Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 2

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Rowen completes his Special Task

Rowen, the 16-year old highschool stud from Olongapo City, managed to search for twenty blogs with Shout Box and post "Pinoy Big Brother Fantasy Game" with the game's blog address.

Earlier, BBK granted the favor asked by Remcyl, the 18-year-old nursing stud from Dagupan City, who had also committed the same offense before to help Rowen with his Special Task by putting a PBBFG banner in his website. Rowen's target was lowered from 50 to 20 blogs.

Thursday, when BBK gave him a Special Task for violating the House Rules.

Rowen will not receive a 5 "to evict" points in the next nomination.

Dylan blogs: feb 24.. edsa?.. JAM!!!

Wahh.. lang pasok 2day… lam nyo na naman un..ahehe… magulo daw kc… hayz… buti di natuloy ung coup… +_+… pnagalitan pa nga kme ng mga bandm8z kz na-excite pa kme nung sinabi mgkk-coup… waaah…

Hayz.. ang gulo nga ngayong araw na 2…+_+… sa 22o lng… bakit ba kc di makuntento mga tao … bakit ba hindi nlng tumalima sa authority… yeh, may mga maling nagagawa… pero tao lng nmn kc tayo… ganun tlga…+_+… and besides, “the people get the leader that they deserve”… tama nmn un…

Sa 22o lng dati naglaro sa isip ko na gs2 ko maging president ng Pilipinas (haha bata pa kc)… pero nung sabi ng mom ko a wag gs2 nya mag-abroad as soon as may magaalaga na sa great grandma ko… di ko narin naisip un….

Hayz… noh b ngyyri d2 sa bansa natin… parang wala nang pag-asa… naalala ko 2loy ung tito ko… az in todo makabayan un! Dakilang mamamayan tlga… nung bata pa sya… ksma sya sa mga nagaalsa kay Marcos… by peaceful means xempre…naglalathala sila ng pahayagan… tga-UP kc sya nun… talagang hindi daw sya umuuwi sa bahay nun.. kc nagtatago sa mga pulis… aun.. bsta… as in sobrang makabayan nya… pero… next week… aalis na cla ng family nya ppnta
Australia.. o db? Nakz!... ganun tlga… susuko ka tlga d2 eh… palibhasa nmn kc… prng puro kasakiman nlng ung mga tao… puro reklamo… hayz… ewan…

Ganun n nman tlga ung cycle ngayon sa bansa natin eh.. ung mga mahihirap patuloy na maghihirap… ung mga mayayaman.. patuloy na yayaman… at ung mga middle class patuloy na mag-aabroad!.. di ba? 22o nmn …hopeless n ba tlga? Let’s pray nlng… the Lord won’t letus down nmn db?

Hayz…pero sa totoo lng tingin ko di na mababago…
pero dahil sa celeb ng edsa 1 ngayon… at dahil mga bata pa tayo.. dahil naïve pa tayo… dahil tingin natin kaya natin mabago ‘to… xge… subukan nlng natin hangga’t kaya pa!... bata pa nmn tayo… sanalng may kahinatnan ‘to….

Ewan…. Tama n nga!... ayoko na mag-isip! bsta… kantahan nlng!!


Hirap umawit mag-isa
Ang kasabay lumang gitara
Parang walang saysay
Ang kilos ko sa mundo

Pero and kinabukasan mo
Tungkulin ba ng ibang tao
Maghanap ng entablado mo’t kalaro

‘Wag lang pagmasdan ang pangyayari
Gumala’t gumalaw
Lamang sa init ng damdamin
Sabay-sabay nang sumigaw

Kilos kabataan
Oras natin ‘to
Makialam, maki-jam, makilahok
Kilos kabataan
Buhay natin ‘to
Ang mundong dinatnan
Tayo magpatakbo
Maki-jam ka pare ko

Gusto ko mang makiisa
Sa paglutas ng problema
Anong magagawa
Ng ‘sang katulad ko

Pero ang kinabukasan mo
Tungkulin ba ng iilang tao
Makibahagi sa bagahe ng mundo

‘Wag lang pagmasdan ang pangyayari
Gumala’t gumalaw
Lamang sa init ng damdamin
Sabay-sabay nang sumigaw

Kilos kabataan
Oras natin ‘to
Makialam, maki-jam, makilahok
Kilos kabataan
Buhay natin ‘to
Ang mundong dinatnan
Tayo magpatakbo
Maki-jam ka pare ko

Matuto kang makisaya
Ang mundo may magkaiba
Sabay-sabay kung mag-ingay
Makilahok, magpakilala

Kilos kabataan
Oras natin ‘to
Makialam, maki-jam, makilahok
Kilos kabataan
Buhay natin ‘to
Ang mundong dinatnan
Tayo magpatakbo
Maki-jam ka pare ko!

Remcyl blogs: Gerry could soon be goodbye!

Today would probably be the most frustrating day in the history of coiffures! My stylist for the longest time ever, Gerry, gave me his worst haircut ever! First of all, the reason why I go to salons is not because of the shampoo treatment, the air condition, the ambience and the scent of chemicals thrown at every chair, or throne as I term it, it's because of the salon service. I mean, barbers are for guys who couldn't care less about their do, cheap parlors are for girls who care more of practicality than quality cuts/service, and a salon is the perfect combination of quality cuts and excellent service. Or so I thought. Gerry by the way is my pick among all because of his unique style in cutting. He knows a lot of innovations and the latest. Going back to moi. I printed out a picture of a guy with the style that I like for Gerry to see and make it as the model. He looked at it and off he went with his shears. From the beginning, I just know that he's not doing it right. But what can I do? I didn't speak coz he's my one and only choice. I won't go to Headzone, F Salon, Ystilo, or worst of all, Reyes haircutters! Waaaah! Talk about the scariest movie ever made! So I really had no choice. So f****ed up as I already am, I got the worst cut ever! But of course, I wouldn't have coiffure fabuleux if I'm no coiffeur myself, so I'll be doing something to make it better. And for Gerry, I'd still go back to you, but chances are,... NOT! This is the before coiffure and you'll be seeing the after tomorrow morning! Just in time for my launch.

Activity 6 - What religion do you fit in with?
Your ideals mostly resemble those of the Judeo-Christian faith. You have the capacity for immense faith and spirituality. At your core, you believe in justice, goodness and redemption.
Dylan - 20% spiritual. 60% faith-oriented.

You ideals mostly resemble those of the Hindu faith. Spirituality is very important to you, and you value family, friends and life above other things. You have incredible faith, and will live a very worthwhile life.
Janette - 100% spiritual. 60% faith-oriented.
Ian - 80% spiritual. 60% faith-oriented.
Paolo - 40% spiritual. 60% faith-oriented.
Your ideals mostly resemble those of the Buddhist faith. Spirituality is the most important thing in your life. You strive to live by all of your ideals, and live a very intellectually focused life.
Jen-Jen - 100% spiritual. 20% faith-oriented.

Your ideals mostly resemble those of the Taoist faith. Spirituality is the most important thing in your life. You strive to live by all of your ideals, and live a very intellectually focused life.
Marge - 60% spiritual. 20% reason-oriented.
Kathryn - 40% spiritual. 20% reason-oriented.


Your ideals mostly resemble those of an Agnostic. You are fairly ambivalent towards any religion or spiritual connection. You lead a very busy life and find that religion and spirituality are unnecessary to your life.
Rowen - 0% scientific. 20% reason-oriented.

Your ideals mostly resemble that of a Humanist. Although you do not have a lot of faith, you are devoted to making this world better, in the short time that you have to live. Humanists do not generally believe in an afterlife, and therefore, are committed to making the world a better place for themselves and future generations.
Maristel - 20% spiritual. 40% reason-oriented.


Take Your Religion Quiz.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Virtual Kitchen is located here.
This is where VHs can "cook" stories, "eat" words, "wash" hands, and "grill" and see somebody "boils". This virtual kitchen may be a "dirty" one but VHs can always leave if they cannot stand the "heat" inside.

Remcyl invites everyone

A pleasant day to all the visitors of Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game! My name is Remcyl Viloriaand I'm here to invite all of you to the launchingof my official site! I have worked so hardeveryday, taking most of my time, but it's payingoff. And hopefully, it will push even further withyour help! At my site, you can purchase designedgowns, graphic art, and even order some art foryourself! The better news, 100% of your purchasegoes to charity! Yes! So with you helping me byvisiting my site, also helps the orphans and theelderly with your orders. Thank you and have anice day! Over and OUT!

