Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 2

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Activity 12 - Most influential woman in life next to your mum (in celebration of the National Women's Month)

Jasmine and Marge

"Love ko 'to!" Jasmine Soriano Trias born in Honolulu HI. But truly a Filipina at heart. She's the most influential women i've ever seen. Kahit na lumaki sa ibang bansa di parin niya tinalikuran ang Pilipinas. I was really happy knowing may pumasok sa American Idol na Filipina's and isa siya dun. I really like her. She's good at singing and even dancing. Hahaha! I love LOSE CONTROL. DAmi niyang endorsement d2. Namely, Bench, Smart, Mcdo etc. yeah! It's a great honor na i compare ako sakanya. haha! dami nagsabi kamukha ko daw siya. Pati height! LOLx Sobrang love niya yung country natin. Diba pumasok pa siya sa PBB house. Grabe! Di mo maitatanggi may mga Filipino parin kahit na sikat sa iabng bansa di lumilimot dito. And i'm Really Proud of her. LOVE KO TO!

Miriam Defensor Santiago, the most influential woman in Rowen's life

Most influential woman in my lifewould be... Miriam Defensor Santiago. She is a toughwoman. Although, sometimes coined as crazy, she has what it takes to lead. She is very influential to me when it comes to her thoughts, her words, her speaking. I am very much impressed with the way she speaks. She is a very good politician. I remembered the 'I lied' incident, that's not a humiliation but I think of that as a wise decision to do. She has been a figure of a woman, character of a strong-willed, never fading person. She is very very influential to me. The way she speaks and all, I imitate it. {wonder if i have friends?] Hehe. That's it.

Dylan approves Testimonial

-Laurice- 03/15/2006
mahal koh..i miss you na lang..pansinin moh naman akoh..ahahhaa..lakas ng loob eh noh?akoh nga di namamansin..tampo ka na saken?wak naman noh?i love you so much mahal koh..mwah mwah mwah..lapit na lang..tagal na naten!! ahahhaa..=)la lang,,,ingats ka po huh?mwah mwah mwwaahHH!!!amishu so much..i love you!!-yourLEEH...

Maristel blogs: Same old, same old...

How my day started? Well, I woke up early and of course do my morning rituals...

I didn't come with my company at work coz I have a lot to finish... Things are giving me a lot of headaches lately... Although I first thought of the things we need to prepare for laters event at Parkwood for Wedding... And a Debut at Sta. Rosa Laguna...

Last Thursday, March 16 and Friday, March 17 - we had this event care of Jollibee. It's an Auto Trade Show... The engager was Shirley Amarillo... Our personnel was just feeling so sick... Coz in our every evnt, the client is supposed to provide meals for our personnel in charge. We dropped off our personnel at Ruby Road 6am, but our engager didn't ecen gave him a budget for his meal... Kung wala sana sila ipapakain, sana kahit bigyan naman nila ng kahit magkano yung tauhan namin, kahit pantawid lang... But anyway, the dame has been done. He survived a whole day naman.

Same day March 17, Friday - the client who called me last Saturday gave me a call - Mr. Edwin Cosme... He confirmed a Birthday Party at 16-G Ocean Tower at Roxas Blvd. Actually, I wasn't expecting that he'll be calling us again... I know kasi that it was a rush... And I was thinking maybe he hired other company na... But he called me and informed me, that they will confirm nga and my people should be at venue by 3pm coz the party will be starting at 6pm. But we have to negotiate for the package price pa, kaya naman, for me to be able to close our deal I gave Sir Edwin a 500 discount from the proposal I sent him... CLOSED DEAL!!!

Also, Engr. Elcid Reyes gave me a call today... He thought that maybe I have forgotten about his request for a quotation for Sounds, Lights, Stage and Backdrop Rental for Tianshi Phils.' Convention which will be held this June or July at either Westin Philippine or Manila Hotel. I explained everything to him... I even told him that - actually I was doing the proposal na and I'll be sending it after 20 mins... Funny! So I rushed... I was having this chat with Pao, while I was doing the quotation for Engr. Reyes... Engr. Reyes is considering us kasi for their event... Ayaw na daw niya ng marami pang kausap. One stop shop in other words...

So I sent him the quotation or proposal via fax and even sent him a copy through his email.

Harris Carreon called up too. He's requesting for a proposal for a Wedding naman at April 08... Medyo marami talaga trabaho...

Non stop phone calls and paperworks!!! But it's all worth it naman...

Today, March 18- VHs please bear with me... I may not be able to get online the whole day... Isang event namin for today will be held at Sta. Rosa naman - the organizer is a nephew of VP Noli de Castro naman, John de Castro, a young man na sanay na sa services namin. Actually sa March 24 may schedule na sya ulit sa amin...

Anyway, I will be monitoring our event at Parkwood Subdivision at Pasig kasi. By 9am set up namin ang Reception... By 2pm naman yung Montefalco Parish Church... Our equipments must be assembled first kasi - mahirap na ang mauuna na makapag set-up yung caterer... Di kami makakakuha ng pwesto...

The caterer who's gonna provide for the food will be VS&F who the owner is Mr. Buddy Abesamis. We used to cater before kasi and we already met him - and he really is a good guy! He's the owner and at the same time, he 's the one doing the on the spot cooking for their client's menu.

