming projects!!! 4 projs nga deadline sa monday! waaaah!... at di ko pa nauumpzhan...

di naman sa tntamad ak0... never ak0 tnmad..haha... ewan... may mali lng sa pag-iizip k0 ngaun... ung tip0ng alam k0 di ak0 mkkpgizip ng mtn0 kahit an0 gDylan blogs: awin k0... pur0 pa nmn analyziz ung klngan sa 4 pr0jz n un..haha... wla lng...

mmm...misz n misz n misz n misz n misz n misz n misz misz n misz n misz n misz n misz n misz n misz misz n misz n misz n misz n misz n misz n misz misz n misz n misz n misz n misz n misz n misz misz n misz n misz n misz n misz n misz n misz misz n misz n misz n misz n misz n misz n misz k0 n nga pala ung mahal k0... zana 0k xa... zana d xa nagpapag0d... zana d xa abuzad0 nnmn! nmn ngaalala k0 z knya...mhal n mahal k0 tlga un!!.. heh.. la lng... pn0zt k0 lng.. bka may ibng mk-appreciate kht ppn0..hehe... (az if eh n0h)..haha

mmz... sa pbbfg2... lapit na evicti0n...waaaah... an0 kaya mngyyri?.. hayz... ate jen.... waaaaah zana di ka na po maniwala sa mga un.. di nmn po kz 22o un... hayz... ate nmn... br0 pa0! tnx sa c0ncern..hek2... ate mariztel... waaaah... di k0 pren magetz ung dietabs!! ahaha... 0ther vhz.... zan na kau??...hehe ngatz lgi ah...

0k...end p0zt...

Friday, March 10, 2006

Final Round: Reward Challenge for Paolo, Jen-Jen, Maristel, Remcyl and Marge

As winners of Best of 3 Series, PaJeMaReMa advances to the Final Round of Reward Challenge.

Final Round - Longest Filipino anagram

An anagram is a type of word play, the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce other words, using all the original letters exactly once.

VH with the longest Filipino anagram wins the Reward. Deadline is 6PM, Saturday. VHs must only submit 1 anagram (the longest).

Can you beat this? (Using 9 characters) "Baku-baku" = "Ukab-ukab"

Dylan blogs: bak 2 n0rm! 0h?!

uy!!... zaya ngaun ah!!... tumataaz piz0!! ahaha... ala lng.. hek2... ggwa pa kme ng rep0rt ab0ut 1017....waaaah... bad3p...heh...

sa pbbfg2 nmn.... nakanakz 30+ dayz na!!! w0ot?1.. akalain m0 un... hehe... nkk2wa ung challenges... kz... nabubuild ung camaraderie... and nagiging way para makauzap k0 ung vhauzm8z k0 na di k0 nakakuzap dati...hehe... g0 Take 5!...ahaha... nkk2wa nga c ate kath... hehe... khit na lam k0 na bz xa sa w0rk dhil full tym nurze xa... nag-eeff0rt pren xa 2mul0ng s gr0upw0rk!!! nakzzz!! zalud0 ak0 zau jan ate kath!! *apir!*... ahaha... gimme five take 5... ahha c0rny...

an0 ba... mmmz... zaya2 k0 ngaun kz... mejo ok na lahat... xempre may probz pren... pero MAZ ok keza dti... kz anjan na uli ung pinakamamahal k0... hehe... xn0 b un?... hek2.... tnx anjan ka na... nagaalala k0 zau ng s0bra...hmz?...

heh... n0h p ba... lapit na finalz!!! waaaaah.... xge kaya natin 2 skulm8z!! w0ot!!! jan c Lord!! hehe... pgtap0z un... dme pa klngan gwin.. klngan pagalingin ung traineez nd juni0rz sa band... klngan k0 pa train ng mtn0 ung apprentice drummer k0!!.. ahha atleazt gs2 nya matut0... pahirapan 2 sa summer!!... haha... zka... ung tripz pa sa summer... d pa k0 nkkpgdecide if ssma k0 sa tripz... 0r bka gust0 nila mama na magstay sa pr0vince... heh... bzta..

per0... aun... zaya k0 tlga ngaun... w0ot!!... hehe.. praize God!!... hehe... tnx dn sa mahal k0... hehe. luv u s0 mch my leeh... Godsmackk!!...

PaJeMaReMa wins over Take Five in Round III
(340 words - 175 word)

Activity 10 - Text Twist:


451 Filipino words with 6 characters and above by PaJeMaReMa
(minus 11 words which used "y" character)

aapakan akapin aklatan alamat alinman angkan angkin apakanatasan gampanan
gantihan gantimpala gilitan ginalos ginanap ikalat ikamaga ikasal ilanman ilatag
inaklat inalatan inapakan inasal inasam inatasan ingatan initak ipagkalat ipakanan
ipakita ipalatag ipalista ipapakanta ipapakat ipapakatam ipapalatag ipapasakal
ipapasakto ipapataga ipapatamasa ipapinta ipasakal ipatamasa ipinta iplantsa
isapak kailanman kalatan kasalan kasalanan kataasan kinalasan kinalat kinalatan
kinamay - used "y" kinapa kinasa kinasal kinatam lagnat lapisan lasing limpak
linatag maalat maasim mag-aasam mag-aklas mag-alat magalis mag-asam magasin
magilas mag-isa magkaalaman magkalapit magkalasa magkalat magkama
magkapaan magkasa magkasala magkasala magkasama magkasapi magkita
magklase maglasing maglipat magpaalat magpaasim magpaatas magpakailan
magpakalasing magpakanta magpakapa magpakape magpakati magpalanta
magpapaaklat magpapaalat magpapak magpapakalasing magpapakanta
magpapakanti magpapakape magpapakati magpapalanta magpapansit
magpapasa magpapasalat magpapasan magpapasikat magpapatay - - used "y"
magpapatigas magpapatis magpasakal magpasalat magpasapin magpasikat
magpatama magpatigas magpatis magpatis magpilas magplantsa magsaka
magsama magsapakan magsapi magtagal magtakipan magtalik magtama magtatae
magtisa mailatag maingat makalat makalatan makanta makapasa makata makati
makita malagpak malait malaki malaking-takip malaking-talaan malala malalim
malaman malanta malapit malasa malata malatin malian malipat malipatan
malista mantika mantikaas mantsa mapaasim mapait mapakali mapasaan
mapatay - used "y" mapilas mapilatan masagi masagian masakim masaktan
masama masamang-asal masampal masapak masapian masapinan masiga masigla
mataga matagal matakpan matalim mataliman matamasa matapakan matapalan
matapang matatapalan matikas matipak mayapakan - used "y" minalat minanas
naapakan nag-aasam nagalak naganap nag-asam nag-isa nagkaalaman nagkalapit
nagkalasa nagkalat nagkama nagkamali nagkapaan nagkape nagkasa nagkasakit
nagkasala nagkasapi nagkita nagklase naglasing naglatag naglipat nagpaalam
nagpaalat nagpa-api nagpaasim nag-paatas nagpakalasing nagpakanta nagpakapa
nagpakapal nagpakape nagpakasakim nagpalanta nagpapaalat nagpapak
nagpapakalasing nagpapakanti nagpapakape nagpapakati nagpapalanta
nagpapansit nagpapasa nagpapasalat nagpapasan nagpapasan nagpapasikat
nagpapatay - used "y" nagpapatigas nagpapatis nagpapatis nagpasaka nagpasalat
nagpasapak nagpasapin nagpasikat nagpatala nagpatama nagpatigas nagpatis
nagpilas nagplantsa nagpasampal nagsaka nagsakto nagsama nagsapakan nagsapi
nagsapit nagtagal nagtakipan nagtama nagtipak nagtisa nailatag naisala naitak
naitala naitama naka-gitna nakaka-agam nakalain nakalat nakalatan nakama
nakanta nakapsa nakasagap nakatala nakatalaga nalagpak nalagpak nalait nalapit
nalipat nalipatan nalista namaalam namaga namanas namasa nanapak napaasim
napaitan napakalakas napakalapit napakalasa napakalat napakali napakanan
napakapal napakasakim napakasama napaka-senti napaka-tatag napalagpak napalaki
napalipat napanis napapak napapalaki napasaan napasakan napatagal napa-tapalan
napilas napilatan nasaan nasagap nasagi nasagian nasaing nasaktan nasampal
nasapak nasapian nasapinan nasiga nataga natakpan natala nataliman natamasa
natapakan natapalan natatapalan natili natipak nayapakan - used "y" nginata
nilagnat nilanta nilantak nilantakan nilapit nilatag nilipat
niyapak - used "y"
niyapakan - used "y"
paaapakan paanan pagpalain pagsapit paitan pakanan
pakapa pakapalin pakita palaki palala palista paminta pang-klase pang-una pansit
pansitan papaitan papakalatan papakapalin papakin papakita papaksain papasakitan
papasampal papatagalan papatakpan papatay - used "y" pasain pasanin pasapinan
pasikat patagalin patatas patatim patimpalak patimpalakan patpat patpatin pilatan
pinaaasam pinaalam pinagpala pinaka-api pinakalas pinakanta pinakapal pinakasal
pinaksa pinala pinalata pinapak pinapakapal pinapaksa pinapala
pinapatay - used "y"
pinasa pinasakan pinasan pinatag pinatay - used "y" plantsa platsahin saankaman
saanman sapagkat sapakin sapalan sapinan sigaan sinagap sinaktan sinala sinampal
taga-saan taga-san takpan talian taliman talipapa tamasa tansan tapalan tapang
tigasan tinakpan tinamaan tinamasa tinapakan tisaan
yapakan - used "y"