Jen-Jen blogs: My first date this 2006 :)

After being single for 1yr... e2 na... nag-sstart na yata ulit lovelife q... hehehe weeeeee sana nga...

James is a friend of mine.. i met him thru internet... he's american.. businessman and older than me!! (age doesn't matter!!!)

The first time i look at his pic... geee nde q sya type... he looks old! but he's super nice, we always chat even he's busy.. kaya i dont care about his looks anymore!! as a businessman, lagi sya pumupunta d2 sa pinas.. kasi gus2 niya mag-put up ng business d2... (call center) and we promise na we're goin to meet!

Ayun, dumating na nga yung time... One day bigla nalng sya nag-txt sakin and he's here na nga daw... ofcourse i replied... then he call me up... wow danda ng voice grabeh! then sched agad kami kung kelan kami mag-meet... ngaun na nga un!! Thursday... 12noon... Kenny Rogers SM North!! (full details).

Thursday, 2am ako na2log... 6am ako nagising... (hindi naman obvious na excited nuh!) 6-7am help q mom ko mag-cook ng lunch... 7-8am prepare my things... 8-10am prepare myself(shower, bihis, make-up) 11:30am palang nasa venue na ako... pagdating na pagdating ng SM powder room agad pinasok ko... retouch agad!!

At 12noon tawag xa sa cp q to ask kung nasan na q.. then sabi q nasa SM na nga ako.. and xa nasa Kenny na... then sabi q.. "k, wait 4 me". Pagdating q ng kenny nde q xa makita... un pala nasa pinaka-dulo hahaha!! nakatalikod pa... pa-suspense pa tlga...!! Paglapit q... "hi, is dat u??" bungad niya sakin... dun start ang masarap naming conversation habang nagla-lunch!!

Ibang-iba looks niya sa pic and sa personal...he looks young, super handsome, ang ganda ng kanyang "Blue eyes", super neat, and nakakakilig everytime na mag-ssmile xa...!!

After lunch, tawag xa kay "Jun-Jun" (boy niya sa condo) to ask kung ok na yung DSL niya... and yun nga hindi parin... kaya he asked me kung gus2 q sumama pabalik ng condo niya and i said "SURE".

Watta experience.. habang nasa motor kami (si james nag-ddrive, xempre naka-yakap ako sa kanya!) pabalik ng ortigas (sa condo niya) ang init init ng weather tapos biglang umulan.! buti nalng naka-jacket ak0... kaya pagdating namin sa condo niya.. basang basa siya... ak0 tuyo parin hehehe!! lagi ak0ng natatawa pag sinasabi niyang "Im wet! Im wet!"

Nakakaasar! Bat ba kasi ang lapit lng ng Ortigas eh...!! Sana batanggas nalng pinuntahan namin para matagal ak0ng naka-angkas sa motor niya... (i mean matagal nakayakap) hehehehe!!! pag-akyat sa condo.. andun c Jun-Jun, pinagalitan ni lolo james hehehe kasi nde niya maayos yung DSL.. then james asked me kung pwede q xa help sa laundry niya... "Ofcourse" washing machine naman eh... nde man lang nga nabasa hands q! (infairness 1st tym kong maglaba!) then habang wait namin yung laundry niya... dun kami stay sa room niya... watch kami ng TV (HBO) habang kumakain ng chocolates and pizza... drinks ay gatorade!! and nde q alam kung natatawa ba q or kinikilig everytime kasi na kakausapin q si Jun-Jun lagi niya sinasabi... "Hey, dont talk to him! He's a playboy!" sabi q naman.. "Don't worry, He's not my type!" totoo naman eh... Jun-Jun is not my type... small guy... dark... basta he's not cute for me tlga!! ayun, natapos na yung laundry niya... tiklop time na... xempre aq na nagtiklop ng laundry niya... OOooPPPpppsssSSS... Undies ba naman!! hahaha katuwa isang katutak na undies.. mga 20pcs yata yun.. ganun pala feeling ng may asawa... nagtitiklop na ng undies hehehe pero ok naman pala.. masaya rin!! (sana xa na bigay ni lord!) ayun.. tiklop q ung 20pcs niyang undies... 10pairs of socks and 1shirt!

After q mag-fold ng laundry niya.. nagpatulong naman xa mag-color ng hair niya.. "Medium Ash Blonde" then after namin mag wait ng 15mins.. banlawan time na... get out muna aq sa room niya, xempre alangan naman bosohan q xa (pwede rin) hahaha!! nag-joke pa nga... paliguan q daw xa... (why not!) hahaha lumandi nanaman aq..!! pero ayun, naligo nga xa.. while im watching tv sa guest room niya!! then after niya mag-shower... punta na kami sa megamall to pay the bills and hinatid niya na q... Kaasar wala man lng goodbye kiss... maxadong gentleman eh!!

His last word... i'll be back on march! Let's meet again......

Super Mega Enjoy tlga aq... sarap niyang kasama....

His atittude na pagiging maloko, palabiro, prangka, strict, and gentleman... lahat yun lumabas agad sa first meet namin!! I love his atittude... I love him... Nyak!! hahaha!! But i admit i really like him... i love his company... i love to be with him again.... SANA MARCH NA!!!

Hope to see u again James....

Paolo blogs: American Idols

hey guys American Idol ulit knina.and my favorites cyempre magagaling pa rin sila...first is David Radford who sang "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" good..idol n idol hehehe parang si John Stevens of American Idol Season is Ace Young with that Constantine Maroulis look from the last season okieh ang kanyang kanta sabi ni Simon he's just "OK" but he has the X-factor that America is looking for..kaya ok n ok hehehe..last but not the least si Jose "Sway" Penala..another Filipino to be proud of..he really is a good singer nag-falsetto cya all his song singing "Reason".Simon, Randy and Paula said that he is the best among all the boys!!!..Sway Penala do make the Filipino proud!!! (^-^) btw... Ace Young sang "Father Figure"...CHEERS to American Idol...tomorrow will be the judgement day and some will go home .Let's see if my favorites will be IN....(^-^)

Current Mood: crazy
Current Music: Auld Lang Syne-South Park Kids

Marge blogs: MeLbOuRnE bArBiE

"wouldn't life be perfect if sweatpants were sexy, monday mornings were fun, junk food was healthy, friends didn't cause drama, guys weren't confusing, nothing was regretable, & good-byes only meant until tomorrow? It's me your Melbourne Barbie"

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Remcyl blogs: Rheumatism strikes!, new coiffure soon, pictorial ala ramp model, Banks or Klum?

Whew! Days had passed and I am just flushed! With all this pressure on my head regarding my site and this freakin rheumatism on my hands, I really need to pamper myself. As I have mentioned before, the pressure I'm referring to is this whole [dot]com thing. Of course, I have to make it [dot]com-quality right?! So I'm doing all my best to make it HAPPEN! But I really need help in affiliating to rake in some money. Every peso counts as I always say. So far after 3 days of pre-launching, i had 30 hits and I'm really happy with it. Keep on clicking you guys! Going back to being pampered, I might get my haircut today coz it's really getting unmanageable. The length is just too long for the wax to hold. And besides, I don't want my hair to be the leaning tower of locks with it's length. Also, I have the word -coiffure- on my title so better reach that level. I'm super excited and let me just say, you'll love it! I just hope my stylist gets it perfect! I think I should tip him nowadays. Coz you see, I only tip my shampoo guy Anthony. With the story he gave me together with the information about their salaries, they need it more. So maybe I should, to get this hair done perfectly. I'll just be posing you the pictures on my before and after look.

Yesterday me and Alain had a pictorial for my site. I needed a picture for my welcome page that describes me, myself, and I. Of course, I am introducing myself to the world, am I not? So anyway, the pictures turned out great and I'm looking forward in making great wallpapers with it.

Speaking of pictorials, me and Alain had been debating on who looks better between these two models. I was going for Tyra Banks when he insists that Heidi Klum looks so much better. Well, first of all, they both look beautiful which is why they got their jobs. But it's seeking deeper than those botox-ed faces. Well, you be the judge...

Over and OUT!