By the way, one of the Principal Sponsor of Diaz-Quisana Nuptial will be Councilor Nanette Castello-Daza of Quezon City. The guest band who's gonna perform for 45mins will be U-Turn...

Basta Sunday or Monday, I might post a pic from one of our events...

I hope you all understand me...

I am terribly missing you all... I miss PAJEMAREMA (much,much)
Kath, off mo kanina, nakapag online naman ako, kaya lang di na naman tayo nagtagpo... Ate Janette, hope you're feeling well na... Rowen & Dylan goodluck sa finals nyo! Kaya nyo yan! Marge, di na tayo nagkakausap... Rems, same with you... Jen, sorry kanina, sobrang busy ako, kaya di ako agad nakakareply sa'yo... Kung miss mo na kami, mas miss na kita, eh ikaw lagi ko ka-chat eh... Pao, hahaha!!! spread love, celebrate love... PAOLO MIGUEL MATA & KELLIE PICKLER... MARISTEL OCAMPO & ACE YOUNG!!! hahaha!!!

I miss you all so damn much!!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Activity 11 - What age do VHs act?

18-year-old Dylan acts like 25 years old

27-year-old Janette acts like 24 years old

22-year-old Jen-Jen acts like 17 years old

23-year-old Kathryn acts like 23 years old
`14-year-old Marge acts like 16 years old
26-year-old Maristel acts like 24 years old
17-year-old Paolo acts like 12 years old
18-year-old Remcyl acts like 20 years old

16-year-old Rowen acts like 19 years old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Take the What Age Do You Act? Survey!

Janette's special friend

She is Ms. Janette G. Sampana, aside from my nanay she's one of the person who influences me most. She's a a person with a very strong personality, she taught that being credible person is not by being a perfect but instead by being honest with your imperfections. We've been friends for almost a year, she's with me through thick and thin, very compasionate and loveable person.

When i'm spiritually low she's the one who lift my spirit up...and during my wedding she's one of the bussiest person (actually mas busy pa sya kesa sa mga kapatid ko) that assist me in preparing for that big day, and it wouldn't be that memorable, organize and solemn without that girl..

She's really rare, precious and diadem...

She's one of the reason why i keep believing that life is really beautiful!

Jen-Jen blogs: FeVeR??? i DoNt CaRe!!!

Oh yeah... sunday afternoon i gues... after church... i really felt bad! really really bad head aches... then i noticed im a bit hot... oh well when i checked my temperature... its 39.6! not a bit hot right??? yeah... i do have a high fever... maybe because of the weather!! but i dont care... kahit mayfever ako...

Monday... i still felt bad parin... but when my sister tells me na they were goin to mall... to buy a tape recorder... ewww gus2 ko sumama hehehe!! i have to act normal coz i dont want them to know na im sick.... before lunch, punta na kami mall with my sister and my mom... kahit may sakit nakapag-shopping parin kami... we also went to SMART wireless center to ask their help kasi my MMS didint work... there's somethin wrong with the settings! we got home by 6pm... then sobrang latang lata ako... bagsak ako sa bed!

Tuesday.... i cant recall what i did that day... but what i can remember is we do have a visitor (our churchmates!) and si monette sinundo ako for bible study... (girl with me in the pic) after bible study we went to funeraria dela paz...ofcourse kasi may patay! the relative of our ka-churchmate! my plan pa naman is to get online to check whats new in pbbfg2 site... but then i tried to get online using mobile hehehe... ayun si ate mats, nakausap ko sa ym kahit nasa funeral pa ako... and that pic is taken at the funeral hehehe! ang galing d b?? nakuha pa namin magkuhanan ng pic!

Wednesday.... well boring day for me!! i dunno why... i supposed to go to the hospital for a check up but im so so tired that day.... what i did lang is tulog tulog at tulog

Thursday... i used to get online... i used to talk ate kathryn sa pbbfg2 site... sa shoutbox hehehe!! exchange message lng... wala din maxado nangyari that day kasi i really felt bad....

Friday.... still sick! 5th day na ito... whats wrong with me kaya??? dont have time for doctors... i really hate goin to hospitals...!!!! but then...nakapag-shopping parin ako... hehehe! then when i got home... nag-online ako sa ym then i got a chance to chat with ate janette... she advices me to go to the hospital na nga! then at night after dinner... used to chat with dylan... same advice hahaha!! then remcyl get on... but biglang nawala... hey mr.beautiful are u mad at me??? bigla mo nalng ako iniwan eh!! i miss u pa naman.... anyways... finally ate kath is here na hehehe.... same advice nanaman! kea ayun... pwamiz q na tlga magpapa-check up na ko tom... pero no no confine!!! high fever with cough and too much head ache... whats wrong with me kaya nuh????

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Kathryn writes BBK

Hi, BBK! I'm supposed to inform you po sana of Ate Janette's confinement sa hospital just recentlypero nauna na pala s'ya. Good thing sh'es out na. Pero I feel I still need to tell you since I toldher that I'm going to inform you about it. Nawalalang po sa isip ko when I logged in this morning. Sorry po.Thanks!'Yun lang po. Thanks ulit! =)

Dylan's Ate Lourdz

I wouldn’t be the person I am right now if I hadn’t met her! Tunay un!...