177 Filipino words with 6 characters and above by Take Five
(minus 2 words which used "k" character)

alagaan (7) alamang (7) alamat (7) inaamag (7) inalagaan (9) inamag (6) ipamalita (9)
itiman (6) itinalaga (10) kaalaman (8) kaganapan (9) kalagan (7) kalasag (7) kamatis (7)
kamiseta (8) kapakanan (9) - used 2 "k"s kapapalag (9) kapapalit (9) kapapansin (10)
kapatagan (9) kapitan (7) kasalatan (9) kasama (6) katalasan (9) katasan (7) katipan (7)
kinanta (7) kintal (6) laganap (7) lagapak (7) lagatik (7) lakasan (7) lamang (6) lamasin (7)
lapitan (7) linisan(6) magkamit (8) magpapakasal (12) magsalita (9) magsipag (8)
magtatalik (10) makipagpalitan (14) makisig (7) malasin (7) maliksi (7) mapalaganap (11)
maselan (7) masipag (7) mataas (6) matalak (7) minalas (7) nagkamit (8) naglapag (8)
nagmisa (7) nagpakalas (10) nagpakasal (10) nagpapakasal (12) nagpapalakas (12)
nagpapalaman (12) nagpapalitan (12) nagpapasama (11) nagpapataas
(11) nagpapatala (11) nagpapatalas (12) nagpasaklap (11) nagpasalamat (12) nagpasali (9)
nagpatalas (10) nagpatatak (10) nagpatinag (10) nagpista (8) nagsalita (9) nagsampa (8)
nagsipag (8) nagtalakan (10) nakipagpalitan (14) naligtas (8) nalintikan (10) namintas (8)
nanganak (8) naninisi (8) nanisi (6) napagpala (9) napakamalas (11)
napakaplastik (12) - used 2 "k"s napakasalat (11) napaka-sentimental (18) napakataas (10)
napakatalas (11) napakatalim (11) napakatamis (11) napansin (8) napatila (8) napilit (7)
napilitan (9) napintasan (10) nilapag (7) nilasap (7) nilisan (7) pagka-sentimental (17)
pagpapala (9) pakana (7) pakanta (7) pakasal (7) pakintal (8) palagan (8) palaka (6)
palakasan (9) palakasin (9) palaman (7) palamig (7) palapag (7) palapit (7) palipat (7)
palitan (7) pamalit (7) pamantasan (10) pampalakasan (12) panatag (7) pang-lipat (10)
pang-palit (10) pang-sakal 10() pang-sintas (11) pang-takip (9) panlasa (7) pansin (6)
papagalitan (11) papalamanan (11) papalapatin (11) papalapitan (11) papasa (6)
pasakit (7) pasalamat (9) pasali (6) pasapian (8) patalak (7) patalasan (9) patali (6)
patatak (7) patigasan (9) patinag (7) peklat (6) pinagalitan (11) pinalagan (9) pinalanta (9)
pinintasan (10) pintakasi (9) pintas (7) plangketa (9) plastik (6) saglit (6) sakang (6) saklap (6)
salita (6) salpak (6) samantalang (11) sampaga (7) sinampa (7) sinipa (6) sintas (6) sitenta (7)
takalan (7) takipan (7) talakan (7) talampas (8) talata (6) talian (6) talipa (6) talsik (6)
taning (6) tantanan (8) tapakan (7) tigpalas (8) tinaas (6) tinaasan (8)
tinalakan (9)
tininte (7)

36 similar words

-alapaap -kamatis -kasalan -kasapi -kinalas -kinatasan -lagpak -makapal -malakas
-matigas -matinag -nag-aklas -nagkasala -nagkasama -nagpakati -nagpapasikat
-nagpapasikat -nagpatala -nagtalik -nalaman -nalanta -natinag -palaka -paslit
-patalim -salapi -salatin -samantala -sampal -sinalat -sinapak -talaan -talaga
-tinaga -tinapa -tinakpan -tinapakan

Remcyl, sad but no hard feelings

BBK, im really sad and a little disappointed thatyou didnt believe me and paolo's answer to thequestion if we knew each other prior to the game. I know myself well and i speak the truth. Youwon't find a picture of me and paolo together cozwe really dont know each other before.Im not mad, i just feel like you didnt trust uswith our first answer, and that reallydisappointed me... :'-( it's ok though, no hard feelings

A photo of Paolo and Remcyl together or a proof that the two have contacts prior to PBBFG can evict either of them

Only complete strangers can play PBBFG although people with common friend/s may play the game as long as they have not met and/or talked before.

Sixty-eight percent of those who has responded in the opinion poll (out of 25 votes only) believe that Paolo and Remcyl were complete strangers prior to the game.

Paolo and Mica, a VH of PBBFG1, were Jade Lopez's supporters. Remcyl and Mica were batchmates and both from Dagupan City.

Both Paolo and Remcyl auditioned for PBBFG2.

Maristel blogs: exhausting!!!

wow!!! how was my day? lemme see??? uhrmmm... to think i had a long sleep after last night's chores...

well for the past few days, i was spending late nights having Videoke with my family. We just had a glass of water, some smokes and you know the microphone. Just havin' fun after a long days work...

nothin' really special...

SUNDAY: uhrmmm... march 05 - just busy with meetings and oculars. i even went to metrowalk to meet my client for a wedding. i thought we're gonna discuss everything at starbucks, but i was very, very wrong... we had a convoy, cause we have to do our ocular at the venue... pasig... parkview subdivision in pasig. i spent almost half of my day talking to aya diaz... i thought at first, she was just a plain wedding organizer, only to find out when i asked her "sinong ikakasal?" aba! ang lola pala!!! wow! the wedding's gonna be a grand! on the recption their guest singers would be U-TURN, so we have to discuss all the equipments and services, coz we don't want to fail our clients. and we have to provide them the best quality and service... after visiting the venue... we drove back to the churck Montefalco Church - historical church, coz it is Philippine's tallest. anyway, by around 7pm we bid goodbyes to the future mr. & mrs. quisano...

i went straight at ortigas home depot to check on new copies of dvd. after going at sittie's place. i went at greenhills. i just claimed the cellphone that we asked jay (d cell technician) to repair. then i had a dinner at Italliani's... WOW! good food!!!