Remcyl to do a good deed for Rowen

Remcyl: BBK i have read that Rowen has a special task. Now, having gone through a task as well, i know how it feels. As a true friend of Rowen, i would like to help him out. Now personally, i feel that Rowen going through this alone is difficult. 50 shoutboxes are difficult. So, i would like to make this move of mine a good deed to him. And this is my good deed with your permission: "With me having a website which i am making a way to gain traffic, i will expose the site through a banner on the side. With this, i hope to lessen the 50 shoutboxes to 20. I know its a big difference, but he doesnt need to go through it alone. He helped us with our task, now its time for me to return the favor." I hope you grant my good deed. I think he deserves to know this so that he wouldnt be having a hrad time looking for 50 shoutboxes... :) Thank you BBK

Rowen's Special Task Update: BigBad Kuya grants Remcyl. Rowen's target is lowered from 50 to 20 blogs with Shout Box.

Rowen's Special Task: "The Spammer"

As a punishment, Rowen's Special Task is to blog-hop.

He has to search for 50 blogs with Shout Box (or any reply box) and post "Pinoy Big Brother Fantasy Game Season 2" and the address of the vHouse "".

He must list down the addresses of the blogs he visited and send the list to BBK via Friendster.

Rowen is given 5 days or until 12:00MN on Tuesday, February 28 to complete his Special Task. Failure to complete his S. T. will mean a 5 "to evict" points in the next nomination.

Rowen violates the House Rules

In a blog entry published on Sunday, February 19, in the vHouse, Rowen's hometown was erroneous. It was supposed to be Olongapo City not Pampanga.

Rowen wrote in the Shout Box:

"Hey BBK, taga Olongapo po ako... Hindi Pampanga... hehe. tnx guys!"
One visitor commented:
(@rowen) kelan pa nawala nilipat ang olongapo? ayaw mo
lng na province yung gnamit pra wag icipin na probinsyano ka. bundok pa rin nmn ang olongapo ha? haha"
Rowen replied:
Para kay @rowen, hindi po part ng pampanga ang olongapo... at ang olongapo po ay lungsod... so hnde po bundok ang olongapo kundi urban place... ang olongapo ay nasa probinsya ng zambales so mali po info nio. ­TO VH's hnde po aku ung @rowen ha....
BigBad Kuya prohibits VHs to respond on visitors' comments in the Shout Box.

Aware of the violation that their co-VH has commited, Paolo reacted, "Rowen UH-OH!!!"

Ian agreed, "rowen...tsktsktsk.... thats a big NO NO!" ­

"Rowen waaaaa," Jen-Jen exclaimed.

Activity 5 - VHs' Social Dysfunctions

Remcyl, Ian -NARCISSISTIC- You are very self-important, preoccupied with success fantasies, expect special treatment and lack interpersonal empathy.

Dylan, Jen-Jen, Kathryn, Marge, Paolo -HAPPY - You're a happy person - you have a good amount of self-esteem, and are socially healthy. While this isn't a social dysfunction per se, you're definitely not normal. Consider yourself lucky: you walk that fine line between 'normal' and being outright narcissistic. You're rare - which is something else to be happy about.

Rowen -SOCIAL BUTTERFLY- You are the 'Social Butterfly.' Essentially, your your-esteem isn't excessive or deficient, and you're a very social person. You probably have quite an active and interesting social life - and as a result, you'll probably continue to have one for a long, long time. Basically, you are the anti-hermit.

Maristel, Janette -NORMAL- Being average in terms of how social you are, as well as the amount of self-esteem you have, you're pretty much normal. Good on you.

Rhea -AVOIDANT- You are excessively sensitive to potential rejection, humiliation or shame. You tend to be socially withdrawn, in spite of desire for acceptance from others.

Take Your Social Dysfunction Quiz.

VHs' message to Heidee

People come and go dear ......... Keep on rocking, see you in the real world. *wink wink*Take care and I'll miss you.....for real. -Ian

HEIDEE, sayang dahil we didn't had the chance to get to know each other... But I know that God has a more wonderful plan for us to become friends... Maybe not here at PBBFG... I still have high hopes that we will get acquainted soon... Stay pretty at all times... :) You take a bunch of care, Heidee... Be safe & stay safe... So long... Aimishoo... -Maristel

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Testimonials for everyone

For Paolo
Janette Barrera, Tuesday, February 21, 2006:
hellow! thanks for your testi! this lad is really superb... he's one of the vhs who makes me feel at ease in the pbbfg2... i really enjoy chatting with him, a man with sense of humor... at kahit puyat pa sya panay prin ang pakikpg chat nya... hehehe! Got to know him fellow, he's worth knowing!God bless you pao! Thanks for all the time u've spent chatting with me....

Remcyl Viloria, Sunday, February 19, 2006:
paolo...hmmm, well for a man with great narcissism where in the world would i begin? Just kidding hehehe. Paolo is a very kind person...let me rephrase that. Paolo is a very kind friend. he is no longer just a person, he's special to me. It's difficult beating his picture record hahaha. Im a narcissist and i dont have as much pictures as he does. Anyway, thanks for being a great friend pao. Love yah!

hEiDeE, Sunday, February 19, 2006:
itong si pao ang first VH ko na ininvite ako sa friendster. he struck me from then on as a super friendly guy. one look pa lang sa smiling face nya naman diba! he actually reminds me of one of my friends but i don't think i've ever told him that. basta thanx so much for the friendship pao i hope someday we'll see each other in person. and i hope we'll stay in touch. ingatz lagi! mwah. ^_^

'Maristel uno', Sunday, February 19, 2006:
PAOLO... paolo... PAOLO...uHrmmm... one of the first few who sent me a message sa friendster telling me that he's my fellow VH... di ba? walang keme... From the start pa lang FRIENDLY talaga...I was never wrong when I was asked kung sino daw ang pinaka friendly sa lahat... I never had second thoughts - coz I know deep down in my heart who it is... it's PAOLO MIGUEL...he's makulit, brother na nga ang tingin ko dito... he's malambing in his own little ways... "maristel... maristel..." as he used to send me sa ym nung 1st kami nagkausap...he loves himself,,, vain din... u know what? he has 700+ pics on his cp (tama ba) - sobrang nakakatuwa! anyway, he's the type of friend that you will surely keep. hope you won't change Pao... Stay sweet, Be happy and stay safe as always... I will surely keep this guy - Friends!!!cheers!~mwaHuggz~

' DyLaN ' -XIII, Saturday, February 18, 2006:
ei br0?!...heh... tnx nga pla s tezti!!... e2 mkganti nga...hehewell,met this guy sa PBBFG2... first impression ko s knya friendly tlga kc sa mga hauzm8z dun sya ung 1st n ng-appr0ach sken... hehe... s0 far tma ak0!! heh zarap 2 kauzap kz mdmeng nkkwen2 nd views... di k mbb0re kchat 2!!..hehe aztig picz pa!!...dme ah??? hundredz ata pic m0 eh!! updated lgi!! nakzzz pwde na m0del??..hek2 h0pe t0 get t0 kn0w u betr br0... heh sna mgtgal p tau s vhauz... hehepn0 b nlng muna tau hek2tc lgi br0Godsmackk!!......::uRz tRuLy::...D(e)V(i)C(e)

Kathryn, Saturday, February 18, 2006:
Paolo Miguel... nice and jolly. When I see his pic, may naaalala ako.. Hehe, sa amin nalang dalawa 'yun? Diba, Pao? =) Masarap kausap ang batang ito kasi may sense 'yung sinasabi. And even if he's doin' other things while talking to you, he's still able to sustain the conversation. Multi-tasking nga, galing! =) He has a very warm personality. Malambing. At mukhang diligent sa maraming bagay. I feel that he'll go far. Pao, basta focus lang, oki? Tsaka 'wag mo nalang masyadong pansinin 'yung mga bagay-bagay na makaka-destruct sa'yo or those that would make you doubtful sa mga ginagawa mo. Basta wala kang natatapakang tao or nilalabag na batas, go ka lang. =)Goodluck to my (future) colleague! =)God bless.