Met her when I was like... 12 years old? Totoy! Ahaha... 1st year HS ako nun... nd 1st yr college na xa... ateng ate! Heh... I was walking around campus nun when some girls caught my attention... (mejo np2lala ata k0 zndli...she was so damn gorgeous!)...haha j0kez... anyways... they were members pla of the band sa school... knauzap ak0 ni ate Lourdz and she convinced me to join the band...

Ede aun zali nmn ak0... heh... that was the start of how she changed my life...

I was really a problem child before... ok nmn ung studies ko... auz nman sa academic standing... pero ung attitude... aminado dati tlga... hamb0g, playb0y, lahat na... siguro nga dahil sa mga problems sa family... kaya ang laking change tlaga nung nakilala ko c ate... she taught me everything tlga... how I became like this... xempre sa banda lagi ko xa kazama... ang dami tlga nyang tinuro skin... mula sa paglilinis ng banda, paglalaba, pamamalantsa (di nmn ak0 mxdo ngng helper n0h? haha)... pati paggalang sa mga naza authority ... she even renewed my faith in God!... she taught me how a man should act... how to respect people... all her words of wisdom... I really took those to heart...

And...she was always there... parang older sister tlga... pag nagkakazakit ak0... pg may pr0blema sa family or sa kung saan... pag ngccram sa schoolstuff!...pag may prob kme ng mahal ko...all of her advices seem to work... heh... that’s why I really treasure her... and I’m so thankful that God allowed us to meet each other... she’s like the older sister I never had... heh... sa 6 years that she was my ate... we’ve gotten so close tlga... my whole family knows her and her whole family knows me nga... pag nza abroad nga ung parents nya... sometimes sa hauz nlng nmin xa ngsstay or ngsztay nlng ak0 sa apartment nila... kz delekad0 nga nmn mag-iza... sa lahat halos ng mga bagay... kazama ko c ate... it feels so great to have someone to care for you, train you, and give you advice like a mother would...

I really mean it when I say ...that I wouldn’t be the person I am right now if I hadn’t met her...

Right now...mejo nag-falter ung connection nmen.. =’(.. cause of some stupid mistake that I did... hayz... I’m so sorry ate...

Thanks for everything that you’ve taught me... I’ve learned my lesson... I’m sorry... and even though you said that you’ve already forgiven me... there’s still that little bit of disappointment that’ll stay... I know that this gap between us will stay... though I wish everything could go back to how it was before... I wish I could have my ate back... but....I guess this is one last lesson that you’ll teach me... that mistakes are irreversible...

Janette blogs: Out atlast!

Last monday i'm already not feeling well, but still i tried to be in the office coz i received a message that i need to report in our Regional Headquarters in Camp Olivas, City of San Fernando, Pampanga re my oath of office. After lunch my husband and i decided to leave Bulacan and went to Pampanga, sobra grabe nung init and wen we reached pampanga, umulan ng malakas, i was already sneezing at that time, when we reached the admin office the temperature was so cold, and that made my asthma strike.

I wasn't able to informed BBK and even my vhmates regarding my situation why i haven't able to be ol in the past few days kc naiwan cel ko sa haus sa pagmamadali wen my husband rushed me to the hospital coz i was also bleeding, the doctor thought that i had a miscarriage, bka daw buntis ako dko alam, but then after a series of test all results turn to negative, but i have my hormonal imbalance kya may bleeding.

Last nyt, i had a chance to exchange thoughts with kathryn, and she volountered to tel bbk bout my situation, and i owe you kath for that one, thank you so much. i'd like to apologize na rin to rowen kc i wasn't able to contribute in our activity, bawi nlng po ako, and to bbk i'm really sorry too for not being able to participate in our activity.

Obviously, i was able to post a blog coz i was already out in the hospital.. and thank God for the guidance and strength.. Wheeeeww! Hirap talaga magkasakit!hehehehe!

To all of you guys, i miss you so much!! Godbless! Be well, Be safe!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ayessa Rosario, Remcyl's friend

BBK nakita ko works ni mats and jen saactivity....nahiya tuloy me kasi ang iksi nung sakin. iwas wondering if i can change it and make itlonger and with a picture...

When i was in 1st year high, I had trouble fitting in because i dress differently, talk differently, and socialize differently than others. I mean hello, Im homo what do you expect. For short, I almost was a loner. Poor me! But a girl came along my way and cheered me up. And she is Ayessa Rosario.

I find it awkward why people say the more alike you are, the more that you wont get along. but i beg to disagree when i met her. Maybe that rule only applies to couples and not friends. So anyway, we laugh together, share funny and corny jokes together and even share almost every food one eats. We drink on the same straw, nibble on the same bread, and share our saliva's on spaghettis (i think i just made that sound gross).

Me and Ayessa were in a group called DATAGAM which lasted around a year and later broke up because we had different sections. But me and Ayessa remained good friends. The best of friends actually. She never seems to care about what others say about her. Always standing straight with her lice-boobs as i always term them, her hairy legs which i envy as she envies my legs, and of course, her jaw-dropping and brief-dropping beauty! I mean,look at her, she's a babe!