MONDAY: march 06 - well, well, well, i can't quite remember what happened. but i know one thing, i went back at greenhills and checked on the tiangges. hahaha!!! nothin special...

btw, it's remcyl's birthday!!! happy, happy birthday! enjoy aging!!! ;)

TUESDAY: march 07 - what now? nothin really special!!! just at home i think... i really can't remember a single thing talaga.

WEDNESDAY: march 08 - hahaha!!!

THURSDAY: march 09 - grand launching of BOYSEN's new paints (take note: paints with teflon) at Westin Philippine Plaze. i just dropped by at the event. checked on the status of the event. went back home and did my laundry instead. wow!!! i finished my laundry around 4:30 am...

FRIDAY: march 10 - well, still have that event at BOYSEN @ Westin... I didn't come na lang. There's another one pa pala... At Philippine Science High School naman. Just a talk... And then a bday party @ Palm Village, Makati @ Rockwell... I just contacted the clients that there will be guys on their way for their event.

I did vote na nga pala for PBBFG's 3rd eviction... I'm quite jittery though...

I talked to Pao, Jenjen, Rems, Janette, Rowen & Dylan

wala lang...

kay pao, i know whatever it is that's happening between this controversial "paolo-mica-remcyl" thing, i know you're gonna prove bbk that you & remcyl doesn't really know each other prior the games... about your mom, chatterbox pala sha, kapag nagpupuyat ka sa net. hahaha!!! u take care a lot pao...

jenjen, nakakatuwa naman at nabusog ang mga mata mo sa pagsasight-seeing yesterday at glorietta... hahaha!!! panu na nyan si james? wahahaha!!! anw, lookin forward for another day with u and the PAJEMAREMA and Take Five... hahaha!

rems,,, i missed u talaga!!! good thing na lang that we run into each other dito sa ym... and the good part is, we had pancit canton and coffee via ym - virtually...

janette, sayang naman! bkit naman kc, tinawag kapa ng boss mo? istorbo... anyway, we still have tomorrows naman eh...

rowen, i hope that we could still talk and discuss a lot of things... goodluck

dylan! mechado pala ang favorite dish mo... i really had fun chatting with u. talagang there's no dull moments with u talaga... don't worry, my sinigang's already cooked. tomorrow i'll cook ur favorite dish, mechado... ipagluluto kita dito sa house, but we're gonna eat it at virtual house. hahaha! btw, beef mechado huh? well, u take care a bunch! GOD bless....

kathy, miss na kita!!! rhea, goodluck sa task mo...

marge, get well soon li'l sister... i know we have a lot to share pa... really have a great time pag nakakausap ko kayo. we girls rock!!!
hahaha! 8wink* ;)

Remcyl blogs: The worst 3 birthdays ever,
First podcast failed to air.

Last March 3, 6, and 9, would probably be the worst birthdays me, my sis, and my mom has ever had. My grandfather, Lolo Domingo (Lolo Inggo as he was known), passed away. He died on March 4, a day after my sister's birthday, and he was buried on my mom's birthday. My prayers are going out to him and I hope he's with the Lord already. I know he is. I promised myself that I'll visit him everyday when I'm ready. Right now, I'm letting it all settle in first. But anyway, I'm very happy coz I can see that everyone he has left are all happy. I miss you so much Lolo! Muah!

My first podcast should've been published already, but I'm not happy with the pilot topic. I mean, for a show to start, the topic should be positive. Mine contained hatred which made me decide not to publish it. So watch out coz next week I might be publishing one good show. For anyone who has suggestions just buzz me up!

So far this 'O6 Marge and Maristel have...

If you have done this things in the year 2006.. put an "x".

Marge has...

[x] broken a promise [x] made a new friend [ ] fell in love [x] fell out of love [ ] done something you swore never to do [x] lied [ ] stole [ ] went behind your parents back [x] cried over a broken heart [x] disappointed someone close [x] hidden a secret [x] pretended to be happy [ ] got arrested [ ] kissed in the rain [x] slept under the stars [x] gotten in a fight [x] kept your new years resolution [ ] forgot your new years resolution [ ] met someone who changed your life [x] met one of your idols [ ] changed your outlook on life [x] sat home all day doing nothing [ ] pretended to be sick [x] left the country [x] almost died [ ] drank myself retarded [ ] lost someone close to you [x] been to the hospital [x] gotten closer to someone [ ] streaked [x] cried over someone [ ] broken up with a gf or bf [x] given up something important to you [x] talked on the phone all night [x] learned something new about yourself [ ] tried something you normally wouldnt try and liked it [x] made a change in your life [ ] made a total fool of myself [x] met great people

Maristel has...
[x] broken a promise [x] made a new friend [x] fell in love[ ] fell out of love[ ] done something you swore never to do[x] lied [ ] stole[ ] went behind your parents back[ ] cried over a broken heart [x] disappointed someone close [x] hidden a secret [x] pretended to be happy [ ] got arrested [ ] kissed in the rain [ ] slept under the stars [x] gotten in a fight [ ] kept your new years resolution [ ] forgot your new years resolution [x] met someone who changed your life [ ] met one of your idols [x] changed your outlook on life [ ] sat home all day doing nothing [ ] pretended to be sick [ ] left the country [x] almost died [ ] drank myself retarded [ ] lost someone close to you [x] been to the hospital [x] gotten closer to someone [ ] streaked [x] cried over someone [ ] broken up with a gf or bf [x] given up something important to you [x] talked on the phone all night [x] learned something new about yourself [ ] tried something you normally wouldnt try andliked it [x] made a change in your life [ ] made a total fool of myself [x] met great people

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Reward Challenge: Round III

One of the two longest Filipino words in the previous Activity was "Nagpapaka-sentimental" with 21 characters including the dash or "-".

The group with the most number of words formed from "Nagpapaka-sentimental" moves to the Finals. Only Filipino words with 6 characters and above are accepted. Examples are (cannot longer be used in the Activity): "pag-asa" (7), "nakapasa" (8), "sentimental" (11) etc. Deadline is 6:00PM, Friday.

The members of the winning group get a chance to double their nomination points.