For Kathryn
jEn-jEn Monday, February 20, 2006
si ate kath... one of my ate sa pbbfg2... first time q naka-chat e2, umaalis agad ng confe... feeling q tuloy snob xa hehehe!! per0 the second time na chat na kami.. ok na.. cool xa kausap and funny!! kahit busy si ate kath... nag-oonline parin every night.. kahit TOXIC na sa work niya!! super bait niyan hehehe... nakausap q narin sa fone yan... and danda ng voice... parang bata... kala q nga lil sis niya... hekhekhek pang-16 years old ang voice hehehe!! peace ate kath!! makwento din xa sa fone... nde nga agad makatawag sa greenwhich kaka-kwento eh!! nagutom na 4 sure hubby niya... hehehe!! si ate kath.. luv q toh... basta sa wedding mo ate kath, bato mo sakin ung bouquet mo huh? hihihihicge... ingatz always ate... regards kay kuya jester hehehe luv u p0!! muah!!

mArGe Sunday, February 19, 2006
Ate kath! hei.. muzta po?? have't chat you like forever.. haha joke! miss ko lng po chatttin with you eh... sipag kc.. maxado devoted sa work.. nyeheh anyweiz house your VLday?? nyehe tensionado po sa eviction ha.. hehe congrats po for havin 5 points from BBK... nice love story ha... hanggang d2 nlng po muna... byebie.. take care God bles...{ * mArGe }

For Jen-Jen
- bianca -, Wednesday, February 22, 2006:
JEN always remember I'm always hir 4u no matter wat
Wen u're down & troubled & u nid some loving care hing, nothing is going ryt
Close ur eyes & think of me & soon I wil b der 2 brighten up even ur darkest night
U just call out my name & u know wherever I am I'l come running 2see u agen
Winter, spring, summer or fall All u hav 2do is call & I'll b der U've got a FRIEND
If d sky above u Grows dark&full of clouds & dat old north wind begins 2blow
Kip ur head 2geder & call my name out loud Soon u'll hear me knocking @ur door
U jst call out my name & u know werever I am I'l come running 2see u
Winter, spring,s ummer or fall All u hav 2 do is call&I'll b der Ain't it gud 2know dat u've got a friend
Wen people can b so cold Dey'll hurt u, & desert u & take ur soul if u let demOh, but don't u let dem
U just call out my name & u know werever I am I'l come running 2 see u agen
Winter, spring, summer or fall All u hav 2do is call & I'l b der...

Kathryn, Wednesday, February 22, 2006:
Si Jen-jen ang batang internet! Hehehe... Everytime I go online, laging kong prine-predict na hindi ako mag-o-offlone without chatting with her. Hehe. Pero it pays to be like her, tignan mo nga, daming fans. Immuned sa first eviction sa PBBFG2! Hahaha! Hindi na nga lang minsan nakakakain nang maayos ang batang ito sa kaka-internet. Rememeber, Jen, SMALL FREQUENT FEEDINGS, ayt? =)Anyway, siJen-jen po ay sweet, thoughtful at honest. She says what she feels. And I admire that. At ma-chika! Ever! =)Jen, 'yung launching ng song n'yo, abangan ko ha? =) Don't worry, di lang kita papasahan ng bouquet sa church wedding ko, bibigyan pa kita ng special number! Hehe! Kayo ni Rem, duet!Salamat po sa lahat-lahat lalung-lalo na sa friendship! =) I really am looking forward to knowing you more.Take care and God bless! Mwahks! =)

LaNg, Wednesday, February 22, 2006:
hay naku c jen2?? = ) super kulit n2 na gal noh!!...heheokay syang mging fren kc nakikinig at siyempre nagbibigay din ng advice...sya na ngaun c kupida!!..= ) ingat k lgi and then Godbless yha olweiz...mwahhh lab yha!

- bianca -, Tuesday, February 21, 2006:
JEN-JENI first met her at PBBFG Season 2... I never thought, that I will get to know her so easily... At first I thought she's a snob, but I was so - so wrong...I remember, when I first have a chat with her, pm ko sya, ang bilis sumagot... Akala ko mag aalangan pa sya - but she did not... We talked a lot of things - and those things brought me more closer to her... Of all the virtual housemates - dalawa lang cila na talagang I felt at ease nung una ko nakausap. It's her & Remcyl...Basta Jen - you really are a friend in deed!Take care!;)

' DyLaN ' -XIII, Monday, February 20, 2006:
ate jen2?!..vhauzm8 k0 2 s PBBFG2 eh!!...hehnakzzz aztig picz ah!!..fhm n fhm? gnun sam ba k0 ate?? ede ikaw c CASS!! haha j0kez lng ate!! hehbhaet2 2 c ate eh.. friendly tlga kz una plng n nkauzap k0 xa mgaan n l0ob k0 s knya... xempre!!.. siz in Christ k0 din 2!!...iba ung lukz0 ng dug0!!..hek2...gaan tlga loob k0 d2 ky ate... kz ngkkzund0 kme..kbiruan k nga yan lgi..haha... ska th0tful and caring tlga!!...lgi ak0 pnpkaen nyan eh!! lgi p pnpalala kng an0 bawal!! ahha rehaz kz kme may ulcer...wahh..hehe...tnx p0 sa prayerz ate.. heh.. tnx dn sa advice b0ut kay Leeh...heeh.. tnx ate!!...bzta i'm juz here p0 if u need anythin ate...juz a text away..hahaingatz p0 lgi ate!!!...misz n kta!!...hahaGodsmackk!!......::uRz tRuLy::...D(e)V(i)C(e)

For Ian
jEn-jEn Monday, February 20, 2006
ian ian ianmy c0-VHs sa Pbbfg2 1st time I saw his pic he looks cool tlga adventurous and what i like most is hes independent at the very young age1st tym kong maka-chat e2 kala q snob ok naman pala maloko xa si ian ang UMA ng season 2 hehehehe very vocal sya about his feelings PRANKA in short!!pag ka-chat q ito ewan q ba janl agi akong inaaway hehehehe per0 ok lng sanay na q sau pasalamat ka!! Lolz!!si uma.. este si Ian very dedicated yan sa game na e2.. kahit nasa vacati0n xa lagging online ewan q ba jan nagbakasay0n lng yata para mag-chat.. hahahahana -enjoy mo ba naman vacati0n mo huh?? si ian.. luv q ito kahit nde niya q lu vhahahah ayok0 na nga..baka topakin nanaman aqi ngatz ka jan sa korea kimchi q wak mo kalimutan ha!!hahahaha Godbless olweiz.. tc!! Muah!!ian... may sasabihin aq sau...i want to see the other side of you... *wink*

For Rhea
jEn-jEn Monday, February 20, 2006
si rhea... it0 ung first VH na na-add sa friendster q hehehe... minsan lng ito mag-online tap0z invisible pa lagi... nagugulat nalng aq kasi may biglang magbu- BUZZ!!! sakin hehehe... ikaw huh! malapit na q atakihin sau hekhekhek... ok kausap it0... friendly... hehehe... kaasar nga lng kasi wala xa cp... kasi naman eh... bat mo pinapaliguan cp mo hehehe..!! till here nalng p0.. ngatz ka lagi.. and sana dalas-dalasan pag oonline... per0 study first muna dapat!! luv u sis... muah!!

mArGe Saturday, February 18, 2006
ate rhea... grabe d ko p po ito nakakausap sa lahat lahat ng VH... 2 weeks na.. huhuhuh i really want to talk to you but i dont know kung san kita marereach.. hehehe anyweiz la ako msv eh.. take care nlng po.. haha cute ng BF mo ha... nyaks... agawan dw ba.. joke lng po... :) god blez![ *mArGe ]

For Rowen
-Arrianne- Tuesday, February 21, 2006
=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=..k0pee..tnx sa number ni jesper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..kausap , i mean katext ku na xa ngaun!!!!!!!!..tipid nga Lang sa repLy,...!!..per0 pagtitiyagaan ku na..!!!!!..di pa nga ku unLi eh...!!!!!!!..papaL0ad aku sa smart.. hahhaha... >>basta..!<<..ksu di marun0ng mag"p0"..ansaya ku.....!!!!!!!!!..wahhahha!!!!..s0ri di aku makarepLy ha....d kc aku unLi eh.....nagtitipid ng Load for him!!!!!!!..ghe..!!!=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0=

For Marge
Kathryn Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Si MARGE ang aming bunso, aside from Rowen, sa PBBFG2. She's young, sweet and very innocent-looking. Hehe. Pero "rocker" pala 'tong batang 'to! Marge, tuloy ba 'yung gig n'yo this Satruday with the Southborder? =) Ang-lupit diba? Bigatin ka pala ha! Hehe..Basta po, aim to finish your studies. Bata ka pa. You'll go far. Just couple the right attitude with perseverance. Don't mind the destructions that go along your way. After all, they make you strong and even more determined to go where you want to.Sana mas lalo ko pang makilala ang taong nasa likod ng matamis na ngiting 'yan... =)God bless, girl!