Right now Ayessa is studying in Baguio but our communication remains stronger than ever. We might not be there for each other by literally being there, but i know and i feel that she is always there for me (is she dead? harhar). If Ayessa does get the chance to see this, I wanna tell her how happy I am for having met someone so into her faith, having the kindest heart which comes with our constructive criticisms, and most especially for accepting me even if Im bisexual.

Thanks my friend. You're definitely my pink panther!

Paolo and Britney Spears

Britney Spears....of course (is the most influential woman in [my] life next to [my] mum) she inspired me a lot... i started liking her March 14 1998.. yep kktpos lng ng anniversary namin... hehehhe... marami n cya ngawa at a very young age and now may asawa n cya at isang anak si Sean Preston... at lately na rurumor n buntis cya..hhhmmm but her speaker says "no" so i believe Britney's speaker. She already has 6 albums: Baby One More Time, Oopss... I Did It Again, Britney, In The Zone, Greatest Hits: My Prerogative, B: In The Mix

At lahat un meron ako CD.. hehehe adikz n ata ako pero i think Britney is really number one for me...kung ndi pwede si mama(tulad ni2ng activity n 2) i choose Britney!... kahit ndi p kami nagkaka-kilala sana soon... tsaka she survived a lot of rumors na hindi talaga 22o and napatunayan nya n hindi tlga 22o.. she really has a strong personality and a really really good family... feeling ko kaya nya naabot ang ganito kasi mahal na mahal nya ang pamilya nya and that's good. Her sister Jamie Lynne is now an actress at may sarili pang TV show sa Nickelodeon, "Zoey 101". I also like her. she is cute.. kaya kahit adik na adik ako ngaun sa american idol.. number1 p rin si britney and never cya mapapalitan ng kahit sino... i cant wait n bumalik si britney sa studio i heard she is recording some new songs for a new album at alam ko mag hihit un ka2lad ng ibang albums nya..and kapag nag-concert cya... See me first in line!(^-^)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dylan, Paolo and Remcyl get a +5 penalty points each

Three VHs, Dylan, Paolo and Remcyl, failed to form or join a group before the deadline, tonight. They will receive +5 evicting points in the 4th Nomination.

The 9 remaining VHs were told by BBK to re-group from the 5-member PaJeMaReMa and Take Five to 3-member groups for the next activites and challenges.

VHs re-group

Group name: 3G (3 gurLs)
Leader: Maristel, Members: Jen-Jen, Marge
"This 3 girls, we are hot!
This 3girls, we are hot!
Sobrang cool, WE GIRLS ROCK"

How we formed our group? Well, Jen, Marge & Istarted at Pajemarema (with Paolo and Remcyl), so we just decided to go for "all girls thingy" Reaction about the groupings, okay lang - on the otherhand sad kasi, the more the merrier sa isang group. We'll be missing the two other guys, perowe're all a text and chat away naman... So noprob. We can still help each other anyways ...Speculations, nothing naman. We're fine with theregrouping din naman, kasi mas magiging intimate ang bonding namin.

Group name: The Underdogs
Leader: Rowen, Members: Janette, Kat
"Burn, it's cold in here!
Rowen, Kat and Janette will heat up the atmosphere
We say FIGHT!
It's tough in here
We three will try to beat the other teams!
We say WIN! =)"

Baduy! Sobrah! Kinanta ko pa para malaman kungpasok. Bahala na. Hehe. Sorry, pressured! Sorry sagroupmates ko kung parang basura 'yung cheer. Peace!

Hehe, siguro po kasi kami 'yung mgatinaguriang"not-so-active VHs" sa season na itothat's why we call ourselves as that. How did weform the group? Kasi we felt na kami nalang 3'yung walang group since active nga 'yung rest ofthe VHs. But it's ok kasi it's not important namanwho your groupmates are, ang mahalaga naman maygroup ka na makakasama mo sa activities. And youalso get to know these people better. Maganda rinna nababago-bago 'yung groupings.

Group name: Sini-gang
Leader: Remcyl, Members: Dylan, Paolo

We got pao, we got remz, and we got the Dyl
Take a break, from the fakes, coz we are so real.
Got the looks, and the smile, which the girls adore.
Sing and dance, got the style, and a whole lot more!
Goooo Sini-gang!!!!

Dylan: waaah... sorry for the late reply to the messagebigbadkuya... sorry if we weren't able to form agroup as well... mejo busy lng po kz... cause it'sour finals na po... sorry po... hope you understand...

Kathryn's inspiration

Ms. Jocelyn Jacob, or Ms. Jo as we fondly call her in TMC, for me, is the Florence nightingale of modern Nursing. I deeply admire her because she possesses in her an innate passion and devotion in caring for other people. No wonder why, at such a young age of 26, she already is one of the well-respected Clinical instructors/Trainors in The Medical City. She's highly commended by a lot of people, most of all by her patients.

Though I share a common compassion such as hers when it comes to patient service, this well-loved woman has inculcated in me the true and deep meaning of "taking care" of other people, people who are not at all related to you or you don't really know. It simply amazes everybody surrounding her, most especially her patients. And she has a healing hand indeed.