Take Five Group wins Round II
of Reward Challenge

Activity 9 - Longest Filipino Word

Filipino words with 15 or more characters:

1. Ipinapanganyaya (15) 2. Ipinagtatanggol (15) 3. Nagugulumihanan (15)
4. Sumasampalataya (15) 5. Kasingkahulugan (15) 6. Espesyalisasyon (15)
7. Destabilisasyon (15) 8. Napapanaginipan (15) 9. Magtatakip-silim (15)
10. Pagklaklasipika (15) 11. Nakakapanggigil (15) 12. Napapanaginipan (15)
13. Maipagpapaliban (15) 14. Ipinagpapaliban (15) 15. Makapangyarihan (15)
16. Kaalipustahanan (15) 17. Mapagkakakitaan (15) 18. Pinakakalansing (15)
19. Sulat-tagubilin (15) 20. Pag-aalinlangan (15) 21. Napangatwiranan (15)
22. Naghahalinhinan (15) 23. Pagtatakipsilim (15) 24. Mapagkawanggawa (15)
25. Ipinapanganyaya (15) 26. Kalapastanganan (15) 27. Pinakamagaganda (15)
28. Nagtatakipsilim (15) 29. Nakikipagkilala (15) 30. Ipinapadagdagan (15)
31. Kawalang-galang (15) 32. Napaghahalataan (15) 33. Nilalapastangan (15)
34. Pinaghahandaang (15) 35. Pabalu-baluktot (15) 36. Pagkamaunawaing (15)
37. Nakipagsabwatan (15) 38. Naghahalakhakan (15) 39. Pinagkagastahan (15)
40. Paminsan-minsan (15) 41. Kabigha-bighani(15) 42. Nangangailangan (15)
43. Ipinagpapalagay (15) 44. Kalapastanganan (15) 45. Ipinahahalughog (15)
46. Mapagkawanggawa (15) 47. Pagsasakripisyo (15) 48. Ipinagmumungkahi (16)
49. Pinahihintulutan (16) 50. Nagsisinungaling (16) 51. Nakipagsangkutan (16)
52. Nakikipagkasundo (16) 53. Pinagkakasunduan (16) 54. Bulung-bulungan (16)
55. Pinagkakasunduan (16) 56. Punong-tanggapan (16) 57. Nagpapakahinahon(16)
58. Nakapagpapalusog (16) 59. Makikipagpatayan (16) 60. Silid-pahingahan (16)
61. Nakikipagtalakan (16) 62. Nagpaparunggitan (16) 63. Pagkamalungkutin (16)
64. Nakikipagsagutan (16) 65. Kawalang-pag-asa (16) 66. Pinangangalanang (16)
67. Nakikipag-alitan (16) 68. Paggugunam-gunam (16) 69. Nakikipagsagutan (16)
70. Pakikipaghalikan (16) 71. Pagka-kayumanggi (16) 72. Paggugunam-gunam (16)
73. Eksistensyalismo (16) 74. Napagmumuni-muni (16) 75. Makapagpabagabag (16)
76. Pakikipagkasundo (16) 77. Komersyalisasyon (16) 78. Pakikipagsagutan(16)
79. Pakikipaglandian (16) 80. Maipagmamalaking (16) 81. Ipinagmamapuring (16)
82. Nakapagtatrabaho(16) 83. Ipinagpaumanhin( (16) 84. Nakapangangamba (16)
85. Makapaghihiganti (16) 86. Nakapanlilimahid (16) 87. Tanghaling-tapat (16)
88. Kapakipakinabang (16) 89. Nakikipaglokohan (16) 90. Pakikipagkaibigan (16)
91. Pagkukusang-loob (16) 92. Paghuhugas-kamay (16) 93. Pakikipag-areglo (16)
94. Nagpasalin-salin (16) 95. Pakikipagsayawan (16) 96. Pakikipag-agawan (16)
97. Pakikipaglabanan (16) 98. Maykapangyarihan (16) 99. Nakikipagkamayan (16)
100. Nakapanliligalig (16) 101. Nagkakangkakahog (16) 102. Kumukuti-kutitap (16)
103. Bumubusi-busilak (16) 104. Nagpalakad-lakad (16) 105. Magpasikut-sikot (16)
106. Pagkamapangamkam (16) 107. Pakikipagkamayan (16)

108. Pagkamapangalaga (16) 109. Magkasundu-sundo (16)
110. Pinawalang-halaga (17) 111. Tagapagsanggalang (17)
112. Pakikipagsagupaan (17) 113. Pinagkakaabalahan (17)

114. Pakikipag-ugnayan (17) 115. Pakikipagtulungan (17)
116. Pakikipagkaibigan (17) 117. Pakikipagtsismisan (17)
118. Nag-eeksperimento (17) 119. Nakikipagsuntukan (17)

120. Nakikipagtakbuhan (17) 121. Pinapangatwiranan (17)
122. Sinasalungguhitan (17) 123. Nakapagpapatighaw (17)
124. Mag-aakyat-manaog (17) 125. Pakikipagsabungan (17)

126. Sumusulyap-sulyap (17) 127. Kapaki-pakinabang (17)
128. Karapatang-sarili (17) 129. Nakikipaglamangan (17)
130. Nagsisipag-alisan (17) 131. Nakikipagkopyahan (17)

132. Pinapanghimasukan (17) 133. Nakapanghihimasok (17)
134. Pagkamapandambong (17) 135. Sulat-pangkalakal (17)
136. Pagkamaalalahanin (17) 137. Nagkikipagkantahan (18)

138. Nakikipagsabunutan (18) 139. Nagpapalit-palitan (18)
40. Di-pinagtagumpayan (18) 141. Nakikipagkasiyahan (18)
142. Pagsasawalang-loob(18) 143. Nakakapanlilimahid (18)

144. Pagwawalang-bahala (18) 145. Pinagsasamantalahan (18)
146. Ikakagimbal-gimbal (18) 147. Pakikipagkapwa-tao (18)
148. Pagdadaupang-palad (18) 149. Pakikipagtalumpati (18)

150. Nakakapanghinayang (18) 151. Pagdadalawang-isip (18)
152. Pinagpapantasyahan (18) 153. Pakikipagkalakalan (18)
154. Nakakapanghinayang (18) 155. Nakikipagpabilisan (18)

156. Nagsisipagsaliksik (18) 157. Nagtutulong-tulong (18)
158. Makabagbag-damdamin (19) 159. Pinagpapasa-pasahan (19)
160. Nakikipagseryosohan (19) 161. Pagmamagandang-loob (19)

162. Pakikipagbalagtasan (19) 163. Nagbuntong-hininga (19)
164. Napagsasamantalahan (19) 165. Nagbibigay-katwiran (19)
166. Pangalawang-Pangulo (19) 167. Nagbubuntonghininga (19)

168. Nakikipagkantiyawan (19) 169. Pagpapakababang-loob (20)
170. Nakakapagpakabagabag (20) 171. Magbubukang-liwayway (20)
172. Nakakapanginig-laman (20) 173. Nagpapaka-dalubhasa (20)

174. Pagpapakababang-loob (20) 175. Nakikipagpalabunutan (20)
176. Pakikipagututang-dila (21) 177. Nagpapaka-sentimental (21)

PaJeMaReMa Group

1. Nagugulumihanan 2. Nananampalataya 3. Nakakapagpabagabag
4. Pakikipagsapalaran 5. Nakapanghihilakbot 6. Nakapanghihinayang
7. Nakakapagpataba 8. Pinapahalagahan 9. Nakakapanglambot
10. Kapatawarang-madla 11. Notaryo-publiko 12. Kinakasangkapan
13. Kinakasabikan 14. Kinasasangkutan 15. Makipagsanggalang
16. Magmaang-maangan 17. Nagmamaang-maangan

18. Pinagmamalasakitan 19. Panghabangbuhay
20. Nagkakasakitang-loob 21. Nagkakasamaang-loob
22. Kagandahang-loob 23. Nakikipag-kulitan 24. Nilalapastangan
25. Kagalang-galangang 26. Nakakapanginit-ulo 27. Pinapanganakan
28. Representasyon 29. Relos-pandingding 30. inagsasamantalahan
31. Buong-sandaigdigan 32. Itinakdang-aralin 33. Tagapakinabangang
34. Tagaingat-salapi 35. Tanghaling-tapat 36. Taunang-kabayaran
37. Timapalak-bigkasan 38. Timpalak-kagandahan 39. Kagandahang-asal
40. Kagandahang-loob 41. Timpalak-kalumpatian 42. Totalitaryanismo
43. Walang-hangganan 43. Ipinawawagayway 44. Amilyarimiyento
45. Bahay-pamahalaan 46. Pinagbabalitaktakan 47. Pinapainterpreta
48. Pinapabuyangyang 49. Pinapalapastangan 50. Letse-kondensada
51. Mapagparangalan 52. Makapaglalatang 53. Magpalikwad-likwad
54. Nagugulumihanan 55. Ipinaglalabanan 56. Naalimpungatan
57. Nakakapagpalakas 58. Nakapangingilabot 59. Nakakapanghinayan
60. Nasyonalisasyon