Janette Barrera Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Hi marge!Sweet chinita girl! hehehe! sooo preetty, kamukha nya ung cousin ko. tnx so much for all the messages, kc d kmi mkpg usap sy ym ni2, d mag jive ung tym, but still we communicate thru frndster msgs.. a nice gurl and i know she's a mature and responsible teen. Godbless you marge! hope to chat with u soon!

Rowen Tuesday, February 21, 2006
huy...margaret? angaleng ng site moh!asteg turuan mo ko ng scripts like yung sa scrollbar. and all.ghe. gudlucluck vhm's.

jEn-jEn Monday, February 20, 2006
waaaaa shobe.. anu ba yan!! i love hello kitty din... tapos we both love pink pa!! hahahaha inggit ako sa friendster mo huh!! ang dami na nating pagkaka-pareho huh! hekhekhek... e2ng si shobe... sya ung housemate na gus2 q i-add sa friendster kaso naka-first degree tap0z nde ka pa pede send sa kanya ng msg... nde q tuloy alam kung panu xa makakausap hehehe... buti nalng naisipan mag-iwan ng ym id niya sa shoutbox hehehe... 1st tym q naka-chat e2.. ang kulit grabeh!! well.. hanggang ngaun makulit parin... pero pag serious ang topic serious din xa!! it0 rin ang isa sa txtm8's q hehehe... kahit busy xa... nagttxt parin... sweet!! ingatz ka lagi shobe... luv u! muah!!

For Maristel
jEn-jEn Monday, February 20, 2006
ate of my ate sa pbbfg2...close kami n2 hehehe...she's super kind to me...very supportive...pag may prob aq, she's der to give some advice...nde mali ung 1st impression q sa kanya..she's a friend na i really want to have...walang day na naka-kalimot yan...she always txtd me...kowtz.. greetings... etc...kahit a simple hi.. hello...she really makes me smile tlga...she makes me feel important..hehehe..ate mats.. luv u s0 much!!having u as an ate is really a big blessing to me... nax!!serious aq dun ha!!sana... we can meet so0n hehehe..enge beauty tips ha!!stay pretty... stay cool... and stay lang there hahaha!!ingatz p0 olweiz.. luv u! muah!!

mArGe Sunday, February 19, 2006
AcHiE! sobrang love ko to eh... at 1st ilang ako kausapin to because of the age gap between us.. pero hahah im definitely wrong.. kind, kalog, sarap kausap.. txtm8 ko ito kht minsan d ako nkkpgrply bcoz wla ako load.. nyeheh.. tnx for the sweet txt msg and kowts... akalain mo kamukha ko ung pamangkin nya.. haha... SEXY n2 sobra.. look at her pics.. ung swimwear na asteeg. nyaahaha =)) Fitness First! :) hehe hangang d2 nlng poe muna... take care God bles.![ *mArGe ]

For Remcyl
- bianca - Monday, February 20, 2006
REMCYL VILORIA!!!My new cyber friend! Met him at PBBFG Season 2... Who'd have thought that I will definitely like this person right after our first chat...? I myself do wonder why...His personality was so warm that anyone will surely love. First talkin to him felt like, I've known him forever... I just dunno, if he felt the same way with me...But Remcyl, this I will tell you, I will surely keep you...I love you REMS... both you and JEN..;)

jEn-jEn Monday, February 20, 2006
i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... i LoVe YoU... MuUuAaAaAhHhHhHhHhH

For Janette
mArGe Sunday, February 19, 2006
Ate jannete!cute ng captured moments, i think sobrang responsible na PNP officer xa kht d ko p xa mxdo nkusap.. i want to have a GT with you eh... i mean girl talk.. sharing la lang... haha Take care God bLez.. sorry sa tetsim kong sabog.. hha naisip ko lng po gumawa pra senyo..{ * mArGe }

pAoLo miGueL Thursday, February 16, 2006
ate janette!!! hello hehhee...kmusta k n??? e2 c ate janette...responsible n PNP officer wow!! lovable wife!!! and really a good friend..there is never a dull moment khit busy cya at least may time p rin cya para mki-pag-usap saamin at hindi cya ng-OOP hehehe...a really good person...u miss half of ur life kung hindi nyo cya makikilala!!! ingatzz lagi ate janette!!! (^-^)

For Dylan
Janette Barrera Tuesday, February 21, 2006
hi dylan! hope ur ok na...this lad is the very first vhs in the pbbfg2 who added me in his network and also the first one who send me a message... thank you so much for the effort!He's a very thoughtful person, and i this guy is good inside and out! Get well soon! God bless! Be safe.. Be well!

Ian blogs: Strangers in the Night

Lesson: "Don't be shy."

- "One ticket to Busan please?"
- "There are no seats available."

Okay lang, sanay naman ako... ilang rides na ako ng train mapa-Seoul, Daejon or Busan man, wala akong seat lagi."

It was cool that afternoon kaya naman I was confident sa suot kong turtle neck sweater lang.

1 and half hour, nakatayo ako sa bandang likuran ng train, dun sa kung saan mga teenagers eh nagsisiksikan kasi wala ring upuan, dun sa kinalalagyan ng toilet at mirror for vain people.

"In a few moments, we will arrive at Busan Station.", announce ng operator.

4th time ko na tong makabalik dito --- but this time, wala akong direksyon.

Paglabas na paglabas ko ng station, diretso ako sa Internet cafe sa mismong harap lang ng Russian-Filipino Street sa harap lang rin ng station. Naghanap ako ng pwedeng matuluyan for that night kaya alas onse na ako nagdecide na pumuntang Jwangcheon-dong Station.

Diretso ako sa subway baka kasi magclose..... "This stop is Jwacheong-dong...." announce ulit ng operator.

"Its Friday night, napakaaga pa para pumuntang sauna house at magpahinga." sabi ko.

So I decided na bumaba sa next stop which is Beomil-dong Station.

Paglabas ko sa station, Hyundai Shopping Mall agad nakaharap sakin, pero close na to. Madilim ang lugar. Napag-isipan kong pumasok muna sa isang bar for a can of soda.

Diretso ako sa Club One Bar.

Pagpasok ko, tinginan lahat ng tao sakin. (hiya mode)

Napansin kong halos kabataan ang naron including a group of foreigners.

Naupo ako mag isa at nag order ng Cali Shandy.

Halata kong panay ang sulyap ng mga Koreano na katabi ko. Smile smile lang rin ako. Yung mismong may-ari nalang rin ng bar nakipag usap sakin kahit baluktot yung English nya pati Korean ko. Di rin nya ako makausap ng maayos kasi nga sangkatutak ang customers nya.

"Hi, I'm Ross, and you're?" , biglang tanong nito at inabot ang kamay para makipag handshake.

"I'm Ian." sabi ko.

"My friends asked me to check you out here since you look pretty new to us.", dagdag pa nya.

Uhhuh" lang nasagot ko.

He then invited me to join them since nag iisa lang rin daw ako.

Usap usap kami until they decided na lumipat daw sa kabilang bar kasi andun daw iba pa nilang friends.

Nawala na rin ang hiya ko pero may konteng ilang pa rin. Gusto ko na ring umalis nung mga oras na yun pero since alam ko rin namang close na ang subway pabalik sa Jwacheong-dong, sumama na rin ako sa kanila.

Lumipat kami sa Zip Bar.

I enjoyed that night, first time kong makihalubilo sa ganon karaming tao na tingin ko eh pagkatagal tagal na. Sinabi ko na rin sa kanila na wala akong direksyon since kararating ko lang ng Busan at dumaan lang dito sandali.

So they invited me to David's place kasi gigimik pa raw sila dun.

David (American), Ross (American), Horak (Korean) at kaibigan nyang lalaki, 3 other American guys, and 3 more American girls.

Diretso kami sa multi-million apartment unit ni David. We got to know each other well, watched movies, ate....

Pagod na pagod ako... di ko akalaing mapapadpad ako dun with them pa na first time ko pa lang nameet. Katabi ko ang dalawang Koreano sa isa sa 3 guest rooms ni David para matulog.

When I woke up......

Strangers in the Night 2

Lesson: "Don't sleep with strangers........but... you may sometimes."

Sabay kaming natulog ng dalawang Koreano since sobrang pagod na kami.

Mga alas 4 na rin ata yun ng umaga nung tuluyan na akong naidlip sa pagkakatulog.


"Ian.... Ian....wake up", banggit ni David (in picture) sabay tapik sa balikat ko.

"Its noon man, lunch is ready..." dagdag pa nya.