And it doesn't stop there, she exends this healthy outlook to her staff and co-workers and it has, in some ways, changed their lives for the better. I heard this feedback from one of my superiors "Laking pasasalamat ko si Ma'am Jo ang naging Head Nurse ko dati. Kung ano 'yung ginagawa n'ya sa patients n'ya at sa staff n'ya dati, 'yun ang tinutularan kong gawin ngayon bilang HN." this just goes to show how much influence she brought to the people around her. It's so natural. Her caring and thoughtful attitude (San ka makakakita ng HN na laging nagdadala at nagsusubo ng food sa staff n'ya?! At talagang di ka titigilan hangga't di ka naggi-give in sa yaya n'yang kumain ka despite your being busy sa unit.) has really inspired a lot of people. And I know, even if she'll already be going to the US, she will continue to emanate this kindness and positive perspective in life that she always has inside of her.

Ma'am Jo, swerte ng patients mo... at namin dahil sa nakita namin kung ano at sino ang taong talagang matatawag mong NURSE. You, without any doubt, has uplifted the spirit of lots of nurses. Soar high and God bless. =)

Remcyl blogs: Alain is making me work, Dazzling eye colors, Live and the PIS!

Okay so I know I should've published my first podcast a long time ago, but I had been busy for the past few days (what in the world could I be busy for). I'll tell you what I had been up to. I was helping out Alain with his video documentary project. Well, I'm no part of it but I'm helping out with the audio, presentation and other stuffs. It's really great coz he challenged me with one photoshop assignment which I think he won't be using by the way.

Yesterday I bought 2 pairs of contact lenses. It was really cool coz now I can finally be blue-eyed and green-eyed at the same time. How I wish I was just an american to save me from all these hair dye and contact expenses. But hey, no one's complaining (except for my mother that is). Which brings me to the most devastating news of all. My aunt Me-an called up on my birthday and she told me she won't be continuing my credit card anymore. Waaaaaaaahhhh! I was really bummed about it. But I'll make sure she won't pursue with her plan.

Also, going back to the topic of podcasting, I've been visiting the site of the cool Manong Guard and Kid Flash X, and I'm really happy I was noticed. At first I thought I was ignored the same way Kid Flash X was ignored by the Sini-Gang. Harharhar... But they replied to my posts lately. Also Obet was really cool. He's from the PutangInaMo Show. Check them out when i get affiliated with them. For now, it's adios for me.

Over and OUT!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Jen-Jen's Tita Baby

This is my Tita Baby, the most influential woman in my life next to my mom... She's my mom's second cousin.... a "kababata", and bestfriend at the same time... they're super close kahit na nagdalaga na sila... Until my tita met Tito Jun the father of her 2 kids... i cant say na her husband kasi nga hindi sila kasal kahit they already have 2kids na! Well for my tita baby, thank you narin kasi hindi sila nakasal because her life became misserable because of that guy... yeah yeah tama kay0... bugbog dyan, bugbog dito inaabot niya and her own partner ninanakawan sya!! Ofcourse my tita is not that martyr naman kaya naghiwalay sila... Until then my tita planned to go to USA... she works there and decided na iwan muna ang 2kids niya which is my cousins... I knoe sobrang hirap napag-daanan niya sa simula... Oh yeah naging TNT siya at first, she works in a homecare... then after 7years of working there she bacame the Administrator of HomeCare na pinagttrabahuhan niya! And my Tita Baby met this white guy.... Uncle Gene!

Tita Baby and Uncle Gene

After a long courtship of Uncle Gene to my Tita Baby hehehe... "Here comes the bride all dress in white" Ooopsss but that's not the pic of their wedding huh... well, back tot he story... Yeah, kinasal nga sila then my tita got her greencard na... After a long sacrifices... sad moments kasi hindi niya kasama mga anak niya.... now, tapos na lahat yun!! Now is the time para sumaya naman siya... and she deserves to be happy!!

Aaron (the lil kid, my tita baby and uncle gene's son), Uncle gene, Kuya Jay (beside Uncle Gene), Tita Baby, Sophie (at the back of Tita Baby - daughter of Uncle Gene), Hunnie (at the back of Uncle Gene)

The picture of Schoenberg Family... Happy Family na sila ngayon... They're all in Downey, California. They have their own business now... ofcourse a HomeCare...

Bakit siya napili ko??? kasi i really admire her!! Sa dami ng paghihirap niya... ito na sya ngayon... daming achievements... isa na dun ung nagkaroon xa ng mabait na asawa and mga anak... but then kahit nagbago na lahat sa kanya... ung ugali niya hindi parin nagbabago... she's still humble!! i really love my tita...

Tita Baby... Miss you so much!! See you soon.........

Maristel's Tita Baby

Maristel: Besides my Mom, the most influential woman in my life is my Tita Baby (antonina romero)... She was born June 12, 1956 she shares the same age with my Mom. They've been friends for quite some time din. Tita Baby was first wife of my Tito Elly, who happens to be the brother of my Dad. Actually my Mom and my Tita Baby were in-laws before...