Paolo-Mica-Remcyl connections

PBBFG1 VH MICA in Ex-VHs Lounge. My favorite vhms are Remcyl and Paolo because yup, bias ako kasi friends ko sila hhe :) Remcyl is my highschool batchmate and we did crazy things together! Kapag pagsamahin ninyo ang powrs namin, we can present a wonderful show! Isn't that fabulous? :) sometimes nagkakatampuhan din pero nagbabati rin kmi agad :) I cried talaga nung sinabi sa akin ng auntie niya he's going to undergo a brain operation kasi yun ang cause ng death ng dad ko.. I'm happy coz he's fine and fully recovered na (kaya may pacolor pa ng hair na nalalaman hehe). Basta Remcyl just chill hehe

Paolo and I became good friends thru Starstruck's Jade Lopez. Jologs ba kami? hehe pero proud kami dun! :) Paolo is a nice guy na sinundo pa niya me from a very far place para sabay kmi pumunta ng broadway (sweet noh?) dibale BBK kung ma-scan ko yung pic namin together try ko i-send sa inyo :)

Remcyl: I dont know paolo prior to the game. We onlyboth know Mica even before the game started, butme and paolo were not introduced to each other byMica. hehehe... I only got the chance to meetpaolo when the game started... So im guessing it is me and paolo who might beforced to leave right? I also think that it is mewho might be the one forced to leave. Hehehe, itwould be okay if it is so. But i wouldnt want to,thinking of how much ive been attached to thesepeople.

Paolo: BBK nakilala ko lang po si remcyl sa game na2...siguro nga secondary friends kami dahil kaymica pero ndi ko po cya makikilala kung hindidahil sa game na hindi rin cya saakinpinakilala ni mica so we r totally completestrangers not until the game began.baka po isipinniyo magkakilala n kami noon pa.hindi po.

Mica: Remcyl and i are from dagupan. imet paolo via jade lopez coz paolo supports jadetoo. i created jade's offcial site and summer 2004 iwent to manila and met paolo there hehe wewatched stage 1 together :)

3rd Nomination for eviction starts today

Each Virtual Housemate is given 3 - point votes: 2 - point "to evict" vote to evict a VH, and 1 - point "to save" vote to save a VH. However, the winner of the Reward Challenge has 6 - point votes: 4 - point "to evict" vote and 2 - point "to save" votes, which he/she can only assign to 2 different people.

The total of 2 - point "to evict" votes received by a VH shall be subtracted by the accumulated 1 - point "to save" votes he/she received. No VH can vote for him/herself. VHs cannot assign his/her 3 - point votes to one VH. The VH with the highest points shall be evicted.

VHs must submit their ballots with explanations why they voted against and for those particular VHs. VHs must provide his/her codename. Nomination runs from 12:01 AM Thursday until 12:01 AM Saturday. VHs who failed to nominate before the deadline shall automatically receive 5 - point "to evict" votes from BB Kuya.
The winner of the Immunity Challenge shall be announced after the Nomination. All votes cast against and for him/her shall be considered void.

Results of the nomination shall be announced 9:01 PM Sunday, the Eviction night.

BBK gives Rhea a Special Task

Rhea did not participate in the last 2 activities: Activity 6 - What religion do you fit in with? and Activity 7 - Who is your closest VH?, and her group Take Five failed to submit their list of Filipino Palindromes during the Round I (Activity 8) of Reward Challenge.

Rhea's Special Task is to invite the VHs of PBBFG1 to the vHouse. She must convince at least 5 former VHs aside from Neil TG, Mica, Jomar, Heidee and Ian, to give their commentaries in the Ex-VHs Lounge by 6PM, Saturday. Failure to pass this Special Task will mean an additional 5 evicting points on her in the next Nomination.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Round II of Reward Challenge

Activity 9 - Round I: Longest Filipino word

The groups shall list Filipino words with 15 characters or more. Only words that are not in the list of either group shall be counted. The group leaders have to submit their respective list on or before 6PM, Thurday.

Examples of Filipino words with 15 characters/letters or more (can no longer be used in the Activity): "superentendente (15)", "istandardizeysyon" (17), "m/n/pakikipagkapwa-tao (18)", "m/n/pakikipagbasag-ulo" (18), "m/n/pakikipagtalastasan" (19) etc.

PaJeMaReMa wins Round I of Reward Challenge

Activity 8 - Filipino Palindromes

PaJeMaReMa is the only group to submit their list of Filipino palindromes.

Included in their list are: awa, apa, kayak, bilib, wow, lebel, madam, ma'am, aba, ihi, radar, naupuan, alala, ala-ala, oo, opo, oho, naman, aha, ere, isisi, igi, oro, ala, ara, ehe, ata and aya. "Ama" is not counted for it was already used as a example.

Reward Challenge is best of three activities. Members of wining group will compete individually for the final activity.

1 VH may be forced to leave the vHouse

PBBFG is an interpersonal reality game on the Internet which players known as virtual housemates must be strangers prior to the game. All players were accepted assuming that they were aware and/or had known that the game's participants must be strangers.

Season 1 was supposed to be an all invited set of players however half turned down the offer. As a result, an audition was held to replace them. Season 2 is composed of invited players and those who auditioned.

BBK rejects Jen-Jen's offer to take Remcyl 5 penalty points

Remcyl: Just wanted to ask bbk if the +5 to evict points are still on me or did u grant jen's permission totake it as her bday gift to me...i want to know mystanding in this house. But it really doesnt matter. Anyhow, i just wanted to say that i hope you answer our messages and not just post them on the site... actually, the reaction ive made about my +5points were just posted. i dont know if you've agreed with what i said or not. Also like jen'sgood deed to me if it was granted or not.. Thats all bbk and thanks!

Dylan answers survey and approves Testimonials

bz nga sbe!ang kulit sbeng ayaw k0 zagutan eh!!....haha per0 napilit m0 pren ak0...n0h b un..haha...

1. Do you believe that love is forever? - yeah.... love doesn't die or fade... in fact... that's love's test
2 Do you get hurt by people easily? - nah... EQ testing anyone? ...heh...
3 Do you believe that all people are generally good at heart? - - let's ask Erasmus and Machiavelli on that one..heh
4 Can you be anyone you want to be? - complex answer... requires more than 2500 charz =P haha
5 Do mean people make you sad? - yeah... they don't see the what i see... so sad..heh
6 Does ice cream make you happy? - hahaha... watta question!! of corz!! hahahaha wat an answer
7.Do you sing in the shower? - ahaha believe it 0r n0t.. yes! hahaha
8 When it rains, do you like to splash in the puddles? - nah... n0 puddles t0 splash in anywayz...hek2
9 If you see a cute guy/girl walk down the street, do you smile and tell him/her that he/she is cute? - depends... kng bangag ak0... at kzma k0 tr0pa k0...tlgang gngwa k0 un..w/ matching wink pa..hahaha
10 Do you notice when people have beautiful eyes? - yeah....
11 Have you ever cried at a movie? - nah
12 Is it cute when old people are holding hands? - *turns green*
13 Are you a happy person? - yes, generally i am...
14 Do you tend not to worry even when you know something bad is about to happen? - i'm n0t that care-free.... usually i have my device senses tingling all 0ver.haha
15 Is it okay to cut off barbie's hair? - xure as l0ng as it isn't the 0ne that c0sts $20,000 0n Ebay..+_+
16 Have you ever laughed so hard that your stomach hurt? - of c0rz... lagi.. pg nza banda... nd pg kzma tr0pa...zarap tlga nun... pure unadulterated laughter... hahaa... alala k0 nga dti... ede nk-up0 c DG...tabi nmn ak0 z knya... taz tingin xa zken... tingin dn ak0 z knya... taz 2mawa b nmn! ung mzarap n tawa.. nkkhwa.. ntwa dn 2l0y ak0!! ahaha... namumula n kmeng dlwa mkhga kmeng ewan dun.. ahha 30 minz kme ngtwanan !!! ahaa un ang weird tlga..hahaha
18 Are you slightly lazy? - slightly...time's g0ld th0ugh..
19 Do you like to drive with the windows down? - c0rz n0t...ahaha aza pinaz tau!
20 Are you in love? - yeah