"Where are they?" tanong ko.

Umalis na raw pala sila kaninag umaga pa. Akalain mo ba namang ala una na pala ng hapon ako nagising, dala siguro ng sobrang pagod at puyat the other couple of nights.
Di na daw nila ako inintay since may mga appointments pa sila kaya nagpaparegards nalang daw sila sakin.

Sabay na kaming kumain ng pananghalian --- omelet and fried chicken fillets.

Okey to dito, may internet ang computer sa guest room kaya banat ako sa pagchachat habang hinayaan kong manood si David ng basketball sa TV.

May nahanap uli akong bagong sauna house na pwedeng matuluyan tonight so I told David na aalis na ako. Sabi nya ihahatid na raw nya ako since mag gogrocery rin sya.

Bago pa man kami naghiwalay sa Lotte Underground Shopping Mall sa Seomyon (center part of Busan), kumain kami saglit sa isang Japanese Resto at hinayaan akong mag order ng puro sushi.
David gave me his phone number, tatawagan ko lang daw sya pag kelangan wala na akong matuluyan ulit.

We separated ways...

Ako nalang ulit mag-isa. Windy sa labas so napagpasyahan kong dun na muna magstay sa underground mall. 30 minutes rin akong pabalik balik nung napagdesisyunan kong mag internet ulit. Kaya diretso ako sa internet cafe sa labas at nagchat hanggang alas 11 ng gabi.

Akala ko'y close na ang subway kaya nagtaxi nalang ako papunta sa Seomyon Market kung saan ang location ng sauna house na nakita ko sa internet.

Pagbaba ko....

Oh dear.....

Home for the Homeless

Lesson: "SAVE MONEY!"

Behind the flashy neon lights of busy Seomyeon Street where teens dance till dawn, and men and women drink till they drop, there's a place to stay and get rid of those noise.... NokJoo Jimjilbang (Sauna House).

For 7,000 Won, you're allowed to stay there for 24 hours --- sleep in bulk beds, floor, or ni separated men-women rooms. Take a shower

(unfinished entry)

Paolo blogs: American Idols

All i can say is WOW!!!!...ahahaha!!! this night Wednesday night, American Idol launched its Top12 Girls (tommorow for the boys) and the show is good because my favorites are phenomenal! They were really good..gusto ko n sila Day1 pa lang and i think I made a good choice. Katharine McPhee sang "Since I Fell For You" and its great! Simon said it was the best!!!.. Lisa sang "I Am Changing" magaling din WOW!!! 16 years old bata pa napaka-galing natalo pa ung mga matatanda n (^-^)... tpos si Paris siyempre no one better than her! She sang "Midnight Train To Georgia" heheeh..bukas i'll do my review on my favorite sa Top12 Boys...Take Care!!! American Idol ROCKZZZ!!! (^-^)

Current Mood: cheerfulCurrent
Music: Since I Fell For You-Katharine McPhee

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Janette blogs: I asked God...

When I Asked God for Strength
He Gave Me Difficult Situations to Face

When I Asked God for Brain & Brown
He Gave Me Puzzles in Life to Solve

When I Asked God for Happiness
He Showed Me Some Unhappy People

When I Asked God for Wealth
He Showed Me How to Work Hard

When I Asked God for Favors
He Showed Me Opportunities to Work Hard

When I Asked God for Peace
He Showed Me How to Help Others

God Gave Me Nothing I Wanted
He Gave Me Everything I Needed

Rowen and Jen-Jen answer survey

Rowen: +... sch0oL!
1.San ka nag-aaral?
** regional science high skuL iii
2.Anu first subject niyo?
** physics
3.Subject before lunch?
** engLish... uhmm meron nga b?
4.Subject after recess?
** math!
5.What grade/year?
** seni0r!
6.What is your favorite subject?
** math dati!
7.Favorite teacher?
** marami ;P
8.Not favorite teacher?
** marami rin ;P
9.Favorite classmate(girl)?
** ovhiciaLLes
10.Favorite classmate/s(boy)?
** cLang LhAt
11.Sinu seatmate/s mo?
** c david bLeh ...
12.Sinu nakaupo sa harapan mo?
** nasa harap ak0 kaya WALA
13.Sinu nakaupo naman sa likod mo?
** c r0lca
14. Any school activities this month?
** anrami! js! ymca, mtap, national science fair.
15. Hate mo na subject?
** s0cstud
16. May crush ka sa mga classmate mo?
** aTa...
17. Mababait ba mga classmate mo?
** pag tuLog!! uu nmn!
18. Eh adviser mo mabait?
** uhmm... hehe... uu
19. Describe mo naman classroom niyo..
** makaLat, lik0d, at maLay0 sa kabihasnan,
sinasalakay ng unggoy, katabi ng lib, waLang
bintana, ang inet!
20. Happy activities last week?
** pr0m... bagui0!
21. Last, what can you say about your school?
** l0ve it! pr0ud to be in it!

Jen-Jen: survey...
1)Are you currently in a relationship or single?
- single
2) Are you happy with where you are?
- opo
3) When you meet the right person, do you fall fast?
- sometimes
4) Have you ever cheated on someone?
- nde pa
5) Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is acceptable? - I think s0..
6) Would you ever take someone back, if they cheated on you?
- n0pe
7. Have you talked about marriage with another person?
- yeah
8) Do you want children?
- yeah I love kids kaya!
9) If yes how many?
- kung ilan bigay sakin ni g0d
10) Would you consider adopting?
- why not
11) If somebody liked you right now, what would you think?
- wala like lng naman eh!!
12) Do you enjoy a chase?
- huh???
13) Be honest, do you play the "game" when you are dating?
- hahaha!! Anung game??
14) Do you believe love at first sight exists?
- yeah!
15) Are you romantic?
- super!
16) Do you believe that you can change someone?
- yeah
17) If you could get married anywhere, money not an object where would it be?
- sa paris!! Hahaha!!
19) Do you easily give in when you are fighting?
- mahaba pasensya q

Monday, February 20, 2006

VHs' message to the 1st evictee

Heidz i really am sad...ngyari n ang kina-aayawan ko sa PBBFG2 may natanggal n...pero sana khit n wala k n sa virtual house usap p rin tau ha?? mamimiss kita..kc ala k n sa virtual house...pero sana masaya k dahil nkilala mu kmi...ingatz ka lagi!!! halabshu!!! (^-^) -Paolo

To heidz (as everyone calls her), not only have you been a great virtual housemate, but even more of a great friend! You're busy schedule might have been the reason for your to-evict votes. But its not your fault. Its difficult to to do lots of things when you have too much in your hand. Which is why i admire you! Being busy, but still managed to participate. Our friendship may not have lasted long at the game, but outside, is a bigger and better place to continue. Hope to still be able to make my life's journey with your friendship at my side. We love you Heidz! Muah! -Remcyl

sis... heidee... well, i dont know how to start... ang hirap hehehe! you're the first VH's na naka-chat ko thru ym and even we dont chat to much i know you're a good person inside and out... it's too late when i realized that makulit ka din pala hehehe... kasi everytime we chat, wala tayong napag-uusapan.. it's always HI... HELLO lang..!! but i understand kasi you're so busy with your work...but i beleive that this is not the end of our friendship right??? even you're not already a VH.. i mean because you got evicted na.. it doesnt mean na we're not friends at all di ba??? hope lalo pa natin makilala yung isa't-isa... chat prin tay0 k??? ngatz alwayz.. we will miss y0u...!!! -Jen-Jen

'Twas quite hard to tell who's going to be eliminated first and I was really shocked when I was told that Heidee was the first one to go. Although I saw that she had more than one to-evict votes, I was still surprised to know it was really her. I think she's nice and friendly. Maybe she's missed quite a handful in the game but perhaps she gained more in other aspects of her life (

Anyway, I just wish her goodluck in all her undertakings. And although it might've saddened her, I'm pretty sure she's ok and moving on. After all, there's still a big world outside of the Virtual House. God bless, girl! =) -Kathryn