Both my mom and Tita Baby were first wives... My mom was married to Reynaldo Ocampo (3rd from a family of 6) and Tita Baby was married to Elly Ocampo (2nd to the eldest)...

Both my mom and my tita Baby got separated from their husbands... Mas nauna lang si Tita Baby. My Tito was beating her up and she has another relationship with some woman kasi... His family accuse my Tita that she's stealing money from them... Kung may ibigay naman ang Tito ko sa kanya, she's just saving it for her children... Lysander (32) and Elly Sander (30)... They got separated and my Tita met Ato... Really a long story... Ato became her lawyer defendant, when she sued a case to my tito...

Anyway, why she became the most influential person my life? well well well,,, because she fought for the rights of her two clidren... She never hesitated fighting for the rights... How I wish my mom did the same thing for us but she didn't...

We're not so close before... But when I stayed with my Tita Luz (my dad's sister) - I finally get to know her. Eventhough, at first I know it's hard to reach out on her... Now we're close as ever...

My dad left us when I was 5 and till now I feel pain from him... He's attitude - masyadong weather-weather , but still I kept on fighting...

That's why I kept things in tact in my mind, that I HAVE TO BE STRONG like my tita Baby... I want to be a fighter like her and I want to have something of my own like her.

She maybe chatterbox at times but we're just the same...

*note* Tita Baby's in white polo...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

VHs must re-group themselves into 3 with 3 members each.
Each group must choose a leader and a group name. They must also compose a group cheer or chant.
Group leaders must submit a list of their members with their group name and group cheer or chant to BBK via Friendster on or before midnight tomorrow (+8PM GMT).

Maristel blogs: Bad Trip

March 11, Saturday (a new day) - around 3am, still talking to Jen over the phone... O f course never ending giggles and laughters... But then time's running and we both have to sleep... So we decided to hang up and talk again the following day. Right after our long chat on the phone, I went upstairs and did my nightly beauty regimen... But I was worrying with my 5pups so I decided to check on them. I was very sleepy na, but I can see that the pups really are starved, so I made them a bottle of milk and fed each one and cleaned them. I finished feeding the pups around 6:30am.

I went upstairs and get myself to sleep, shempre I pray muna... I never forget to say my prayers before I go to sleep. It's part of my routine. And God is my inspiration.

I woke up 9:30am because my stomache's in pain. I can't sleep well because of it. Good thing din coz Remcyl texted me. Exhange texts kami ni Rem. And then I decided to go to the market and buy fresh live tilapia (for lunch) - I bought sky flakes and coke sakto for breakfast (hahaha!) - I asked Bane (my cousin) to feed my pups. I watched Papu (my cousin, din) prepare himself to school. I had 2 sticks of smoke. And then I get online. I saw Paolo online, but his status message was "busy" but then I still bother to send him a message...

Kaya lang because kulang ang tulog ko, mga around 11 noon, inantok na naman ako... So i decided to go to bed ulit... Kaasar nga kc I know PAJEMAREMA will be online any moment, kaya lang talagang anotok ako...

I woke up around 2:30pm. We have an event din kasi at Acropolis, Libis.

So my cousins Doinx and Bryan get themselves ready for the event. I asked Doinx to just pick me up even after the event na lang. Kasi, I'll be doing something... They left around 4:30pm... So nag online muna ako... I get to chat with Jen, Dylan, Marge and Pao... But when it's already quarter to six, bye-bye muna ko sa kanya coz I know, my cousins will be picking me up.

But I was a li'l disappointed, coz my cousin Doinx (big brother) decided not to pick me up - coz according to him, I haven't attend to my activities lately daw... One time lang naman. But I said sorry anyway, kaya lang, all's been done.

One quotation lang naman yung di ko nagawa. I didn't make it coz when I called Mr Anton Borja at Clear Waters, he wasn't there... Client call. So I said my deepest sorry to my Big Brother, my Big Boss... hahaha!!!

Next week's all lined up though...

A prob happened though early last night... I though my cousin Papu was just fooling around when he told me that my dad's outside and with my half sister Nica... andun nga sila... ok lang naman sa kin. it's there na eh...

After a couple of hours, dumating naman mom nia and an old woman naked VIKANG!!! and i super hate her! because she really is very judgemental - and it isn't good! she's at her place and scolding me!!! she's not even related to our family!!! i really hate her...

That's one of the reason why I have to stepped out from the computer... I was super bad trip!

Rhea is the 3rd Evictee

the 21-year old economics stud from Gingoog City Misamis Oriental, becomes the 3rd evictee of PBBFG 2 with overwhelming +20 points! In a 5-2-1-2 vote, 5 VHs voted against Rhea, 2 against Remcyl, 1 against Rowen and 2 failed to cast vote (Rhea, included).

Earlier this week, Rhea got a Special Task for not participating 3 activities in a row. However, she failed to convince at least 5 former VHs to post commentaries, her ST, in the Ex-VH Lounge therefore receiving a +5 penalty points.

Rhea and another VH received a +5 penalty points for not participating in the nomination.