Kier 03/06/2006
Hi,how are you I wish and pray that you are in very best of health,I would like to thank you for adding me up to be one of your new friends here,im really grateful and i appreciate it very much,your such a very cool nice guy,i hope you will not change as what you are,i really like you very much to be my special friends here.. thank you very much have a nice day,this dude is a very nice cool and handsome down to earth keep it up..GOD will bless you..

' kaReN lV ... 03/07/2006
ei dyL ..juz wanna asK s0methng if u dont mind ..r u a dancer ..?c0z if im n0t mistaken ..ive once seen u on television ..swear ..u juz msg me ..

Maristel and Jen-Jen answer survey

1. Kamusta ka na ngaun?
Maristel: uHrmmm... afTer last night's videoke... okei nman... sLeepy na nga lang... haha!
Jen-Jen: ok lng.. bagong gising :)
2. Ano ang ginawa mo ngayong araw?
M: greenHills lang...
J: wala pa... kakagising q nga lng eh!
3. Pagod ka na ba mabuhay?
M: hindi noh...!
J: ofcourse not...
4. Do you think madaling magmove on pagnasaktan ka?
M: It's not that easy moving on noh,,, especially paglove mo ung nakasakit syo...
J: no.. mahirap xempre!
5. Do you think its better na lumayo sa taong mahal mo para mawala ang feelings mo sakanya?
M: There are a lot more things to do,,, literally, pag lumayo ka sa mahal mo - u're just fooling yourself noh...
J: no..dats unfair!
6. Ilang beses ka na nasaktan?
M: many times...
J: many times na...
7. Do you think your stronger now than b4?
M: They made me stronger
J: Oh yea...
8. Do you tell others ur secrets or problems?
M: yes...
J: yea...
9. Are you an open person?
J: yea...
10. What is the feeling of being rejected?
M: at first, parang, "wow!!!sama"... but know what? it's not my lost...
J: masakit ofcourse!
11. Masarap bang magmahal?
M: OO naman!!!
J: xempre!
12. Are u currently in a relationship?
M: Na-ah....
J: nopez...
13. Do you cope with ur problems easily?
M: Ok lang...
J: depende sa problems..
14. Mahirap ba ang buhay mo ngayon?
M: ok lang... buhay pa naman... hahaha!
J: nde namnn
15. Money or love?
M: MONEY - hahahaha!!!
J: money and love :)
16. Will you die for the one u love but doesnt love u?
M: Hahaha!!! In his dreams!!!
J: no... wat for???
17. Pagod ka na ba?
M: Saan?
J: nope
18. Mahirap bang magmahal?
M: Lahat naman mahirap - pero masarap... hahaha!
J: nde naman... depende sa taong mamahalin un!
19. Are u currently inlove?
M: Nope...
J: i think s0
20. Nasasaktan ka ba currently?
M: Slight
J: nde naman...
21. Are you good in giving advice?
M: Ok lang... but i do give my best
J: i think s0..
22. Pagsinabi sayo ng mahal mo sorry
friendship is all i can give u?
M: eh di friendship... hahaha!
J: edi ok fine!
23. Miss mo na ba ung taong mahal mo?
M: wala naman akong dapat mamiss eh!!!
J: kinda

Not so challeging Immunity Challenge?

The third Immunity Challenge was the most challenging so far but one VH completed it in a flash.

I just had fun (solving the puzzle). It was indeed a very pleasant thingto complete that challenge. It was a real fun, circling and hunting words. Also, the decoding thing was very mind-boggling. That challenge used critical thinking and I was able to use my mind sense when I did that.

Can you now tell what is the 'magic word'?

Since the winner of the Immunity will be revealed after the Nomination, VHs have to be careful on assigning their nomination points.

Kathryn's message to Ian

i have to admit, i really didn't like yourstrategy. but as a competitor, i sure have an ideawhere you're coming from. maybe iba nga langtalaga 'yung goals mo sa goals ko in this game.pero i really felt sorry for you especially when iread all those comments. when you had a fight withpao, i really hoped you guys would be able tosettle it. anyway, nangyari na ang nangyari.honestly, if i were to be asked kung sinong VH angpanalo sa "wiliingness and determination" to winthis game, IKAW ang isasagot ko. God bless, Ian.

Remcyl to attend his grandfather's funeral

"BBK, i just want to inform you that mygrandfather's burial will be tomorrow. So iwouldnt be able to participate with anything for tomorrow, but i would be back by night or the day after hursday. Hope you understand... Thank you," Remcyl.

Reward Challenge

The 2 groups: PaJeMaReMa and Take Five, will battle this week for one significant prize.

The group who wins 2 out of the three activities will be eligible to win the Double Points Reward. Its five members will then play individually for the Reward Challenge.

On the next Nomination, the VH who wins the reward will have 6 points to assign to 2 VHs: 4 evicting points for the VH he/she wants to leave the vHouse and 2 saving points for the VH he/she wants to stay.

Activity 8 - Round I: Filipino Palindromes

The groups shall list Filipino (single) words that can be read in either direction as many as they can. Only words that are not in the list of both groups shall be counted.
The group leaders have to submit their respective list on or before 6PM, Wednesday.

Examples of Filipino palindromes (can no longer be used in the Activity): "ama", "asa", "oso", "noon", "tapat", "natapatan" etc.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Jannette approves Testimonial

annalyn 03/06/2006
eio,muzta kna akala ko d na tau ma contak meron papala.nakita ung pic mo ha kinasal kana pala nakalimutan mko ha pero ok lng un madami panaman panahn e....anu na buntis nb.bka kalimutan mko kuning ninang ha ma tatampo na talaga ko sau.regards nlng sa ha un ba napangasawa mo ung dinala mo sa bahay nung bday ko.ok tx mo nlng me ha e2 no ko save mo nlng k.09282052891.....imiz u na take care always love u.

VHs have chosen their group

Group PaJeMaReMa
Leader: Paolo
Members: Jen-Jen, Maristel, Remcyl, Marge

Group Take Five
Leader: Dylan
Members: Janette, Rowen, Kathryn, Rhea

Immunity has been won

The VH who won the Immunity will be revealed after the Nomination. The points he/she will received on the Nomination will be considered void.


Immunity Challenge: VHs Hunt

First VH to submit the 'magic word' is safe for the next Eviction.

VHs have to hunt for the name of BBK and 29 VHs of seasons 1 and 2. Once they have found the 30 names, they must look for letters shared by two names. All in all, there are 15 letter, which they have to rearrange to get the 'magic word'.

Two of VHs' names have been marked and the first shared letter is "C". There are still 28 names to hunt and 14 shared letters to look for:
Tip: copy and paste the puzzle to Paint, underline the names and encircle the shared letters.