Remcyl to launch [sic] his website

On Saturday, February 25th, Remcyl will launch [sic] his personal website at

Kathryn and Dylan approve Testimonials

For Kathryn:
mArGe Saturday, February 18, 2006
Ate kath! hei.. muzta po?? have't chat you like forever.. haha joke! miss ko lng po chatttin with you eh... sipag kc.. maxado devoted sa work.. nyeheh anyweiz house your VLday?? nyehe tensionado po sa eviction ha.. hehe congrats po for havin 5 points from BBK... nice love story ha... hanggang d2 nlng po muna... byebie.. take care God bles...{ * mArGe }

pAoLo miGueL Wednesday, February 15, 2006
c ate Kathryn Raflores ang aking idol! hehe kaya ko cya idol she is really a good wife to her husband...she is a great friend..and most especially nurse..hehe my dream is to be one...napaka-bait she is really a good friend..magaling mgbigay ng tips to be a successful nurse...i really really really admire her!!! thanks idol sa lahat lahat khit sa internet lng tau ngkakilala feeling ko kilala n kita ng matagl n panahon n..heheh ingatz lagi ate kathryn!!! at khit nurse n ako u r still my idol!!! that's a promise hehe!!! (^-^)

For Dylan:
kHiKhAi-UnO-FUL, Saturday, February 18, 2006:
prince ko ^_^... i mean dyl /gghay... kakamiss ka na.. di ka na nagpaparamdam dyl.. namiss ko na ung dati na lagi kta kausap..lam nyo guys iba tlga c lhat ng guys na nakilala ko sya lang ung super sweet and thoughtful tlga..and before ngeeffort pa sya na mgng close s mga sis ko khit minsan pbili ng pbili ng kng ano2 c jhes. /hehthis guy tlga is kind..qt pa!,minsn ata pazzaway n rin hehe... laging nsa banda nila.. pero im sure d nya pinapabayaan studies nyahe's one of a kind for me.. mahirap makahanap ng kagaya nya.. but im sure la kang katulad prince ko..oops i can't call u that na pla...sorry ^_^..namiss ko's my fault nmn.. i let go of u... /sobbsta prince ko. thanks for everything. before.. sorry sa ngwa ko dati.. i chose the wrong person.. /sobpero finish na un..right? we're friends right dyl? ^_^tc olweiz dyl ^_^~khikhai-jess~

-'jEsa inchiQ'-, Saturday, February 18, 2006:
BadGhuYy..!!h3yow h3yow..tgaL ko n din di nakadaaN ditU ah..w3LL 3tOh npAdaan lng nmn po.. ;;)gr33t kta badghuyy kahit laM kong lat3 na.. haha..b3lAt3d...haPpy vaL3ntin3s po..mUsta vAl day m? saya ba?? ahihi..oK lng nmn po v-daY kOo.. m3jo boRing..ahaha..ditO lng sa bahay..tpOs nsira p moD3m ko.. p3ro buti nLang po ayOs nah.. haha..! b3h.. =pw3LL ayUn badghUyy..naMiss kuH kakuLitan mu..! and nga pLA.. wag kang mgpapaLipas ng gutOm agAin hah.. baka mmYa nyan kung anu n mngyar3 sau..nagaaLaLA lng nmn badghurL mo.. ahihi..goodgurL n kasi..w3LL ayUn badghuyy.. inGatan mo uNg taOng pinakamamahaL mU aHh..ahihi.. laGi ka magiinGats oRryt?!uNg mga biLin ko sayO badghUyy..ah3h3..thAnks po tLga sa t3sti..cuT3 m tLga.. magiC numBar?!ahihi..mwamwahughuglablab..wabsyah & misyah po..[..badghurLL mo lng naman po..]

mArGe, Saturday, February 18, 2006:
Kuya dyL.. ok k n po ba after being hospitalized?? DyL, uhmm xa ung mga unang nkausap ko na VH... sobrang cool kausap, tska bait xa.. i hope ung problem mo with ur Leeh maaus na.. keep praying and pray for God's guidance for the two of you.. Pag pray mo na sana siya na ung girl for you.. the one hu'll you spend your lifetime with.. (haha kung magsalita kala mo mas matanda pa eh no) nyweiz... God is there.. tska naku wag magpabaya.. Kumain.. bka gus2 mo m2lad skn may ulcer na.. naku naku.. have time to relax.. okei?? Take Care and God Bless! :)[ *mArge ]

vAnn, Saturday, February 18, 2006:
pasawaya tong bata na to hihihih dylan ang daming acount niyaan hahahaha bait niyan subracge tol drop by lng dito testi ko ha

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Heidee gets evicted

Heidee, the 23-year-old VH from Zamboanga City becomes the first evictee when she received the highest "to evict" points among the 12 virtual housemates. Perceived as aloof, Heidee met her demise at 1st nomination round when she got 10 "to evict" points.

In the historic 15-minute Eviction Night in YM conference room where BigBad Kuya got to chat with six of the twelve VHs namely Paolo (California), Ian (South Korea), Remcyl (Dagupan City), Rowen (Pampanga), Dylan (Manila), Jen-Jen (Caloocan City), BBK announced the results of the nomination.

Online and was also present in the YM confession room was Neil TG (Calamba City), PBBFG 1 Big Winner, to witness the 1st Eviction of PBBFG season 2.

Kathryn (Marikina City), Maristel (Manila) and Marge (Caloocan City) joined in just minutes after the evictee was revealed.

Summary of the nomination

CODENAME: 2 pts "to evict" - 1pt "to save"

Heidee - Ian
“SECRETUM”: Heidee - Ian
“BLUSANG ITIM”: Heidee - Ian
“CRONALO”: Heidee - Dylan
“BEDROOM SLIPPERS”: Heidee - Rowen

“IRIS”: Maristel - Pao
“FRANCES”: Maristel - Rowen
“BANJO”: Ian - Rhea

“HEARTY”: Janette - Rowen
“PANSTASYA”: Kathryn - Jen-Jen
“QUDDUS”: Rowen - Marge

Kathy -
5 point Reward
Jen-Jen - Immunity

Jen-Jen wins the Immunity

Jen-Jen, the 22-year-old VH from Caloocan received the 530 votes or 44.7% of total 1187 votes in the Immunity Poll which closed tonight.

Paolo, receving the second highest votes with 340, followed. Ian was third with165. Dylan, Kathryn and Remcyl got 28 votes each. Next were Marge (21), Maristel (15), Heidee (13), Janette (10) and Rowen (7).

Rhea, the 21-year-old economics stud from Gingoog City Misasmis Oriental got the least number of votes with only 2.

All votes received by Jen-Jen during the nomination are considered null and void.

Paolo blogs:
The New and Improved Paolo Miguel (^-^)

PBBFG Season 2 the game that made me stronger in everyday of my life.I know n sinalihan ko ang PBBFG because of the prize i will gain and now have: Friends...e2 lng ang balak ko n makuha sa game n 2.Kahit n ma-evict ako or mag quit for some reason (w/c i think will never happen)..i know n meron ako natanggap n prize.It's not the popularity or the fame that will lead you into succeding this game.It is how bonded you are as Virtual Housemates.But now, I think (and some people think) n masyado n ako nagiging mabait and they dont want me to be that way.Siguro nga ngaun ko lng naisip n hindi dapat na macyado ako mabait.Hindi tama n lagi n lang ako na-aabuso.I think kelangan ko n nga magbago.Not in a bad way but in a new and improved way.

You know, being a Paolo Miguel Mata is hard.Hindi ko alam kung kelan ako kelangan maging mabait or kelan ako kelangan lumaban.pero now that i have very supportive co-virtual housemates (ate jenjen, remcyl, dylan, ate maristel, heidz, and ate kathryn) that always advices me to be strong enough for the challenges that is happening inside the virtual house.I repeat what i have said befor, sumali ako dito dahil gusto ko ng bagong kaibigan...ayoko ng kaaway and i know that will never happen..Pero sa ngaun na-wiwitness ko n ngyayari sa Virtual House napapansin ko n may mga taong plastic sau.ayoko kc ng ganun..dati kc kung ayaw mo saakin pipilitin ko na magustuhan mo ang ugali ko.Ngaun hindi n ganun..kung ayaw mo sakin that's it no questions ask.ayaw ko rin sau! marami n akong problema: Personal Problems, Family Problems, School Problems...and this game is suppose to give me a break and forget all the problems i have.pero hindi kabaligtaran ang ngyayari mas lalo p ko ngkakaroon ng problema.