Here is the summary of the nomination (immunity and penalty points included):

CODENAME: +2 points "to evict" -1 point "to save"

Fidele: Rhea - Remcyl
LaMpArA: Rhea - Remcyl
LimEwirE: Rhea - Remcyl

En-Ar: Rhea - Paolo
Sili: Rhea - Kathryn

BigBadAYUK: Remcyl - Rhea
Ang Only: Remcyl - Rhea

Rowen - Remcyl

Immunity - Rowen
Reward - Maristel

House Rule violation - Remcyl
Failed Special Task - Rhea
Failed to nominate -
Rhea, Janette

Rowen and Maristel; winners of Immunity and Reward Challenges

Rowen won the 3rd Immunity Challenge of PBBFG when he got the magic word first during the VHs Hunt Immunity Challenge. The +2 points he received in the Nomination was considered void. Maristel won the Reward Challenge. Only her and Jen-Jen submitted their answer in the Finals of Reward Challenge: Longest Filipino anagram. Her "lakas-lakas" - "kalas-kalas" (11 characters) was longer than Jen-Jen's "halaman" - "mahalan" (7 characters). Maristel's nomination points was doubled +2 evicting points and 1 -1 saving point to +4 and -2 respectively.

Results of the Nomination

to-evict: rhea - still couldn't feel her. to-save: pao - love ko to! 'yun lang po! hehe... hirap bumoto, ngayon palang!promise! thanks, bbk!

2points to evict for "rhea" you are so busy girl, dont have any time for this game!1point to save "remcyl" because bbk didnt allow jen-jen's request to get his +5 to evict points.

I am voting RHEA out...she already had her chance the whole week this week to prove that sheexists... kaya lang po, madalang pa din kamimagkausap... nag oonline nga sa ym, invisible mode naman... I know she's quite busy with herthings at school kya i wish her luck with herfeasibility. Goodluck and more power! I am giving my "to save" points for REMCYL... he deserves to stay at the house... He's such a truefriend and I know there are more good things hecan do for everybody... with his comments on the shoutbox with response to Ian's comment was justbut a natural sense... You know Ian has been provoking him to do something... REMCYL just defended himself and his friends (I know)... He deserves to stay and prove everyone that HE is SOMEBODY...

my to evict point goes to rowen i think he needs to study first. pero i think hindi rin because napapagsabay nya ang studies at ang game so i think its really a good thing for him. my to save point goes to remcyl i dont want himout. mabait cya at mapagkakatiwalaan and he got penalty kasi ndi nya alam ung rules.

2 points goes to Rhea, I just don't feel herinterest for the game. You have to try harder to stay. 1 point goes to Kath, I just love her and sheneeds not to explain her absence. Its obvious and it shows that she tries her best to keep up.

Evict - RHEA,, sorry but this is the deadline thatwe're giving you.. besided i want you to be out thanbeing IAN's ally... I know he's telling you to voteone of the members from PaJeMaReMa.. Right?so if u want to be saved from this DEVLISH acts...I want you to say goodbye for now...Save - Remcyl,, He's telling the truth! why wouldhe deny such small things. i'll save your ass don'tworry dear.. i know one of the EXVH is planning something... Goodluck to you!

To evict Remcyl since he has +5 to evict point sna, d na kailangan pang mahirapan.To save Rhea, since she has +5 to evit points paramasave naman siay at mabigyan ng chance.

Ang Only
nais ko pong ibigay ang aking dalawang 'to evict'na puntos ka Remcyl dahil hindi ako sumasang-ayonsa ginawa niya. At ang 'to save' na puntos kay Rhea dahil nais ko pang manatili siya sa bahay upang makilala nang lubusan. Maraming salamat po kuya

Dylan confesses

Bout pa0 and remcyl... well, i think na di nmntlga cla mgkakilala prior to this game... i'veread mica'z and their explanati0nz nmn kng bktnsbng mgkkilala cla...tingin k0 d nmn clang ccnungaling...and besidez, we haven't f0undpr0of 0f it... ska i d0n't think dat they'd lieb0ut dat juz 4 d sake 0f bein able to stay sa vhauz...

B0ut ky ate rhea... well, ak0 dn nman p0 mej0nggng inactive at timez, s0 naiintndhan k0 nmn p0xa... bein a grad student.. xgur0 bzng bz tlga..spxaly pg examz, deadline ng pr0jz, etc... i feelher pain...heh.. per0... d fact dat she j0ined dizgame... my rezp0nzibilitiez dn xa... kht ba wlat0ng k0ntrata... 0 cash prize... klngan m prn ngc0mmitment s game.. kht 0nti lng...simplngmgprmdam pminzan2...0 kya p0zt2 s bl0g..heh... kzgs2 ka dn nmn p0 nmen mkilala...zayang nmn ungopp0runity..hehdat'z all bbk... tnx p0! Godsmackk!!