Dylan's message to the 2nd evictee

too bad u left so early in the game bro... mrme p nmang my fav zau... like neil g ndneil tg zayang..heh... bzta bro..keep intouch ayt... it's juz a game ... u win some u losesome... heh... Godsmackk!!...

Monday, March 06, 2006

Rowen approves Testimonial

-summer- 03/06/2006
harhar.. here's my sensible testi.. hehe sana lang,, well.. copee.. what ca i say?.. c copee.. bait yan eh.. makulit din.. tsaka malakas yung radar kaya ayun nagkakasundo kming tatlo.. xa, ako, at si jane... daming chismax sa kanya eh... weehhehee... anywayss... di rin maganda yung naging start namen.. mahilig kasing mangulit eh.. pero kapag nakilala mo na xa.. higit dun sa kopeeng nakikita ng iba.. you'll realize.. that he's not that bad at all.. deep din pala sya.. sensible.. hehe.. yun.. magaling din nga pla sa math.. guru yan eh,, um.. journalist../ nom de plume.. hehe.. parang aku.. natigil nga lang.. un.. basta un.. ingat sa buhay kolehiyo,,.. sana... this tym.. maitama mo na yung mga maling impression sau ng hyskul lyf.. ghe.. ingat kopee.. strive.. and you'll win this game..! go!,fight!...........WIN!!!!!! =P hehe... -sum

VHs must group themselves into 2 with 5 members each.
Each group must choose a leader and a group name.
Group leaders must submit a list of their members with their group name to BBK via Friendster on or before 6:00PM tommorow (+8PM GMT).

"Gus2 ko po kunin ung +5points to evict ni Rem"

Jen-Jen: bbk.. ngaun q lng po nakita ung about sa +5 to evict points ni remcyl... yea nasa rules nga po na hindi kami pwede mag-react sa mga cooments ng visitor or ng other VH's pero i think rem is right naman sa mga cnabi niya... pls allow this bbk... gus2 ko po kunin ung +5points to evict ni rem... as a birthday gift to rem and a good deed narin po... i love rem so much... he's a true friend tlga... kaya i want to do this for him... pls bbk...

"I stand for what is right and in what i believe," Remcyl

BBK, i am not complaining, i just want to quote you on this: ">>>Readers/visitors<<<> may leave comments on the VHs and on the game however VHs cannot reply on them, discuss the issues among themselves or justify their actions in the blog."

I think, and correct me if im wrong, it wasnt stated that former vhousemates are under this classification. I rest my case as simple as that. I just wish that rules are clear and no alterations are made after the game has begun. Also, i think that the shoutbox should no longer exist because of the reason that comments are not controlled. If i may suggest, you just use a forum or guestbook that allows your control of comments posted.
Ian's last messages to the housemates shouldn't have been done on the shoutbox but it shouldve been given to you first. If this was so, i could've made a reaction through friendster and not on the shoutbox as well.

I stand for what is right and in what i believe. Hope you put into consideration my opinions and suggestions. I know i've been commenting lately, but im not trying to prove anything like im better than you or what, I just think that some grounds should've been cleared up in the beginning. Thank you bbk...

Birthday boy gets an automatic 5 "to evict" points

Remycl committed a multiple violation. He replied to the messages of two former VHs plus he used an offesive word. On the 3rd Nomination, Remcyl will get an additional 5 evicting points.

To Ian, I cant believe even after uv been evicted, u still make my life miserable! Ang mga taong nagmamahal sakin ay tlgang minamahal nila ako. not because they're trying to impress me or anything. Augh! Thanks for ruining my bday!

Well, why let an ass**** (4giv me bbk for the term) ruin my bday when i have the best people around. Btw, for someone who had just lost a grandfather, u sure know how to make me feel better.

He Thank you heidz! misz you na poh!

VHs are prohibited to communicate with people outside the vHouse.

VHs's birthday wishes for Remcyl

Dylan: uhhh...g0od luck sa site??..hek2

Jen-Jen: bday wish q for rem is.. sana marami 2magkilik ng site niya and sana dami pagawa sa kanya design ng gowns.. para ung burden niya na tumulong sa orphan is magpatuloy. xempre gudhealth din for him hope we still be friends forever... kasi ur the one of the friends that i have na i dont want to lose. tawa q ng tawa. pero totoo un ate ha

Janette: may there'll be no limits on d goal ur going to attain, success to achieve, your possibilities - as endless as your dreams!

Kathryn: birthday wish kay rem sana mag-prosper yung mga ginagawa nyang hanap-buhay. hehe. "mga" kasi super daming raket nun e. tsaka i know naman God will continue to bless him kasi hindi sya madamot na tao.

Marge: Happy Birthday! more bdays to come and more cakes to slice... hahah keep on being artistic in everything that you'll do... dami ko wish sau... d ko masabi for now... bsta.. im really proud for you. dami mo natutulungan... happy bday uli... take care Godbles

Maristel: Well, Happy Birthday Remz!!! Words aren't enough to greet a great friend... How I wish I could hug you tight and kiss you... You know that's how we greet a great person di ba? Wishing you this day may be as wonderful as ever... Wishing you the happiness in life, success in your endeavors... More love and long life... :) More power to your site... Keep on designing gowns... I might be your first client (who knows,,, wedding bells 'ayt?) *** I may not be the best friend for you or even given you a perfect care... But there's one thing I can promise you Rem, "TO BE one OF YOUR FRIENDS FOREVER" i love you friend! you don't know how much grateful I am for u... Take care always ... Be safe & stay safe!!! mwaHugzZ

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ian is the 2nd evictee

Ian, the 20-year-old VH from General Santos City is the second evictee of PBBFG 2. He received the highest "to evict" points among the 11 virtual housemates. With only 1 point disadvatage against a fellow Mindanaon VH, the most outspoken person in the vHouse received 11 evicting points.

In the most interesting nomination and crucial eviction PBBFG ever had so far, 5 VHs voted against Rhea while 4 against Ian and 4 VHs gave their saving point to Ian while 3 to Rhea. A week before the votation had been concluded, Penalty Poll was opened with Ian and Rhea as the early leaders. The two tied in the end and received an extra 5 evicting votes.

Ian, as second in the Immunity game PBBFGame KNB? and was currently leading in the 2nd Nomination, had a chance to steal the winner's Immunity. However, he failed in the 1 Million Peso Challenge which could save him from being evicted.

Here is the summary of the nomination (immunity and penalty points included):

CODENAME: 2 pts "to evict" -
1pt "to save"

AFRICA: Rhea - Ian
DarokE!: Rhea - Paolo
Keyboard: Rhea - Rowen


Kathryn - Ian
Bertang Manghihilot:

Rapsberry: Ian - Rhea

Ian - Rhea
Wanna Be: Ian - Rhea
POOL: Ian - Marge
"Spongebob Squarepants":
Ian - Kathryn

Immunity - Maristel, Penalty - Rhea, Ian

Ian writes before the eviciton: (di ko na pahahabain, wala namang magbabasa nito) Even before the game started, alam ko na may makakabangga ako dito. Sa lahat, im sorry. Isipin man ni Trias (marge) at FAux (Rem) na drama to... fine. un pagkakakilala nila sakin...oh... sorry, pagkakilala pala sakin ng lahat. anyway guys... Ian's out...... but as i said.. there can be miracles when you believe. I believe.