Marami n nagsasabi skin n kelangan ko mag-iba.kelangan ko hindi macyado maging mabait.kelangan ko maging malakas.Ngaun napatunayan ko n 22o and may patutunguhan ang mga advice saakin i'll try to be a more different Paolo.So this coming days sa PBBFG (kung hindi man ako ma-evict ngaung eviction night) expect a more stronger version of the Paolo u used to know.Cguro tama n muna ang pagiging mabait kasi ako ang nasasaktan sa huli.It doesn't mean n i'll be that bad n wala ng pinapansin.NO! i'll just be more true and stronger and friendlier than usual.But as i said a while ago kung ayaw mo saakin then back-off ayaw ko rin sau! kaya aun.hope the people would understand my change. this is not for a bad cause nmn para rin to sa ikabubuti ko.and to all my co-virtual housemates! ingatz palagi and kung ayaw nyo saakin pls tell me so that i know. (^-^)

Current Mood: tired
Current Music: Unchained Melody- Justin Guarini

Marge, Jen-Jen, Remcyl and Ian approve Testimonials

For Marge:
Remcyl Viloria, Sunday, February 19, 2006:
well marge i think is easily judged because of the way she looks and with how young she is. actually, when i got the chance to chat with her one on one, she was very mature. nothing id expect from a girl her age. Sometimes big things really come in small packages, and she is the perfect example. Marge, you're a sweet girl and i hope you wont change. If you do, make it for the better. Im expecting big things from you! Love yah!

' DyLaN ' -XIII, Saturday, February 18, 2006:
marge?!tnx s c0ncern!!..heh yeh auz n nmn ak0... mej0 d n smzkit st0mach..hek2..aba my ulcer k rn pla?!... hahaha.. andme nten ah?!...hek2teztimz nga pla 2.. hek2... an0 b msbe k0...c marge...nklala k 2 s PBBFG2... nakz nmn!..heh xa ata pnkbata sa vhauzm8z db??...hehe... bhaet2 n2.. friendly... nd th0tful pa!!..naakzzzz!!..hehe... ngkkzund0 nga kme ng batang 2.. (kz izip bata k0..j0kez!)...eheh.. zka xmpre siz in Christ k0 dn 2!!!...hehauz n p0 pla kme ni Leeh... tnx uli s c0ncern!!..hek2... yup2 pgpray k0 un =D... i'll take ur advice....ate?? wah di bagay!! n b??.. n0h blita zau??...heheingatz lgi ayt?!.. cu s vhauz...heheGodsmackk!!.....::uRz tRuLy::...D(e)V(i)C(e)

'Maristel uno', Saturday, February 18, 2006:
how am i goin to start?i call marge li'l sis... she looks a lot like my cuzn Elaine. I know they're both kikay and cutie... :)at first she's hesitant starting a conversation with me... "malaki daw kc age gap namin"... but mind u, we got along just well, despite the long age gap...she calls me Achie... and it's really a pleasure on my part...I simply love this gurl - coz i know we have a lot in common. ayaw man niya aminin that she loves pink - i know in her heart she does... and WE BOTH DO have passion for pink... what else? i adore her kc, kaya nya pagsabayin lahat and i believe in her... kaya lahat ng nagsasabi that she's very young for pbbfg2, "guys! get to know her 1st. kahit di naman sa pbbfg eh, winning her as a friend is much more a great privilege than winning the game!" Love u li'l sis! Stay sweet & be safe always...:)~mwaHuggz~achieMARISTEL or

LaNg, Saturday, February 18, 2006:
hey marge the gal who loves PiNkkkk....= ) and very cute tlaga xa parang c sarah or jasmine..hehe..sna nga mgkausap tau and then cute naman din ang bf mo ah..hehe..well u can send me a message naman if u want some advice from me..hhehe..(about LoVe) cre girl and Godbless yha! mwahh lab yha..

pAoLo miGueL, Wednesday, February 15, 2006:
wow! ganda ng profile ah..hehe...e2 c marge ngaun ko lng nalaman n adik cya kay hello kitty hehe...tpos i believe magaling yan magsayaw hehe..sample nmn...marge is really a good friend khit nung minsan nkalimutan nya ako isama sa blog nya pero nakabawi nnmn cya by making a blog update n ako lng ung nakalagay..hehe thanks marge!!!...she is the baby of our group sa blog namin..she is one of my new set of friends and never ako nag-sisi ng makilala ko kau..hehhe!!! ingatzz lagi!!! (^-^)

For Jen-Jen:
mArGe Saturday, February 18, 2006
" my name is jenny....can call me jen, jen-jen... im 22 years old...birthdate is july 22, 1983...grew up in quezon the eldest... joan is my one and only a born-again christian... "so here it goes: ate jhen isa sa mga ate's na close na close ko... txtm8 ko dn xa.. kind, a very good listener tska mggng cover n xa ng FHM.. sana haha joke.. churi kung ibinuking kita.. haha :)) nyweiz.. PIC --- partners in crime kmi n2 eh.. hahah fami nalalaman at kalokohan.. heheh kya nga kmi magkasundo.. hehe :) cge po ate jen.. enge rin testi.. Take care God blez.. dont' forget ,continue serving the lord! :) he's great *so much![ *mArGe }

pAoLo miGueL Wednesday, February 15, 2006
ate jenjen!!! hehe nainggit ako kay remcyl so aun ngbalak din ako gumawa.Ate Jenjen! nameet ko cya thru our blog hehe.sobrang bait ni2 sobrang understanding at sobrang palatawa.hehe i consider her my bestfriend sa blog hehe.The best thing about her she knows what is right and what is wrong hehe hindi cya ung tao na iiwan ka sa ere at lagi yan na didisconnect sa chat (walang kinalaman sa topic hehe) pero as i sadi love n love ko yan! for me she is the bestfriend u would like to have.kahit sa chat lng kami ngkakilala.i know na she is a good person at talaga nmang marami ngmamahal sknya! (^-^) ingats always!!! (^-^)

Remcyl Viloria Tuesday, February 14, 2006
hmm, with a girl (ehem, ms. handsome! ;-} ) like jen, youll never ran out of ideas to talk about. very attentive and very supportive. But the best thing about jen that i truly love, is that she knows how to take care of her friends. She comforts people and acts responsible enough. Also, another quality that i love about her is that she's a VERY GOOD LISTENER! She knows when its her turn to talk, and when its her partner's turn. Well, for the short time that i have known you jen, i know by heart that you're a good person and most specially, a very good friend of mine...Can i keep you?

For Remcyl
mArGe Saturday, February 18, 2006
wahahah remcyL... i miss u na.. i havent chat with u for a long time na! grrrr ! :(( hahah la lang.. sobrang may papalit n skn sa pggng adik sa ADOBE PHOTOSHOP! nyahah talented ine.. tska Fashionista xa i think... danda ng kulay ng buhok e... nakakatusok nga lang.. nyahah joke.. npka kind pa.. xa ung isa sa mga VH na nkachat ko.. nyehe sobrang cool kausap.. hehe gotta go now... take care God blez![ *mArGe ]

For Ian
mArGe Saturday, February 18, 2006
kuya ian... hahah the 1st time ko xa mkchat sa YM.. natakot ako.. Perfectionist dw xa.. ayaw nya ng nagkakamali.. gulat ako.. un nmn pla mxdo lng mapagbiro to at kalog.. haha may cute na lover yan. e kamukha ni sandara (kahit panget dw si sandy) nyahah korean b nmn, sayang d nagkatuluyan eh.. kind, minsan may pagka pasaway.. tska cguro matalino to.. malay ko lng ha.. hahah cge nangulit lng po take care Godblez![*mArGe]

Heidee blogs: Ordinary Day

Last night I finished Paolo Coelho's Eleven Minutes, a novel about a prostitute. Not as enlightening as his The Alchemist but I must say it was a rather interesting read. Another thing I finished last night was the Koreanovela Endless Love: Autumn in my Heart. My housemate Gay and I stayed up till almost 3am just to watch Jenny die.

This afternoon my housemate Maya and I walked over to Planet Badminton only to be greeted with bad news. First, they no longer had the Sunday buy 1 take 1 promo...they replaced it with buy 2 take 1. Aww. Second, there was no available court. So we had one reserved for tonight at 9pm.

Since that didn't push through, I decided to head for the gym instead. There were no classes to attend but I had to lift weights. I did that as well as spend a few minutes on the stationary bike and treadmill. Then I had a warm shower and went inside the sauna for a while. Then I blowdried my hair, got changed, and rode a jeep home.

Then I decided to surf the net for a bit, because perhaps some of my VH's are online. They weren't, but I did get a testimonial from my VH Marge. This girl seems so sweet and friendly. I know I haven't talked to her yet but I hope we'll get a chance to do so in the future, if I don't get evicted yet, that is.