Paolo answers survey

1. Taken a picture naked? hahaha oo yata pero ndi whole body(^-^)
2. Painted your room? meron gumagawa para saakin(^-^)
3. Kissed a member of the same sex? oo si papa..lolo ko..(^-^)
4. Drove a car? SANA!!!! (^-^)
5. Danced in front of your mirror? nope danced in front of the audience(^-^)
6. Have a crush? oo naman(^-^)
7. Been dumped? no!!!(^-^)
8. Stole money from a friend? no!!! (^-^)
9. Gotten in a car with people you just met? no!!!(^-^)
10. Been in a fist fight? HAHAHAH lagi!!! (^-^)
11. Snuck out of your house? HAHAHAHA lagi din(^-^)
12. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back?

oo eh sakit hehehe (^-^)
13. Been arrested? no!!! (^-^)
14. Made out with a stranger? no!!! (^-^)
15. Met up with a member of the opposite sex somewhere? yeah(^-^)
16. Left your house without telling your parents? yes always!!! nung nasa pilipinas p ako(^-^)
17. Had a crush on your neighbor? nope!! (^-^)
18. Ditched school to do something more fun? naku lagi!!! HAHAHAHAH(^-^)
19. Slept in a bed with a member of the same sex? yep(^-^)
20. Seen someone die? nope(^-^)
21. Been on a plane?yeah(^-^)
22. Kissed a picture? HELL NO!!! (^-^)
23. Slept in until 3? nope(^-^)
24. Love someone or miss someone right now? HALA!!! OO!!!!(^-^)
25. Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? minsan(^-^)
26. Made a snow angel? anu un?(^-^)
27. Played dress up? halloween!(^-^)
28. Cheated while playing a game? sa scrabble(^-^)
29. Been lonely? ALWAYS(^-^)
30. Fallen asleep at work/school? LAGI(^-^)
31. Been to a club?yeah(^-^)
32. Felt an earthquake? nope not yet(^-^)
33. Touched a snake? no!!!(^-^)
34. Ran a red light? i dont drive YET(^-^)
35. Been suspended from school? yes dahil lagi late(^-^)
36. Had detention? nope!!! (^-^)
37. Been in a car accident? no!!! (^-^)
38. Hated the way you look?nope i love myself(^-^)
39. Witnessed a crime? nope(^-^)
40. Pole danced? HELL NO!!! (^-^)
41. Been lost? LAGI!!! HAHAHAHAH(^-^)
42. Been to the opposite side of the country?^-^)
43. Felt like dying? YEAH(^-^)
44. Cried yourself to sleep? YEAH(^-^)
46. Sang karaoke? yes(^-^)
47. Done something you told yourself to do? ewan(^-^)
48. Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose?

49. Caught a snowflake on your tongue? no..(^-^)
50. Kissed in the rain? no(^-^)
51. Sang in the shower? Always!!!(^-^)
52. Made out in a park? no(^-^)
53. Had a dream that you married someone? no(^-^)
54. Glued your hand to something? nope(^-^)
56. Ever gone to school partially naked? nope(^-^)
57. Been a cheerleader? yeah sa saint anthony hehehhe (^-^)
58. Sat on a roof top? yeah(^-^)
59. Don't brush your teeth? nope(^-^)
60. Ever too scared to watch scary movies alone? Naku po!!! dpat lagi ako may kasama(^-^)
61. Played chicken? no(^-^)??
62. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? YEAH!!! (^-^)
63. Been told you're hot by a complete stranger? secret(^-^) AHAHAHAHHA!!!
64. Broken a bone? nope(^-^)
65. Been easily amused? yeah(^-^)
66. Laugh so hard you cry?ALWAYS(^-^)
67. Mooned/flashed someone? nope(^-^)
68. Cheated on a test? LAGI LAGI sa pilipinas peron not here(^-^)
69. Forgotten someone's name? ndi p nmn ngyayari(^-^)
70. Slept naked? YEAH...pag mainit(^-^)
71. Gone skinny dipping in a pool? WTF(^-^)
73. Blacked out from drinking? nope(^-^)
74. Played a prank on someone? during april fools(^-^)
75. Gone to a late night movie? ALWAYS(^-^)
76. Made love to anything not human? AHAHAHAHAH!!! anu ba to(^-^)
77. Failed a class? nope(^-^)
78. Choked on something you're not supposed to eat? nope(^-^)
79. Played an instrument for more than 10 hours? nope(^-^)
80. Cheated on a girl/boyfriend? no(^-^)
81. Do you celebrate the fourth of July? no(^-^)
82. Thrown strange objects? nope(^-^)
83. Felt like killing someone? UNG MGA BWISIT!!! (^-^)
84. Felt like running away? ALWAYS(^-^)
85. Ran away? nope(^-^)
86. Did drugs? pag may sakit ako(^-^)
87. Had detention and not attend it? nope(^-^)
89. Made a parent cry? YEP(^-^)
90. Cried over someone? YEP(^-^)
91. Owned more than 5 sharpies? Yeah...i have 30(^-^)
92. Dated someone more than once? nope(^-^)
93. Had/Have a dog? YEAH(^-^)
94.Never answered the phone? naku hehehhe lagi silent CP ko(^-^)
95. Got a mom/dad that's a chatterbox? YEP!!! my mom!!!(^-^)
96. Been in a band? nope(^-^)
97. Drank 25 sodas in a day? 25 wat? liters? cups? drops?water cguro(^-^)
98. Broken a CD? Nope(^-^)
99. hot a gun? nope(^-^)
100. Had feelings for one of your best frenz??

Nomination Update: only 8 out of 10 VHs voted!