Paolo answers survey

1. Pikon? >ndi macyado..mahaba ng konti ang pasencya ko(^-^)
2. Maarte? >minsan siguro(^-^)
3. Pihikan? >sa food ayoko ng hipon!(^-^)
4. Malambing? >yeah very!(^-^)
5. Madaldal? >very din hehehe(^-^)
6. Conservative? > ndi macyado hehehe(^-^)
7. Lakwatsera/ro? >yeah lalo na nung nasa pilipinas pa ako(^-^)
8. Makulit? >sobra hehehe pero luckily wala pa naman naiinis sakin dahil sa kakulitan ko(^-^)
9. Blacksheep? >nope!(^-^)
10. Cute? >yeah cyempre(^-^)
11. Papansin? >nope!(^-^)
12. Bulgar magsalita? >kpag nakakabwisit na ung kausap mo(^-^)
13. Pranka? >same as my answer to number12(^-^)
14. Maharot? >naiwan ko pag-ka maharot ko dyan sa pilipinas kc la ako hinaharot dito(^-^)
15. Boring? > hindi no!(^-^)
16. Liar? > never in my life!!!(^-^)
17. Faithful? > yeah very very faithful to our Lord God(^-^)
18. Palamura? >bawal eh(^-^)
19. Smoker? > nope(^-^)
20. Lasenggo/a > nope...pero i drink (water hehe)(^-^)
21. Weird? >ndi hehehe(^-^)
23. Crush ng bayan? > crush ng buong mundo ata eh ;)) hehehe(^-^)
24. Friendly? > naku! lagpas na 1500 ang friends ko at kilala ko p rin cla lahat!!!(^-^)
25. Walang taste? > sa food? hehehe..(^-^)
26. Walang originality? > meron ako originality ah!(^-^)
27. Paranoid? > nope(^-^)
28. Antukin? >kpag school days..pero gcng ako buong weekend tpos aantukin sa school day uli(^-^)
29. Lakas trip? > hehehe yeah(^-^)
30. Mababaw ang luha? > yeah kahit malaking tao ako!...lalo na nung umalis ako ng pilipinas(^-^)
31. Love your neighbors? > sa pilipinas lang not here(^-^)
32. Sumbungan ng friends? > nope....ako ung nagsusumbong hehehe(^-^)
33. Tried vandalism? > sa table sa clasroom(^-^)
34. Late? > nope i love being always early para wala ako namimiss na happenings(^-^)
35. Dork? > minsan acting like a dork lang(^-^)
36. Explorer? > ano ko internet? hehehe(^-^)
37. Always hapi? > yeah kahit marami ako problems smile p rin(^-^)
38. Lazy? > naku po yeah pero ngaun ako n gumagawa ng sarili ko homeworks..kc sa pilipinas bestfriend ko gumagawa(^-^)
39. Loveless? > walang girlfriend pero may Monica(^-^)
40. Matalino? > cyempre ako pa;)) hehehe (yabang)(^-^)
41. Selosa/so? > minsan oo..minsan hindi(^-^)
42. Possessive? > uhhmm ndi nmn(^-^)
43. Demanding? > yeah kpag kaclose ko n ung tao demanding na ako sknya heheheh(^-^)
44. Gastador? > naku po! don't ask!(^-^)
45. Kuripot? > nope! i am very generous!(^-^)
46. Sabik? > sabik sa pilipinas!!!!!(^-^)
47. Plastic? > nope! pero pag i know PINAPLASTIC ako PPLASTIKIN ko rin(^-^)
48. Sweet? > yeah to all my friends!!! (^-^)
49. Astigin? > uu hehehe(^-^)
50. Maangas? > kapag may ipag-aangas pero pag wala hindi...hehehhe(^-^)
51. Inlove? > yeah!
52. Kanino? > kay Monica Villareal
53. Bakit sya? > eh kc her laughs, smile and the way she talks makes me fall in love with her!!!(^-^)
54. Gutom ka ba? >uu eh lagi ako gutom khit kakakain lng(^-^)
55. Last person na minahal mo aside from your bf/gf? > my group sa pilipinas...SnK and P3YC(^-^)
56. First person na nagpatibok ng puso mo? > Britney Spears(^-^)
57. Close kayo? > SANA!!!(^-^)
58. Sino mas mahal mo yung dati o ngayon? > ung dati...kasi wala naman ngaun eh...sana si monica(^-^)
59. Kaya mo ba patagalin ang relationship mo with him/her? > kakayanin mahal mo eh u have to sacrifice(^-^)
60. Last message mo sa iyong love/kung wala, gumawa na lng... >have fun!!!(^-^)

Maristel retains Immunity

Ian failed to attract visitors from Argentina and Mongolia. ClustrMap only recorded visit/s from Hawaii. Maristel didnt attract visitors from Iceland however she has South Africa and New Zealand.
Ian must have a 1 location advantage to snatch Maristel's Immunity. All votes cast against and for Maristel are considered void.

Results of the 2nd Nomination

"Keyboard": To vote- Rhea -- i know im in the chopping block, to vote rhea out means to save ma ass. To Save: Rowen -- madali naman akong kausap pag may deal eh. ;)

"AFRICA": 2 "to evict" points to rhea. It's hard to choose cause everyone's nice and all... but she just seems to be the least one i had the chance to get to know i'd like to give 1 "to save" point to ian... it'd be interesting to have him around thanks bbk

"Wanna Be": I would like to evict - IAN - he's freaking pissing me off with the things he does inside this virtual house. Before everybody loves him but now everybody hates him. Don't control us. We have our free will. Don't tell us to EVICT PAO! and don't ever tell us to save you. We're not your allies see? Damn! You're so Dead! As if THAT'S SO PHATETIC! Save the last point to - RHEA - Let's give her another chance to prove to us that she's still our virtual housemate and she exist. I understand you have a busy life. Maybe you should think before you join this game. Wala kami nakukuhang updates sayo. Be good and exist before it's too late...

"POOL": I am voting IAN out coz he's been too into himself lately... Ang damin ng VHs ang nasasagasaan nya lately... I am giving me "to save" votes to Marge - I love this girl and I don't want her out of the house...

"THE MESSENGER" (un kc una kong nkta wen i typed e): to-evict:(shemay!hirap n mamili ngyn! bat kya??) c RHEA po cguro kc i couldn't feel her presence s VHouse.not that i'm always present pro tlgng d ko lng cguro mkta ung willingness nya 2 stay in d game. sori po.nothing personal. to-save:IAN. d 1st person n naicp ko.ac2ly,didn't knw i'm gonna vote 4 him s to-save.but things changed.i'm voting him now not bcoz he made a deal w/ me.i'm voting him coz sumhow i feel msydo n syng na-misjudge bcoz of his attitude.

"Rapsberry": 2 points to evict Ian, one is enough two is too much kiddo! 1 point to save for Rhea, i know your nice and I want to be more closer to you!

"Bertang Manghihilot": m giving 2 points for ROWEN - so he could focus more on his studies. 1pt for IAN - pra my chance pa cla ni pao mag reconcile. hehehehe!!!

"Spongebob Squarepants": I'll save Ate Kathryn...She is a good friend and you can really trust her and I Love her for that I'll evict Ian...He needs to change his attitude.He must not tell the other VHs to save him or to vote out someone else.I think he will win the Immunity! Congrats!

"{S/U/P/E/R-M@n}": here we are again ...the hardest decision but the game must go heres my votes: 2 pts. for "kathryn" heres why: =it is because isa xa sa mga housemates na hindi ko tlaga lang.. 1 pt. for "Ian" kasi parang delikado sya ngayon hehe...i will save ur ass nalang..= )

"DarokE!": My vote is for Rhea. Sorry but you are an inactive person in this game. Di tayu nagkakilala nang ganun katagal and wer not close. We just didnt click at a short time. My to save is for Pao. He needs to get the mess out of his system. So dapat wag na nyang pancnin ang away.

"LONGORIA": my 2 points goes to ian just because i wasnt able to communicate with too much on the last couple of days, and my 1 point goes to rhea. I think that she would get a lot of votes coz of her busy schedule which i think would be unfair if that would be the basis.